URGENT UPDATE SUBJECT (UUS); ER issues need help.

  This is our `transitional shift message board (`tsmb), now being perfected  so please see all UUS Subcategories especially this 1st one to give you a sample below of how to post on each, so it is easy for you and all of us to search, as well use the Advanced search box if need, by Nabble. We decided Nabble has what we need, and they can help you free to organize as well as you create your own tool, and more for business! Thank you Nabble!

Please gather all and explain this tool, and best for groups to have a rep speak for them, so more can gain help as needed where at, faster or along the way, for where you may think you want to go, may not now have what you need, where another may, even if it is a temporary more comfortable situation to get your immediate needs met, so please be open and rethink!

   For each heading post, take a review of the ones posted in your category and if your post is similar to another subject, consider contacting them and join heads.

   If have an offering to share, look at the needs posted in the area you are interested in sharing in, vice versa. And see sample posts, so headings are simple to go thru!

  We suggest doing an energy ER triage and those young or old that have the energy to access people/areas as you break up as groups and try to put like subject matter together. Help us define these subcategories as you post for people or self as a rep?

All we ask for is for you to stay in real time w/your self or whom you post for and realize we are not profiteers marketing, we are trying to set realistic local `plans, so whoever you are from where ever, you gain the respect to take part in this global `transformation needed badly by locals almost everywhere, so all have access to do work exchanges while gaining fuel to explore and go beyond survival mode, on this beautiful earth/space as together we clean it up and prioritize focus, working w/all!

  If you can Donate please do, if unable to post your offerings, so we can gain overhead expenses to reach out more, please email kara, and tile DONATE; kareje@ictts.org or mail; kara j lincoln (ictts) % General Delivery, Charleston, Or 97420

  Humanity has options now and groups of people in patches globally are willing to share w/pockets without, so together all can share in solidarity to create local `plan and take part, fueling you to gain your desires going beyond human comfort and explore! This can happen if all better organize for the unexpected now as well those already left behind! Not to mention the critical thinkers needed now to transcribe good stewardship verbiage so all on the same page to mindfully act and prepare for climate change, as the Arctic feedback loops now are causing the global extreme weather patterns and they are anticipating that they will get worse!

Thank you for adding a comment/correct and post your offerings or your needs, as we help you get them met! Please help us build as you share us along with your walkabout for you/your family and communities, as you add your needs and offerings for your local `plan or start one, and stay in the instance w/yourself and your communities, this way it gives others w/needs not met a chance to do an exchange, to fuel their desires!

Peace, love us at `i come to talk story

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We have some great ideas being worked but also due to a few Human errors and scams our schedule has been delayed! But do please before I share more, you share what you feel can make you or I or us a better informed and interactive being, as together we become local-global and beyond mindful... read more
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You may want to review and see if for you or share w/your Doctors- Scienctists-Professors; https://www.ifm.org/learning-center/resistance-resilience-and-recovery-patient-care-in-a-pandemic/?utm_campaign=Covid-19&utm_medium=email&_hsenc=p2ANqtz-_Wkey5cfWNAxL3zzBlodSTZVbKBeUBcYS_y6... read more
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Please see what should be simple, but yet to be, and we welcome good critical thinkers to add your 2 cents along w/ours, sharing Humanity's solutions! These folks are new to me, but I'm listening feeling more can be done, creating on the many people's good work! ... read more
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Hello, I have to Thank Jen for these thoughts, as well all the people I shared with that did what they could! Although she still may gain some help to see how she participated unknowingly! Sadly I spent 6 weeks trying to get her help to get out of the pouring rain, lower 40 F Temp, high w... read more
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https://www.helencaldicott.com/ " What Effect Is The Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant Accident Having On Us? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZcbpMekIs4 " Radiation And How It Affects Your Health by Helen Caldicott, M.D. ... read more
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https://www.naturalhealth365.com/free-show read more
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CALL TO ACTION AGAINST, APRIL 4, 2019, NATO SUMMIT IN WASHINGTON DC `No awards for endless wars! The Coalition Against U.S. Foreign Military Bases joins in the calls to action made by the United National Antiwar Coalition (UNAC), World BEYOND War, and Black Al... read more
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https://www.humanitarianresponse.info/fr/operations/democratic-republic-congo/document/rd-congo-revue-de-presse-humanitaire-les-titres-63 Many as US citizens don't pay attention to what is happening here, but this Congo continued happenings has to be the worse location ever. And when I ... read more
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This sample Subject Title above once perfected will help all; whether wildlife/resident/homeless/migrant, etc. to easily gain support to locate one's needs. So be brief, for we hope many will start posting and rethink, being creative to resolve. SAMPLE TITLE SUBJECT: NEED, McAllen, TX, 2 sle... read more
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