We the people, need to wake up + rethink..

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  Why should responsible roles not respect + be guided by the truth w/verbiage created for 1 global sound science, where each local community has a structure guiding for them then to co_evolve w/it, working within ones natural enhanced limits, as their rule of law? Then share it via like ecosystem/season + subject fueling each to then fine tune..

   Why is not all on same page letting earth + beyonds ecological enhanced limits for each community fuel, so locals network to define these limits from aware traditional engineers that still share to create upon for ones own local `plan. In other words why would you trade anything that interferes in the local`s ability to self direct + live local w/ability to organize + share. + We suggest letting large browsers lead the path. We are the human species living on a living earth, that require us to `boon with it, if all want to co_evolve the human species. Not to mention be comfortable so that all around us also is. Not in a paper pusher mode of negotiated contracts for profit, unaware of what is toxic, yet still negotiating as Hillary Clinton did wrongly using bad science, w/Japan after Fukushima Nuclear accident or even know w/not accurate testing or awareness as toxic foods come into US + around the world for profit. So i do hold people in responsible roles to hold oneself + associates accountable.

  + We the people are all part of this mess at one time or another , just take a review of your life?? + Now can network, knowing exactly what to prioritize, as we work w/students to use ones community as an extended classroom.

    W/all that needs to be done i totally think we should co_evolve the Constitution w/a priority list fueling each to work within earth. So much efficiently can be done if each community supports/focus directs w/students/each other, to walk by ones side in all responsible roles, after they come to the table organizing/networking.. To fill in the worn torn missing parts for each local community, to live local, globally. If the US Military Industrial Complex continues to not prioritize this educational support, vs. Nuclear/war mode + false green economies, we the people are really w/dull sensors to not take a stance to be part of the solution, no longer numb to the problem.

    So what is wrong w/all working together, what w/a role that puts so much on one person??? Bernie you speak of some of this, why compartmentalize when everyone on earth once supported to self develop/self direct can then participate?? The Constitution had a bit different issues of the times, + we need to build new neural networks for our time, + this executive order could assist to define how best now to work our tools of the times w/real issues in time to resolve.

   I'm working hard at defining if i should take a loan to support our ability to continue to share what we believe strong in, knowing well we have such global awareness if we share. Or get a grant? Open for your feedback for communities now are fragmented, when yet could work so much more efficiently.

   So what ya think?? As a non profit, what we say has it fueled you enough to support us? or should i just gather investors also to be prepared to support your community, only after you take charge to work within your enhanced limits, not allowing no one to no longer get permitted to leave negative effects, as presently are. + If you know us at - i come to talk story, you will see how we support a tapering transition to work w/all that have done this, due to the many supporting them unknowingly.

   Either way i have to stop working so hard to show you this or perhaps you already know + feel like what we do is not important?? So i will be appreciative to know how your educational system can become more efficient to prioritize these issues of the times. I do know you can not taste/or feel or see the Nuclear contamination that faces us all, more then others, as well when out of sight out of mind as in people afar. But please realize our sensors have the ability to perceive all of this + either have support to work thru the mixed signals or realize people/life are not ill/prematurely dying /suffering due to nothing, if ya want to know why to do your best to protect yourself + be part of all this part time. The rest of the time is yours to be in harmony as you work it for you, if fortunate. Yet all deserve this, not more scars.

    Bernie you know how to co_evolve the Constitution + those folks prior writing this, although slave owners, had their resistance to do their best to survive + i believe it was written for our ability to do our best w/the tools of the times. So please lets do it + yes these tools require us to work together to perfect them..

Please all rethink of how efficiently your participation can help for you, your loved ones/your community. So if have it the means please donate, if you feel what we do is helpful. For i reach out + see many in need + many not organized to give them support needed. also Sorry again Facebook is not allowing me to make paragraphs, why? some times do. Good day to all!

 Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the Earth.

Abraham Lincoln

    + i add if we do not network/create upon to bring home what ones local `plan can do, w/the ethnic traditional engineers that live efficiently respecting all life on earth, we then will stay isolated w/ones own dull sensors. So please ask yourself where you are at + how peaceful you are interrelating, managing oneself?? Being part of your community?? So all become a local, global + beyond participant, so all do the same. Ending scars from continuing. Holding self accountable + others, locally + afar.

Thank you for what you can do + if have space come donate to our US 501 cs non profit, www.ictts.org

Peace is our option if we network, kara j lincoln