Yeah Jeff, lets go beyond + show how all can restore our natural working sustainable communities

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thanks Jeff for working at this + to ensure that every state incorporates a collective mode of natural folks + organic farmers that are small scale and diversified that do not use external inputs, that know best the needs of the small farmer. so changes continue to be made in real time, thru out the world, ending the environmental/ill effects from the destruction behind industrial farming..

as well we ask all legislators, President Barack Obama + VP Joe Biden to allow us to help as we rewrite the bylaws of Free Trade/TPP + even some Fair Trade as we are fortunate to have such sensitivity/skill as w/Professor Miguel Altieri`s agro_ecology curriculum. to restore now our local communities so every state + every country shares what works, + that is what we propose w/ our forum here, to make a tool that makes this process more friendly.

   we can learn from the world`s goodness, it is of shallow mind to want to be the best + lead, when yet we have local food desserts in almost every US local community, not to mention problems that can open many working positions as we prioritize real life issues ASAP.

       + we know if we share what works, allow our students in every local community to come out + w/ our community restore it`s natural enhanced potential, we will go beyond the no job issue, rather we wil be building meaningful careers. P;us we will harness this disassociated energy that has produced so many layers keeping people in the fog, leaving many barely able to survive, let alone help out w/ restoring community.

but this will change for we have solutions, we have a `plan + welcome you to join in;

     as Miguel states;

     To put agroecological technologies into practice requires technological innovations, agriculture policy changes, socio-economic changes, but mostly a deeper understanding of the complex long-term interactions among resources, people and their environment. To attain this understanding agriculture must be conceived of as an ecological system as well as a human dominated socio-economic system. A new interdisciplinary framework to integrate the biophysical sciences, ecology and other social sciences is indispensable.

    + if we are ever to have peace on this planet, we must coordinate our self to become sustainable + share what works thru out partnerships, but only thru restoring our natural enhanced potential, w/sound science so our students can study what our businesses perform. + all to be monitored as we welcome them into a tapering transition ASAP in every local community to restore working w/ respect for all life, not exceeding the earth`s enhanced limits.

     so we will be vigil against these ongoing industrialized false green economies contributing to the war mode economies..

  we need to hold our locals accountable locally + afar, as well our self, Monsanto + GMO companies negative effects thru out the world + welcome all to come to a tapering transition ASAP.. they have left a lot of ill effects on all life, environmental damage + contributed to many suicides of India farmers, due to getting trapped in a farming system that was not natural to them, when they could not save their seeds, putting them in debt that they could not get free of, etc.

   shame on you regulators/legislators that have been so preoccupied that you allowed your sensors to become so dull, that you failed to prioritize that which has left such negative effects on locals + afar..

     this is a disgrace to the US + all countries that continues to allow them to do business w/out a tapering transition so they gain the facts to make wrongs right.

        as well many countries have banned the use of GMO`s all together + we can learn from these global lessons as we live local as they choose to do..

                           Jeff, we know you helped kill the Monsanto Protection Act

 + please don`t stop their. let`s welcome all to the table to rethink, as Barack stated in his State of the Union Speech that VP Joe Biden was asked to work w/institutions + communities so together we address these priority issues + help him + all see the transformations we can do now to build sound science that includes all locals to restore their working natural communities..

  opening many positions as we ecologically restore our working sustainable communities, using sound science that incorporates people locally to sustain their local natural potential.. not an industrial mode controlled from locals or those afar, allowing them to leave toxic effects.. going against the sound science we want our students to learn.

  rather we want to share the skills + sensitivity that Miguel Altieri teaches well as he creates w/indigenous traditional farmers still do_in w/similar yields as the industrial but no ill effects left.

                 we can gain awareness to work within mother earth`s enhanced potential
                                           (enhanced as used by Miguel Altieri)

   enhance food security while conserving natural resources... Enhance recycling of biomass and optimizing nutrient availability.. enhance its sustainable productivity in order to ensure food security and the sustainable... as a conduit for the dispersion of natural enemies within the field thus enhancing their impact on pest populations.
      Miguel Altieri`s report on the Stanford Organic study although old, still shares a lot of truth;

     Berkeley’s Miguel Altieri on 4 Problems With the Stanford Organic Study
By Raj on 09/10/2012

In the US, a recent study in the Annals of Internal Medicine has been causing a furore. My friend and comrade Miguel Altieri shared these ideas on a discussion list, which I’m reposting here with permission.

There are various problems with this study which is part of a conspiracy against organic and other alternative forms of agriculture that threaten the dominant industrial model:

1. Very few of the 280 studies reviewed in the metaanalysis include studies conducted in other countries (mainly in Germany) that have consistently shown that organic fruits and vegetables have higher contents of vitamins but particularly antioxidants.

2. It is important that people that eat conventional food eat mostly industrial food and tend to be obese, suffer from diabetes, etc. People that eat organic (mostly upper middle class and up) tend to eat a more balanced diet, and the food they eat has considerable less pesticide residues. It is well documented that pesticide loaded food which is eaten by most people (especially poor) leads to many health problems including autoimmune diseases, cancer and also behavioral problems in children. In addition conventional food derived from corn and soybean ( more than 5000 edible products) contain traces of GMO DNA and other components, and emerging data from studies on animals and humans point to caution when eating GMOs, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.

3. The study does not analyze the fact that many people not only eat organic because of positive nutrition or health effects, but because of moral reasons, because organic agriculture has many environmental benefits
 (less energy use, sequesters more carbon, conserves more biodiversity including pollinators and natural enemies, reduces erosion, etc), and more importantly protects farm workers from dangerous pesticide exposure. A very important fact.

4. Finally there are different types of organic. In California about 5% of the organic farmers control 60% of the market share and they follow a similar industrial path of production characterized by monocultures managed with input substitution (many apply/spray more than 10 different organic products. The rest of the organic farmers are small scale and diversified that do not use external inputs, in a way similar to systems
used by peasants in Latin America. If the Stanford study used the industrial organic produce in their comparison, then I am not surprised by
the results they report.
i share Jeff`s email

Dear Kara,

When it comes to farm bills, my philosophy has always been that our policies need to work for all our farmers and growers – including small and organic farmers, who are too often left behind. Oregon is among the top five states for organic farming, and I've been fighting to update our outdated laws to make sure they treat our organic growers fairly and help them succeed.

This week was a big week in that fight. As the Oregonian wrote, "the new five-year farm bill hammered out by congressional negotiators on Monday carries some good news for Oregon's organic farmers." Read the full article below to find out more about what I've been pushing for and what we achieved in this new farm bill.

All my best,

Jeff Merkley: Organic growers will benefit from farm bill

By Lynne Terry, The Oregonian
January 28, 2014

The new five-year farm bill hammered out by congressional negotiators on Monday carries some good news for Oregon's organic farmers.

The deal will help level the playing field on crop insurance, said U.S. Sen. Jeff Merkley, D-Ore.
The negotiated bill includes portions of an amendment co-sponsored by Merkley in June, 2012  to ensure that organic farmers are adequately compensated when their harvest fails, crops are damaged or prices plunge.

In the past, organic farmers who obtained insurance through the U.S. Department of Agriculture  had to pay a 5 percent premium. But if they filed a claim, they were only compensated for their losses based on the price of a non-organic product, not an organic one, which is usually higher.

The USDA dropped the higher premium this month. The agency has also been working on setting prices of organic crops for insurance purposes. But in the past six years, it has only decided on prices for eight crops grown nationwide: cotton, corn, soybeans, processing tomatoes, avocados, and stone fruit.

That means Oregon farmers who produce other food -- everything from kale and spinach to strawberries and blueberries -- are still stuck with a lower reimbursement.

Because of that, many of the owners of the 350 certified organic farms in Oregon, out of 38,000 farms overall, have opted not to buy insurance.
Merkley hopes that will change. The new farm bill mandates  the USDA to finish the price series. It also allocates a minimum of $5 million -- and up to an additional $5 million per year – to fund that work.
The farm bill has to be passed by the House and Senate. Merkley is optimistic that the provision on organic crop insurance will sail through to the finish line.

Besides its direct impact, he said the fact that insurance for organic farmers is part of the bill carries symbolic weight.

"It's starting to institutionalize agricultural policy for organic farmers," Merkley said in a telephone interview. "Farm policy has been dictated by the behemoths in the past. Now we're getting an organic coalition that's starting to be able to say –we are a legitimate part of the agricultural landscape in America."

on Monday Feb 3 at 5pm/6Pm this nation will be addressing a vigil in protest to the Keystone XL, showing just these examples how it has + will interfere in locals ability to self develop.

along w/much of what has been allowed to continue in the Free Trade/TTP proposed as well our foreign relations in Africa w/the Lapsset project + the world, which we plan to stay vigil to put all these into a transition working into locals living local. even the UN`s Sustainble Energy for All proposed program.

     it is wrong for US to interfere, giving aid if not done right does just this. + to partner we must do it ethically w/humane consciousness, so all live local + share what works, so locals sustain their local community, not people afar. that is our idea of partnering so when in crises we share w/our neighbor, not profit from them..

thank you all for what you can do!

peace is our option now, kara

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Re: Yeah Jeff, lets go beyond + show how all can restore our natural working sustainable communities

    folks we still have more work to do...

   thank you Slow Food for breaking the new Farm Bill down;


                             PLEASE SHARE!



                     Peace is an option if we share it,
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good folks are building this network along with their community,
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    We are ending these scars from repeating, how? To start by sharing agro_ecological solutions, ending Nuclear use except for medical use w/no half-life that can be recycled/ending US-NATO war mode + false green, toxic economies. And welcome all to interrelate and do ones local `plan, now to help!

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