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                      lucky us to have a community that cares..

         thank you folks that have helped him out! You know who you are..

this is just another example of what community can do when we pool our thought:

      Mike + JD at the fish shacks locally are offering fresh fish along with the commercial fishing folks off the dock.
       Sea Basket restaurant here in the Charleston Marina has agreed to creatively add to our suggested diet to aid those with issues.

Amazing with a lil support we can truly feel better by taking control now of how we eat. + prevent:

            such as indigestion – those farts – burps ya know, constipation, diarrhea, over weight, blood sugars out of whack, dizzy, hyper, can't sleep, emotional instability, aids metabolism, builds energy, mental clarity to help you tune in + change our bad behaviors. + truly enjoy food now, even as we do this.

       Creating having a nice social event over a nice meal that makes us feel better after each one. For daily these all are required if want mental clarity + physical energy to know get out + move + increase that heart rate 65% 6 days out of the week for 30-45 min. + 2 days a week of strengthening exercises, simple as exercise lifting own weight in your bed or best in the fresh air. go play with your honey - ride a bike, ski, tennis, fish, or if have none chase the other to go with ya + enjoy feeling good..

yes best due 3 meals a day + or 6 lil ones.

Fruit: has enzymes to keep us young, cleanse + heal + repair, list goes on. + yes if dry have more concentrated sugars, but fresh in season local grown is best, go pick. Talk to your farmer. best in am on empty stomach + wait a half hour or so. Or wait, eat after meals a few hrs. don't eat dessert or fruit with meals.
can eat lemon or lime with protein + carbo meals.. It is so nice the way it beams with good oils over grilled vegies or salad or fresh vegies sliced. Eating fruit right after a meal will upset a perfectly balanced combination. Eat fruit alone best. Then you decide what next.

Protein heals + repairs as new tissues are built: lein meats, fish, chicken, eggs + if heavy - consider non fat dairy products until feeling better then go to nice whole dairy products. + know your farmer. skinless removing fats + have a variety with vegetables: that aid our digestion of our food, fresh has enzymes so eat a lil fresh 1st to start your meal then have nice steamed or grilled vegies or in soup or stir fry with fish/meats/chicken/lamb/pork in smaller portions for nice flavors. + don't mix with complex carbohydrates or refined processed carbohydrates..  yes mix with oils ( best grapeseed oil which  - cash + carry has nice deal or extra virgin olive oil, which both require low/medium heat + don't fry hard, rather grill, bake or steam. If fry hot + quick use peanut oil. Nice to drizzle good oil over nice grilled vegies such as zuchinni – yellow + green, mexican sweet peppers, broccoli, add spices to liking.  + if you do grilled vegies with a carbo meal, don't add the oil, add spices + juices from vegies, broth, etc.

Now wait 3 hrs roughly if switch to a carbohydrate meal with vegetables. Variety of beans . whole grains: amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, wheat, brown rice, wild rice, rye, multigrain sprouted or whole grain bread, pasta, crackers, cereals. Can't better then a nice oatmeal with a nice whole grain bagel,  + if get non fat dairy product then you can mix with spices + treat it as a carbohydrate + put on your bagel, etc. due to having no fat. This will replace your butter or oil. Remember oil/fat only with protein meal. Yes this means no protein with carbo meal, no byproducts of animal such as dairy or fats or oils or eggs or chicken, pork or beef or lamb. Remember good whole complex carbohydrates come from the earth. + best if left whole with germ, endosperm + bran – giving us all the energy we need with a variety of vitamins + minerals. Processed refined carbos have been stripped to market so they last longer, no good. Our bodies go wacko if we sensitive + care how we feel. Plus we don't need energy to go to bed, so eat this early in the day + have protein meal at night or nice just to have a fruit platter.

Important to have variety + everyday balanced meals.

When strong now you can feel the difference + if want something be smart about it, then go back + be good.

Feel light + satisfied with less food,  yes eat until comfortably full. Not stuff. with your now finely tuned digestive system + metabolism. No more hormonal chemistry mode swings as yo yos.. yes we can do something to make a difference now.

             we are simply talking about food combinations + few choices better than others to help sort this out. If want more detail talk to your doctors or check out Suzanne Somers book – 'Summersizing, from quite a few years back. she is closest i've found to some good ideals to give more info.
                 Thank you Suzanne.

As well thank Sue, whom works at the port campground for turning us on to the book:
   ' younger next year.. these folks help us understand why heart rates should be gotten up to 65% when exercise.

                            As well thank you port for all you do!

          So lets take a look + say No to these foods that easily convert to sugar after eating.  They provoke a sudden spike in insulin levels. until we regain a balance that feels really good.

    NO FOODS:    
Corn, popcorn, potatoes of all colors such as white, yam, sweet potato, carrots, white or semolina flour, as in unbleached or bleached, ya want the whole grain the way it came up from the earth + take off the outer shaft only + grind fresh as can, buy bulk + share. pumpkin, winter squash, beets, banana, caffeine, cocoa, alcohol, red wine good if a lil. Sugars, brown sugars, molasses, corn syrup, honey, maple syrup, sodas with any of these: sucrose, fructose.

Try stevia for sweetner, it is expensive. Or better use probiotics such as kefir water or kumbucha mushroom + as you feed them sugar, they process so you don't drink it, yet you have a sweet drink. Easy to make.

       + just wait it won't take long + you will be out of very ill state + as you get stronger be creative. A little fresh jam vs butter on toast.  + as you feel good you will only want good. It is what fuels us.

if fall off, don't beat your self up. Be proud of what you did do. + soon it will become old hat.
Exchange recipes + have some potlucks.
What can I eat if this seems restrictive, the sky is the limit vegis grilled with spices, indians eat them to aid digestion: curry's, cumin, corriander, basil, thyme, rosemary, sage, list is endless. Nice vegi soups with animal/fish, can't get better or beans + vegie soup on a cool day warms us right up.  Or whole grain pilafs. Add some nice fresh or frozen if no fresh, collard greens, kales, variety of vegs, spinach fresh is nice. or in spagetti sauces over multigrain pasta. Vegies good roughage for bowls. Fresh sweet onion with lime juice num, sliced tomatoes..
Cantelope, apricots, oranges, easily replace the carrots + yams for colors + the goodness they do. Prunes, peaches, nectarines, berrries, cherries. + remember don't eat them with proteins or carbo meals or snacks.

          They can easily be substituted with fresh fruits + vegetables with a variety of colors to aid the digestion process. Talk to your farmer, join a CSA so they deliver fresh. Make sure bo GMO”S or preservatives + naturally grown.

Yes nice cooperative community effort makes it all happen. Now fresh herb pots, back yard spices + herbs as perennial gardens, small farms abundant.
Spaces permacultured as you bring in from afar what can work locally.

Thanks again folks, we will be leaving soon to the boat yard, + staying a bit longer then planned. Lovee going fishing, so if any one wants to pool some thoughts + gather a few friends that need some more support then give me a hollar. With many all can pay less, you define. we will set up a date. i'm kara on boat tzegunka.
                         i will put myself out to fund raise for our non-profit (working on 501.c3 papers so you can't write it off yet if that is important) project we just recently released. it will take a bit for Google to thread it. As well we are having a few technical issues, but that is good old virtual world. So patience.


Come take a look + apply to your self + your local community. then if like come post + share helping us make it a good tool for us all to share what works + become a local, global + beyond participant.

         Where we reflect + take a look at our self as we continue to explore the path we build as we each walk it. As well cooperatively part time build our local community to share what works via like subject + like ecosystem, from others that reflect that accept nothing less then a local community that harmonizes ' boon with the natural world.

         The farmers sure could locally use some support. We have been working at supporting the commercial fishing folks, Noah + National Fisheries, F+W, CG, to come together + be more efficient + effectively pool resources. respecting the fishing folks that do their part at sustainability.

            Regarding legislative legalities that produce safety hazards we complained. So they decided a review may be good. comment period was completed + the Maguson Stevens Act will be modified + then comments will be open to public again. Debra Lambert says she will update those interested + invites all to take part.

         If didn't connect + want to + don't know how, leave a note on boat or leave a message + i will email you her address.

                   Leave message in talk talk.