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David + friends share a variety from canning skills to his Queen of Queen sharing how she makes a natural shampoo, etc. to Ocean Keepers, Go Green at home with how to videos + a variety of sustainable updates for us to get involved...

                                please sign his Declaration of Interdependence

      We can't steal from the future to serve the present. We need to sustain and steward the Earth for our descendants...

           please, you + your family have fun, take part + become aware with his many offerings;


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Re: Share with David Suzuki Foundation..

I share this response in solidarity, please feel free to add your own follow up here + go direct + get involve with David`s Foundation as well;


although I thank you for the invite , I would not want to take  a local`s
space. for I am not Canadian, rather I ve gotten earthly, but a US citizen.
once thought about transferring, but we decided to explore the world + will
be traveling again.

I would like to add;

as in my letter to David, sharing my search now to restructure + do a
global platform, so people can build new networks as they reflect with
people living in harmony in patches on this earth, yet so many in pockets

so I feel the energy is important to feel those simply living with no
footprint, each day working to reid baggage so as to allow them to stay
present in the moment.

I have been researching other formats to merge/link with, etc.

slowfood/slowfish is a nice energy, but just now reviewing, you may know
them better.

point is when one is working at community collectively sharing as in
building food forests, gleaning, shifting grass to gardens, creating trans
boundary migration for all species, linking our genetic bio-diversity, etc.
being fueled to also have energy to collectively prioritize those in need
locally + afar, etc... it reflects an energy, even if fragments of do_in,
people can assimilate, go within + rethink as we then address more
sensitively our own misuse/abuse.

then we also require as in Dunn, whom wants to bring the truth to the
original agreement in the creation of Canada, which also, each area of need
to know can be structured for students to be in real time, restoring
natural ecological community so as to make it a good working tool for each
to self-reflect + develop, + get support, as these needs create a lot of

especially when as in so much manipulation, corruption, misunderstandings,
this list can go on. so I find it most efficient to address it as a human
family error + if we welcome all to the cloth/table + show good
data/assessments, etc. we can all communicate to make it better. vs the
ranting that repels + triggers more unease.

so politically to know what exists, along with still being grounded is the
way to be, vs too long of a stay in any one field is not natural, rather
all should interrelate + share, then collectively gain, as well in the
spirit of a focus, still creativity abounds, especially if we prioritize
our functions, energy efficiently.

as now I see as well have experienced, when we dull our sensors, when yet
many are still unaware, we even have the inner tools to build new neuro
networks, each night if so fortunate to have a day of good exchange with
the natural world, then to sleep good + awaken with new thought.

as well many unaware we allow this misuse/abuse, + much of it we can
decipher what can be within our own control + rid our baggage that keeps us
in the fog.

we find it best to share on application any issue + go eye to eye, for this
is the best way for dull sensors to fully gain the ability to process what
they perceive, + then to confirm as people discuss with equality. so this
is not happen to young + old, rather many still carry the load thinking it
is normal + their is no other way. yet our past generations never had the
tools we have now, if we truly appreciate what tools they really did have +
what they accomplished + create with that, vs just deny or ignore or as in
many too confused to sort it all out.

but we cannot accept that as in our own co_evoling, as many cannot do, yet
others do far better than we even imagined.

so we need to experience in the process of focus directing all to take
part, all to reflect within them self, once good sound grounding is in
action. as well once we can have a good science language all tongues can
clearly decipher, then when we have people extending resistance on natures
ability to process it, leaving it with negative effects, then we need to
see this, talk story + then see good people follow thru with sharp sensors,
so as to know what we have done elsewhere was incomplete + we need to take
those experiences + use them to better assess our own local plan.

as I tell Dunn whom has heart to take this corruption to the courts, that
is good for people to see, but when as in US the courts, do not show good
judgment do to many reasons, ending up in settlements/money exchange, etc.
which we can go beyond. for people should come together + settle for
nothing else then understanding what + why nature could not handle it, why
the same us as a human organism cannot handle it, as we learn to live
within our harmony, within our skin. as well within mother natures`
co_evolving natural changes + adjust accordingly.

so it is this support in progress that young minds, already twisted can
come back to find their center as much goodness will awaken, for many are
already do_in this as young children are part of the community, when people
live simple. their energy is so beautiful to share as we listen + act

those young + old yet to develop then do + when we loose our way we have
support to share what is + what can be, as we can support each to find
their own way as they build as they walk it into their opening, leaving no

thank you for what you do + I hope this can trigger a nice conversation, so
all get fueled to live local where ever fortunate to be + realize the
importance of working what we feel, for we must edit it + not just let our
experiences produce what we are. rather we can be what we want, if we do
our homework.

sincerely, kara j lincoln

On Sat, 1 Jun 2013 08:13:03 -0500 (CDT), David Suzuki Foundation
<> wrote:
Join David Suzuki in a conversation about what it means to be Canadian.

Dear kara j,

What does it mean to be Canadian? What does a sustainable future look like?
And what can we do to achieve it?

These are just a few of the questions Dr. David Suzuki and Foundation CEO
Peter Robinson will be discussing in a live telephone talk show

We’ll be connecting thousands of Canadians in this nation-wide conference
call. And you’re invited.

Sunday, June 16, 2013
4–5 p.m. Pacific / 7–8 p.m. Eastern

It's free to register, but space is limited, so register now:

The call format is similar to a call-in radio show. You’ll get to listen to
the conversation, have the opportunity to respond to instant polls and
you may even get the chance to ask David and Peter your own question.

David Suzuki Foundation public engagement manager Nina Winham will host
the call and explain what the Foundation is doing to create a sustainable
future for Canada.

Here’s how it works:

- Sign-up using the link above
- On the day of the event, we’ll call you at 4 p.m. Pacific / 7 p.m.
- Just like a radio call-in show, you’ll have the opportunity share
opinions and maybe ask a question, or just listen to the conversation
from the comfort of your home.

We look forward to speaking with you soon!

- The David Suzuki Foundation Team

P.S. Registration closes June 13 and space is limited, so register today.


Support the David Suzuki Foundation!

Our dedicated team ensures that even the smallest contributions go a long
way towards protecting nature in Canada.
patches pockets talk when we all do a walkabout...

thanks Google for threading. 

we have an obligation to our self to settle for nothing

less than harmony; only then can we build working

communities that link our global biospheres, restore

our genetic bio-diversity for good health + co_evolve.

peace is an option now if we share..

                             PLEASE SHARE!



                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.

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    We are ending these scars from repeating, how? To start by sharing agro_ecological solutions, ending Nuclear use except for medical use w/no half-life that can be recycled/ending US-NATO war mode + false green, toxic economies. And welcome all to interrelate and do ones local `plan, now to help!

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