Why should we have to continue to tell skilled positions to not allow FRACKING?

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      Why should we have to take 1 issue at a time + waste good people`s energy when there's so much work needed that is not being done in every local community on this earth? When yet regulators get paid for what they do, in what should be skilled positions that are dysfunctional + need people showing reality. Where is the conscious humane people to fill these roles so they mindfully represent one`s local `plan??

             Hillary Clinton sure is not the person! Nor any of the republicans. All must see this system is broke, yet humanity has the solutions for every ecosystem, season + subject. Yet we must all have empathy that we need everyone to make changes inner/interpersonally, heal + co_evolve, people, positions + policies, not to mention the rule of law w/UN + all Governments, giving our students the floor to orchestrate as we focus direct with them, using the natural enhanced rule of law.

             For if we do not do this ASAP, humanity nor life that sustains us, does not survive healthy living.

      Do you see the many openings needed that far exceed a job working for this dysfunctional mode of thinking, as Dr. Caldicott prioritizes what nuclear radiation has + is doing to life on this planet?? She says, we have become psychically numb to reality. Yet Helen i know first hand the goodness being worked in fragments so people lets network, for their is a more efficient way, + we will continue to perfect it knowing well of all you people`s great offerings. + Once we start co_evolveing together, wahoo for humanity + our mother earth!

                Thank you Nabble, Google + LibreOffice for your great tools + support!

     Please join in + see our additions below. As we add Moms Across America showing how ill our chidren + adults are from the toxic products from Monsanto + others, March Against Monsanto showing how toxic + ill Monsanto is yet regulators support it, Dr. Helen Caldicott helping us become aware of health Ed water + sanitation, etc. w/nuclear radiation that knows no boundaries, Prof Miguel Altieri showing what all can do + why we have a global food crises, + Chuck Hindmen working to nurture depleted/toxic land, etc. w/his work at Midland America Land Restoration / Microbes / Probiotics, as he shows you the Rad map of US from NETC.com, as all help make people aware, so we can act to stop what can + develop research for what can`t;


   These our some of our links on - the sun will set, spreadsheet,
 (Please do see facebook updates along w/all sites). + Stay w/their updates, for the US Gov is not on top of it.

  President Barack Obama, Congress, Senate + all, we hold you accountable, due to the trillion dollar Military Industrial budget you prioritize vs education for the health of humanity, that your choices are negatively affecting globally + beyond.

     When yet if support our plan of education working w/students, all can buddy up w/each of you to show transparency of the programmed mess you are in, as well fuel all to develop one`s local `plan to exponentially do all humanity can ASAP.

     W/observed trust, each can heal + co_evolve, working w/respect within the natural enhanced rule of law locally. So as to link w/our earth + beyond for our true fuel source as all become aware + act mindfully, ending such irresponsible destructive developments such as;

       Learn more about fracking..

Fracking and other unconventional methods of extracting oil and natural gas come with intensive drilling and mining, massive amounts of toxic waste, air pollution and pervasive infrastructure that threatens our essential food and water resources.

To frack a well, operators mix millions of gallons of water with tens of thousands of gallons of chemicals, including some known to cause cancer, and then pump it all into the earth at extreme pressure to try to break up rock formations so oil and natural gas might flow.

Drilling and fracking:

require millions of gallons of water for each well, competing with farmers for local water supplies.
produce massive amounts of toxic and even radioactive waste with no good disposal options.
contaminate sources of drinking water as a result of disposal problems and the thousands of leaks and spills every year.

can lead houses and water wells to explode, due to contamination from methane and other harmful gases.
bring untold costs to local communities, from declines in agriculture, real estate and tourism to road damage, public health problems and increased demand for social services.

You can find more information in our reports and fact sheets on our site:


  Thank you Food and Water Watch for keeping us posted!

  Our comment to legislators + ask you to contact yours..

     Please ban fracking in Oregon + everywhere!

     Please vote NO on HB 3415.  This bill will open Oregon up for fracking.  It provides a road map for companies who want to come frack in Oregon.

Fracking for gas and oil is inherently unsafe. In states across the country, fracking has led to water contamination, air pollution, an increase in earthquakes and losses to agricultural operations. What's more, fracking is also a climate issue. Fracking for both oil and gas will mean increasing greenhouse gas emissions and harming our already threatened atmosphere. Simply stated, fracking is too dangerous for Oregon or any ecosystem.

  I use to think Oregon was a frontrunner as many are working hard at these important issues. It is very wrong to try to teach sound science, then to have a permitter/regulator/legislator that gets paid to be responsible, then for us to even have to do this.

   For even w/the LNG proposed at Jordon Cove + others, you people do not realize how those of you that want it are passing the buck, not sensitive to the life down the route in other communities that have to have this ill toxic wasteful process the way this all is structured, if you look at the whole picture vs fragment for one`s own back yard.

   This is wrong, our ecosystems cannot be isolated + our living earth requires us all to give simple respect for all live so our natural genetic biodiversity links for the natural life that sustains us all.Permitters can learn this as they come back + become a local participant in a local tapering transition doing a local `plan. Then they could mindfully make good judgment w/gauges/monitors from networking, knowing well the damage they do.

   This means it is very wrong for our students to try to learn sound science when yet others manipulate it, leaving it fragmented.  This we will not accept. We ask you to go beyond this + prioritize regulatory bodies to do their job for the earth + beyond, locally + afar.

      Say NO to these ill toxic developments + also give all schools free hand to use the local communities as extended classrooms, doing one`s local `plan to best define what should b e supported as all communities restore one`s ecological sustainable working community. Knowing well the needs + offerings to make this exchange.

                                 Thankyou for what you can do + i ask you to let our plan at

                                                      i come to talk story

      fuel yours as we welcome students to reach out exponentially + buddy up showing the dysfunction so we all make wrongs right thru local tapering transitions.

       Working w/respect for the local enhanced natural rule of law, to fuel each community, so all may link our natural processes that sustain life on this planet now.

Sincerely, kara j lincoln speaking for our combined` effect..

    Moms Across America update;

                       Laurie Olson just commented on Glyphosate Testing:

   We got zapped, I have read about something similar happening in the forests of Southwestern Oregon. There was a whole community who got sprayed there. I'm very sorry for your troubles with this. With the chem-trails we are all getting sprayed often, at least around here in the Seattle area it is often. The planes are just really high up, but I've found chemical burns on my plants and I've seen them at a local state park where they don't spray. It is harming the trees and the microbes in the soil.

Respond here:



ictts.org states

  These Moms do a lot of good work + it is not easy having ill children + adults due to negligence of Gov officials not doing their job.  All need everyone`s support so please do what you can.

                  As well March Against Monsanto (MAM) It`s time to take back our planet!


    How long are we all going to continue to try to talk to these regulators? Are yours listening to you? Are you getting answers or generalized responses??

     Lets see how we can rethink this working w/our students so they exponentially can reach out w/one`s local community. Helping all understand so we can self manage + in quantities make a difference for all life.

 Nabble, Google + LibreOffice offer freely tools to organize, so you can create for your community, working w/your students, so all can talk to each other, leaving no one no more left behind.

   Check out Google`s `Classroom App, it`s free, so your students/teachers efficiently talk to each other, using your community as the best classroom.

    Our suggestion is to do a locally grown natural wild food, fish + animal, potluck, using this as the best gauge to understand one`s options as your students network via like ecosystem, season + subject. Understanding the many options that do exist as each hold oneself accountable. So together no one is left behind.

   This way you + your community can do your local `plan + let us fuel you, as all restore one`s ecological sustainable working community, creating a tapering transition. Working with respect for all life as traditional engineers do, working w/the enhanced natural rule of law.

       In past people have stopped much + we can now do the same as we get real within our local community, stay calm + assertively work w/your community. Students can fill in these worn torn missing links as they network locally + afar, + bring home eye to eye fueling ways to rethink for you to act locally w/ your neighbors.

    So all can better prepare for your natural + human made disasters as you simply rethink your entire biome(s) seasonal working ability sensitively working the enhanced potential. As w/Professor Miguel Altieri`s agro_ecology mode of thinking + great work, thank you Miguel for all you do!;


    + Yes the living local process will fuel those that can then rise up + prioritize that which has no boundary, as in our nuclear radiation issue. + Stop all of it ASAP! learn the risks from Dr. Helen Caldicott great work + thank you Helen for all you do! So all more vulnerable get protected as w/planning pregnancy knowing well that fetuses are very sensitive + affected, as well children, frail, ill, etc. as you gain understanding to act mindfully;


    People locally get a reality adjustment to efficiently act calmly, so you continue to do all you can keeping mindbody strong, sharing love + gratitude for all you do.. So we continue to end nuclear, war mode + false green economies globally.

      Yes if we live the natural way, sharing what works, we gain transparency + that is all a healthy person needs, to address the global health!

   Many stopped DDT + MAM shows the list of many more + we can learn from the past before moving forward, so we use the tools of the times before more illnesses occur. Please network, welcome your students to fine tune workshops w/your communities priorities + come link + share what works. There's no better education than to be part of this transformation badly needed.

    + We are still fortunate to have many good people to guide so together all can put our heads together + simultaneously act covering all bases including research based on traditional engineering, working w/local ethnic indigenous knowing well what works. Giving our students a sense of natural means to co_evolve the toxic industrial technology, recycling what can where sensitively, working w/the locals networking w/tapering transitions, of like ecosystem, season + subject.

            So all make it work efficiently, working for our earth + beyond to sustain us now, leaving no life behind.

     Thank you for what you do!

                   Please share us as you do your walkabout, for humanity has solutions!

      Please add what works + link on our spreadsheet (Please excuse the lack of organizing on it, but we will continue to perfect simplicity w/your support);

              the sun will set


        Peace is an option if we share what works, love + gratitude to all!

             Those of us at ictts.org
Humanity needs us to act ASAP once understand, are you asking your regulators/Dept of Ed to support our plan to fuel yours?
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Re: Why should we have to continue to tell skilled positions to not allow FRACKING?

This post was updated on .
Check out the radiation monitored w/the people on facebook at - Global Radiation Readings and Measurements, + join in here + maybe you will then better understand why we do what we do below;


I share what i shared on the Hill +


   Please check this link for updates to fuel what more all can do, for can you imagine if our internet was limited/restricted, let us share a few examples;


    The system is dysfunctional, admit it, it is just a s bad as those undeveloped children that are in need of understanding how to maintain discipline over ones self sensory self observation vs belief that cause misuse/abuse when yet many take what they know as normal, due to it being passed on from the many left w/fking scars as past generations also tried to survive w/the same. It is time to harness this calmly + please see what we told Hillary + i ask you to go within + do the same;

   The natural enhanced rule of law does protect the earth, locally +, beyond, if people like you + many of your people in Gov + business, would stop manipulating science + use the sound science traditional engineers use that work. Hillary how can you be so blind, please go within + reflect w/what we say + step down + heal yourself + let young minds + healthy people work w/you from another mode as you go back + become a local participant + rethink w/your local students findings of your community(s).These children are showing the results of a trillion dollar budget yearly going to Military Industrial Complex for profits from people trapped + programmed, that started w/good intention that got exaggerated, then fantasy continues. Where is the work you prioritize for our global health of the nuclear radiation reality that we are so fortunate to have Dr. Helen Caldicott`s work + willingness to share, yet where is US/UN right now listening to her + education + prioritizing for humanity on this earth + beyond now? I cannot speak for you Hillary, but all i know when i work at this so my grandchildren, like yours does not have to still be saying these stupid fking words. So they can hopefully by the time our babies are big enough to be networking can be working on research w/resources in place for conscious humanity to be living the best of humanities offerings carried forward from the beginning of time. I repeat here if did not see our other post, for you to reflect + rethink + hopefully your 2 billion dollars can go into supporting our plan + manys vs the foolishness of telling the American people that what has been is going to continue, already w/your words above being so historical. Our children everywhere deserve the love + gratitude of being involved in their community in a participatory process. Especially when many are still carrying behavioral disturbance of misuse/abuse from their past generations taken as normal, from all the fking scars on the planet. + The continued profiting that you + your Clinton Health entity take part in. I do have empathy for you + your family, as well all, but please be the better person + work w/all so the responsible role of presidency co_evolves, for it is too much for one person. Not to mention we know how many ill people w/programmed belief is out there, ready to act the same. When yet all that venting + stored misinformation can be harnessed, + our project as a US non profit, yet to fundraise due to becoming aware of all this resistance + putting our work into solutions vs marketing, which also we just have started that as well, thanks to Nabble`s continued support for all, as well now Google + LibreOffice, etc. So we have the tools of the time to talk eye to eye, locally + afar, that you cannot stop. I've asked you before to work with us, yet you nor Bill nor Your Clinton Health entity responds, especially when i asked about; Are your seeds at that time going to Haiti GMOS? As well when you stated the American people do not understand GMOS, how wrong are you w/your science. As well your support in AMericans buying fish right after Fukushima`s nuclear accident. This list goes on showing well you + others in Gov have no good science guiding you, it is all manipulated. Same w/your corporations your daughter married into, as well Walmart that Bill continues to support. They also don`t answer back when i was happy to show them more, as they too were welcomed into our project, as we told them rather then disrupt the locals they could support issues to help them self direct do_in the local `plan, so all work within it. Please see how we still welcome you all to see another way + please do what you can for yourself, your loved ones + for humanity;

as well shared;


    Time for reality adjusting, please let what i shared w/Hillary regarding Baltimore leave the same effect here; Welcome them to rethink w/our plan to fuel theirs. I share what i did w/Hillary in result to The Baltimore negative issues;

as well shared;


     It`s time for education, not trillions going to war profiting, you are right sir + we cannot accept blame on the undeveloped children alone. I share what i shared w/Gov/Hillary;

as well shared;


     Welcome them to rethink w/our plan to fuel theirs. I share what i did w/Hillary in result to The Baltimore negative issues;

as well shared w/ Congressman that wanted video cameras on all police, same did Hillary, + i could not find that link, but my gest was do you not realize how over clothed they are already as many can hardly move + i shared above post to get to route of issue.

    Ya know Russia, S Korea, Japan police carry only a stick + study Martial Arts to stay composed to prevent injuries. Back in early 80`s it was made mandatory for LA police to take a biofeedback course, that my teacher + i gave to them. When we had them on the floor doing deep breathing relaxation exercises, they could not remain still, their bodies where jumping.

   Point is all can share good ways for further awareness to be supported + why is this not done, well back to rethinking the trillion dollars going to profiting of a few over the Military Industrial Complex that is a ceaspool leaving negative effects whereever it goes. This + Nuclear in any form must be stopped ASAP + toxic left overs properly researched to rid, for it covers our planet wrongly as it continues to be produced.

Wake up people + please do your homework, realizing the health risk you + your family are in possibly right now. + if fortunate that your students can show you are clean + not hot at the moment, then do come aboard for support for theirs that are, for w/the 400 nuclear plants now on the planet, many mismanaged from EXELON in US as they seek profits over health risks, as well check in w/Arnie Gundersen`s updates at Fairwinds;


  People please stay calm + welcome your students to network w/us, humanity has options now to bring home eye to eye, + for that which has no answers, together we can rethink research that needs to be prioritized for all to support.

   Thank you for what you can do within your comfort!

     Peace is our option if we share what works.

      With love + gratitude, those of us at ictts.org speak for our combined `effect of many unable.


                     Peace is an option if we share it,
            patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking,
good folks are building this network along with their community's
                                       eye to eye...
  Join in and let's keep Nabble as a great tool to help all organize
 and link getting real needs met and offerings shared!
    As we are transitioning as we resolve-restore and explore!

  We are transitioning our virtual platforms so all is free to all, as
together we make this the best education-tourism and peace plan!

 Thank you Nabble and Google, let's celebrate our good fortunes
                  and share;
                                      Nabble site;
                                      Google site;

         Please Donate to our US 501.c3 Nonprofit Association,
     Label Re; Donation. If want a tax receipt, please give us
                      your info and we will send you one.

               `i come to talk story, thanks all for doing your part!

  Please email kara at both emails; farmwuwei@gmail.com and kareje@ictts.org until we correct a technical issue;
 If I can answer more, or you want to correct us or gather a group
and do a webinar for further understanding! Or Donate!
                           Thank you, for making a difference!
                              Love us at `i come to talk story
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