Rio+20 final agreed upon conference document 3.2.2013 <<The future we want>>.. IS IT??

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as Padma states when tried to get into conference, unable due to all the bankers in line, so i add comment;

  Hello Folks,

   we must request to be informed when we ecologically go beyond local
communities, natural enhanced limits (as in gauges from Prof Miguel
Altieri`s agro-ecology) to trigger/define our local responsible acts.

people thru out the world are getting land/sea/freshwater grabbed/polluted/depleted, etc.
as others locally/thru gov + afar reap + develop, as it interferes in what we all
should focus direct. (as we are attempting to do a global organization to
share this awareness as local communities can welcome students out of
school + into + with their community restore it`s natural enhanced
potential, so as to ecologically sustain, as people with good sense unite +
prioritize local natural grown food/medicine sovereignty, comparing via
project osic, via like ecosystem/subject).

like wise the local curriculum should co_evolve by the aid of all in local
community as it is restored + co_evolves. as well a tapering transition
inviting those that leave negative effects to rethink with good facts from
good science to over ride the fragmented science allowed to be manipulated.
as well confusing to people yet to have sound neuro processing `boon with
the natural world that we are all interdependent on as a living organism.

only will our survival of good harmony come from us all taking part
locally, develop our genetic bio-diversity as we sensitively work along
side + link.

the war mode + false green economies flourish as UN may log the truth, yet
does not enforce it, rather it appears you also are whiplashed from whom
fuels you the most leaving you also victimized as well part of the those
that continue genocide (controlled or enslaved by, this is up to you to
explain, or simply lost in these layers as I have stated before, producing
all the segregation of inequality as your questions remain isolated. vs
simple dialect fueled from natural living to harness the disassociated
energy left from these desires of materialism, not backed by humane
consciousness as we can focus direct + prioritize to free our self from
this misuse/abuse. so we care + our sensors are sharp as we define whom +
what produces + what ecosystems depleted as others in manipulated science
producing the GMO`s, falsely dictating the need for toxic
chemicals/biological + nuclear items, as they profit at the expense of
others inner personal unawareness.)

we started our project - I come to talk story, long ago because we saw
dysfunction in the many people/ourselves/govs + UN + now are still in
transition as we regroup on how best to unite this international
organization, reflecting simple options so we can self-observe to define
how much baggage + how best to rid, to stop it from consuming our ability
to be present in our moment + collectively work together to go beyond
prevention + simply enjoy the harmony from living the `way most efficient
for each natural environment to self-sustain, giving us the fuel to
self-develop. as tools are shared in a platform.

we to date have had no response from UN, as we have reached out to few
entities within asking to merge, etc. in our attempt`s  to go beyond the
continued suffering that easily can be stopped if we pool our resources,
considering you have mechanisms, finances, people + already local school +
community emails to further welcome to focus direct together. where we now
are in need of these contacts + this transition period of exploring how
efficient to do this will aid our decisions of involvement + the direction
we take with whom globally.

for whether it is true or not, we refuse to succumb to the many negative
proposals as well resultants of what is, due to this programming for
profits when one fails to see + is allowed by locals, or simply kills
locals to fulfill their plan, yet globally support is not in place for
these gentle support mechanisms to humanely put out the alerts, define the
threads worn torn to hold locals accountable locally + afar. + let the good solutions of many trigger that which you should each define locally with natives still do_in co_evolving what works today.

Congo, Guatemala, Burma, has observed US + other so called develop countries, your logs are lengthy;

   yet not complaint with what could be done. to stop puppet governments from come in, stop the genocides + stop supporting for own profits as people from govs exploit.
   As US has done + continues as well Paul Kagame whom UN has stated his
quilt of war crimes, yet US/EX President Bill Clinton + Hillary give
support from many without holding them accountable. same with whom turns
themselves into Hague for war crimes, yet to respect the lengthy logging of
events as Congo Justice has showing the detail of regimens/people as
systems to be help accountable that are not.

   we welcome those of you that are fortunate to see the much simple goodness
we can do by organizing, so as in solidarity we give respect back to the
locals to protect + maintain their biological genetic bio-diversity, feed
themselves, protect their natural environments from being exploited so good
business can locally sustain. then only when in abundance naturally
consider sharing afar.

   not others locally or coming from afar taking over
the resources, not the Free Trade + even some Fair, which exploits. as
wasteful consumption supplies + fuels these products to go back + forth
across the planet + again in their processing. meanwhile the fracking, use
of unhealthy fuels, weapons of war, etc. + subsidizing of the toxic energy
continues along with then false security as the markets gain from others

      simply out of control as those in responsible roles are chasing the
funds lost in delusion, as they are hypocrites as their mindbody are lost
in misinformation, yet state they are walking Christian paths, when yet no
religion + gov should be intertwined, rather religion should be a personal
choice, if done right does not interfere in ones neuro processing + or
supersede natural enhanced developments, which are true building blocks for
people as a living organism to enable us to co_evolve our species..

while people are lost in this disassociated energy we can harness, others
are truly suffering while those that chase the money run freely, many
destroying life in their path. it is a sad day when people like prof Miguel
Alteri are not given the respect working with indigenous as his many
studies show yields same as others yet without ill health effects. then to
have UN/Govs support people like Bill Gates Foundation + others with
manipulated bad science + fragmented humane consciousness as their idea of
vaccinations are economically good investment as I heard Bill say.

don`t you think people deserve the equality of integrity, to learn +
educate themselves + with our project osic networked + restructured with
local communities, the students have no better way to develop then to self
reflect with these many ill states in every local community on this planet,
+ many much more. + as we give them the opportunity to help us, amazing
transformation will take place as people heal + understand their
misuse/abuse + make changes.

now we will have harmony filling the air vs. drones, etc.

below is my recent transitional statement I invite you all to take a
review, for their is no reason to continue to allow folks to profit over
the suffering of others, or keep us so preoccupied with layers that one
continues to misuse/abuse. rather we want to be aware + simply enjoy this
earth + beyond together.

it does not take a corrupt world government to control + arm schools as
they become fenced in prisons. rather they can develop their neuro
processing by sharing application of our true potential as a living
organism in our natural world. for too long the Al Gore mode has raped the
proceeds as people fear based fell for the climate change disasters
promoted. when yet science has been so manipulated for them to gain that
people are failing to see the true natural changes taking place that
continue as we can better understand the true natural processes that should
actually be warmer when you look at history.

people are lost in belief + it is wrong to prioritize this belief in
responsible positions, rather people can become aware to maintain
discipline over their self-sensory observation, being a free thinker that
can intuitively build strong foundation within to co_evolve + work with, as
each is supported to build their path as they walk it into their opening.
vs. allow religion or any subject to control/direct if supersedes the
natural enhanced limits within every local community.

it is our choice to self-develop until we misuse/abuse, then it is the
responsible compassion from others that can reflect, showing us yet another
way that works. all deserve the respect to obtain this life right
awareness, long before negative issues appear, but can start any time for all to get in real time with themselves, with their own misuse/abuse. As we work putting a cloth/table platform locally together. For our idea is to assess the energy within to peacefully redirect to positive acts, vs aggression that takes us farther away from our own ability to calm. Which is the prerequisite for restoring our natural enhanced potentials.

Which then gives us more tools Marius, for our moral sanctions to go beyond war + peacefully resolve. For this has been the missing links to rid the worn torn threads + redefine what is needed to restore/to be shared globally..

 so please review our ideas to trigger yours + we welcome your
participation + feedback in our platform until we actually sit down with a
group of students to focus direct + restructure so as to share a platform
that is simple. Which we are now in the process of restructuring a global org to reflect + do just this. Considering we have yet to hear from you to merge or use your resources.

For we refuse to settle for wasting resources as people are in the conflicts of past + now. These people showing early signs could be brought into a group as good peace building, inner personal sharing for our ability to over come misunderstanding + restore or first time build ones working community to harmonize with the natural enhanced potential, for all to enjoy our ability to self-develop, walking our own path as we each build it with support, into each ones opening.

North Korea, Syria, Burma, Congo, the genocides go on, either in self-misuse/abuse or others exploiting beyond ecological limits being allowed to continue as people do this globally leaving locals unable to survive/develop gain local food sovereignty, etc.

so we are choosing to gather like minds + start continue this process to see how unique we can develop it as people simply respect `ways that work locally via their ecosystems/subject + share it, enabling others to fine tune what works. giving us a network that is alive in real time for early signs to be aware + acted on as we collectively aid those leaving negative support, showing them yet another way as we create + co_evolve good science to over ride the present fragmented that UN + govs/people have been lost in, allowing it to mislead you + interfere more wastefully at the expense of good people simply working to `boon with their natural world as it is our life right.

    We welcome all to come aboard + if interested in sharing resources for us technologically to do this faster, please contact me thru our forum + i will receive a message + get back to you.

Please take further review + share your story;

good day, kara j lincoln