Sound science should stop Keystone XL, where is it?? people come talk..

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it is too bad any of us have to waste our energy on what EPA should be do_in responsibly.
 not to mention the already negative effects many have already received due to this in motion..

it is just this king of foresight our students can help us w/as we all take part in restoring our local communities.

     please come talk, check out our proposed restructuring, so your local community once aware of early signs, send alerts to us all to responsibly hold our self + others accountable. get informed + know w/your local planning why + how this can be had when yet another has proven it to be wrong, leaving negative effects along it`s path.

  we have so many scars from bad science being allowed to happen, we can not accept this to continue due to another manipulating it, etc.

  our legislators should be on top of what is important to their local community if they take part in it responsibly. they should not confuse this issue w/another, over loading their work, etc.

  this is why Sec Kerry being spread to thin, cannot see another way to provide more missing hidden details, which need more support from our students in this field, to prepare not just their local facts, but network knowing exactly the neruo networks involved. to enable each to gain facts to bring them to the present, sharing our earth + beyond w/respect. + letting real focus direction of what sustains us to lead the path locally, for each ecosystem is unique w/it`s offerings + needs, yet none is isolated.

  rather our mother earth requires us all to balance our natural environments as our best medicine for all life, then to link for the migratory species that sustain our livelihood.

      where is this discussion, why is it not brought to the table. well we are working at this now, so please come talk..

                                        whether it be Keystone XL or Syria..

  do you realize all the energy wasted on this as well wrongful attention/waste not to mention illegally allowing lobbyists to interfere w/ sound science that every local planning office should be working w/.

   folks it is time for people to organize so together we redirect this waste of unethical conduct. for many people are left behind w/dulled sensors, not realizing that it is stuff like this that each has allowed to interfere. this takes time + energy away from simple daily chores needing to be done.

   Barack + legislators this is your job, you get paid too much for people to have to do your job!

  folks i`m happy to say we have great support coming our way so we can collaborate on these issues so locals hold them self accountable, vs. all of us having to take part. + due to this over load seriously effecting folks, + the fact that they cannot locally stop this from happening, we do need national organization so we can easily join in not several times but a simple way to end this abuse/disrespect on mother earth`s limits.

                                this we will be restructuring, so watch + come take part!
please take a review of what Gene is offering now below as i share his email to me + lets join in w/what ever we each can do now until we can efficiently change this process!
          thank you Gene for what your team is do_in + sorry we even have to be bothered by it!

kara j -- We are running out of time on Keystone XL. Once the State Department's final review is released, President Obama's decision could come soon after. If he decides to go through with it, we'll be facing the disastrous consequences for decades.

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-- Gene

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BREAKING: The State Department is finalizing its last environmental review of Keystone XL and President Obama will DECIDE soon after! Join LCV to help defeat this dirty pipeline for good and your contribution will be matched.

BREAKING: The State Department is about to finalize their environmental review of the dirty Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and President Obama will make his final decision soon after.

Until January 31, your support goes twice as far to stop it.

Join LCV for $5 now and every dollar will be matched!

State Department officials are on the verge of releasing the final environmental review that will be one of the key factors in President Obama’s decision about the dangerous Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

It seems like Big Oil had its dirty fingerprints all over the first draft of this report -- you could tell by the total lack of information about the risks this pipeline poses to our lands, water, and climate. Some parts were even written by a contractor who worked for TransCanada!

To win this fight, we HAVE to set the record straight about how much Keystone XL would worsen climate change. If we start raising hell NOW, we can convince Secretary of State John Kerry to listen to science, not Big Oil’s lobbyists.

We CAN kill this pipeline! By kicking up a fuss in the media. By making Secretary Kerry’s phone ring off the hook. By flooding President Obama’s inbox with hundreds of thousands of messages and ratcheting up the pressure until he says "no" to Keystone XL, once and for all.

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Just a few weeks ago, we got a disturbing look at what the future may hold if we sit back and let the dirty energy industry win: more than 300,000 West Virginians were cut off from safe water for days on end after a massive spill of a chemical used by coal plants.

Why did this happen? Because the chemical and coal industries had gotten their wish -- no regulations. The site of the chemical spill had not been inspected by state or federal officials in over 20 years. And we know almost nothing about the health risks that this chemical poses -- seriously, there's not even a single publicly available health study on it -- because our chemical laws don’t require companies to test most of the 80,000 chemicals on the market.

You’d think after a disaster like this, it would be hard for anyone in Congress not to support more protections for our air and water. But dirty energy’s congressional allies are actually moving forward with more bills to block the EPA from protecting our families against dangerous pollution.

Chemical facilities going unchecked…coal plants belching out endless amounts of carbon... that's not the kind of future I want for my friends and family, kara j. But unless we band together now -- unless we give it everything we've got during this pivotal moment -- that's what we'll be dealing with years down the road.

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Gene Karpinski
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