Sovereignty we must redefine together + let the natural world be our rule of law so all speak 1 good science..

i share what we all must do for our awareness sharing..

Winnie + Chief Gilbert have taken these steps to lead the path..

        Traditional Leader Gilbert Chingee of the Tsek'ehne Nation has announced that they are Asserting their Inherent Sovereignty of their Traditional Territory to the Canadian Government. This Action must be taken due to the "Crimes Against Humanity" and "Genocide" that has and continues to take place within Our Nation. Harper must ask for permission to enter into Our Lands. We will only work with the Canadian Government on a Nation to Nation Basis.

 "Any companies on Our Lands will have to deal directly through Us. Any potential Industry MUST gain permission and work directly through the Tsek'ehne Nation. The Government of Canada has done enough serious damage and pain to My Peoples and it has to stop now. I ask the World to support My People in this." - Chief Gilbert Chingee, Tsek'ehne Nation

Dunn Wogu-owa Eggink has been a good friend + researcher to help define our path.

message from kara with thoughts of our combined` effects..

Hello Winnie,

I + wendy my daughter whom i work with a lot had a discussion about you. we both agree permaculture you would like for it would duplicate the goodness of your tradition, especially if you locate sensitive skilled nearest to your weather/ecosytems.

also i suggest how i can help you get clear is by triggering you + Gilberts thought. ex; your definition of sovereignty? so if you can do a proposal + i suggest best with good students getting involved so you focus direct together. they can network even with younger students. so you conserve your tradional ways yet compare + co_evolve with as in permaculture or what you find closest to you now.

they then could walk the land with you. where i need detail like covereage os types of ecosystems/watershed areas, defining water + how best to build a natural community where, even if has to transend into relocating some houses, say off of trans boundary migration for large browsers/respecting micro biomes for we need them to pollinate + prevent pests. ponds could be used to plant species of plants + marine life to say ex; kill off malaria larva if have. you could connect the rivers/creeks so a beautiful flow for all life, + when i say know your tools.

we support even a small diesel generator to supply batteries/ or a soft solar panel on house, or small water desalination if was coming in from sea.

so do you see i want yous to come down from green mode thought to ground your property coverage + for your wildlife to be worked sensitively. in my lengthy document in project osic, which i yet to have time to simplify. but i studied good science of people doing the work in Amazonia + natives would transvers many miles with seasonal camps + plant foraged species along the way. so when i told Dunn originally your story of taking the world on a river ride was like a childhoood story book. i ment because people are getting killed fighting for own sovereignty every day. see La Via Campesina.

but if you grow + yes these people are real bastards at times, excuse my language, for i feel it too, but then i bring myself to calm + give respect that i appreciate + i know you too will want the same.

 but we must go beyond + build peace, take time for innerpersonal live discussion to heal, then also simoutanaously have good political boundary negotiations to define what you are expected to do as a NAtion, yet link with others to better the whole migratory path for our wild that sustains us. plus where we also can communicate + explore.

so many protect theri wild + leave it for tourism. i say 1st work a plan to work it sensitively with like foraged species, good watershed for cleaning + filtering, no monocultures or GMOs, rather do tradional planting + even say no we must co_evolve with new ways that work better.

so that is where students could look at Prof Miguel Altieris work as he writes good science from indigenous that are working in world now.

then once you locals build a beautiful natural cooperative, with like plantings along your ceasonal routes, even camps for your hunt + better know your ER choices when natural diasters come. + you work it sensitively with respect to learn then how as in young + those misusing can take part to then self-reflect + change.

i write this privately to you to share with Gilbert, then in respect to you 2, you then can cut + paste or have students you choose to walk by your sides, so this information application then explores local solutions or even bring in or send me a schemetic for my opinion, which i think locals can do best for you.

set up a good home community school with few computers so they now can work at locating all these options. your forests could have plantings underneath, green houses could supplement seasonal plantings. mushroom plugs could be put n logs. do you see. but ist gather everyone + talk privately, make a forum to add resources + let students do this to learn + feel confifent from seeing the ill as well the skilled as they then co_evolve.

Nabble will give you freely a forum like ours. or i can even set up a subcategory if want to take part globally + share this process. it would be better then facebook, for you could cover organized subjects.

for you must all work at this together. students can seek out local networks to show your work in progress, your determination to transform the negative as you invite those people to see the discoveries from your students work, let them invest even. but only support locals to control + must agree to your over all plan land/freshwater flow to sea as ex.

+ these ideas are not in stone, only to trigger you to start applying vs thinking their is a green solution to do it all for you.. it takes every one defining if they have energy, are they ill, again students + skilled need to start assessing now as they do a walkbout + talk to each other. let them help now with daily chores. then create rehabs or good community sturcture for those to short + long term rehab. for ER can happen to any of us.

but please don't get hung up on negative thoughts even of climate changes, rather work at positive assertion of applying these steps. once you do_in all you can then good energy creates music + art + community harmonizes vs worrying making one ill.

even your idea of climate change producing betel nut trees etc issue. i would not guess it. it may need further study for perhaps due to single species like a monoculture, it produces negative effects.

i hope this makes sense to you. for i also share this with anyone just tuning in trying to build their community. so we don't go 5 steps forward + 3 back. rather think, network + ground application as then it awakens good life in all. now when everyone is calmly talking vs being pissed, energy is healing + each are self-developing changing this energy. this to me is real sovereignty.

we have a small boat we live on trying to sell to get a bigger. but ex; we have soft tile for house solar panels on our boat. in past when we had built another, we had water desalinization, + we went 60000 miles circumnavigating the pacific ocean. we where self-reliant + that is what you want.

for many large green corporations manipulate funds or loose due to being too big.

when if you tell us how many people/houses + if they need repair or even think of cohousing colllectively, especially if need support. or to share kitchens, then this can be a great classroom for this subject. then build tool shops/recycle already good building you know are not in your wildlife path, for they come first. then your clean water ways, then protecting old growth.

let your balanced environment as it is restored be your best medicine when people all take part putting hands on.. to volunteer, then work into good exchanges..

+ sharing this community schools is much better in restoring for all to self-educate + heal, defining their desires as they rid needs that many struggle with. or pursue a carreer only because they where good at struggling. no we want people to self-fulfill their true path as they walk it into their opening + gain support. so they leave no footprint.

so i go back to my present study of to se how globally we can gain networking + support for the still much toxic/corruption/good solutions, etc.

ok i share this in hopes for Gilbert to review before his meeting with Harper to trigger his thought + hopefully not interfere.

good day + peace be with you in your communications to be calm + merge as neighbors, kara

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