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 Please note update link 3.27.17 here as well below in comments for our local issues in need. We ask all to do your part to become aware + stop this + work w/humanities options for peace;


 In response to our self reflection of the present US Presidential campaigns, as well felt best suited to put it to work along w/our invite to NIAC's teleconference in support of Cyrus Habib, for WA Lieutenant Governor, he is 1st Iranian American to hold statewide office;


   We have asked NIAC to share this teleconference archived meet, so do check in. + This is our response as we add it to our Transitional Shift Message Board for all to be fueled + use what can;

   Please do check back for updates. Thank you for your patience!

  This is the easiest way I see to share thought, so each community can rethink, defining how best to do for self, as all collectively communicate. + As I co_evolve, I add to our `Transitional Shift Message Board, more on this below, so ideas are worked. We welcome you to do the same as you let these thoughts fuel you. To work w/the many sensitive + skilled, to rid one's programmed baggage, fragmented good attempts, thinking it is normal.

   When yet much is simple behaviors passed on taken as normal when many remain isolated in unhealthy mindsets, chasing their desire to fulfill the pains experienced by self or another. This is our human nature + that is why we all need to get on the same page w/our true self being a human species, so real needs get met. + Support in time grounded education, as a local mindful participant.

  We all need to go figure, + get our needs met, as all take time to make space for our restoration of healthy communities. Many are unaware of how the neocons are controling even President Trump, + this is wrong when locals are not able to live local due to resources stolen for agendas from those afar, as well those within our communities.

  We feel students using one's community as extended classrooms, focus directing w/communities can fill in these worn torm missing links.

   So in saying that I ask you to share my thought, as NIAC has welcomed me to take part in a teleconference today in response. Please I ask you to save + archive your teleconference today supporting an upcoming Iranian Governing body in WA, so all may see it later. For we need true story + transparency. It is time for all that have controlled from afar to be welcomed to one's tapering transition so as to show how our earth + beyond has natural systems, that become are tools to sustain life on this planet that sustains us all.

  We appreciate all your work done in US + globally. Thank you NIAC.

Please let them fuel you to reach out the same. For it is wrong to disrespect any one, just because of where they where born/live. + Many have misunderstandings that collectively can be understood If every community opens the discussions + all hold self  others accountable, locally + afar.

  That will stop the Military Industrial Complex, once profiting is stopped, so all can come home.

  So as much as many claim they fought for this + that, there are many that never got exposed to the good work they did. So I can only self reflect + add what can be from my experiences + ask you to join in, for humanity has answers now. Their is no reason for waste + inefficiency’s to continue from no one, even in important roles. Rather all must hold oneself + each accountable, locally + afar. That is presently not happening, nor are communities educational systems structured to help out to do what it takes to restore one's `enhanced ecological sustainable working communities.

   Rather many are still w/lack of transparency as Nuclear misuse/war modes + false green, toxic, economies still fill many communities yet to be prioritized or acknowledged from Governing responsible positions.

In teleconference w/NIAC supporting Cyrus Habib, running for WA Lieutenant Governor, the 1st Iranian American to hold statewide office;

   I update my self reflection, which triggers many buttons of crises our family went thru never feeling any of these people's work, as we have watched closely both Presidential campaigns for the US. Being ashamed of both as people fail to talk w/respect for one another, not considering each have children as others listen. Shame on yous as you pass on programmed ill behaviors, stealing good space from what all could be doing right now together locally + afar. Yet when one talks about working w/our world others are easy to jump accusing of unreality.

   US cannot remain isolated w/ill limited mindsets, we need to link w/our earth + beyond, bio cultural realities w/those still carrying forward ways that work. Not to profit + be ecological whores unknowingly, when so many peasants/fish folks/farmers are being over worked/land/seas/fresh water grabbed from locals afar.  Yet our locals doing it are not held accountable locally or afar. As habitats in pockets are depleted leaving people unable to live local as many in patches are do_in so well. + It is these patches we continue to welcome along w/the pockets without so as to do an exchange, self reflecting to become aware of what is missed. As one's students work w/one's communities filling in these worn torn pieces, prioritizing aiding those most vulnerable.

    For not all issues of the times are leaving negative effects on you or your community. Yet many are + many of us are still contributing unknowingly + can become aware by coming aboard. As together we go figure w/those that know how to prioritize life that sustains all human life. How best can you help us perfect `i come to talk story's virtual platform to help us share your goodness + others now in need, reaching out to all.

    For others are too preoccupied doing just for America, for their own back yard being left w/no ecological reality of how our earth/beyond require us all to do one's organic exchanges in order to co_evolve the human species which we are.

    Humans house/surrounded by + shared, trillions of life that require genetic bio diversity to be in balance, yet many do not understand + can. While many are even unable to even communicate w/love + respect to others in our America, let alone open one's mind to our earth + beyond. That we must all share together prioritizing the ill toxic states we all have left it in. As it continues to be profited over vs stopping the consumption of weapons of war + Nuclear plants to support them.

   Lets ask how many bombs where stopped under people's watch to support everyone to take part interrelating w/one's healthy community building, restoring educational systems as we want to fuel. So people are real w/the earth below one's feet, their mind + body to match, so people work within one's `enhanced limits, staying in harmony??

  Yes the verbiage can be simplified + understood by all + out of this all can build 1 Universal Sound Science to fill in all the fragmented science that continues to allow people to misuse/abuse + get a permit to do it. Then no more does one have to suffer before change is made. Enough scars on this planet + beyond already needing everyone’s attention.

  This ideology of living for one's children's future is displaced thought. All need to be living for oneself now in the moment, as children + adults all gain understanding ASAP, w/truth + transparency. That is all any able person needs to process + sort oneself out. While all collectively work for unable to do the same w/support in place for needs to be met.

  Ill should not be allowed to continue to walk the streets as people do now homeless, without support, then to deteriorate in to diseased states, developmentally disabling self + others. As many just want them out, having no empathy for them, or wanting to think for them vs think w/them. Nor having reality of how when consider doing what can as we suggest below can awaken each to oneself. For all will require support one time or another + rethinking w/this reality of what many propose now in patches, can refine one's mindset to open to our true human potential. Fueling all in pockets to no longer be left without.

    Rather share love + skills, gain the understanding as all network in solidarity. Choosing priority jobs even if have to volunteer over profiting to get to healthy communities. That build inner peace + successful co_evolving needs/exchanges for jobs that create understanding. No one does it alone.

   Gain the simple nuts + bolts to build oneself, to do one's homework. Where all work w/one's students to organize support in place. Understanding how to prioritize self developing skills as community prioritizes it's local `plan, working with in the `enhanced natural potential. As each support each to be a local, global + beyond mindful participant, to explore, enjoying this earth + beyond.

  Not just an ecological whoring job where people have no clue of one's `enhanced local limits, yet get permitted or chasing materialistic unreality’s, thinking praying/preoccupation w/making money, resolves everything. Meanwhile beautiful undeveloped children are left alone, + many parents as undeveloped children themselves trying to survive.  Knowing well the baggage within turns away from those trying to control them/speak a foreign mindset vs what has been programmed within from one's experiences. As many have taken passed on negative behaviors as normal.

  Even undeveloped deserve the respect of equality, sharing + building w/reality of the moments, to make mindful decisions together. Pulling out the structure building self, to enable one to be aware of early signs to edit one's baggage. Not live w/discomfort. Do you realize how we all have done this wrongly + many unaware they still are?? When yet there is no social structure to help sort out/fill in when parents can't/didn't.

  So lets ask a few more questions to those that think they have something to lead. + I give my thought to all sides thinking they are capable to rethink, perhaps find their voice in another position. As all work together changing the dysfunctional systems interfering now in every local + afar community on earth.

   So as to prioritize support, for those local or afar if no local, that can help those most vulnerable to heal, while others simultaneously do what needed to restore healthy communities;

       I ask why do people have to yell when trying to tell others their message??

       Their are more needs to be met then to become proud. In order to process information people require, skills to process, as well one's baggage. Let alone saved seeds to grow diverse variety of nutrients appropriate for local natural grown food, wild collective food + medicine gardens, wild fish/animal.. As trans boundary migration includes people that know the ancient trails to migrate for the life that sustains them. For all locals to become aware to take part/respect one's local `plan, as well when fortunate to travel.

       As all humans require one's human rights on earth + beyond, to be met. + Done efficiently as each become aware to activate one's neurology + self direct correctly. When yet so many have been permitted wrongly + that can also stop, as you work w/all locals in a tapering transition. Welcoming all to rethink w/1 Universal Sound Science created/networked via like ecosystem/season + subject.

       As students + community prioritize seeking real hands on experiences to then bring home + locals define by each interrelating to `boon w/one's local `plan. For many have lost their bio cultural ways that work, that where built by simply do_in these natural processes. As they where further developed being passed on.

  So people you once again can be simple good investors knowing well science becomes complete, w/good governing jobs w/skilled permitting vs being manipulated + bought.  + Students can have on the table good investments needed for all needs to be met, so locals sustain food sovereignty for starters, ending GMO's/pesticides that harm. As in the controversy of the pesticides causing zika virus vs the actual mosquito, says scientists.

    We have many people that have perfected the living local process, on our `the sun will set spreadsheet. We welcome you to share yours as we build an archive for students fueling others to accept nothing less then efficiently building mental clarity + physical strength.

      After seeing children in Haiti long after their natural disaster, living in tents as water came in + they would have to stand to sleep in order to be able to go to school, etc. I asked Clinton's Foundation, if they where growing GMO in Haiti w/their involvement + they would not answer.

      When I asked how is it that Rwandan President is being held from UN as a war criminal + Bill Clinton took several Universities from US their, yet no answer.

Have you seen UN's log left undone? All the resources inefficiently addressed while people distressed. If an entity is not being perfected why should it exist? I know how hard we keep trying + many get it, yet why is more support not given to share the ideas w/educational/communities systems?

      Same why no answer/nor are they held accountable, when private jets from Goldman Sachs are seen in the Congo mines taking goods wrongly. Same UN showed where US Government also did not do paper work right, so this list goes on of people profiting wrongly while yet locals are left behind. Their is no bigger crises then that of the Congo that still continues + the many wars on this planet from people being controlled to be put in power, vs locals supported to become educated, to do collectively one's local `plan, + stay w/it as one's rule of law. Without Governing bodies from afar interrupting, thinking they know a better way, when yet their own communities have many left behind.

  Why nothing said of the toxic communities now from Hillary? Yet when Donald speaks of them he gets ridiculed? People need to hear + adapt to the truth the best 1 Universal Sound Science can offer. + That is the science that is based on the ethnic traditional values that have kept our genetic bio diversity alive to survive this long on earth to sustain as many healthy as fortunate.

It is such localized systems w/low impact in patches globally that continue to do this as they guide. As w/Prof Miguel Altieri creating agroecology as he works out in the world w/indigenous living these ways that work. Then to come back + create curriculum that should be part of the prioritizing process creating one's local `plan.  

  When yet so many other pockets not, dieing prematurely, enslaved from others misusing/abused or oneself, unable to get free. Even after centuries of family's enslavement, as a real slave, as what I noticed w/Michelle's speech, as I saw the pain in her eyes carried forward. Still yet to be calmed + can.

Are you people noticing how dull/or sharp your sensors have become? Why is it you cannot feel this pain, + I only imagine with so much disrespect for people wanting to gain position + others not wanting them too, to realize you are missing some links. For people do not have to be told what to do if able. + For a governing body to exist + be worthy, ya need to rethink the true role you people have to help what you have taken part in that is disabled, + do that right without interfering.

       + Let able people use one' local `plan to fuel governing choices.

For I know from my experiences, I + many have not felt Hillary's/others in responsible roles outreach in the many years of trying/even succeeding in many locations. + Sure i'm not saying you have not helped any, but their now are ways to help all in need, no longer fragment because unskilled people are put in skilled positions. + Educational systems presently are not fine tuning the real education of one's communities as extended classrooms.

    For no matter where one is educated, it will not be successfully applied until each can interrelate in real centering + grounding locally where ever one is at. + Many see no better way then to take part in one's local `plan to find one's voice.

Do you realize the beautiful collective gardens that people on our earth that continue to live `boon with, for all their food + medicine? They are willing to share these skills in agroecology/permaculture, etc.. That as incorporating these skills, the natural process prioritizes the health of the communities developments. Defining are they toxic to even live in/whom is vulnerable + how they can  be immediately protected??

     Considering human/life, rights have not been a priority subject to be transparent, globally. Rather people are profiting/over thinking left in the fog, of one's effects left on oneself/others, for one's communities.

Why would anyone want to support the unnatural/expensive/side effects left w/pharmaceuticals as presently many are mismanaging with?? Same w/weapons of war to keep Nuclear Power Plants going for better profit to build them? Do you not realize the Corporations profiting from US Military Industrial Complex, having to be a war mode economy?? Google their update.

    Look in your back yard + define the amount of radionuclide's from Nuclear radiation in your air, soil, food, fog, rain, snow, child's shoe strings, etc. as Arnie Gundersen from `Fairewinds + Dr. Helen Caldicott's work continues. As they talk about the dust in people's homes found, w/Arnie's findings in Tokyo that was found this last year from the Fukishima Dachii Nuclear accident that is not being openly talked about. See their websites for more detail. Define the waste dumps, + Nuclear radiation being emitted locally or from afar in your community + deal w/reality from skilled, for IAEA is not telling all. Nor is the limits of our safe amount being calculated as it rises as a safe limit, when none is safe??

    It's amazing how never did we hear any of this w/negotiating the Iran Nuclear deal from Hillary, nor now. When yet no one should have none accept for how Helen speaks of for medicine that can be recycled w/no half life. + Research is needed for other ways like fusion energy or work w/Tesla's free energy from the earth. How about that not profiting over people's use. Not to mention why US can have all that they do + no one else can.

    Many think US needs to also end all. What is good for Iran is good for all. + 1 Universal Science needs to be worked w/sound science, not as has, rather w/humanity coming together, as it once did when created Nuclear, + Since then many have told Congress how ill it is yet people still left vulnerable, why? Don't accept it any more, rather peacefully + efficiently lets organize + mindfully act ASAP. For every community is in need of support, Port Townsend, WA as progressive as they are w/great working ideas in patches. Still when I reached out to the community, the food bank told me the students had to quit due to not being able to see their neighbors/friends their at food bank getting food, requiring inner/inter personal help themselves.

   How can we work together to end such local + afar issues is what we ask of you, so as to help us perfect our virtual platform `i come to talk story sharing your answers in Iran or anywhere. Vs the US ideology that is delusional thinking US is the best + we can lead, forget it. The earth has an abundance of old ancient/new co_evolved wisdom, where cities had side walks long before US natives where abused, w/lessons for us all to edit with. So patches of goodness reach those pockets in one's same community, do_in good exchanges for understanding/healing, in solidarity, sharing peace, thru out the earth + beyond.

   The earth has greatness + no need for US Military Industrial Complex/or others anywhere, to be interfering in local communities everywhere. So we cannot agree w/anyone wanting to build more weapons of war, or more walls when all those resources can be going into communities. So local `plans become rule of law fueling awareness of early signs for people to resolve/become educated, mindfully working only w/one's police. As even they become skillful, joining in being supported/supporting all in becoming a mindful local, global + beyond participant.

      At the table taking part in one's local `plan where the `enhanced nature leads people to stay alive w/sharp sensors co_evolving while responsibly having hands on, not others afar. Others afar can be welcomed in/teleconferenced for offerings beyond what locals are unaware of, so locals then become trained.

Look around you, every development can be restored to sound science working w/in the local `plan, if not it can be put into a tapering transition so collectively the community supports it to be rid or renewed. Permitting/planning can recycle what can as entire biome(s) are reassessed as local `plans are created w/neighbors.

    If you look at Mystic Lynn's work, a local in Coos County, OR as a nurse in 2 countries + much more study, has great ideas for people to take out what is good for you. Bernie Sanders supports her work/vice versa w/her. Where locals are paid to do this restoration of self + the communities, as locals restore all that is needed, so people can also get needs met by taking control over one's life, fulfilling the communities `enhanced natural potential. W/teleconference, hands on w/skilled afar or bring in to train, if need. Every community deserves to be a picture of art that is lived, not trinkets/merchants that ecologically whore without even being aware of needs not met locally or afar. Especially the US negative interventions.

    Our local group `Leaven No Trace, whom is also digging out mosquito infested tires, pharmaceuticals in creek/polluting water ways, trash dumped, etc. is good example of how Governing folks are not organized to work w/community. John Sweet the new county commissioner supported them as they continue to pile up, + the City would pick it up + dispose it, then they have stopped. I've tried to work w/Raymond to work w/them, considering they pressed charges, he feels wrongly, + i 'm seeing a lot of misinformation over what appears to be timing/planning + governing bodies inabilty to work w/communities, to have dumps in place. Plus many say it is very costly for one to have trash pick up, why?

Same I ask the Mayor why still fluoride in public water that is toxic + no answer. Same SWOC community college/other local schools, where I knew they got a grant to restore yet no answer to our submissions.  But i recently spoke to the Executive Administrating as she apoligized explaingin it could of been a number of reasons. Which is why i keep figuring, due to simple human errors we all have, that can be worked out if we work together. Meanwhile teachers know well of needs not being met, students here at Middle School coming hungry unable to study, + a list that we have experienced in our networking thru out US + many countries. As we plan to do more w/your support to try to help people understand now w/upcoming 3.28/29.17 trash clean up w/homeless camps locally as well use it as an example to fuel others to do the same + more as we network, resolving these long over due scars, from passing the buck, meanwhile others control them, indirectly from afar.

With some simple putting heads together, we suggest a natural local grown wild potluck, people can create this job list. People can restore without people being paid to come in + do from afar. Especially when earn how toxic a lot of the products/services are + not to support them.

   Nabble/Google + more have the tools of the times,  freely to organize, for you to perfect w/you + your commuities.

   So please let our plan sharing w/many good people on our `the sun will set spreadsheet, now fuel your local `plan.. + Please rethink + link fueling others, as we address these local crises in a ER triage respectable to all.

Our `the sun will set spreadsheet has a page w/good people sharing the living local process, other page of Nuclear data/videos showing reality many are unaware of, a page to celebrate along the way welcoming all to take part as you keep updated w/your schedule, + more, so please check it out, + fill it out helping us perfect our tools to help all sharing in solidarity.

   So you redirect wasted energy from delusional entities that also need to come aboard + do their homework. W/you at your table, working/organizing/co_evolving/merging/deleting, working w/your students networking w/your communities w/neighbors locally + afar. As you create your local `plan recycling w/planning reviewing entire biome(s) w/people sharing creatively, as all come to the table. Ending all false aid from afar.  

    If Hillary + Donald can't work together what makes you think they can work w/you?? But lets turn the table + welcome them/sharing what your local `plan is telling you + how it does not coincide w/their plan??

Join in + welcome them, for your local `plan once created will prioritize for you + your community, your needs. So please share as you rethink fueling others to do same creatively + calmly, please do your walkabout for you + your community, as well share us along your path. So you gain support as you build your life as you walk it into your opening, Leaven No Trace (these folks are doing great work in Coos County, OR, check them out to start similar in your community or help them here.

Please share your living local process w/`the sun will set spreadsheet;

If can't get, we apologize for we are working at perfecting this now, so email me, kara; for we want you to comment/link/share constructive criticism + help us perfect our message sharing many, for humanity has answers now that can be simple if work with early signs, + skilled to help guide.

We don't want to continue this list of wrong doing, rather we want to help structure so each community does own, yet networking helps fine tune focused realities needing to be prioritized, so you work w/your students + do it together for you + your communities.

We do not want to waste valuable time condemning rather we want you to realize there are good networking tools for your good work to co_evolve where needed, etc.

Our up coming Google Hangout will discuss energy, for many think good energy jobs are large grids + that is wrong. Accept nothing less than removing Colonial grids + others coming + doing for you, when you can learn to do localized systems w/low impact. If want to join in this conversation please email kara; for we have ideas for time zones to add before moving forward. Then we can have Hangouts on You Tube along w/Google Drive Documents, making sure all voices are heard + we simplify.

   So please see many experiences, as we support people that have good ways that work or in the process of trying, + make space to digest + correct us if wrong + add here yours. As together we perfect our virtual platform. So you take a review, self reflect + add where you think you can better or share from your living local or other experience fueling efficiency, w/your communities. So no more does anyone have to suffer, left behind hiding due to trying to survive when all else is not making sense, etc. + Tell us if interested in do_in a Google Hangout w/us to fine tune some of the worn torn missing links of understanding, that many are still not getting. So together we define whom best to help fill in whaat is needed to understand.

For some of these subjects of the past serious scars can be understood to resolve + prevent. As people set the daily activities to build new neural networks, gaining one's voice as each realize how important their presence is in sorting this out for all. Whether local or afar, each community can be fueled. Leaving space to heal to then together resolve the rest.

   Do you realize how having one listen to you, that can then give ideas for you then to rethink w/can help work thru your baggage. As you feel the relief or pressures being lifted as your organs simply try to survive. People are unaware of how are minds require our organs to do their work, not be overloaded w/tensions as many have no clue how to decipher what is coming in or the signals that get triggered as buttons are bushed, etc.

   When yet all humans are an open book working the same electrical/chemical tools within yet many unaware, no matter what each is or where from. We work w/energy, those that know how to process don't just react, rather make space to sort it out, using what is chosen, once an understanding is clear that each can maintain discipline over one's self sensory observation. Keeping one calm + not storing tension from incomplete processing of what feel.

   For the issues of the times are not easy for many. But especially when have a lot stored, organs are really being overworked, unable to do a healthy job, creating more illness, more lack of good judgment, etc. Seriously going beyond one's ability to work it out oneself. Requiring skilled intervention.

  This is a whole new can of worms, for as Hillary may of thought she did good. As I once did realizing how other countries charge a lot less, when I got medicine fees reduced from US prices from pharmaceuticals. + It was not until after watching people suffer to death w/western medicine that I realized how many of these doctors, not all, have quit studying thinking nothing else to do for one's patient, leaving them mismanaged + over medicated.

  After struggling in torture, seeing these deaths repeatedly, I discovered good people to help me rethink. Some have no interest, for they see the profiting in all this suffering. Others continue to reach out as w/Dr. Yun Wang. A Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor trained in Beijing working in Seattle, WA as a doctor/acupuncturist/counselor to other doctors thru SIOM + a human being, a simple beautiful man w/a beautiful wife working as a doctor also. They have answers, even if too late, one can die without pain.

   So please lets share stories to simplify the best all can, to go forward exploring. Taking part to enjoy this unique earth + beyond. + Self reflect w/the bio cultural developments locally + afar, so no one is left chasing/enslaved by one's own delusion. Especially when in isolated areas + like mind slaps each other on the back, left w/no progress until those `boon w/the `enhanced natural world reflect an energy giving each the fuel to go within realizing what they think, is incomplete, wanting to also become aware.

  This transcribing of others energy/words/body language/acts are not always easy to sort out. Especially when we all are a resultant of the experiences each have has. Many fortunate to have balanced harmony being supported to self express, while others stay hidden from fear yet to know how to sort it out leaving one in preoccupation knowing there is another way yet the present moment presents unreality.

   Many are doing their best thinking that is all there is, when yet when Bernie Sanders stated this is reality, I had to answer that no Bernie it is not, as he spoke in Hillary's campaign. If interested I share this link of what I told him + many;

Working together we feel students can focus direct w/communities using one's community as extended classrooms, gain credit + learn when to volunteer. Via networking w/the right focus as each prioritize coming to the table, interrelating, finding one's voice to do one's local `plan within one's `enhanced natural potential. As we suggest Professor Miguel Altieri's agroecology to best explain how to use the word `enhance.

   Many jump as their baggage thinks humm, do you realize all the gibberish out their we don't want our children to be subjected to?? Or the many undeveloped children within adult bodies trying to raise their children?? Or the many feeling a global society will happen but beyond their lifetime as they learn in their scriptures of others making it happen.
    Those maintaining balance of one's genetic bio diversity/others creating upon the indigenous transcribing, etc. is still here to share ways that work so as to learn + create w/the ethnic traditional engineers. As their natural world, they prioritize is balanced linking w/neighbors..  It is these ways that communities can rethink w/as technological ways can be recycled, edning al toxic negative effects, as they are prioritized.
   Students are best to do as they gain prerequisites/credits/learning when to volunteer, etc. Networking using the tools of the times. Bringing forth ways that work now, sharing eye to eye w/community, to define one's own natural enhanced potential. To restore one's working `enhanced ecological sustainable healthy harmonious communities.
    Linking/staying within the natural world on earth that sustains the life that sustains all humans. Sharing in solidarity, enabling all to prioritize one's local `plan, so all explore locally + beyond, as a local mindful participant. W/measures in place to become aware in every community. Knowing well how to respect all life along one's path, making good judgment. Vs having to have walls to keep one out.

  `Transitional Shift Message Board, in thanks to Roger. Is a tool to aid such thought. (No one should have to live the way he did, in a fragmented life preventing him from quality living all humans deserve. He was able to pursue a few choices, yet his basic needs where not met. He waited too long/nor did community offer what he could comprehend evidently?? To get the right help for a healthy experience, leaving him now w/basic needs support, yet unable to enjoy some of his choices that he did enjoy on his own. As locals talked behind his back, saw his way of living, yet did nothing. When i met him i assessed knowing it was worng for him to live this way.  He was mnthly back + forth to ER. Due to how he + his boat stunk i could only talk to him thru his port, as well bring him food + talk to him about another way. He then did follow up w/Protective Services + soon they took him away. Then people that i saw him with many times came w/wheel barrel + shovel _ literally took buscket so fwaste w/fecal matter that was piled up in his boat where he lived. It made a lafdy sick to clean. + Amazingly other homeless also tried to help when yet no one else did.)..

         Humanity offers all options now if all work together the efficient way;

   Ride on others wave + be left w/dysfunctional systems, leaving you with fragmentation when you need support the most, to continue to be a mindful participant.. Or take control of you + take part now restoring communities to have such support in place for you to continue to explore + enjoy.

  We all can + must support all to become local, global + beyond mindful participants sharing this earth + beyond in peace.

   This is what every community can do, so please let our ideas fuel yours. Please come back + share in solidarity, fueling others to rethink + shift into mindful mindsets creating w/humanities finest.

  We appreciate the ethnic traditional engineers/bio cultural experiences to fuel our path.. For many indigenous that have maintained a lot of our earthly genetic biodiversity, gives us yet another chance to gain awareness to balance our communities + link.  

For many are left behind without the nuts + bolts of understanding, misusing/abusing to have common sense in place. Sadly many are addicted. Yet if we share + develop this understanding people will find their voice as each realize how important they are to interrelate + make this happen.

  We at i come to talk story a US 501.c3 non profit, feel if you welcome your students + staff to focus direct w/you, using your community as an extended classroom, much can be accomplished. All can self reflect, give hands on where most comfortable, gain prerequisites +  learn when to prioritize self vs others able or not + volunteer, self directing into a fulfilling harmonizing life.

  To see people/feel the energy of one helped, as they come back w/sharpened sensors to want to also take part leaves a powerful feeling. It is this life energy that is not being felt as many have become numb w/dull sensors as they try to stay real w/the times, leaving them in the fog.

  It is up to you to do your walkabout for you, sharing these ideas, for humanity has answers. Seeing whom is most interested + how best to organize. After talking to few local schools/boards/people, we feel it may be efficient to go to talk to the local police department to ask if can share in their telemated network + their suggestions.

For our limited experience in sharing w/the Oregon 211 program is that it is not sensitive enough for people unable that need support to sort out their needs.  Or as in what we have experienced simple messages did not get to the right people, etc. Simple human errors that working together can over come. We will share this with them as well all, to see what all can do to go figure. Please ask yourself + others, how best can you support this project as a local participant, giving locals a sense of security vs ex;

    Someone coming to them they are unaware of, without known credentials, leaving them feel at unease..

 We feel everyone has something they can feel good about offering alone or working together, in helping people whether a local resident or transient,  to find their needs. + Give follow thru support, either themselves or network w/others to help out within a respectful time, if they are unable. For every community would benefit by opening to the bio cultural experiences, exploring this earth + beyond.
Students networking is a nice way to share. + Every community can work w/one's large browsers trans boundary migration to set the stage for one's local `plan w/natural building w/neighbors to go figure how best to have space for young/students/frail/those in need of support via home/collective housing?? + We suggest starting w/prioritizing care + local natural/wild food sovereignty.

   Working one's biomes w/neighbors rethinking w/planning, recycling what can, brings greatness to the development of people working them seasonally + sensitively w/skills. Giving ER options to these seasonal comfort camps/housing, etc. + To replace set aside parks/wild areas thinking they are for tourism alone, offers much to tourists when you welcome them into this project of restoring healthy communities that harmonize, letting them celebrate with you along the way. Let them have hands on w/what is needed to do in real time;

    Whether handwriting/creating a local message board w/elderly/disabled, etc. as people's energy's are prioritized. Posting it where locals go, staying in real time w/those that would do it via computer, vice verse, so that no adult/unable would have to learn the computer if they choose not to when yet other priorities are not met. Yet students have a chance to excel knowing how to network when, for self + others being part of as a local participant, even if not local. Giving grounding hands on experience for their next move, which can create a variety of healthful ways fueling others to come aboard for oneself/family + one's community.

  Local food sovereignty is a good place to start. From learning how to save good compost to then add to a collective local growing system, such as learning from locals. + If none network the numerous options such as self reflect w/Will Allen's Growing Power Non Profit, that continues to spread, as 3 acres serves 10,000 people. Thanks to Splendid Table radio show, promoting an archive for all to check out, helps all realize the goodness humanity offers us all now.

  To a variety of good local projects being fueled in every community, that we welcome on our `the sun will set spreadsheet. For all to self reflect with, as our objective is to show localized systems w/low impact, no large grid of any alternative energy, for it interferes in balancing one's natural world. So that means not Al Gore's credit swaps. Or Bill Gates mode, that they have made a fortune over wrongly. As well solar panels in the wrong places, for they being black get hot contributing to climate change. We need people fine tuning these once good ideas that went astray, as ex; create white or silver solar panels or fusion energy to be defined w/out leaving footprints anywhere, etc.  

   Our virtual platform has many to fuel you to add your living local process in solidarity, so come share your link/comment where best for you to co_evolve with all.

   Their is an abundant jobs awaiting, as each consciously awaken to how each can understand your/humans real sustainable energy.

    Please start now + let our plan fuel your local `plan;

       Locate a network + choose to register for self + another if cannot follow thru, take the responsibility to find another that would be posting on a list or start one once you put effort into seeing no one else has locally. So a person(s) monitoring the networks that works best for your community has no missing worn torn links. You can see how even though this is simple, it can involve many people, so that no few people end up overloaded w/tasks for others unable.

   For we feel everyone is able to some degree, if respect for one's energy, timing of scheduling + priorities are sorted out via the help of others. Students can self reflect + feel the transitional shift, when they give hands on to one that has dulled one's sensors, then to feel the energy come back once they have taken part in the exchange of helping them understand how to sharpen ones' sensors. Wanting also to be part, within their comfort range.

This can be very simple if schools would work w/each other, so people could work into healthy careers while mindfully taking part collectively in creating one's local `plan;

    Now we are shifting to another subject, beyond helping one unable understand how to balance one's needs, defining one's voice to be a local participant, even if short term. Here we are talking about helping people understand how to efficiently do organic exchanges to  `enhance one's community within it's natural potential.

    We refer to Professor Miguel Altieri's definition of `enhance, for we feel all should prioritize toxic effects helping unable/vulnerable, etc. + use his agro_ecology curriculum to discover what can be.  Miguel creates as he works w/indigenous still living w/their agricultural values, out in the world, w/yields similar to Industrial agriculture yet leave no toxic effects. We feel this is a good place to start w/understanding for all, as those unable are supported to take part. + Can do it by sharing in a simple local grown, natural wild fish/food/animal potluck sharing options of such results of those `enhancing;

         `Enhance food security while conserving natural resources... `Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability.. `Enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable...

         As a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus enhancing their impact on pest populations.

  We are seeing after talking to many that more detail to understand all this is needed. For much is compartmentalized + many w/dysfunction, overloaded, while yet every community has fragments of collective focus accomplishing much.

  We feel together using the tools of the times + we are also still learning/using Google Apps for Ed/Drive/spreadsheet/documents/website/email + Nabble for our forum, as well LibreOffice when unable for a variety of reasons, for our global platform we presently are perfecting/transforming, which are all free to all.

   When we can network sharing actual documents, collaborating to perfect what should be for all, humanity has options to create with now to share this earth + beyond in peace. As well understand what truly sustains us as a human species, housing the micro biomes, self directing in one's healing process, maintaining one's discipline over one's self sensory observation versus belief that leave one in misuse/abuse. + Best to do this while collaborating in restoring one's ecological sustainable working community.

  Where locals use localized low impact systems of alternative energy to supplement their understanding of lowering one's footprint. Where the local `plan balances the genetic biodiversity + naturally links the life that sustains humans to restore healthy communities, sharing in solidarity, globally. As we suggest students can orchestrate w/community, focus directing via like ecosystem, season + subject, vs having to reinvent the wheel, giving options to bring home to share eye to eye.

      To rethink what you/locals can `enhance within your local community, working w/neighbors to review total biome(s), removing Colonial/neocon grids (ex; those created from people programmed/afar for profits/resources to go afar. As many communities/in space are left contaminated from Nuclear + toxic weapons of war, as people are interfered with afar. Yet locals are also unable to organize or even get such truth, due to lack of Governing transparencey where public is not included in making these decisions. Many in the governing bodies are destroying/interfereing in the earth + beyond's natural systems.

  How can all not want to make change so this stops ASAP. Especially when locals can define who these neocons are?? Who is making these decisions allowing oilgarchs to control them, vs being mindful representitives working w/locals?? Students can do this w/you. They can walk by one's side opening these channels to transparency so all can become aware + take part, making real peace. Ending all Nuclear plants/use as well weapons of war, as well the hedge fund modes of large alternative energy grids that have just shifted from the profiting of fossil fuels. When the Climate issue has been one big profiting platform, + bad science/fragmented or manipulated, as good scientists have been abused or unable to mindfully act.

  This can change as all take part in creating 1 Universal Sound Science, as each local `plan does it's part. + You can take part in this now as you do real hands on support w/your communities. Organizing w/students so community mindfully acts together.

  This way we can go beyond whom did/doing what + welcome them in, as one's local `plan becomes a ruling fueling guide. Creating many positions to restore what humanity offers now to create with.

   + Even all the parks where created for the wrong reasons, not realizing the many toxic developments not conducive to the local ecology, etc., vs locals living local sharing w/locals to self sustain first sharing w/neighbors being well equipped for ER preparedness, going beyond even prevention + simply live.) + working the local `plan sensitively + skillfully, as each find one's place, co_evolving curriculum's to be conducive for all to mindfully plug into one's local `plan, even if temporary. While it helps prepare people to explore, end misuse/abuse, self directing before irresponsibly taking on a family.

   So if a refugee/transient exploring/homeless/long term resident, the local `plan helps you understand how to live w/respect for the communities natural `enhanced ways that sustain your good health. + If unable the `Transitional Shift Message Board once activated/co_evolving in real time, will help sort out options to create as a mindful participant whether able alone or not. If not then support will be their to help sort out your needs, by locals in interchangeable roles, some volunteering while others may be gaining prerequisites/job credits, etc. By simply being responsible to stay in real time + be truthful, + if unable find another to replace you. All within your control. At the aid of others constructive support working for one's community.

                     Knowing when we do this together harmony happens.

     This is a beautiful earth/beyond to explore + sadly not all have the freedom to do it easily, thanks to US Military/Corp whors/neocons, etc. + Many now are dying to attempt to stop it, as more resources are land/sea/fresh water grabbed.. While yet many of us are still unaware of how we are part of the problem vs even having a choice of being part of the solution. Which you can start here w/this + share it in your walkabout. For all need transparency of how to do this safely, for not every community is so fortunate as others, especially if w/high radiation w/Nuclear misuse/war mode + false green toxic, economies.

  This gentleman says it best;

    If want us to explain more please email me kara; + gather a group + we will be happy to fund raise + help out. If afar will share via networking, if local we will have a potluck or gathering at local library w/some organizing!

    If we all do what is known possible in every community globally, a lot of work is in need to restore it's true `enhanced potential, that many now in pockets are working at, willing to network with. Our `the sun will set spreadsheet in the building shares some of these people we respect. We welcome you to share what works for you either their or after your review of our work, see where most comfortable to post.

   Please excuse our editing as we have yet to receive donations + although Google has given us an Adgrant + Nabble has supported our work as a non profit, we are still hoping to get a grant to enable us to perfect this project, as well get paid our self, which the last 35 years of networking we have used all our own funds up until 2008 when we lost as many did. Then we decided our work was too good not to continue, so we seek support in a non profit, for many we share with have no means to pay us, nor would we ask for it. This research/experience has allowed us to be clear in our offerings here. As well we hope to obtain good working tools/help, etc. To do much more for we have yet to utilize the extent of what all have given us.

  Thank you + please make space to process this + we look forward to how you + your community can better it + hope you will come back + link your story, fueling others to simplify this mindful living local process as together we all make this earth + beyond a better place to live. For we know w/schematics networked, students working w/communities can have on the table local investments of work needed, that can change the bad practices of the World Markets. As now people can be welcomed in to local tapering transitions, to understand how they exceeded these toxic developments, so as to make wrongs right.

 Please realize all can gain understanding if structure efficiently, + no more will we have to be part of the problem unknowingly. As many are now still supporting Nuclear wrongdoing/war mode/toxic economies. Your support is appreciated. W/good planning + permitting policies according to locals w/real time local `plan, people can invest + not have to worry about leaving toxic effects, for locals won't allow bad science to be fragmented any more.

  Rather all can take part in creating 1 earthly universal sound science so each tongue can use it daily for chores, so people support each to build one's path as one walks it into one's opening. This humane awareness happens only in patches + it's time for pockets isolated to network w/these patches via like ecosystem/season + subject. + Students working w/staff + community can make this happen exponentially reaching out resolving much as people simply gain understanding.

  I share this with you why, because serious local issues are not being resolved + many are left behind. Why because locals are not holding self + others accountable + can become aware w/your support. We are not fundraising w/this local issue for us, rather we are focusing w/local homeless groups, Sheriff Craig Zanni/Chief McCoullough/City Planning/County Commissioners/local communities, so all work together + no one gets overloaded, as they presently are, just because of passing the buck, + not looking at what we can do together. You have very capable people here in this county as well every community has fragmentes we can learn from.

   Commuity wants a plan to join in to help these homeless camps, no more kick the can. So let us know your thoughts before 3.28/29.17 cleanup. For it should be worked w/all that can. + Let all know ASAP, so all go beyond these ER needs.

   This is what our virtual platform is perfecting so what we learn locally, as well others we share, in solidarity for all life on earth. For earth + space has serious priorities that need everyone's attention + we can do it calmly + assertively, resolving many issues simultaneously, working w/skilled students networking, walking by our/your side.

  If interested in offering us a grant/donations to help us make a difference + better reach out, please email me; or mail a check. We are presently on our sailboat in Charleston Marina, Oregon trying to sell it to network/gain tool, etc. You can stop by if in the area, dock I-30 in small basin, but best to give us heads up to make sure we are here. Leave a message if like; tel 360-450-3749 on skype. We are working also on the boat. Or you can mail us;

         kara j lincoln ( % General Delivery, Charleston, OR 97420

Sincerely, peace is everyone's option if we organize + share what works!

Love kara speaking for our combined `effect..
i come to talk story..

 p.s. See the `Celebrate along the way, itineraries, spreadsheet page;

   Don't forget to celebrate along the way, welcome all along one`s path, to your local natural/wild food/fish/animal potluck, as your best indicator.. Co_creating music as each bring seasonal food/fish/animal, for thought.. To share in the local tapering transition, as all plug in to a celebration w/the scenic beauty locals work sensitively/or in progress. When yet prior the land was set aside, as misjudgment left it for tourism, running on the wave of Colonial grid mode doing for another vs. locals do_in for self.

   As those that once exceeded mother earth's natural limits, now support all to live w/in the local `enhanced limits, helping people rethink.. Young + old carpool, support those in need of help + make a great event by trekking/bicycle to exchange thought + food from those unable, so all voices are heard + stories updated..

Thanks to all reflecting, to fuel us all to be mindful of what we can do now when we `boon w/the natural world. Let giant bubbles, great recipes, improvised sounds + bi`joy experiences fill the air to nourish + be thankful for the good work all do along the way, as we continue to network what works, what doesn't, by simply putting our hands on what sustains us.

   At each potluck we suggest choose another working biome as students young + old bring samples of seasonal offerings;

    As they set the table gathering w/fresh buds, fruits, fish + other life under microscopes/in a bowl w/water plants, etc. showing the environmental services that sustain us..

   As small children take part/coloring the table cloth as extended seasonal art continues to resolve issues that are addressed in real time as people stay in touch w/the real natural world.

Imagine this beautiful living working community that offers life exchange. Not a museum as all life is dead. Rather this `way builds an archive of sharing to create upon, as students network locally + afar. As together all build on the beauty + heal the dysfunctions past down by generations, that present them self w/early signs in those unable to relieve the pain.. Bringing joy from the sorrow as we co_evolve ourselves as we take time to listen + share, to understand..

  + Add to as each community carries forward from the students uncovering/rediscovering/or networking to bring in, the ethnic bio cultural ways that work. As beautiful working trails are preserved/natural building is restored. As each biome(s) let the large mammals trans boundary migration lead one's path. For locals to work w/them respectively. So no more is set aside for another afar. rather welcome those afar as they have made their path to you.. So living local supports all to continue to build their path as one walks it into one's opening, without a footprint.

Rather w/the natural world as rule of law, guiding one to `boon w/it;

     Interfacing so as to be in real time aware of the bi`joy experience.

    Set up mobile live viewing stations w/respect aiding all in need of support. To stay in tune w/bringing them into this wilderness.. Giving all meaningful exchanges as this is one's best extended classroom.

This fuels us all to be sensitive w/empathy, as all stay real w/oneself becoming a local, global + beyond participant. Staying true to oneself as we all hold one self accountable locally + afar.

  Good ex; is not giving pieces as in camping goods, yet not enough to do it legally as well morally so they have a dry rest, especially in this rainy/cold season locally. I can just imagine how many end up at ER. When yet wild bush crafting skills could of been set up ahead of time + stil can.

  Wanting all to live in harmony the same, pooling collectively to end the war mood + false green economies. So all channel our resources to heal, plant our local natural food + medicine + self develop by simply living local, prioritizing staying in tune w/oneself w/early signs. As local potlucks become our gauge knowing best what each community needs to rid + how best to develop. Building communities that then are in balance w/our micro biomes becoming our best medicine. Giving us collective networking capacity to focus w/those unaware until they can do the same.

   This is the best education for any one to continue to explore + be clear to co_evolve the tools/the curriculum locally for all to self sustain. As people walk by students side giving hands on, as one's healthy/working community is restored.

This is amazing how people create upon these ideas + when we come together for the community. Each then can sort out oneself, volunteer as well bring from the depths that which has yet to be. As each interact sharpening ones sensors, do_in what can when calmly to stay consciously humane in the present. Respecting all life along one`s path. This triggers many positions for people to get mentally clear + physically strong. Not to mention beautiful creative natural working communities that prioritize the functionality, energy efficiently, + if done right results w/fueling creative expression.

  What a joy this world + beyond gives us once we have support to understand in place. To maintain sharp sensors. As we discipline our self sensory observation w/early signs to control oneself + have harmony vs. chase the belief, that leaves us misusing/abusing. This is a `way that works. Please gather all + give it a try.+ Don't forget to share us along the way + post the experiences as they co_evolve.. For you may be the one to post about Ebola in your community, yet another prioritizing local issue may have all in check, labs empty/resources available to help. This is what networking can help resolve, good understandings, accepting nothing less.

   Students have good energy wanting to do more, to help the many issues + start networking adding more. That also know how to prioritize living local afar. So globally we all get real w/our human family locally + afar. Not just have a celebration for our own back yard.

See Dr. Sins recipes for making giant bubbles + please don't forget the lil ones + celebrate along the way;  
Have fun!



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Re: The sun will set spreadsheet w/Transitional Shift Message Board to fuel your local `plan..

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                Humanity has answers if we all do our homework + share what works.

  Please note i share this document with you to review + add to/or comment below, if interested or have time, ASAP. Then i will add it to this document + i have emailed it to Coos County planning + those on heading, for their ability to add it to an agenda for review before March 28, so as to give us heads up if they can make changes to the plan of action for the homeless camp, etc. local situation.

  If need to stay anonomous, you can email if have problems commenting here; or call + lv message; 360-450-3749 this is a skype number + i will get back to you in a day.

Thank you + please correct me if i'm wrong, lov kara speaking for our combined `effect.


Please note additions emailed 3.20.17;

kara j Lincoln <>
2:24 PM (0 minutes ago)

to leavennotrace, Senator, U.S., Congressman, Bob, John, mcribbins, Kate, State, Gary, planning, coosso, Paul, Crystal, Rodger
Hello all,

Please add this to your thoughts! As i add to President Trump/legislators, for this should not be a problem that locals cannot resolve, you also need them to be in real time w/your communites needs. Please all involved lets see how we can resolve this + no longer pass the buck, you should know what contacts to make or what public awareness to be announced so together all can join in.

Please help us w/what local Governing bodies are unable to manage, yet they are not coming straight w/reality of why, so as to allocate to whom can. When yet communities + indivdul needs are not being met. As well when they do state something it is not true or mistakes made, or people are not clear, etc. Resulting in energy being wasted from good ideas to resolve real issues such as Raymond is bring to your attention yet feels you are not telling him why. + When you do tell him what you want from him, it cannot be obtained easily as ex; getting insurance when what he is doing is out of the box. The US has not prepared for clean up of toxic items/trash in any community. This is cunsciously inhumane, when yet you can do the Military budgets you do, as well all the large alternative energy grids that are ecologically interfering or even the support gove is giving to so much out of priority subsidizing.

 This is leaving more untreated/uneducated/emotional conflicts, leaving many over worked w/those simply trying to get real jobs done + do it w/out profiting. As in what we have asked you to address as far as the needs of the communities w/higher risks, decline of mental + physical health, as well true injuries,  jails filling w/people mentally ill that are not criminals yet evolve into one trying to survive w/one's limitations, onto premature death, etc.

This is a time sensitive issue, + as we are trying to involve all to no longer pass the buck + meet w/communities + prioritize function, energy efficiently, w/creative ways that work. Especially if students get involved + network walking by your sides, giving hands on as they organize w/communities. So as to co_evolve the curriculum while restoring ones healthy sustainable working community. I've left message w/student sponsor Kyle Croy 541-888-7316, at SWOCC, perhaps once he calls all can join in.

 If the entire community can work w/state + federal people to resolve by starting to experiment w/real communites offerings, then it can be an experiment used for every community to do one's local `plan, for humanity has options now.

Please see/add to or email me + i will add for community to stay updated, 1st comment below link + your response will be appreciated, for we are trying to no longer fragment, rather responsibly show facts/misunderstandings, etc. so as to get jobs done;

As i have taken much time to explore all this, i see many w/misunderstandings + that is wrong when students can use community as extened classrooms+ gain credits as well learn when to volunteer to make wrongs right. So the ligistics many appear to be concerned about can be completed, + if no local solution they can network to define as skilled students can do this work, or they should not gain degree, nor should present skilled degree people unable to accomplish these collective problem. They too should do community walkabout or go back to school + bring in ways to go beyond the box, as many locals are unprepared to do what is necessary. While many others are if we organize w/you.

   A good ex; is Leaven No Trace, a local group that has been told told to stop from County Commissioners due to, says Sheriff Craig Zanni, that they need a plan. Yet Raymond states they did not tell him that. Rather have been very discriminating  from the beginning. As word gets around the community says Raymond, making it harder for him to get donations from the community to continue to do the work needed that needs to be done. Which is a great health risk to the communities surrounding. For a lot is hidden trash that continues to surface + Raymond + others have done a lot of work, look at their findings.

  Please see his webpage;  this is a serious issue.

Sure some have felt as though the community is not listening or respecting them, as in the case of Raymond, continuing to be a mindful local particpant knowing well of the hazards he has removed, that keep coming back. He deserves to be part of the plan, when presently all are making one.

  But also as i've suggested to him in our attemtps to resolve is to make amends + try to get to facts so all understand, + all deserve the respect to be heard + responded to. So i agree this problem must be resolved now + cannot wait. It should not be detained due to legistics/liability or laws that are morally unethical or simply unprepared/disorganized.

I ask all of you same as i asked of Raymond to please respect each other + explain why + how a plan can be made w/all involved.

  Ex; The legislators where supporting the Marina to rid old boats at one time, so it is time for those that have the resources to realize a budget needs to be rethought. If state doesn't have it then Federal should give it + all need to realize how to make this transition more friendly, especially when US is working on a war mode economy printing dollars w/no backing. This is why it is wrong to waste in a Military budget as is, as well now a wall between Mexico + US.

So please do your homework + open your platforms w/transparency, vs one thing happening + another typing in to transcript something else, this is incompetant. Yet human error can occur, but a lot of governing manipulation is getting in the way.

 So i hope you can work w/Raymond to go figure, for the communities need help now. He + others can help you. Especially if they understand the plan, For he has been assertive in doing the work because no one else has, he has not ment to be disrespectful. But yes Raymond you to if ever in a position as in County commissioner, you will then perhaps gain more empathy for how hard it can be to juggle everyones needs.

   + That is what the big part of the problem is, for no able person needs to be told more than the truth/open transparency, once organize support to become aware of these changes made by all.. So as to mindfully act, not do for them. + Those unable, collectively have support in place for them too to mindfully act. + If all gain more sensitivity to communicating w/diplomacy in respect to these important community positions, then working together can define whom needs to make corrections or step down + rethink/heal + define where best to help?? While others more competant are put in place/policies changed??

    + Most important we need all to realize we need you all to take part. So best for each to hold self accountable + step down or ask for more help as well accept students to open up transparency for real in time offerings to resolve needs, vs unable to do the priority job your position demands.

We thank you all for being honest + opening up the platform for all to particpate ASAP.

Peace is an option for all, if we share what works, kara j lincoln
                    Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.
    We are ending the Nuclear accept for medical use w/no half life that can be recycled/ending war mode + false green, toxic economies.

        Come talk, +1-360-450-3749 Please leave message
                            or email;
                      We appreciate your participation!
                             `i come to talk story
horse5cm horse5cm
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Re: The sun will set spreadsheet w/Transitional Shift Message Board to fuel your local `plan..

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Got it. Paul Brousseau.
our combined` effect our combined` effect
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Re: The sun will set spreadsheet w/Transitional Shift Message Board to fuel your local `plan..

In reply to this post by our combined` effect
Ok Paul!
                    Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.
    We are ending the Nuclear accept for medical use w/no half life that can be recycled/ending war mode + false green, toxic economies.

        Come talk, +1-360-450-3749 Please leave message
                            or email;
                      We appreciate your participation!
                             `i come to talk story
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Re: The sun will set spreadsheet w/Transitional Shift Message Board to fuel your local `plan..

I will wait for a call to meet with those wanting to homeless to move, so I can talk with them. I am leaving that in your hands as to who and when. Thanks paul. Look forward to talking with you more. 

On Friday, March 17, 2017, our combined` effect [via i come to talk story] <[hidden email]> wrote:
Ok Paul!
                    Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.
    We are ending the Nuclear accept for medical use w/no half life that can be recycled/ending war mode + false green, toxic economies.
                Come talk    
                   We appreciate your participation.
                          i come to talk story

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Re: The sun will set spreadsheet w/Transitional Shift Message Board to fuel your local `plan..

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Thank you Lynn for post!

   Please, google and share   HR 676 = single payer for all/medicare for all with no co pays!

Also,  petition-- no more money for WAR!  Share
Share Sen Wyden petition to  Audit the Pentagon.

 google Wellness services -not jails

Where are the Community Healing Arts and Transformation service center jobs open 24/7  to heal those with abusive addictions and other mental health dis-eases? We have millions of body,mind spirit alternative healers that can Not compete with big pharma or cheap street drugs. They need to be paid a basic guaranteed income with single payer to help replace the old coping skills and jobs related to drugging, gun violence and warring.

Please, use the Quakers Advocacy Corp legislation to help this happen ASAP!
                    Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.
    We are ending the Nuclear accept for medical use w/no half life that can be recycled/ending war mode + false green, toxic economies.

        Come talk, +1-360-450-3749 Please leave message
                            or email;
                      We appreciate your participation!
                             `i come to talk story
our combined` effect our combined` effect
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Re: The sun will set spreadsheet w/Transitional Shift Message Board to fuel your local `plan..

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3.27.17 i called around to each + spoke where could + left voice mails, so please communicate w/all if can;

   From County planning, Sierra says they won’t do anything regarding homeless now, but will relay message to building so they email me code or state whether they do support natural building or even for small houses, which i would guess you have already done for your proposed plans w/small house + motor home thoughts.

  Same w/City Building as above to know if one has to change policies for natural building to be coded, etc.

  Same voice mail RE; Awaiting if they can support the community to take part in the volunteer program as ex; Chief McCollough of City is working on 28th w/camps/trash removal. City counsel Roger Craddock + County Commissioner John Sweet. As i suggested again that we hoped to start pieces if none, toward a long term sustainable community local `plan. + Do it w/students to organize so they walk by their sides opening transparency. To do such a project even if experimental to start others to network showing how humanity has answers. If locally unaware then they can teleconference or bring one in to teach, not do for you from afar.

  I left message as well w/Kyle Croy from SWOCC to call back regarding such a student sponsored support group..  This way using communities as extended classrooms they can co_evolve the curriculums to prepare all students within for future explorations, as well hands on now to self reflect doing their part. As the local `plan helps in a number of ways staying in real time, worked by locals for locals even if temporary. As w/a refugee or homeless.

  So as each organization knows the other + stays updated, opening positions to fill in where students can’t, for more jobs to co_evolve + fill in the missing worn torn links. So no one is left behind as presently around the clock they are.

  Last night at Sen Jeff Merkley’s  town hall meet in Coquille, OR, i felt a true sense of witch hunt. As i suggested to him it would of been better to tell all how to not pay federal taxes, so as to stop the Military Industrial Complex. He only laughed suggesting he could not do that. Meanwhile when Russia came up many from audience where unsupported of them. Failing to realize the thousand basesUUS Military has globally, leaving the biggest Carbon footprint of all on the planet. + Russia has what 4??

 People are unaware of our earth/space reality of how destructive US Military is, exceeding the natural systems/interfering in locals afar, including locals here as oligarchs/corporations control US Presidents. As well afar putting in puppet Govs as US tax payers continue to support much unknowingly. W/profiting waste making people believe they are needed to stop terrorist, that they create wrongly. Yes their is very few. President Putin has wanted a treaty for no Nuclear in Space, same China yet US refuses. Meanwhile President Trump may soon produce more budget for Military on earth + in space, that no one should support.

Sen Jeff stated to me that local Governing bodies need to resolve this homeless issue + he thanked us for the work we all are doing. But i can see where many are confused in asking Federal for help when in fact local’s need to do it, + can without their interference, which they fail to realize how they do interfere when so many resources are falsely put into toxic developments, locally + afar, affecting our global community + space.

  Please take a review  for your clarity + participation of;

GN’s 25th Annual Organizing Conference & Protest
April 7 - 9, 2017

Huntsville, Alabama

Pivot Toward War:
US Missile Defense and the Weaponization of Space
25th Annual Space Organizing Conference & Protest

   When transparency is organized for community to self register as in a `Transitional Shift Message Bd, plan to fuel yours, so priorities are defined + met. + All share in solidarity what works locally + afar. To obtain real stories, not be lost in witch hunt fragmented delusions. Where community is willing if organized to self register + stay in real time w/needs + offerings. Even officials can have students walk by their side to tell the truth + help people become aware, so no communities are left behind. Many bio cultural conscious humane ways work + fragments of goodness can be networked to fuel locals to fine tune one’s own local `plan. Prioritizing toxic as ex; Corvalis, OR having very high Geiger meter Nuclear Radiation readings, yet no awareness/support for those most vulnerable?? Even As Coos Bay readings where high a few weeks ago w/heavy rains , where not healthy for pregnant women/children/frail to be in it. As every community should be monitoring that which circles the n hemisphere as well produced locally in some places more than others. + Most important prioritize a plan for waste that is toxic. Even the hidden trash Leaven No Trace is finding, yet legally prohibited in some areas + has to comply, etc.

  + For those unable, better advocate support is needed. Especially if one is showing insensitivity or lack of skills as people get blamed wrongly as now happening w/many.. Then a process to review to get collective help.

  As well to go in stages for community efficiency, so no one/no entity is over loaded. As in an ER Triage as ex; Sheriff Craig Zanni’s CIT Team where he wants local Social Service/Mental Health/Medical to assist people. Vs pass the buck as all are doing. For he does not want courts to blame him when mental people get in his jail for trespassing/criminal etc. When they need mental help. + It is wrong to give fragments as in some entities giving tents/sleeping bag yet no legal place to camp, as well no complete camping skills to have a good night sleep/stay dry + respect the forest that sustains us if we respect it. As in dry tarps/knowing how to tie to a tree w/out damaging/composting skills for human waste/trash removal/ sources for water plus better shopping skills i add here. For if balancing nutrition/budget/awareness for food banks/meals, then each place would have or should have trash bins to remove moisture collecting bags. So one’s camp eliminates more mold/from moisture/trash. Plus make it easier so all that are illegal get permit to have follow up support to get mentally clear + physically strong as possible or support in place.

  So please all of you make space to network or have representative share, gather students to unite. So all on same page + stay current. This way new combers, whether local in trouble or ER preparedness becoming more friendly w/local options as Colonial Grids are removed + all wild lands/parks turned back to locals to sensitively/skillfully work. So when one in need as in/homeless or refugee, all become instantly a local mindful participant, plugging into this organizing need in every community. So as to share in solidarity, where can. Even if temporary. Preparing one to explore/move on, etc. As one’s local `plan becomes fuel to rule, so people stay w/respect for the real life that sustains all.

  For every local `plan can balance one’s genetic biodiversity which gives us more tools to do one’s organic exchanges so as to support what truly sustains us. Not large alternative grids which are yet another hedge fund mode that Sen Jeff + Others are still missing the point as they ecologically interfere + wasteful. When yet localized systems of low impact, yes can be enhanced by clean fuel/solar/wind/education to lower one’s footprint. Staying consciously humane in the moment supporting all to find one’s path as one builds it, into their opening. Not others. It is wrong not to work w/every country to lower our footprint/exchange in solidarity.

  Especially when a simple natural local food/fish/animal potluck can help all become informed, prioritizing toxic developments to rid, as in all Nuclear use/war mode + false green, economies. So no one wastes such precious time/energy as in a fragmented meet. When real people need support now. Meanwhile real people in another area are willing to help, yet no organizing complete so people feel safe, + that is what students curriculum should be all about. + A local `plan can make this happen. Not to mention a great tourist attraction as people take part in restoring one’s ecological sustainable working community as a true piece of living art. Where people heal, hands on for all in need/paths are made for bicycles/handicap/people being helpful once collective support in place, giving all a sense of importance to rethink + explore, stopping the ecological whoreing.

So 1 universal sound science verbiage can be simplified + networked fueling other local `plans  to know best one’s ecological real boundaries, that any wall would interfere in. As well a person from afar/corporation/oligarch/even Governing official when fragmented. This is when people aware work w/compassion/empathy/love + gratitude to help all understand w/such sound science verbiage to override the bad science/religion/education/politics/judicial/medical dysfunctions now, etc., that interfere in one’s ability to maintain discipline over one’s self sensory observation vs chase belief that misused/abused.

  When yet humanity has such a wealth of goodness, filling many options to fuel as all gather fragments of what can be helpful now, as we prefect our networks to make this process more friendly. So as to not allow such waste of resources to build a wall, as President Trump is proposing, nor funds toward the largest Carbon footprint as w/The Military Industrial Complex/NATO. Say NO to each + do it calmly by being clear as you gather w/one’s local community to do one’s local `plan, showing where resources are needed that are real. As a National Deficit is restored to real ethical + moral exchanges. Where humanity works together sharing earth/space in peace + clean it up, to rid the high risk of toxic/weaponry now here + in space. As those most vulnerable are supported as in now, where no protection from Nuclear radiation, nor plan for waste in US. Nor plan for hidden trash as Leaven No Trace has found in Coos County.

All can become a mindful local participant. You can see the many inspiring positions now needed to fuel more. No need to destroy more habitats as the LNG would do at Jordon Cove in Coos County, or the many other pipelines to carry resources needed by locals afar. We are aware that this support is a transitional mode to help, not move in + take advantage or move in for long term, unless one follows policy that does co_evolve w/one’s local `plan. That should be the fueling force for all to work together + remove the past that interferes as well the future delusions, as all stay in real time in the moment making good mindful decisions. Where no one does for an able person. + Even unable is supported to have their voice heard. That is now true Democracy being built.. So be clear yourself + your words of offerings, so not to have another w/needs not met, think they can continue to be illegal, even if existing policies are wrong.

  For all need to work on the local `plan, not reproduce the problem Leaven No Trace, where Raymond was unaware that he should stop due to City having no plan, as Sheriff Zanni stated. Hidden trash removal of tons, as well over 100k tires + the trash keeps appearing + Raymond felt he was doing his community duty to bag for the City to pick it up, which then led him into court wrongly..

  The EPA does need a review of why so much bad science has allowed such toxic developements to continue.   So i do hope authorities can be respected as well all be honest + make amends + work w/students. So misinformation/mistruths can be clarified for all to go figure the many needs now fueling many more good jobs. Then as the many proposed ecologically whoreing as w/wall w/Mexico/ LNG plant in Jordon Cove/pipeline in S. Dakota + all of them crossing people’s properties leaving a footprint to take local resources afar. This is wrong.

We have good local people everywhere that can link now if we organize w/local students in a Collective engaged demand, as Bruce Gagnon at Global Network states, as he addresses the Military Defense that has us all at risk now, as well ending our earth w/global/space Nuclear war..

Plus you see so many priorities in need, we don’t need more risks.

Please if yet to do, thanks agin to Lynn’s update, fill in your comment for;

 Jordon Cove LNG + Pacific Connection Pipeline Project

  Comment form Docket # PF17-4-000, Kimberly D. Bose Sec.   Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

  888 First St. NE. Room 1A

  WA DC 20426

OR online link process.

Thank you all for what you can do w/these time sensitive updates that have been a burden for many. + i’m only sorry we where not able to have more updates to unite w/to help those homeless in camps. But if we rethink w/these thoughts that all are working, we can then add one’s own experiences to make this all the better, once shared w/all.

love kara speaking for our combined `effect.

`i come to talk story

                    Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community,
                                          eye to eye.
    We are ending the Nuclear accept for medical use w/no half life that can be recycled/ending war mode + false green, toxic economies.

        Come talk, +1-360-450-3749 Please leave message
                            or email;
                      We appreciate your participation!
                             `i come to talk story