UUS; POST for self or another your/their, needs and offerings.


You can stay anonymous if choose, and we thank you for aiding another unable! But the more detail you share the more communities will get to know you!

Also please if you choose, you can also be a rep for a group or a rep working into doing or already a local `plan or convert back to just posting for yourself, but please if do that try to communicate w/another to become a rep and take your place!

Peace is real and please stay in the instance w/yourself and others, by changing your post, as well see that where ever you are you plug in and work w/all to post message boards that coincide w/the internet one here or one you should organize locally and then link w/us.

 This `transitional shift message board will become a great tool for every community shared toolshed, so thank you again for making it happen!

Love us at `i come to talk story.
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We welcome all to take part and post if feel something, for your voice is important, help us make a difference and do please see how we are working to scale. See `i come to talk story's Google site homepage for our recent new campaign, where we use Google's Ad Grant to do ads globally, so as to ... read more
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