We all can do a local `plan, sharing 1 schematic at a time, lets link + share the many options now..

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                       OIMB only 1 wind mill, localized system w/community `plan, charleston, Oregon 



     Love alone is not enough, we also need sensitivity + skills prioritized for the single celled life, fetuses, children + frail!

Hi, all --

Homero Magaña moved to America with his family from a small town in Mexico in 1993. Growing up in California, where his father was an agricultural worker, Homero had the chance to attend a summer program focused on preparing students for higher education. This program inspired Homero to go to college, and years later, he earned a graduate degree in school counseling.

Today, Homero serves as a professional school counselor at Moorpark High School, ensuring that his students -- many of them first-generation Americans -- can dream as big as they want when it comes to higher education. Earlier today, he joined me at the College Opportunity Day of Action.

We know that higher education is the key to success in today's economy, and every young person in America deserves the kind of opportunities that Homero had to fulfill his potential and contribute to our country. But right now, too many students simply aren't getting what they need to prepare for college.

Many students don't know what classes to take, or how to prepare themselves for the SAT or ACT. They might not even know that they're eligible for financial aid, so they just assume they can't afford college and don't even bother to apply.

This is why I started the Reach Higher initiative -- to help give our young people the resources and opportunities they need to take charge of their education.

We all have a part to play in ensuring that more of our kids are college-ready. Will you join me and Barack by pledging to help make college a reality for even one young person in your community?

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As kids take more responsibility for their future, it's on every single one of us to help them get there. And today, some of our nation's top leaders in education pledged to make commitments to help young people across the country graduate from high school and pursue higher education.

We know that helping young people get to college is critical not just for their future, but for the future of our country.

That's why the President has worked so hard to expand access to higher education. He's increased Pell Grants by $1,000 a year. He's created the new American Opportunity Tax Credit that's worth up to $10,000 over four years of college. He's capped student loan payments, so that young graduates pay what they can afford.

Today's commitments represent the next step in increasing college opportunity. Click here to learn more -- then pledge to help get involved.

Thank you,

First Lady Michelle Obama

Our combined` effects response..

Thank you for another fragment filled Michelle + Barack!

Together we can link them all. By letting our platform in the building trigger all schools/community reps w/out schools, + communities to come together + stop remaining isolated to the many good options we have now to focus direct together, networking.

Seeking/offering so we all build ecological working sustainable communities + harmonize. So in solidarity we share globally  for all of us to be triggered to rethink + share the common sense of what sustains us all.

If we gain understanding of how to read early signs  + adjust w/respect for all life, we than develop w/the natural world a rule of law as we work each biome(s) within it`s enhanced potential.

This changes the reality of what is now, For EPA, State Health Departments, International + local regulators are not using sound science as well transparency is not for all.

We do not have a Immigration problem, rather we have an earthly residential lack of wilderness awareness of how to `boon w/our natural world that sustains us all.

Our students doing one`s homework restoring one`s sustainable working community can define one`s voice. Their is not better education for the earth to share one science w/transparency giving all the ability to explore + prioritize for each community what it takes to live local in respect to all life.

Students can in this process co_evolve the curriculum to stay in motion w/the true movement of life.

Knowing well  as Prof. Miguel Altieri says;

 A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

 Institutional structures supporting research + development can relink the social system to the ecological system to allow for local co_evolution..    

Our schools must talk to each other, so our students can come to the table w/community eye to eye + reflect, differentiating where isolated on what issues, vs. knowing well others have worked thru it + now can experience this to further define how to bring home what works. As each  do one`s local `plan land mountain fresh water flow to sea review.

For all life requires fresh water, + if we prioritize our local `plans following large browsers + micro biomes natural trans boundary migration, than we will rediscover our own path as humans.

+ via networking like ecosystem, season + subject, each community will have abundant openings for jobs to restore our humane potential to become clear channels to see truth + be beneficial + respectful organisms knowing how to be, to live, to work for the benefit of all life. That is what produces our harmony.  As we learn sound science to strengthen the ecological processes + not over look them.

But if young students do not have the neural networks due to not utilizing one`s community as an extended classroom, where one can truly perceive reality of options to be supported to become a local, global + beyond mindful participant, reflecting to define one`s voice. Than they are left in the fog unaware of how to simply enjoy this earth + beyond.

Working with all to prioritize our Global Medical issues now, long over due as Ex; the misuse of Nuclear in all aspects that must stop ASAP. + Nuclear engineers that are skilled must take over every plant due to the present damaged states they are in, subjecting all life on earth ill states in some places more so than others being susceptible to very high risk, as well if further disasters w/nature, than their will be many living in ground zero same as many in Japan presently, as well Arnie Gundersen states US Is in the same boat. Not to mention others in the world.

So how can we teach our children sound science, when yet people are allowed to do business that exceeds these scientific natural limits in every community for financial profit.

We have a lot of work to do + their is a place for each to take part, so please come aboard if able, if unable our students can orchestrate w/staff + skilled as each do one`s walkabout in community, seeing reality of patients/clients/legislators results as they see people on their turf.  + Than transcend into  a local plan to give hands on so each sharpen ones sensors, that only each can allow to dull.

 We suggest a local natural grown/wild food, fish, animal potluck to be one`s best gauge to fuel what truly sustains each. As people than gain understanding to hold self + others accountable, locally + afar. So no more land/sea/fresh water grabbing leaving many killed + injured as well depleted habitats.

So Barack let us help you rethink TTP + Free Trade, for it is not free, it damages lives. When yet the local `plan will remediate.

Their is no better education than to take part in this transformation experiencing the trapped energy in oneself + others. So as to go within, gaining support to build ones path as one walks it into ones opening, yet leaving no footprint. As than mental clarity + physical strength appears + an abundant of exchanges open yet more positions in need of fulfilling.

We can do this together w/localized systems of low impact once we give each the conscious respect each deserve. So now no more waste in researching. Giving companies  excess funds + resources in subsidies, when yet, students doing the local `plan w/community can lay out exact strategies energy efficient to restore, giving investors yet another chance to become whole. As they enter the local tapering transitions, understanding how all took part + all can make it right working together.

So now we have ethical world markets with investors supporting one`s locals to self sustain, leaving no one left behind, as they change so no more hedge funds running rapid as naive people chase divestments of fossil fuels into large alternative grids/farms which are also wrongly created.

When yet fossil fuels if done right can make a difference, thru this tapering process, as part of the sustainable plan. Yet they are not being held accountable, nor fracking, or Keystone XL or even proposed LNG as in Jordon Cove here locally + many places. For safety risks are abundant w/our nuclear reality, not to mention natural disasters + no local `plan.

All working within respect for one`s local `plan will show how resources can be better managed as we redirect prioritizing life right issues ASAP.

Peace is our option if we share what works + welcome our students to organize working w/our traditional engineers still doing from  indigenous `ways that work.  As Prof Miguel Altieri does creating his agro_ecology that gives similar yields as Industrial, yet no ill side effects. He knows well Our Global Food crises from pesticides, + food transfered around the planet leaving locals unable to self sustain.

Rather they can help neighbors as Immigrants have equal access to become a local , global + beyond participant. + Students can work with them + define temporary comfort until  all heal + define one`s voice as together all co_evolve. + Stop US AID if we support each to do local `plan + stop all GMO`s that do not comply to the natural rule of law.

We have abundant sources to confirm what i say.

How lucky we are to have yet another chance to create upon the unique bio cultural exchanges as we gain real fuel as we balance our genetic local biodiversity + naturally let it link.

Thank you for rethinking + we appreciate the 1 wind mill at  OIMB just put up yesterday to fuel the school, that was carefully calculated for their needs. When yet we do not want the proposed Principal Power that was researching 5 or so than to do many more says the scientist if Dept of energy had its way, they would want 200. Meanwhile all those funds went into research, when other research was wrong + wind mills where removed due to not going thru the local `plan.

It is bad enough the commercial fisherfolks are incorrectly regulated, when yet they could resolve ASAP, if you let them work w/only F+W sitting down at the table. For if true recording show how our marine life is getting more contamination than as the bees + as the BP Gulf spill, more will be needed to subsidize their losses. + We as a human speices are getting less + less options due to people allowed to exceed that natural rule of law that sound science can determine in every biome(s) ecosystems, if all support locals to sustain one`s local `plan + network, so no more remain in isolated delusions.

Same now as Germany + many realize how large mega watt solar + wind farms w/large grids only interfere in locals ability to live local, not to mention the over 580,000 birds killed in US.

We have priorities of life to put in order + we ask for real boundaries only to be the rule of law + ask to work w/UN so all on same page.

For now many are in the fog, ill or fear a World Order take over due to so much dysfunction, when yet people are ready to work thru this to sustain one`s own food solidarity which will fuel the peaceful resolution to live local, sharing in solidarity globally what works.

For we are a human family that deserves to share this earth + beyond together. This reality can fuel great research perhaps as in defining where best off the earth can we send the nuclear repository. Please welcome Arnie Gundersen`s experiences to guide skilled nuclear engineers ASAP to work with you Barack, as well Helen Caldicott as a pediatrician as she continues to work at Global Prevention, knowing well the Crises we are in as fetuses are a 1000 times more sensitive as well children + frail 20-100 times more than an adult to radiation. + Radiation knows no boundaries.

Sincerely kara j lincoln