Take part in G20 now, let our plan fuel your local `plan, sharing in solidarity, w/our earth communities..

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`i come to talk story welcomes all to take part in the G20 now..

Our plan to fuel everyone’s local `plan for you/your community to create upon + fuel us/others..

    Please prioritize function energy efficiently, creatively adding to fuel others to understand, as all network, sharing in solidarity our earth + beyond in peace. Working within the natural enhanced systems.

Who has a local `plan?
   Personal local `plan;

        Everyone makes a local `plan if want to obtain something in a timely fashion, don’tya know how short life really, look at the many unfortunate, what happens when ya get old the mindbody can’t take it unless you remain as a 12 year old in shape, that is what scientists say we can do so try it;
       Schedule daily chores for good health around your energy, don’t stop where your check book does + get out in the natural world + do your organic exchange. Become a beneficial organism + nurture you + others.. Feel the love of life energy flowing thru. Take a walk in the woods if can, it is conk picking time when the sap stops running. Self develop as you make space for you, + gain how to/edit that which is within + bring it to calm/mindfully act w/self + others, networking, making good choices.. Create your community local `plan if have none, or join in.

       Prioritize what sustains you, as in your basic comforts of having sustainable natural enhanced energy to think + focus w/your communities local `plan;

          Share truth, love, gratitude, empathy, sensitivity + skills w/family, if fortunate to have/same w/good friends, knowing how to have responsible relations w/loved ones, when. Develop thru a variety of real experiences/education/understandings of human growth, responsible relationships w/self + others. Again if fortunate to put support in place for all to gain it.
         Knowing when focus on self vs ride on other’s wave or interfere in other’s ability to self develop same as you. When to volunteer/when to gain credit/co_evolve the curriculum w/teachers + community working together, using the communities as extended classrooms, if fortunate to have a school to take part in focus directing w/one’s communities working w/neighbors. If not gather people to meet.
        + Focus network gaining/giving support in a variety of ways, so all open the channels to freely navigate this earth + beyond, obtain true stories/transparency to take part in, staying in real time, locally + beyond, so all restore one’s ecological sustainable enhanced working communities. Leaving no one left behind.
       We meaning `i come to talk story’s virtual platform, we are perfecting w/your help
. We welcome your feedback on this detail. How to reach out w/a mailing list to schools locally + afar, as well state/federal entities making schools decisions. We want to know how best to simplify this networking, as we make changes for all to take part. As we seek links of sensitive skilled people prioritizing the life that sustains us all.

+ Our focus in this local `plan is to be created by every community sharing in solidarity working within the earth + beyond’s natural systems. Developing 1 Universal Sound Science w/morality as a common sense in every thought. Not like they said when the scientists created the Nuclear Bomb, that they did science + it is up to others to know what to do with it, SO WRONG! So no one has to be confused repeating the scars on the earth as well in space. Rather the basic nuts + bolts of simple living `boon w/the natural world can be had by all bettered as all network sharing real needs + offerings..
    So as to guide so each community carries these links to have as resources if need be in their shared community tool shed. Which defines thru sharing a list of such priorities, that may not be for you. But may fuel you to rethink, so your students network defining your real issues of the times that is real for you to resolve, as you gain understanding how to recycle, make wrongs right.
   As you create your local tapering transition welcoming those in that have exceeded these natural enhanced limits, that your local `plan has defined. Where w/empathy realize no one does damage alone. So don’t waste time blaming, rather define the worn torn missing parts of the fragmented science that permitted it + make changes.
   Rather in time you will see as people link, all the realities that fill in these worn torn misunderstandings, as there are so many ways that we the people are guilty contributing unknowingly. As many are lost in the fog in them. + Now we can learn to hold self + others accountable, ending all scars, + if cannot know how, research + share it as all network. Developing support groups to further gain understandings. That is all an able person needs. + This enhances clarity for those unable for collective support to be put in place.

   Do you realize the jobs that have whored against the natural enhanced limits, that you yourself also may be still doing?? Well you will by participating in your local `plan become aware as the student within walks by all students, wanting to make a difference as you sharpen your sensors.. Their is no better eduction then to come into your client’s/patients/students, etc’s turf, give hands on w/students, then to feel the energy coming from healthy people as they sharpen one’s sensors w/skilled how to..

  The local `plan supports all to come to the table to define how best to subsidize making wrongs right. So the local `plan retains controlling interest, yet locals invest as well reach out for more investors to stay in real time w/the rest of humanities goodness. That which has carried forward ethnic indigenous traditional ways build upon communities working together respecting all life that they knew well sustains their livelihood, giving them the means to do one’s organic exchanges. We don’t mean everyone has to be a farmer, but everyone can eat natural local grown wild food/fish/animal. As each local `plan prioritizes high on list one’s local food sovereignty, working w/neighbors, ending all false aid from afar. Including credit swaps from the serious issues of climate change for many, yet many others have exploited them.

   This continues to co_evolve by staying in real time as locals restore/maintain + students can always have on the table schematic showing investments needed, after al critically think together.. So each communities local `plan define’s one’s real issues of the times to resolve. Not ride on other’s wave or be influenced wrongly /controlled, etc.
       By students reflecting for one’s local `plan, focusing w/communities eye to eye, they then can bring home similar like ecosystem/season + subjects compatible, after do_in their homework.

   We suggest what ever reality your community has, start w/having a local natural grown wild, food/animal/fish potluck. As support is produced for all to interrelate in one’s local `plan, starting the conversation w/real understandings from all. We all know how food fuels us, as well the great smells + tastes if fortunate to have them.. But realize that when you advertise for this potluck, not everyone will even know what a local grown natural food is, or even wild fish or animal. So tell them to bring their favorite dish. For I know how good of a cook many people are, food tastes great, yet have very bad ingredients, as they have no clue that company’s would due such toxic damage. As they profit over a variety of reasons such as a large footprint to have slave labor/produce depleted soils from toxic pesticides to have bigger yields/workers get ill from not being protected/surrounding communities get toxic affects in water ways/air/foods, etc.
         This way the conversation can offer everyone’s input + people gain reality checks from studies done in a friendly manor respecting all. So people can enjoy the meet, not get sick after eating it, do to how the tone is set. Rather you want this to be a day of celebration, opening to humanities lessons that have options now. No one has to reinvent the wheel over a lot of this, but sure when you get into the discussion of ridding Nuclear waste that is contaminated, then research needs to be high on priority list. + You want to fuel this overview at this meet. So gather w/your schools to start this. + Let us know the resistance you face or how you can fuel us to do the same.
+ W/good energy you know how to have peace within, reaching out w/today’s tools online even to do successful studies within your schedule, exploring volunteer experiences of real local needs + offerings as well your self, as you do your walkabout for you + please share ictts, before long term commitments. Interrelate as a local participant in your local `plan or start one. As well any where you may travel to/explore, even if temporary. Same w/being a refugee, even if cannot be free to travel, start where at. Or in mind alone + network afar..

Each local `plan will have a list of priorities being worked by all. Including the global plan for earth + space that affects every community, yet not all communities can do this on their own + need support. So those that advance locally can focus when can afar on their priority needs + offerings. Develop your understanding of your self first/healing/studies + how for your career that goes far beyond looking for a job. Being enslaved by self misuse/abuse unknowingly.

Around these real human/life needs daily as you gain fuel from working collectively w/your local `plan,  you will want to make a pen pal of like interest + explore earth + beyond. Then to have them be the best tour guide now sharing like interests.

Without this joy of being fortunate to restore one’s community, people have a hard time centering + grounding. Their is no better tourist reality then to welcome people to take part in real time w/one’s local `plan. Fueling them to rethink + take home ideas of their sustainable realities of having clean air/fresh water/natural local grown organic food, resources to obtain/grow them of your choice/wild fish + all that takes to transition from the fish farms that are toxic, as well the animal factors of chickens/pork + beef that are injected w/antiseptics, hormonally stimulated in bad tight living quarters, w/no free range grazing, etc. So do your home work. The GMO meets we + many had w/March Against Monsanto, have videos of such disasters. Same w/pigs that live tightly in cages, etc.. Where all these toxins from increased hormones, as well medicine to attempt to house them this way, all ends up in you after eating them.

Not to mention sanitation/resources for fuel to cook/heat/fuel tools or transportation. Each one of these realities need attention to help people understand how not to misuse/abuse. + Many good farmers know their stuff so look out for your local small farmers. Help w/governing policies that interfere as you hold people + self accountable, to come to the table + do your local `plan, gaining understanding of how humanity has way to resolve now.

So lets look more into what a local `plan can do + each will be different in a variety of ways, but here lets talk about what we all can share, for we are all of the same earth working to restore our healthy communities, networking in solidarity so true story is understood + links made more friendly to share in the transition. So all have basic comforts in place or being restored knowing humanity has options to fuel all now.

Local `plan;
    Once you all go figure how best to sit down + talk, taking all hats off, same w/students. This meet is for your community, not competitions of what is happening now confusing more students than helping. Here everyone has the same common denominator. This is your community. So welcome all + make sure students gani some credit as well community participants, for some of this takes work.

As you do this, establish good logs that have interchangeable people monitoring them, same w/self registering + people do_in for others unable. Have these log books in familiar places. A library + some may have to change policies to do this, but this is your community so make it work. We feels that students should learn computer as a good tool. Adults can too but if they choose not to then have a message board posted that gets updated w/the computer updates.

   Nothing is in stone, but keep trying to get more efficient so real work gets done by all. Those unable are able in many ways, so this is nice about the `Transitional Shift Message Board, each can post what they can do + when + stay in real time.

Local `plan, once all community participants are at the table need to define how often this continues, + that kind of working detail. + Best to be friendly w/existing curriculum/community projects + proposals, etc. to co_evolve as community is being restored. As well w/resistance you may face. As those left behind are prioritized to also be supported to come take part. For all to realize, everyone is needed, but most important to come w/sharp sensors. + If have dulled them, then be open to good constructive feedback to learn to work w/your early signs to maintain your discipline over your self sensory observations vs belief leaving you to misuse/abuse.
    For many are addicted w/pharmaceuticals/street drugs/alcohol/bad habits, etc. + continue to decline as they become medically ill, developmentally disabled, diseased, dying prematurely, or suicide as well hurting others along the way.
    So it will take a bit of organizing before this meet can have everyone. For I know locally there is no medical detox, places open + close, + very few to give free showers/free laundry/place to have a good night sleep/even toilets, etc. So having one be supported to come w/these needs not met makes it uncomfortable for all.
    So you decide where to begin w/whom + not forget those in need please.

Ok once all support is in place + this will always co_evolve so go with the flow the best you can to support all voices at least, being heard at the table, as groups are formed of like abilities, etc. + Students can organize this support as they log the community. We felt exponentially they are best to reach out. For we understand how schools working w/communities can better set up these safety measures welcoming all to participate, as they all network w/different schools/community members, then share/make decisions.

Local `plan should recycle w/all existing entities as in planning/permitting, etc. So maps of one’s total areas/biome(s) can be displayed at meets. So best to know when to weather protect as well for disabled, etc. Vs having a meet out in the park or on location, etc. For our idea after continued research w/humanities ways that work until developments/people interfere, that locals working w/neighbors should rethink what is toxic + resolve, not allowing any new developments until all help resolve. As Colonial grids are removed, yes all properties controlled as in county/state/federal parks, etc. to be transitioned out, as locals use agro_ecology ways/curriculum w/skilled as w/Prof Miguel Altieri’s suggestions as he writes curriculum from indigenous still using it leaving no toxic effects as industrial's do, yet similar yields.. To assess what can be enhanced + work w/locals. Remove destructive ways as w/monocultures/things that get in the way of trans boundary migration for large browsers/ability for fresh water to run from the mountains to the seas + all life in between. Not cut it off as ex; they did at San Felipe, MX w/the Colorado river.

So what your local `plan ‘s enhanced reality is, vs what it can be, will restore your healthy communities working w/neighbors.  So you have support in place for the unknowns + the seasonal working camps will be w/all comforts in place vs people running to survive w/buckets. If you look at present ER preparedness meets, people are not ready + can be in a different mode of utilizing good energy vs it stealing from one’s organs in stressful ways that many are in now.
     Balancing the genetic biodiversity so all life can migrate + do their seasonal offerings for our life as in pollinators for our food/balance pests/prevent disease etc., Including humans, once policies are rethought, recycled or rid in every community, each local `plan can know how many people can be comfortable in case of ER issues that continue to occur.
     As all know well of the refugee issues w/present wars that must end.. As people in all hats, have students help, walk by their side, opening transparency, for all to efficiently resolve. So all toxic developments are defined + rid. While people are welcomed to be comfortable working as a local participant if if temporarily their to fuel them to get clear. Same end all Nuclear use, sequester the waste + research how best to rid it, as well end all weapons of war, + all false green economies. As locals restore localized systems of low impact temporarily until they now the biome(s) potential being rethought, as monocultures/parks end, subsidizes supported + real local functions of real needs + offerings are created + managed by locals w/some afar help to train w/low footprint.

This supports all to become supportive of each other to become a mindful responsible local, global + beyond participant where ever one is fortunate to be. + Hopefully w/time w/equality as all do one’s homework, respecting the local natural enhanced limits within every local `plan, as they should be welcomed to take part.

All must gain empathy for the reality as well those that have profited over such wars creating terrorists to realize people can change + heal, if supported. Please realize in patches un this planet humanity shares such beauty, love + sensitivity developing skills `boon w/one’s natural enhanced world. `i come to talk story feels all can reach out to these pockets left behind, as together we support everyone to do one’s local `plan.

We welcome your creative energy to link. So please let us know what works for you + come link. We can’t wait to see the great schematics for we know the good work happening now in patches that can fuel you.
 Please check out our work at;


  or email kara for corrections, etc. kareje@ictts.org

Your input is appreciated as well share us along your walkabout for you + your community, for `i come to talk story is a US Non profit that we are perfecting w/your help + need donations to make this happen.

How to start a local `plan?

 This can happen in a variety of ways for many have resistance from misuse/abuse as in the Native people of all lands. We want you to realize you are our brothers + sisters + can make a difference if you also do your homework. + Not any longer allow the false imprisonment interfere. We know how brutal your families where treated in the past + many still now. But we want you also to realize that many that have been born on the same lands as you at later times or even the same time, also had to deal w/the many dysfunctions that led many now to passing on unhealthy behaviors as many did their best to also survive. Yet many today think these behaviors are normal as they leave mindbody misuse/abuse..

    Yet many have abilities to transcend them, they never allowed another’s dysfunction to take away the strength from the mountains that still exist. Sure some are being mined wrongfully, + your local `plan can best tell us how you now can come to the table + help stop it. Many never allowed fences + walls of block houses that many now are living in as they feel their wild lands where taken from them, as their energy still flows from the mighty rivers that still exist.. Sure dams have rerouted unfairly + those of you in your local `plan can recycle what is best for all rivers to flow from the mountains to the sea life that also require fresh water to survive, as well all life on it’ natural enhanced route. so please share what works/what doesn’t.

   The wild continues to reach out to all + many are still `boon with it. So let their ways fuel you to awaken, as we welcome them guide us all, to sharpen the dull sensors within. So you too, as many in patches on this earth we all share, can realize it is only us out of synch w/self within, that can allow the mighty energy of life to be taken from us. If you center + ground no matter where you are, whether in a dysfunctional family hiding under the bed due to the many fears from others controlling/refugee camps/Native reservations, as concentration camps. You now can soak some radish seeds + let them sprout, leaving many to bring up beautiful flowers, while others bring up radishes as you nurture that w/in yourself w/needs not met along w/the soil for them to blossom.
   As you network + reach out w/the many good links of people do_in mindful acts, to fuel you to rethink + define your needs not being met, + or if can’t ask for help.
   You to will be welcomed to come to the table, even if you think you are their temporary. Please do your homework as all have to. + Please link w/us, for we need you w/sharp sensors, to work w/your issues of the times. + Realize we all continue to work at issues, from the many scars of the planet that continue. To help all realize no more do we have to accept the destruction of oneself nor prevent one’s local `plan from fueling our best local rule of law.
  As we each restore within the earth + beyond`s natural systems, enhancing from the many that continue to take the simple respect for all life + help make this a better world for all to live in, as they map out a course that best helps each local `plan transition from present states to it’s real natural enhanced potential.

   I use the word enhance, so let me share the definition that Professor Miguel Altieri knows best, as he creates curriculum as his wife + himself reach out, building upon the ethnic indigenous ways that still work. Fueling all to transcribe + recycle w/good local `plan schematics, networking/sharing good investments as present + past toxic technologies end + local’s do for locals working w/neighbors. Welcoming all into one's local tapering transition to make wrongs right, to heal + once again become a mindful local participant, where ever one can. Until we all work together to make it more friendly for all to migrate, allowing the local `plan to fuel one’s path as support is in place, for all to become local, global + beyond mindful participants.

Miguel fuels our virtual platform to continue to perfect it w/everyone’s help. He knows best the many great possibilities now that people live with on this earth that work fueling him to create upon as he studies/teaches along w/his wife, many about the real natural world that all can have, if you take part + make it happen. + Knows what we all should work at to overcome the many industrial technological developments now leaving toxic effects in every community;

     A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

   by using agro_ecology curriculum, which Miguel creates by working w/indigenous still do_in w/out leaving toxic effects, knows well,

       `can strengthen original ecological processes instead of overriding them.

 Institutional structures supporting research + development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution..  

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Agroecology |  Miguel Altieri | Clara Nicholls
By Richard Meddows

 I share some of her writings after spending a week w/Miguel + his wife Clara;

    Any decent permaculturalist, for example, will also be an agroe_cologist. Agroecology simply provides the permaculturalist with a principles based toolkit for assessing the ecological sustainability of her system.

At the broadest of levels the principles of agro_ecology ask the following questions of any system:

Recycle Nutrient – does it enhance recycling of biomass, optimize nutrient availability and balance nutrient flows?
Build Soil – does it work to secure favorable soil conditions for plant growth?
Minimize losses – does it minimize losses due to flows of solar radiation, air and water by way of microclimate management, water harvesting and soil management?
Optimize Diversity – does it optimize species and genetic diversity in time and space?
Promote Beneficial Interactions – does the system enhance key ecological processes and services via the promotion of beneficial biological interactions?

If the answer to the above questions is yes, then we are talking about agro_ecology. Where the answer is no, we have established where our focus should lie, should we decide to build a system based on agro_ecological principles. It is as simple as that.
End quote, thank you!

  This is the efficient route to local food sovereignty to start the local `plan’s many abilities to fuel resolve, w/your issues of the times + not get lost in everyone’s.

   Yes, we can keep heal + become aware w/support put in place helping oneself presently stay conscious in the moment + work w/existing policies, President Trump + local governing bodies, respecting old ways w/empathy while working w/one’s local `plan to bring to the table what is real.  Have your students walk by their side + let your local `plan define your real needs + offerings for all then to fall into place, step down to heal or rid policies or even positions no longer needed. To then bring forth the sound science that all will take part in correcting, for no more should any one be able to manipulate, interfering in one’s local `plan.

This is the time to end scars from continuing w/your help. So please gather w/your community + let our plan of many fuel yours.    
Please realize Nabble, LibreOffice + Google have great tools of the times to organize freely + for business much more, so all efficiently mindfully act now, sharing in this living local process that is everyone’s human right.

Log your communities local `plan’s;

Log personal bi`joy (natural joys from within/the earth/space.) experiences to fuel, people w/needs not met, to do exchanges. Make pen pals, explore. Take part in the `Transitional Shift Message Board, fining tuning for your community.

Log communities as you network, for all to reflect + link via like ecosystem/seasons + subject. As each have a representative in interchangeable roles to update real hands on experiences working one’s communities local `plan. Fueling others to self reflect as well seek options for one’s communities + share.

Peace is everyone’s option now, if no more blame, no more guilt, rather facts layed on the table + all act where can mindfully.

Thank you, those of us at `i come to talk story welcome you to join in!