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Hi Mohammed!

   If you are this Mohammed associated w/wanting to post on documents as well spreadsheet, I kara is the one starting these some time ago!

   I was hoping more would take part, and that is why I continued to study and research as I still do now. And soon decided due to people not taking part, we all need to simplify this more to give it earth-space attention it deserves.

  I wrote you also in response to the document.

So we are interested in all joining in to hear your messages, but we first will start a conversation and I welcome you to join in. I will give you heads up, if interested. From there we will then create our plans and then hopefully when you post more will read.

  That is why I suggested best to respond on Nabble's link below for urgent and share what is. This way it helps us also perfect this! For we have a lot of new plans to work at. And I will start this new campaign w/these thoughts and Google ads to every part of the earth they work with.

  As I said technical-human errors set us back few months but soon to be done we hope!

Peace, kara j lincoln
                        I want to thank these folks for getting this far, and they can help you too! 
               Gaia Host Collective, Nabble, Google, SOCLA, Network for Good now Candid, Grammarly,
   LibreOffice, Mobile Beacon, TechSoup, Zamzar, South Coast Shopper, and you for your support!
     Please all take part in the continued events w/  And don't forget your local support
           needed and say NO to Jordon Cove LNG as well any other pipeline!                           
                                                  Peace, Wendy, Kara + Misha
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