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This sample Subject Title above once perfected will help all; whether wildlife/resident/homeless/migrant, etc. to easily gain support to locate one's needs. So be brief, for we hope many will start posting and rethink, being creative to resolve.

SAMPLE TITLE SUBJECT: NEED, McAllen, TX, 2 sleep, 11.4-6.2018, EXCHANGE

SAMPLE TITLE SUBJECT: OFFER, McAllen, TX, sleep for 6, 11.2-8.2018, $2./person

  Then in the message you can add detail, I have an animal/or it's about a critter/or we all can sleep on the floor, I have 2 children and 2 adults and we need also bedding, do you have it? If space is not clean we are willing to do work exchange to clean it, or if clean will help part-time each day if we can have food too. Or is there a food kitchen near we could do an exchange for food? Hours and contact, please? Can we take a shower at your space? Or where? And ask for where your ER issues can get resolved?

><><><><><>I think you get the gest of all this!

   I can see w/my effort in trying to share this idea of communities doing one's local `plan, that we need to better rethink one's local `plan together. For this, `transitional shift message board can help people post so as to talk to each other. So when people come to town or want to or already have been a long time without, this help is already in action energy efficiently. I've seen many suffer, yet medical people do not talk to each other, or paperwork is given for them to try to process when yet have no tel or support in place.

   We feel students/students within all, can focus direct and give hands-on part-time, gaining credits, and even the curriculum can co_evolve in the process as all interrelate in one's local `plan. For everywhere there is much-enhanced potential to naturally be worked. And even if one has no funds, there can be a support in place updated on messageboards posted locally as well in time w/postings here or other local support groups, as students stay on top of this calendar. For offerings to be updated, or to do volunteer exchanges or to gain credits in exchange or paid from the community to get one's needs met in this process.
           SO this is a win-win for people/wildlife/plantlife/gardens/foraged areas and the plan w/agro_ecological systems to redo entire ecosystems, prepare for weather changes, working once set aside lands for tourism sensitively and skillfully! Meanwhile, there is no better tourist attraction then to welcome all to join into all these processes, in time on the calendar. Giving each person exchanges/insight sharing in solidarity to prioritize toxically and harmonize as links are met and good options to share eye to eye when getting home! Then to stay in tune w/this network and more, fueling all to realize so much more can be done vs run, rather pre-think w/early signs, have good links for support w/neighbors, ending false aid from afar! So each can be assisted locally and afar, but many times locals are unaware. As well people afar actually contributing, unaware to the negativity many are running from.

  SO it's time to change these scars from repeating!

    Ex; Every community we have visited has people left behind and issues unresolved, meanwhile many willing to help but no organized structure. So once all put their heads together and we suggest have a natural grown local/wild food potluck, so all can exchange and gain understandings w/real solutions humanity shares now, if you/your students' network, get your schools and governing officials/businesses/people involved.

          This way w/follow up meets, each can have a list shared by others to fuel each to fine tune and recycle w/planning to rethink entire biomes w/agro_ecological assessments/movement and in this, the areas in priority will merge. And these areas abandoned many are aware and can aid this aid group while others work at planning etc. So simultaneously many are volunteering short-term working into clarity or credits or successful careers that are not ecologically whoring! And these worked needed spaces can become temporary housing along w/the priorities of aiding those in need! SO then all work into this long-term goal of local `plan's true enhanced sustainable healthy working natural potential w/neighbors/communities, networking.

          So good schematics on the table worked by skilled students networking w/all students to learn/help, so good investors invest and local `plan retains local control for locals, which includes space for those in need traveling thru or preplanned aiding afar communities/people!

           Do you realize every community when doing one's local `plan w/students will get to know who these people or wildlife/plant life, etc. are that are in need of something, willing to do exchanges? It is these places that can temporarily accept help once feel safe as people get clear to communicate. So where ever one is, they could even if need perhaps get the local `plan groups to help aid expenditures, to ensure that this `transformation all are going thru, will co_evove so all gain fuel in the process to go figure their needs in exchange of one's offerings that are needed by whatever community local `plan they start or are within. From replanting foraged gardens as they co_evolve w/a local `plan in the works, so needs to be met now from gardens shared for medicine from whole food, as skilled advise as Dr. Yun Wang has agreed to share,t when one helps another in this distress, nothing permanent should be accidentally assumed, rather all need to get real w/this transient mobility of comfort, while taking part if can to work the local `plans' potential, looking for the survival of all life that sustains humans, vs just looking at one's backyard, etc..

   So that means all support critical thinking within oneself and or others more able to come together globally for clarifying such controversy as climate change resolutions and preparing now for the global weather getting worse due to the present feedback loops of the Arctic, and scientists expect it to get worse!

 Look around you and then look at the many we hope to get on this platform, gaining your comforts and your family to be relieved of distress, so that you can gain fuel via an exchange if healthy enough or until you are, gain support! For our human right is to explore and harmonize, not live continually in survival modes! But time now is to be aware of our earth/space issues that need prioritizing, while centering and grounding w/local priorities and do an ER triage for energy. So skilled can put many to work as needed, where, as all work into what can be researched and resolved.

   This way knowing we all are doing all we can, all can then enjoy celebrating along the way!

Thank you and please add a comment or to correct us, on another post;

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