Peace movements we need to come together on this earth stopping the negative acts destroying life, in every community..

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Thank you for sharing Middle East Monitor for in US we seek putting pieces together for peace making acts, to hold oneself + others accountable.

Please let us fuel some thought, for you people locally can define these worn torn parts, if you network, center + ground for our human family + what truly supports a healthy ecological sustainable working community.

 We are so sorry for all these struggles + feel US needs to make amends for their interference, as well others.

But we feel with your students skilled + sensitive, coming together w/communites the same, truth can fill in the long over due missing gaps, in their attemtps to survive + stop these crises. Bring all to the table + show each what one is missing. This is the true deciphering for peace negotiations.

   For all can use 1 global sound science that every community can build working within one's natural enhanced balance that sustains your local living.
Not belief that continues misuse/abuse. Rather ground yourself as you take part in the bigger picture for how the earth cannot handle this Military Complex mode of profiting to continue. It is out of hand by all Governing bodies involved.

We the people, for the people by the people must rise up + say no to these weapons of war, destroying much life. + Support each other to maintain disipline over one's self sensory observation vs such beliefs continuing toxic Nuclear use of anything as research is needed to rid the waste + Radiation Contamination effecting many negatively as it moves around the Northern Hemisphere. + Stop the war mode + false green whoring, economies.

All can rid one's baggage of programming, + truly support each to pursue one's path as one builds it, into one's opening.

This is not easy for any of us earthlings that have to define thos along the way, that has not had such nurturing consciousness early on. But we all can give it to our young/frail as each redirect + mindfully act now.

The best thing we can do against those Goverining bodies that want to continued delusion control/profitting or what ever that leaves negative effects vs supportive restoration w/natural building of sound ecological sustainable working communities, where people live local w/neighbors in harmony, is to stop using the commodities they profit over + as a human family we all make change, globally. Sharing this earth in peace.

I know when you face so much horror it can be eaasy to ride on others wave + continue to fight, but it only leads to more dead, look at the scars on this planet that not just hurt those involved, rather it fills the global consciousness, as young + old perceive it from afar w/mixed signals. Also interfering in one's abiltiy to stay present in the moment.

So we need to rise up w/our human potential + bring all facts to the table, for no more should anyone be left behind. But each should be supported to sharpen one's dull sensors that have produced such horrors, so they stop by those w/sharp sensors fueling them to step down, heal + then come back as a local, global + beyond mindful particpant.

Thank you all for what you can do + let us know what we can do from afar! love us at