President Trump please see the people's options to resolve real root of the problems..

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Issues of the times;

Please see ideas of the people’s solutions..

   As I stated in a local drug meet, humanity has solutions.

  In our plan presently restructuring our global vital platform supporting all to do one’s local `plan, ecologically working within one’s enhanced natural potential. As people interrelate, all supported to come to the table to understand what truly sustains a human’s energy. As locals welcome students to focus direct together w/all and recycle using one’s communities as extended classrooms.

  As local `plan prioritizes toxic, helping those most vulnerable, defining if even healthy to continue as a community as is, or even after a natural/human made disaster. Bringing into awareness of the toxic substances/tires/pharmaceuticals/heavy metals/sewage, Nuclear radiation, etc. found in community’s hidden places running into local estuaries/creeks/rivers/soil/air/food/homes/materials people live with daily.
    Local group called `Leaven No Trace, in Charleston, OR knows well from their work removing much of it it. Once supported from City/County officials then they told him to stop, due to having no plan for disposal.
 Locals can best sort this out by doing a local `plan working w/early signs as they rethink entire biome(s) w/neighbors. And Monitor/define priorities of protecting vulnerable and resolving. Networking can better help each do this faster. For the US and many countries are living w/much toxic left behind and people uncared for. From Nuclear radiation from mismanaged Nuclear plants in US and afar/accidents/it’s waste not properly handled/Military use and weapons of war/heavy metals from computers sent to China to pollute local workers/communities/water ways then to also accept e-waste from many which also leaves toxic work conditions and communities. Then to circulate back thru out the world thru atmosphere.

   Once defined if community is livable then restore it’s full enhanced natural potential by accessing entire ares w/agroecological systems, working within earth/space systems. On to natural building to replace existing toxic materials and work w/recyclables as well better quality construction that can endure weather once put in proper locations conduce to known weather, as well w/weather transforming due to our toxic planet/space along w/it’s natural evolving ways…

      Monitoring tools locally should be high on priority list. For local toxins, as well that which comes from afar. Which can be determined by researchers in airplanes monitoring atmosphere, knowing well where it came from and when. As each component can be researched.

      As well each person’s history early on can be assessed w/local skilled sensitive people using humanity’s offerings that work, vs being pushed on one as w/the present Western Medical System/US Gov allowing lobbyists from Pharmaceutical companies to pay/donate to US legislatures/people in responsible positions. As well allow drugs that are created as well electronics to break or mind body not to heal, for continued dependency, buying more for more profiting.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the earth’s natural developed medicines of many cultures that continue overtime to work. They can be skillfully given. As well most offer lessons to Western Doctors. They should be put n every pharmacy w/a skilled pharmacologist and pharmacist, defining what is best for what for what time period, then off if toxic on to other, then off that back to supporting one to heal oneself and maintain discipline over one’s self sensory observation vs belief of misuse/abuse. As many have no clue of such awareness as many continue carried on behaviors from prior generations attempt to survive doing the same. For the earth/space has many scars that continue due to this and more.

   The earth supplies plants and their offerings to help one’s entire medical/mental issue, as skilled assess/customize an herbal formula. That leaves no toxic effects as Pharmaceuticals. As well helps one not desire drugs.As well treat original condition that was per looked, or accelerated via mismanagement as one remained unable to heal/unnurtured, seeking more to numb, etc. Many communities do not offer this, which can be obtained from afar. As well I understand it takes community desiring it/being aware to have insurance as some communities have to cover expenses.

     Expenses a lot less then Pharmaceuticals, as well healing, sharpening one’s sensors so one feels oneself and responds w/early signs, shifting one’s directions, so as to prevent and go beyond and simply live `boon w/the natural enhanced world, respecting all life, doing one’s organic exchanges. Which is hard when so much toxic has destroyed organic abilities. Luckily we have indigenous Traditional people maintain gin earth/space awareness to support genetic biodiversity as they have, when yet so many of us have destroyed it and continue not knowing.

         This is wrong, actual crime against humanity, to not support the many good w/this awareness prioritizing it in ever community/school, using communities as extended classrooms. As one’s enhanced sustainable working, healthy communities are restored and maintained by locals that truly understand the natural life that requires locals to balance the genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors.

  Many healthy people cannot handle the issues of the times, let alone once early signs are not addressed and illness gets worse out of one's control..
         This is the biggest healer of all for people of all ages to participate/self-reflecting with mindful people doing, so they feel the life involved from interrelating and making a difference, as well make good choices, focus on early signs controlling self, collective support early on in the instance noticed, not leave illness get out of hand thinking one can control others, or even thinking a few should represent all, as in present Muslim ban. Or even unable for US Gov to welcome Iran/North Korea/so called terrorists and all Gov heads to talk w/open platfrom for all to take part.

        People need role models and people in responsible positions to be mindful respecting all life.

    Pres Trump you must become aware of all the people involved with these people and give them respect for what is, so together all can change making the world a better/safer place to live now and for our childrens future!

         This means people become aware of the microcosms within us as a human specie, as well that which surrounds us that all share w/others. For much developments have been permitted in every community, globally, as many are working at positive changes, yet many are toxic/leaving toxic negative effects for locals and circulating afar via air/water/food/soil/sea/dust/fog/rain/snow/pollen, etc. And amounts vary each day and in each community. Requiring good monitoring equipment, which schools should do. Preparing every student within to be aware and do one’s part consciously in the instance. Vs waste energy in fear based misinformation, etc. making one left in the fog or ill/dying prematurely/diseased test suffering. When TCM and others can help even if too late, make one more comfortable.

It is a crime against humanity from those supporting Pharmaceuticals to profit as they do which would stop them in their tracts. Same w/Military Industrial Complex. As i share this w/my present class at Stanford’s online course on `Nuclear Terrorism. Which i must state to all that it is quite fragmented to continue to make such weapons of war, whether a drug given to unskilled people, or attack a so called terrorist, in which i yet to see any in a peace conference w/US?UN officials on a open transparent platform for humanity to help. No where do i see local thought discussed from Governing bodies showing negative effects of terrorists or US Military that is being broadcasted w/follow up to help resolve within peaceful means vs aggressiveness that is being profited over.

All the books are here to see which Gov person gets what donation from where and sure much more may be hidden as well stock market gains from what is unethically allowed w/puts and calls unrelated to actual business, rather interfering, etc..

  To put this clearly in case you yet to understand, humanity has options now and if all communities do ones local `plan, and we are happy to share more, even thought our platform is being restructured. This allows tapering transitions working w/the many leaving negative effects, but done in each community, resolved by locals w/empathy and skills obtained via networking. Creating many jobs, preparing students within all to rethink and become aware of protecting the many species left, knowing well how what we speak of above as well more has killed many species, including human.

    With removing Colonial grids, using known methods that work as in agroecological systems vs GMOS as Monsanto/Bayer/Cargill and more, which each community will define, preparing students to explore and be a local participant. So as w/anyone present, all are respected to gain one’s desires. Or get real changing them/the programming associated. For presently the earth/space is a toxic mess requiring many jobs to heal/sort it out. And doing one’s local `plan is our plan.

    Do you have one better?? That does not as presently; ecologically whir as working behaviors continue to produce negative toxic effects, both in financial debt to redo what should not be rebuilt due to being in bad location susceptible to more weather to repeat. Or Bad materials used, as many are even shipped afar/as well waste from much, that get paid/more unaware communities that use them and get ill/dye, that are not even allowed in US.

          The Military Industrial Complex is the largest footprint on earth, yet US Gov/UN support it, why is what each local `plan can examine as they face negative effects left from it? Same w/identifying each person/corporation/business also leaving negative effects locally and afar. Where presently locals are not holding locals accountable locally or afar and can. As many are land/sea/freshwater grabbing/destroying other people’s ability to simply live a healthy life, as one’s natural habitat/species are destroyed/even leaving toxic equipment behind. Yet US is spending more funds to build more weapons of war that are toxic, when yet waste is not even handled the right way.

So w/my limited perspective, not being in your shoes or the shoes of so called terrorists or their neighbors, i cannot agree w/any aggression beyond a healthy ego. The past presidents are charged w/war crimes against humanity, yet not held accountable. Where we feel all should have one’s instance held accountable, to make wrongs right. Good EX; If more would of acted on the `911 It’s A Lie project and still can be investigated, then imagine no further war, nor profiting would continue from that string of wrong doing. This all could be stopped and still can. A handful of people misunderstanding, fueling disassociated energy that all humans are guilty of, could of gotten a grip of early on and still can. As people can learn working together.

     So if no profiting involved, that would cut many out of the picture right away, then those programmed/psychopaths/ill could be identified as many are now, and they could be healed or at least not put in responsible positions. Which require all to participate and could if organized/as people give/gain support to focus direct on such priorities on a local level, by locals networking, bringing in skill where needed.

  Even refugees in place where ever can gain/give support until local `pan is defined of how many best where and then networking can define how each can best gain one’s desire/heal or rethink and work toward it. As we all become a local, global, and beyond mindful participant with organized networking realities of truth and transparency. This is not happening and can, for many groups are doing great work and we intend to start w/people sharing needs and offerings, working w/exchanges from humanity’s offerings now that heal/replace fragmented science from being permitted, as together a universal sound science is created by each local `plan’s findings. Then shared via like ecosystems/season and subjects, no one has to be left behind isolated continuing to take part in toxic developments unknowingly as many are.

  Shame on us, shame on those that know better. So please we welcome all to realize you can make a difference now if you work with humanity;s goodness and let our plan fuel yours to make it better.
Peace is an option for all now if we share what works/what doesn’t. Those of you supporting pipelines/LNGs/large energy grids think that is the answer, yet you fail to look at the microcosms/ecological perspective that humans require to self sustain a healthy life, you destroy what sustains human’s ability to co_evolve as the human species. Is this what you want to do to your children and others? Do you see the toxic realities from all this as many are stillborn/deficient and even globular babies that live are fortunate to be carried for in some places like from Chernobyl Nuclear accident. Take a look at Dr. Helen Caldicott’s work over time and Arnie Gundersen’s present research in Japan showing how Japan’s Gov is not telling the truth. Yet Pres Trump you had them in the Whitehouse, did you address this Nuclear contamination continuing in private? For i never heard it out loud..
This is happening in many places w/many issues, yet US Gov does not hold other Govs accountable, meanwhile much US resources are given, as w/Israel every year, and more. Each community’s local `plan can define these worn torn missing links and rid them or recycle.

Much work required, many jobs can be created if all work using our earth/space great tools before it’s to late. If Dr. Guy McPherson and other scientist are right, in less than 10 year much life on earth will be extinct due to temperature rise. He knows from what so check him out give him support.

Good day and we look forward to your feedback and happy to share more! Please share and work with us.

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined `effect..

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