Tell Obama to Oppose Israeli Plan to Evict 40K Bedouin, Protect Right to Protest

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The Israeli government's seizure of Palestinian lands has become a regular facet of life in the West Bank, but it's not only Palestinians in the West Bank who are subject to such treatment. The Israeli government has plans to remove upwards of 40,000 Bedouin in the Negev desert in southern Israel from their homes and their lands. As in the West Bank, attempts to protest this land grab been met by force from the Israeli military and police.

The US has yet to publicly oppose either the forced displacement of the Bedouin, called the Prawer Plan, or Israeli suppression of peaceful protest. Join us in calling on President Obama and other US officials to condemn the Prawer Plan and call upon Israel to respect the right to peaceful protest in Israel and the occupied territories.

please everyone contact these folks to set them straight to address these issues now:
To Barack Obama, President of the United States;
CC John Kerry, Secretary of State;
Daniel B. Shapiro, US Ambassador to Israel;
Members of the United States Congress

We call upon you to publicly oppose the Prawer plan, by which the Israeli government will forcefully displace up to 40,000 Negev Bedouin from their homes, and to press the Israeli government to respect the right of all people to peaceful protest.

Folks please rethink for too long US Gov has supported Israel +it is time for you to see the truth of how irresponsible they are. as well the US people need to know this truth.

it is time for transparency.

please do what you can to stop this abuse that is taking place for the Bedouins  as well the Palestinians. this abuse is long been is a grave mistake to remove indigenous people from their land. can you not share the lessons from the Native American Indians.

Barack you can hold them accountable ASAP + stop the US support given to them.

please do what you can to address this + let us know what we can do to help.

our combined` effort thanks Just Foreign Policy for all that you do for change + helping us remain aware of what is truly going on. + as I commented I would love to be going along to see for myself how I feel the US gov nor US people, are seeing the real picture of Israel being irresponsible. + we should do what ever we can to expose this transparency ASAP.

thank you for what you can do now, kara j lincoln