Please take part in a global event, do_in your local `plan, sharing what all can do now.. Water Day + shift to be in best place to help !

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Thank you!

   I've shared you with UPLIFT, + others here, in case not aware of ya. As well please note their event;

 Let's appreciate the Water of the World!

             Join us as we Bless The Water + more..
On the coming Equinox, Saturday March 19th, as part of World Water Day, we invite you to join us and hundreds of other events around the Planet in a Global Synchronized Meditation and Water Blessing.
At 5pm Pacific/ 12am GMT the #BlessTheWater campaign will culminate in a global event anchored on the the banks of the Ganges River in Rishikesh, India and the Free online premiere of the new UPLIFT film ‘Water is Sacred’

  Lets sync times, please see;

  Also we at ` i come to talk story, at w/your support are perfecting our means to reach out to every community to do ones local `plan, which our plan can fuel. For many are unable to fill in the missing worn torn links, that we believe w/everyone's help, especially welcoming one's students, exponential focus directing together using one's community as an extended classroom can go figure.

    So together all balance one's true sustaining energy, which is the genetic biodiversity once balanced will naturally link w/one' neighbor, for all on earth to restore healthy ecological sustaining working communities + harmonize w/being mindful wherever fortunate to be. Sharing earth + beyond in peace.

    it is wrong to see the international community left w/programmed scars, as in requiring country's to pay for refugees. When yet this mode needs to co_evolve into networking w/students for credit + also to learn when to volunteer in ER issues.

      So everyone can take part in one's ability to be a mindful local participant. So governing bodies of war modes + false green toxic communities that think large alternative grids are the answer or set aside wild or park modes as Colonial grids continue to interfere in local's ability to live local.

      So as to network, sharing in solidarity so all people, even if left controlled by others or misusing/abusing gain understanding, so they too can fulfill one's natural enhanced potential + do an organic exchange as a local participant. After networking do_in one's homework, so all can be supported to shift where needed. + Explore this unique earth + beyond.

        Not housed as a refugee in this twilight old mode that must co_evolve. For my broken computer reminded me as this old file came up that i worked on, showing us many issues seriously are on this planet + require everyone to prioritize part time to help humanity where needed to gain simple living how tos;

  Ask the Clintons' how they irresponsibly acted here in the Congo crises + how they still continue to deal w/Rwanda president when yet UN holds him for war crime, etc.. +

    Please black people realize Bernie Sanders said what he said in good intention to see that all people are treated as equal, as all should be supported to do one's homework w/the local `plan, taking part, so it becomes the rule of law. So locals maintain + the local `plan retains controlling interest, bring back world ethical markets where people  understand how they exceed the natural enhanced potentials, interfering in locals ability to self direct.  He said it in good faith for it is partially real. So please don't write more into it. We need all people to be a local mindful participant. He also has said it for whites + other races, for he is talking to humanity.

     Good example is how wrong Al Gore was making his billion on credit swaps + others, i repeat this over again, for no one should interfere from afar in one's local `plan, yet to be done by all. So please let our plan fuel you to rethink + do it.

     Please no one undermine your ability to self direct, so all of us can support each other to become a mindful responsible local, global + beyond participant. Changing old ways that no longer are real with the natural enhanced world, people must make to balance one's healthy communities to heal + self develop, prioritizing the local `plan that prioritizes large browsers on to resolving, protecting all life from toxic developments before planning more.

   The St Louis ER issue is one of many once everyone gets real with ones own local `plan.

   We are biological systems as humans, requiring organic exchanges + until we all can understand this + rid the Colonial grids that have interfered in natural enhanced living local, sharing in solidarity, globally. People will remain in the fog, as many are left behind.

      We welcome you to share your link on our `the sun will set spreadsheet where appropriate. It is on `the sun will set page of our Google site;

      We know w/humanities greatness, although many pockets without, the patches of goodness can reach them in many ways, if we link sharing what works for basic comforts for all to self direct as each community does one's local `plan, where ever all are fortunate to be, all should b e welcomed as a local mindful participant, supported to do one's homework. Letting the local `plan that requires all to take part to be a rule of law. + Together this balance will create the 1 universal sound science to share via like ecosystems/seasons + subjects, for all tongues to use as common sense tools for everyday living..

   Our way is a virtual platform sharing the nuts + bolts of those that have a way that works. As in using agroecology + natural building, that many communities think they legally cannot do. Mean while many communities are coming together not accepting anything less than to work w/respect for all life, to retain the local `plan, restored w/enhancing one's organic exchange so as to balance the local potential. Changing existing plans + permitting to co_evolve w/the local enhanced potential.

    People think that people cannot learn, meanwhile if all understand that we can maintain self discipline over one's self sensory observations, vs belief producing misuse/abuse, then all will share in this living local process.

   Our earth is a living organism requiring life + death to continue as it circulates the planet building sustainable life for all to be fueled to do organic exchanges in balance.

   This is not happening as people develop projects + do business to profit in global exchange that exceed the local enhanced natural balance. When they fail to understand the living local process, fueled by ecological assessments, knowing well organic exchanges are required, as all are supported to come to the table to understand.

  Rather the global trades as Hillary has done, even in negotiating fish after Fukushima's accident at Dachii, when all this is in secrecy to the public still in Japan, as many are living in contaminated areas + Nuclear radiation continues to pour into the pacific ocean. Please see recent updates on our `the sun will set spreadsheet under appropriate page.

  These people are not telling the truth;

  Look at the diversity;

+ Look at Arnie Gundersens recent trip to Japan;


  See Dr. Helen Caldicott's work;


  + Don't forget the many people bringing out the truth of what Hillary Clinton has done + many more, as profits where chased over the health risks that now people are facing due to bad science allowing fragments, that all now can take part in changing, including whom ever shifts the best to be in responsible roles, realizing the seriousness the earth is facing now;
      Together all can shift, please see our transitional shift message board on our posts here at Nabble. + Help Bernie Sanders do what is necessary for all to shift + realize Google + Nabble are here freely for you to organize so together we all can co_evolve in this transition, making it a better safer world for all now, especially those most vulnerable to Nuclear radiation, war modes + toxic false green, economies.

  W/your help of donations/grant/support for our US 501.c3 non profit, we all can reach every one on earth + beyond, leaving no one left without basic comforts. We yet to get donations to supply our needs to make this more efficient. We are working w/Google's Adgrant + soon to have 9 million ads out in the world.

So i thank Google, Nabble, LibreOffice + all whom has helped us, for offering freely their tools to us as well all!

      But we need more now as to replace our broken tools, for our personal mishaps should not interfere in humanities reality of helping all now become aware of what able People can do, supporting unable so they to come aboard. + W/agroecology + natural building, etc. w/good tools we all can do more working w/those trying to help us reach out as w/Google, Nabble + all helping.

   W/this reality people don't have to go 5 steps forward + 3 back, due to not prioritizing our global effects of Nuclear radiation from Japan + our mismanaged leaking in US + globally as well all the waste that is requiring more research, perhaps as fritz is studying hard, a linear accelerator to Venus taking the Nuclear waste off earth.

  For now many are ill due to this reality that Governing bodies are not in real time with, shame on you for not prioritizing these local toxic realities in every local community!

   All can have tools to monitor w/1 universal sound science of transparency. Vs Japan Gov not allowing doctors to tell parent why children are bleeding from mouth + nose, loosing hair, or they go to jail or not paid for working, etc. This is very bad science + Us + other governing bodies dealing w/i hand to support them still to lie, + the other to profit off the negative, meanwhile more Nuclear weapons being built in Pres Obama's term wanting a trillion dollars to rebuild, meanwhile look at what the President nominees want now. This is out of real time sound science + together we can help all go figure, so they understand.

   Our goal is monitoring, prioritizing fresh clean air/water/compost organic soil/sanitation/warmth + comfort to study + do one's homework, explore, once serious prioritized thought for every local `plan is done. As Helen states maps showing priorities, epidemiological studies, statistics of those people showing signs now contaminated or pregnancy's having deformed babies or still born, due to pregnant women being 1k times more vulnerable + then children, females more than males, ill +frail, etc.. Please see her work + Arnie's update, as well Dr. Tim Mousseau;

   So all of us can be equal to navigate the earth.  As the local `plan becomes the ecological enhanced rule of law for each to follow, where ever one is fortunate to be. Fueling each to obtain one's desire w/simple respect for all life.

  Please let our ideas fuel yours + join in to help us get the message across for us all to prioritize ASAP, healing..

So lets link in all ways possible + show the Governing bodies they are a small part, but do resist, as they waste spending funds that could help many now, accept for Bernie Sanders.

  These older people need our support + utmost respect so all define where best they can help change these dysfunctions. But all need to come back + support each to be a local, global + beyond participant. Without that people should not hold mindful positions.

 All people should work together defining for oneself. As all help each other shift + get real w/the many scars of the planet + beyond that has programmed so many. As many yet to interpret simple living ways that require all to do an organic exchange as a beneficial organism.

We must all do our part, + heal self first while simultaneously working collectively for those able to fuel more, using our great tools of the times.

+ Together this is our goal to share the living local process, in solidarity, globally. So people just don't share love + goodness + then have it wiped out, but to sensitively skillfully prioritize. As each local `plan will show locals the way.

So investments support locals to prioritize one's local `plan as it retains controlling interest. Shifting ethics back into world markets.

So students use community as extended classroom. So detail shifts to reality as all take part in creating 1 universal sound science, for all. As needs + offerings are shared locally w/neighbors, ending false aid from afar + trade from afar, that interferes in one's ability to self direct `boon w/the local wild that are part of all of us as a biological system. That is required as true sustainable energy once in balance, linking w/ones neighbor one's genetic biodiversity....

 Building beautiful natural enhanced communities as all live the art, + end the deviations chasing materialism. Lets help in a tapering transition for each local `plan, those that yet to understand that. So all can make wrongs right + work as a human family.

To end all Nuclear use, accept medical that has no half life + can be rid without harm. Sorry for saying to rid all before, not this correction.

 + Together w/transparency linking true stories we can hold oneself + others accountable locally + afar, ending all war mode, false green toxic, economies + harmonize w/our earth linking balanced genetic biodiversity for our earth + beyond syncing energy for all as our true sustainable way of being `boon w/the wild as we do organic exchanges managing oneself.

Please, support each other, to build one's path as one walks it into one's opening.

Thank you for what you can do!

lov us at ` i come to talk story
come talk at + here at Nabble with our `i come to talk story, stories showing you why w/your support we can reach out to all, globally + beyond + make a difference now.

Peace is our option if you share what works within your comfort zone. Please email us to make a donation or grant offering;


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Re: Please take part in a global event, do_in your local `plan, sharing what all can do now.. Water Day + shift to be in best place to help !

  I share w/you what i shared w/Black Lives Matter;



      Please rethink, for humanity needs you. I'm sorry that you feel you have to isolate this subject, for all lifes are precious + never have i felt any  different w/black.

Actually my father was poor in Arkansas + his family raised cotton, + that was for black people. My father disowned me for the love i had for a black man/black woman.

It took him a long time to shift, but he did before he died, realizing how foolish he was + people are to think they have to specialize their survival. I have had to work hard + choose to help dad as i left to work as a child + continued to support my family.

Dad's dad died in a small town in Arkansas filled w/black people as he foraged/fermented + played music with them. He loved his wife whom had a strict baptist minister father, she loved him, but they could not live together. Grandpa was a full bred Cherokee Indian. Grandma was polish + mix? + She died growing + raising cotton herself in boxes around her 1 room house. Same Grandpa had 1 room.

  mishi my man, as a child in Russia, saw people protesting w/tomatos, due to no food variety, etc. had to wait in line for 12 hrs for milk. He saw them get run over w/a truck, scooped up still wiggling, then water hosed down blood + back to normal.

So i think you are the same as we are + what ever pain you are in or where, we must move on + go figure.  Actually in saying that, yes MoveOn is supporting Bernie Sanders + we want your help, so please share + come aboard for good change that we as people need to do, no matter who gets chosen.

SO i not sure where your head is at but please share our thoughts + come take part + realize how emotional + unreal Hillary Clinton really is as she continues to live with those that have wasted reality, when yet they are + where in positions to prevent many from suffering white, yellow, black + red, etc.

   I ad this after posting; Please realize unless we walk in another's shoe, we really don't know if misunderstand, controlled as a puppet all one's life, or really programmed, naive to what really is equal, w/women + men + what sustains one. So anyone that knows personally Hillary get real + ask her to shift, for all can redirect if each is supported to do ones homework. Help her see her wrong doings, + life matters not a women's issue vs men. But an adult vs a child, sensitive + skilled vs unable to prioritize + stay present in the moment, being mindful is where it is at, so we all work together so people get real w/the seriousness of one's role + many more. + Realize many are left behind + it will be your job + ours to do what can for survival w/all the misuse/abuse + toxic states that now exist. As well the many suffering left behind.

       Here locally their is a handful of vets + others so ill, mismanaged by vets hospital, when yet even my own grandmother died a terrible death from cancer that could of been redirected w/simple shredded taro root, 2 inches in a poultice changed 2 times a day, when she first noticed a lump on her breast, + many more good formulas that the earth offers, dealing with all issues customized for each person, that people can grow in wild spaces + share the food + medicine, etc. Yet people insist on keeping parks for their legacy + for their own, etc. Meanwhile her doctor left her to fill her entire body w/cancer as well drugs that made her constipated + throw up, etc.

       She is only 1 experience + their has been many before i realized how good herbal formulas from skilled doctors far more then just an acupuncturist, as w/Dr. Yun Wang + many more, that are here now in US to heal efficiently. Willing to train doctors + do.

  President Barack Obama, legislators, shame on you for wanting a trillion dollars to restore what you said you would not do, when yet the cold war can be over, ending all Nuclear toxic use, as well waste + stop all building of weapons of war. For once one goes the earth will go, as you have failed to clean up from the past + what continues to be waste. As well lied about Japan + all the mismanaged toxic plants now that should be shut down. Same with you President Putin + all work governing bodies. Shame on you.

     Shame on you UN that run a dysfunctional outdated refugee enslavement, shame on the International community including US, for we all have been so misinformed + uneducated. + Now we can redirect + in a local tapering transition, all can rethink w/1 universal sound science, working for the true life that sustains us all. Forget about the issues that are superficial, get real please w/the genetic biodiversity that can be balanced to link in every community ASAP, as a local `plan is supported + all link, sharing the goodness all can offer as we link in solidarity..

  Going far beyond a job that whors, rather a natural beautiful enhanced artful community for healing + sharing + harmony linking.

          So everyone holds self + others accountable locally + afar.
  Let our plan at `i come to talk story, fuel your local `plan to work w/your students please, let us know where we are wrong + thank you for shifting as we all co_evolve together;

love us at `i come to talk story, a US 501 c3 non profit yet to receive funding, so we working w/a lot of broken tools. But Nabble has helped us + Google has given us an Adgrant + i working hard w/them, + to date our virtual platform, that we can perfect w/your support, is soon to hit 9 million ads globally. For we want to reach out to ever community, globally in solidarity sharing what works, when so many are wasteful, interfering vs staying focused resolving, co_evolving..

  If can help us please email; + realize Nabble + Google are here freely to help all, so please lets join in together + make peace now, leaving no one left behind.

Peace is our option now! love kara + mishi
                    Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.
    We are ending the Nuclear accept for medical use w/no half life that can be recycled/ending war mode + false green, toxic economies.

        Come talk, +1-360-450-3749 Please leave message
                            or email;
                      We appreciate your participation!
                             `i come to talk story
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Re: Please take part in a global event, do_in your local `plan, sharing what all can do now.. Water Day + shift to be in best place to help !

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In reply to this post by our combined` effect
        It's time for people to self empower to self direct, realizing the synergy of working together to restore what all can do now in many areas on the planet. + If can't then realize in mind + spirit you can + it will happen eventually + you will feel better now participating as a local participant where ever fortunate to be on earth + beyond.

   So please realize your importance to be part of us all. To better the life on earth. + Yes even yours will happen ASAP you change your attitude + ASAP you share your story of whom is resisting/interfereing, etc., so all of us can get real holding self + others accountable, locally + afar.

  A good experience the experience of what Japan is going thru now + then, as Con Peter DeFazio claims he has went to Japan, quote;

      Not only does Japan have the most advanced EEW system in the world, but it has also invested heavily in earthquake preparedness and earthquake-resilient infrastructure, including a response and recovery headquarters in case of a major quake.  We need to offer Oregonians the same basic protections.”

DeFazio has long stressed the importance of earthquake preparedness and an earthquake early warning system that would send alerts before a potentially catastrophic earthquake. An early warning system can send alerts to trigger automatic shutdowns of trains, close bridges, and call for any necessary evacuations. A warning of seconds or minutes can have significant impact by alerting citizens of the need to take appropriate action when an earthquake occurs.

End part of his quote..

  But is this not fragmented when people need to be given credit for what really took place in 2011, see this pdf below. Please realize unless one that represents is a local participant + each community has a local `plan sensitive to one's natural enhanced potential as locals share in the living local process, w/organic exchanges producing the balanced managed wild natural healthy states to self direct in, they are only fragmenting wasting resources. So don't be in the fog from their dysfunctions. Rather people co_evolve together w/good choices + define real positions + policies based on one's local `plan as a rule of law.

   For people are not tapping into one's potential due to governing bodies that don't work efficiently as can when true democracy is instituted where people are the governing body w/good policy + positions in place. This is the political revolutions all can take part in now fueled by Bernie Sanders, so people shift defining whom can prioritize serious ER issues + co_evolve preserving resources + redirecting mindful w/humane consciousness.

  Do your homework, collective restore one's reality + define toxic states + map them before resources put into non prioritized realities;
     How geeks responded to a catastrophic disaster of a high-tech country Rapid development of counter-disaster systems for the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 2011;

  + it is not finished yet, see story in process + ask yourself how you participate, your schools research depts making sound science, so together all take part in stopping fragmented science from being permitted wrongly. + Together take part in prioritizing 1 universal earthly sound science + for beyond, so all tongues on same page;

  Please i hope you have learned from the proposed Marine reserves when using similar in CA. For it is fragmented science when locals do not create for the local `plan what is needed.

  With all this research, why did Con DeFazio spend resources to go to Japan + not add what Arnie Gundersen's tour did above, or Dr. Helen Caldicotts updates? Why does our representatives fill in these worn torn missing gaps of bad science, when children are living in radiated toxic environments in Japan + secrecy is still abundant, why Peter would you take the effort + not tell US people/Governing bodies of the real picture that they are keeping silent?
   Peter why would you not support students to do this complete scientific study, so every community in US can do a local `plan, prioritizing mapping toxic areas, doing studies as Dr. Helen Caldicott knows is needed, as she knows well it is no fun to deliver babies negatively effected from our Global/US Nuclear mismanged toxic states effecting many now. + If you took the time to see the St. Louis reality above link, you would be wise to gather students now + do your own.

  Craig, the Director at OIMB asked what he could do as locally many pregnant women are eating the tuna, that has tested showing radiation numbers higher then back ground last year. Let alone not be part of the local community working w/the commercial fisher folks that are already over regulated wrongly from NOAH, etc., knowing well the International Fisheries is corrupt as other countries are not complying, etc.

   It is wrong to not have every student have a part of their curriculum as a local participant do_in a local `plan, that our plan fuels. + In such a plan each community would stop the insanity of such wasteful resources destroying our earthly habitats, locally + afar. As all gain understanding of how all life requires our waters to be clean. + With present studies being done for the Estuary, no back yard can be perfected by itself.

    Especially when the Port has stated toxic fecal matter in the ship yard leaking, or wanting a 800' ship to come into the river + pick up LNG if approved, + if i understand right, Kathy Wahl whom works for the Port has been asked to do the environmental assessment for the proposed LNG plant, is that not a conflict of interest, crossing borders?? Meanwhile the s of the river has to be dredged differently which interferes in that microcosm, etc.

   + Don't forget what scientist stated at Principal Powers meet, that if Dept of Energy gets it's way come in, they will want 150-200 windmills of the n jetty in commercial fishing grounds. Not to mention from one that looked at OIMB's windmill stating, he had worked on them in CA. + That it is a joke to think they have no footprint, for to maintain one + many uses a lot of oil, etc. He used WD30 at the time. Especially when it is public resources that subsidize Gov decisions, including weapons of war.

   Don't forget to add this into the equation, see;

     Accidental Nuclear War?
"Accident" and "nuclear war" don't belong in the same sentence—but an accidental launch is a real possibility.

Watch the video >

   Just a few pointers of many, when a local `plan would include all, as well resolve, for people have answers. + Students networking can bring options home for all to fine tune.

  Ok this leads us to the present refugee problem of our collective disaster w/the international community. For this whole dialects needs to change along w/policies + procedures.

   All people need to self direct + navigate sensitively as all can be supported to feel what the local `plan can speak. Ex; When you come up to a plant, identify as they did/do in Amazonian's lessons, pick it wisely + if abundant replant it along one's path. As they transverse entire ecosystems, knowing where best to plant what as they created balanced spaces to harmonize w/food as medicine + natural herbal medicine.

   People can learn + do not need a wall to stay out when trying to survive. Nor the colonial grid to continue as in state/federal set asides, etc. Rather simultaneously if we have more transparency in our shared stories, as you can comment here at Nabble, get your own site freely + link. Same w/Google. Then awareness can share real stories so not have to reinvent the wheel.

  Just as some say no way would they want people in set aside wild areas, don't you think that is a bit fragmented, when yet all can learn to `boon with the wild they take part in managing/creating w/organic exchanges that are our true sustainable sources on earth?

 So lets share more stories so all can hold self + others accountable, ending all aggressive interference in one's natural enhanced ability to collectively restore ecological sustainable working communities.

  US w/a trillion dollars going into restoration of weapons of war, lets ask what destruction that will do, + all we have to do is turn around + look at what all are doing now as in Syria. Where i ask you people everywhere to realize these governing bodies have no clue, including NATO/UN/US + other governing bodies that think Nuclear restoration is an answer to a problem. For when 1 goes off a lot of death interferes in everyone on earth, as earth's natural cycle gets interfered in.

     When yet many are left behind, A Human Crises is a good example afar, please see their good work in action;


 + Locally, please see our Transitional Shift Message Board in the works, we have proposed for every local community to rethink + mindfully act, posted in left column on this forum;

Peace is our option now!

Your support is welcome, thank you for what you all do, + if want to donate or offer a grant to see us continue to reach out, fine tune, get good tools, help to make corrections w/your support + resolve then email us;

                    Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.
    We are ending the Nuclear accept for medical use w/no half life that can be recycled/ending war mode + false green, toxic economies.

        Come talk, +1-360-450-3749 Please leave message
                            or email;
                      We appreciate your participation!
                             `i come to talk story