Time to interrelate w/critical thinking w/time sensitive data, please take part!

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I share a few thoughts + welcome you to act mindfully;

   Thank you for the invite to the contest. Actually i felt it was not appropriate for the last email regarding this, when Barack states he wants to meet me. Then ask to participate in contest.

  So this is a good time to tell him my feelings.  So please share this with him.

      Yes i would like to meet you Barack + have a discussion, considering all this time working w/OFA, holding you accountable + yes i see you have compartmentalized achieving some things. Thank you for that.

      But being a US non profit, never have i felt you offered to work w/us, so we together could end this fragmentation + our plan as i told the `World  Humanity Symposium, can fuel every local `plan to fine tune, as students work w/communities as extended classrooms. Which is not happening. Grants are being given + yet schools curriculum is not efficiently living local, ending misuse/abuse, prioritizing healing, good health/working enhancing ecological sustainable working communities as locals can w/your support, ending all US Aid as is globally, redirecting so each community works w/neighbors.

   W/localized systems of low impact. Ending government from being an arms buyer, etc. Where did people ever get the mindset that weapons give security? We support no aggressive acts accept  for healthy egos, when humanity has such good offerings to create with, for our human potential now.

 Real issues of the times can be sorted out in solidarity, globally, that is not happening, good example is my comment to these folks;


Barack during your election i saw you on stage w/your daughter + as she was excited waving to the audience getting close, i saw you pull her back, what was in your mind if you remember, tell yourself. For The beauty she had/has to engage is a healthy normal function + our children are being left w/a toxic planet + beyond that is not being prioritized.

   I thought w/all our work, sure editing bad, limited resources, broken tools, no donations for people are having a hard time + in the fog, so as we reach out trying to simplify, we are happy to share help, for them to rethink. + have researched a lot to simplify. Our Transitional Shift Message Board as an example developed yet to be instituted as people still need the help of students to fill in the missing worn torn gaps. Which they can + get credit for it thru schools. As well learn to self reflect once given hands on as people gain understanding + sharpen one's sensors, then to want to come help + take part. As they feel this life energy, it along w/focus direction from sensitive skilled, gives them a center to ground.

  If i where you Barack in your position, which due to such limited reality from my perspective of what you do w/whom?? I would ask myself whom am i being a puppet too?? Why do i have to in this responsible position, taking part w/my children for our future + to help us be clear to grip the moment + make change.

  I see the vets not cared for as he earthly medicines are available, yet western medicine does not use it, why? I've told you this many times. As well the people left mismanaged/uneducated, when yet via students working our plan could redirect all of this As they prioritize their community + become a local participant. As well walk by your side  + other representatives, so as to fill in these missing links, ending fragmentation, living local efficiently.

  If i where you i would of not given any one weapons of war, only share in solidarity education to live local.. I would have a meeting opening transparency to the world, for it is not reality as a human species to fragment our earth. For our true sustainability is to balance our genetic biodiversity + link natural communities as I've also stated to you many times, quote `enhancing, from  Prof Miguel Altieri whom also needs your support, so each community can define if healthy enough to restore or how best to protect vulnerable, so locals restore by following one's `enhanced ability;

      `Enhance food security while conserving natural resources... `Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability.. `Enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable...

  As a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus enhancing their impact on pest populations.

    We can begin w/Miguel's work, once a local `plan is created, recycling all local planning, etc. Ridding the Colonial grid that interferes, that i see you perhaps enslaved/programmed with, where locals are without, yet business trades internationally, creating more footprints, yet to interfere in locals ability to gain local food sovereignty to start.

   If i where you in your position, i would call Pres Putin + let him help you understand, since you did not listen to us, w/GMO's, as he he is creating organic fields, not allowing any in his country, not to mention a very efficient space program saving a lot more then US is spending. + this is just a few things you could learn as well him from you, if you stop ecologically whoring. As well stop producing weapons of war. Requiring all to do the same accept for a fair hunt for food/shelter/clothing, etc, as t ethnic people do as they live in harmony w/all life, knowing which to hunt when., yet they too are being land grabbed/seas + fresh water, due to the whoring of World Markets.

  Our student plan can stop all of this w/your help, so they network leaving no one isolated, no one saying hooray America be the best no more, rather work for the earth + beyond, for that is our true human reality now. People that i see that volunteer to be a good American + go to war, not realizing how the Governments have not done good efficient peace making/educational systems as we speak of w/our plan fueling local `plans. Rather you interfere + cause the people to rebel, because they are unable to have the nuts + bolts of localized systems to sustain them, rather businesses you allow rape their local resources to ship elsewhere. + It is not even good to pay them well to do that.

  Perfect example is Nauru island, where US manipulated behind the scenes + a long story of abuse as people stole their own resources as a whore, leaving them depleted, etc Same w/Islands from Nuclear testing, + i'm sure your files tell the story that you fail to tell we the people.

  So my list is lengthy that needs prioritizing + i ask you again as i stated t those above, let us fuel every local `plan, for it is a human right to be healthy. The dollars you put into fighting disease/mosquitoes, etc. Can go onto local education being networked, as humanity opens it's archives ex;

   Many years ago Russians would breed species to eat the mosquito larvae + much more, so each local `plan could have the best resources the earth + beyond gives to clean up our toxic mess, that many still are supporting as all of us at one time or another have contributed unknowingly, caring the scars forward as more behaviors are normal to the next generation. As ex; you pulling your daughter back for your reason, we interfere when we carry baggage unknowingly. Our children do not deserve that.

   So knowing you Barack in limited perspective as well local Senators + Congressman that i also have spent a lot of time trying to share what can work efficiently, yet still no response. Yet our global platform continues for people afar do it very well, as in the students of La Via Campasina, Nyeleni + many more, which fuels us to continue to help reach out + link good work for all to take part + self reflect + interrelate w/critical thinking for our communities, every one has priorities different from each other, yet like ecosystem/season + subject can network.

  The people most sensitive + skilled to preserve our genetic biodiversity is being abused the most from your choices + many other people/governing bodies, that listen to you Barack, as you could redirect one's mindset by showing example of what you do to yourself.

  Together all can shift one's energy + bring forth an abundance to restore oneself if able, collective organize for unable + let the land speak it's reality as skilled are here now to decipher it.

If i was you Barack in your shoes now I would gather all these people pulling your strings + give them this understanding, that students can change the World Markets as the schematics they can network of one's local `plan can become the rule of law, respecting all life, so ER/Refugee problems, no more is a problem, for all the resources put into the Military Industrial Complex/USAid/Disease prevention, etc can now  be redirected into education into prioritizing local `plans, sharing globally for our earth + beyond in peace. Those that resist can be worked to better understand as skilled people help them heal, help the reality of the true situation at hand, from whether ill from Nuclear Radiation dumped from old testing still making people ill, producing more addicts/mental issues, or true blue people doing their homework + you not listening to them, as well Governing bodies trying to save their positions to save their ass.

        Toxic realities need to be prioritized before people have false whoring jobs that just make money.  Senators + Congressman that say they represent locals, don't even support natural building here locally, that respects all life knowing well what should withstand weather. Vs the Whoring from the insurance companies when people continue to have despair due to weather/toxic business allowed to be permitted due to bad fragmented science.

  Together w/our students help all can have one universal sound science that gives the permission for locals to define + do one's local `plan working within one's `enhanced limits. So no more do people commit suicide due to trying very hard then to see another wipe them out, etc. We know well for that is where our funds went to in 2008, as Governing bodies supported corruption. + After us out in the world as well thruout US networking paying over 30 years w/our own funds realized once broke that perhaps the US non profit route was the way to go. But so far people too much distressed to comprehend yet our students working together can exponentially help.

  So depending on the support for i know the human spirit once they understand they shift, so all then can work together to change policies from old scars. Or step down Barack please + we the people will follow. If you choose to whore unknowingly, then you will self destruct on your own + we will just get out of the way.

  Considering i've been battling broken computers, need for dental work, boat repair as my mate + partner has been ill, whom has helped us see the beauty of living local, from the old ways from Russia country living, as together we add fragments, knowing well our earth is a true great place to explore + beyond + w/your support  you + all can too as we change the twisted dysfunction into making country's of art, welcoming all to take part where needed, enjoying celebrations along the way, as we suggest start all this w/a local grown natural potluck + let all tell their story + i promise you humanities goodness will help resolve.

Peace can be an options for all as real jobs that don't whore are abundant w/your support working w/us to help people see another way + students can be worked to help them self understand as well all in need, for we are fortunate to have great people with great tools to continue to create with.

I look forward to meeting you, but first chores need to be met + our work is needed as we continue it the best we can. For we are trying to sell our boat to fund us to network to places yet to be.

Love us + good luck to your choices!

Sincerely, kara speaking for those unable + thank those of you at ` i come to talk story that help!

Thank you Nabble, Google + LibreOffice for what you do freely for us all!

  Thank you people for doing your walkabout + sharing us along the way;


Please share this link of this story to help all understand, for we can further explain, please email; kareje@ictts.org