a day with Dave + folks at - ouroregonocean.org, regarding proposed Cape Arago marine reserves + others..

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Re; building community, ideals to trigger our decisions for our life rights in harmony..

Thank you Dave for sharing the event on 8.28.2010 for the proposed Cape Arago marine reserve, from - ouroregonocean.org

             in response to this gathering I submit some ideals that hopefully will fuel some clarity.. please share with whom you feel may get something from this.

      I share this proposal via email to the following:

                     to my county commissioner Bob Maine of Coos county, especially since the next meeting is closed for public rebuttal. Which we should openly be part so we all become aware + make this system efficient. vs. repeating the past as Arnie Roblan state yesterday when folks didn’t listen to the loggers + fisher folks, structure their after has to be rehabbed at  a price. When if we start a common language, vs. isolate science. rather make science universal by applying it in real time. for without including all locals, no matter how permanent. Then we gain fuel to co_evolve what is necessary to gain the sensitivity to `boon with the natural world vs. control/manipulate for the gain of a few.. no longer should we have any closed door discussions. Rather we all vote once aware to the real issues in time.

I say with this ideal of changing the dysfunction of entities losing people friendly ability to become whole, with mental calm alertness with clarity of self-satisfaction leaving no footprint, along with physical strength + supprt for those unable to become able + stand/sit next to us, along with our children. So we walk together being present taking part in creating our moment.

                     while we prioritize our wild to stay wild to ecologically sustain our self-sustainability. so all bodies that vote, step back please + share the thought that has been deluded due to manipulation/fragmentation/misunderstandings, etc. so we clean clear the air. we can again put the real issues in front of us to address now. by putting an infrastructure/cloth/table platform built on human wholeness..

                   in attempts to share with Christine Dawn at Newport Fish + Wildlife working with marine reserve, whom I ask to guide us to whom best to share this letter with from F + W to address these issues. due to F+ W has the ball in their court + we feel we can make it more efficient + community friendly, to help folks `boon with these waters for ever as we all gain early signs of monitoring + how to’s. that we feel can be instituted freely from students by side;

                                     working/logging/facilitating/networking eye to eye being on top of needs + offerings, getting interpersonally clear as they have mandatory role changes within the community, locally + afar, guided by the local community. vs. the present dysfunctional school systems not addressing where 1 is + yet they collect more information, pressure + inability to be a local, global + beyond participant, along the way as they self-develop..
folks sensitive, not just degreed, but those that know these waters/land are the ones to help us interpret the borders we need to learn early signs of, so as to respect them.

              Once issues are defined as I state below, then F + W can regulate thru licensing so findings are agreed upon in this collective + enforced, without further agencies or folks working over time, rather we build an infrastructure that is sound + friendly that gets replicated triggering folks local + afar as ecosystems become our best guide..

              maybe now other serious issues can be addressed, like no more paid observers required on a fishing boat, rather a cooperative effort of equality. + when weather is bad, fish folks get the respect + have alternative catch up days in good weather + perhaps this needs to be addressed by the salmon technical team. trawlers can be put to end for ever. For they are breaking all kinds of natural ethics + getting away with it locally + in international waters. Diffusing the real issue + then small commercial fisher folks get some of the brunt in their regulations. Talk to these folks, please don’t underestimate them, yes their self-esteem has been pounded from your lack of trust with them.. International waters can be free of abuse as we communicate now with our foreign neighbors for living local sound practices so no longer folks can buy off illegal acts or get a way with it in another country, as they presently due. + commercial fishing boats are respected + given options for diversifying in working their boats for research, enforcement, etc.

landing permits or not, regulation needs to include priority perspective for fish amounts caught where + sold where. + be enforced by a system that cooperates utilizing all fisher folks/CG + enforcement so as to supplement off seasons, natural disasters so community harmonizes + goes beyond prevention or survival. Not to mention the many that don’t make it.

               Jeff, our director of Charleston marina, I thank you for your willingness to be open to co_evolve. I submit to share updates of what folks feel can be changed now at port. which all need to consider the sense of priority retrospect + simple respect for all folks.  so when we look at all these issues, we look at the present means to reduce the workload + stress + utilize our human offerings now + make a community that gains life right awareness, prioritizing our ports for their ecological doors to our ocean. + put that before the commercialism..

As well I share with Bob Main our county commissioner + administration at our International Port of Coos Bay, Ed Bowles of fisheries, OPAC, Arnie Roblan, Senator Merkely, Jeff Defazio along with Barack Obama, to come together with humane wholeness + ask your support for structural integrity to be implemented, as in redirecting Tom Calvanese to be the focus in Port Orfort, to institute a working application, not just track the fish but work with the local folks to continually gain awareness. for Tom offers humanity a purpose to build community so we don’t want to isolate his offerings to a lab. + the fish will be happier if we can monitor them from the bottom of commercial fishing boats working side by side to fill in their off seasonal work/ weather etc. vs. surgical implants. to reach out + aid this walkabout of change for our energy is within us + yet to be used, hidden resources when so many are riding on the supposedly green bio-tech movement leaving many in the clouds, not to mention ecological energy inefficiencies.

We have good old hybrid systems produced locally, that many are over looking that can be recycled as we taper the suffering. we can develop more once we lessen our footprint. for it does not make common sense to supply our waste consumption where all pay dearly in over work, spend inefficiently chasing disassociated energy that we can redirect + remove our bad health care, etc. rgaining fuel to self-develop as we come aboard awakening to solutions. at the same time. giving instinct organic structural foundation for our self along with our young + old, to carry on with those deceased unable to finish + together create what works + students creatively prioritize function energy efficiently to be part of making it happen as we all stay on top of it as a live organism as we are. fueling us all to have space to rid our baggage while continuing our exploration of this beautiful planet we share.

We can come together with what we share as 1 fuel source available to us all. then prioritize our air/water/land quality to be innovative with applications to prevent as in sewage contamination of the proposed marine reserve surrounding areas as a starter coming from Coos Bay. Folks until we get a grip of these negative effects now, we should not bring on further thought of commercialism anywhere.. as in the gas pipeline, etc. from local + afar folks that are perhaps not on top of these local reality indicators. It is only natural for us humans to get lost in fragmentation due to dysfunctional infrastructure. Where as when all in check we have an abundance of fuel to create + share when our neighbor is in need, locally + afar. this takes us away from our misinformation of the many that support the war economy.

We refuse to let time + culture stand in our way. the international community wants peace + we know we can obtain it by building our communities within 50 miles or so depending on our bioregions. + we intend to reflect those that do in harmony + the stages along the way, over coming obstacles we all took part in producing. so we can choose + work within our local like ecosystems with ideals that it triggers.

Resolving these issues will give us more than what money can. it will give us our quality of life.

So our focus we feel needs to come from within locally so all have a friendlier awareness to options of interrelating, taking part of the whole, which goes beyond funds or subsidizing when we can become aware + interrelate maintaining us to be whole, for we want to stop our misuse + become aware, not just comply to the majority of unaware voters voting, making just movement, but not in efficient directions. supporting dysfunction to continue, etc. rather bring us together as whole human beings potential with collective shared community tool sheds of our offerings supporting us each to personalize as priority needs get met + harmony surfaces, giving a calm sense of alertness to all.. Look at the faces of these folks trying to figure this all out that are working within nature’s elements.

We are talking about using our inner tools along with the virtual world to bring us eye-to –eye. this is what our project – i come to talk story, which is in the building, to fill in these loopholes of understandings as a co_evolving indicator to reflect with..

We have an abundant of interpersonal resources unused, that we have experienced after exchanging with folks over our 53k miles at sea, we have seen what humans can do when they chase delusion + remove everything in their path. Vs. collective being whole with common respect for all life as we as a living organism are interdependent on a balanced environment.. The synergy we gain from living locally together is something no one can put a price on. once you experience this what I call bi`joy `booning with the natural world, you will never again accept anything to stand in your way of being directly responsible with it. folks you deserve this experience. we all can make a difference + fill in the missing misunderstandings.

 Hi folks,

Re: `Our Ocean – event on 8.28.2010 at Cape Arago, Or.

            Dave our south coast representative is a very kind gentle person do_in his best to answer questions + discuss the issue. same with his boss Susan, she was able to do her best remembering all the information of what has gotten quite extensive + over whelming for folks that have not given it full attention as i. For I have worked very hard at fragments so I wanted to participate today to see updates + if my hard work in last few years made a difference. Arnie Roblan had asked me after a discussion I had with him to put it on paper. I followed up with 35 pages after the Florence conference on marine reserves, etc last year. Prior to that I collected community information in Brookings + gave it to OPAC. Arnies` secretary was very kind + said he will appreciate it, but I never heard more from him.

I need direct feedback for when you work hard to define issues, it is only fair to see if appreciated + put to work..  so this time I give to a few of you for it will take all of us to come to an understanding, before we can be aware to make good decisions + relink from a grounded perspective for our shared focus. I refuse to direct my requests or findings directly to representatives any more with the expectation of them then going behind close doors, etc + defining/voting etc. this process is broken. I’d like to see you folks get back with constructive answers. For those of you that know this verbiage best, are participating in a dysfunctional entity. Where I do think you can help us, as I state, to help us sort out those + the policy’s that have been negatively effected by lobbyists, confusion, etc. so we may regain an understanding of what is. As well get our system functioning so we don’t get out voted, rather we are able to locally self-sustain + directly stay focused with local issue so we can become aware, to come together for our afar shared responsibilities. then with open doors + no more closed voting. We all can vote once aware + make democracy work efficiently. So locals live local + do exchanges of how it works. No longer long distance traveling of goods + services inefficiently. No more controlling, as you interfere in able beings to do it for self, no more need to have folks waste energy asking you, rather do_in with you. vice versa you coming back as a local participant.

I appreciated discussion with folks participating at `the ocean Oregon Cape Arago event..  the helpers with food all did their best to make us comfortable. The food was great but too much. which contributed to the budget I’m sure. Perhaps can be planned better, but thank you.

Folks brought up good input, but not enough time on discussion. + it would be nice for you to as ex: even though you may be temporary in your positions, still post up feedback from all, including this so we can then follow up. especially since some of us could not find opening during some discussions. So much has been unorganized + folks get triggered yet need applicable realities to reflect with, + sharing our experiences can do that, as we fine tune for each ecosystem.

Then each of us can be self-reliant + check in to do our part so you folks can do yours. I felt if you folks can efficiently be triggered with these thoughts, you could then go about your chosen path + the resources for your entity could then be put back into the community priority needs to build infrastructure for harmony.. as in researchers getting paid vs. having to fund raise as in adopting a fish, which to me is a good example of how unaware we are, to let that kind of emotional focus be introduced when so many serious issues interfering in folks livelihood.

We need 1 universal science where students/community are taught what we apply in our community + network afar as common sense. as I have already stated to some, I think the state property given as in Shore acres by Cape Arago, Or, would make a nice community center for exchange, retain some of the garden, add permacultured food/herb community garden. use buildings for weather gatherings about all that we should be on top of vs. chasing.

This is why so many don’t want reserves or wave energy due to how it can be fabricated when hard working folks off the ocean stick to efficiency + many still attempting to survive. + once a wave of thought moves many just ride on it vs. self –observe + allow it to trigger us to go deeper to make a better footprint.

            F+ W then could enact thru licensing, which already channel is laid, updates in real time, hopefully more friendly then the relations I’m hearing about of past + experiencing now from fisher folks + public that are getting very discouraged with the political process + the regulations from F+W, testing is something that has to become more friendly, where it covers over borders, vs. be purchased by a few or persuaded + together we can do that, as I state below. which fisher folks feel they are not being heard nor trusted, + by trying to take part at representative meetings just interferes in their work schedule all the more, + because they not getting results, they struggle more..

          plus they don’t feel like supporting politicians due to up coming elections during trying to address issues. Which has added to their hard efforts or have only a few minutes if that to discuss what is lacking, solutions, etc..

what I was uncomfortable about at `Our Oceans meet was;

          the ability to be given a time perspective of the overview discussion + answer questions. Some folks asked before the floor was even open to questions.. I think it is important if issues are triggered then it would be helpful to address in real time. which was not possible for me due to timing schedule.

I see in your evaluation form you give this opportunity.

This I believe is 1 of the reasons why this process has taken so long. when we do bring gatherings together, all should have the ability to be answered. This way a follow up can be given to those creating the processes for more efficiency each time you folks have a gathering.

The clearer we can be informed the easier to follow thru. perhaps even a pass out of info contacts for us to update prior + then review the postings later. Nabble forum is free to do just that.

         I feel I don’t want to be part of a test tube mode where science is dictating, especially since so much science has not been good. I would like to see us make science better so it incorporates the education requirements so folks can change hats while going to school + periodically made mandatory when in the working field. Nor do I want to see scientists disrespected or fisher folks for their good work, due to others manipulating we can make 1 universal science that money cannot buy or be influence;

           Ex; biologists go with fisher folks + not have to be paid as observers, rather helpers to make exchange friendlier. This way commercial boats could be paid + used for studies, vice versa then they know also what science is looking for + together they can come up with solutions to define what the problem is to begin with. Vs. take this long to get to drawing lines or words written just so + pushed from 1, when all should be responsible.

           Same with politicians + environmentalists, all should know your local community + we should work together to become a responsible local, global + beyond participant where ever we are. we can best do that by folks together interrelating building community so when a decision is made, there is little temporary perhaps + then those boats used in research, enforcement, maintained, etc. for say an area that is then proven to be an are to be closed to fishing. So this can be fluid not in stone as populations maintained healthy. But all have options to diversify in a collective where it is organize with early signs address vs. waiting to long + then more expense in energy etc or loss. so as to collect wages for needed areas, such as enforcement for our offshore ocean waters. Now with pressures lessen our minds can again rethink + create solutions.

For folks don’t want to be compensated for building community when sustainable issues are in the forefront. They want to be fueled by interrelating equally.

In many marinas I hear the issues as they arise with fisher folks. I have great respect for any one that goes out to sea. I’d like to propose the thought of utilizing the marine schools near, to open curriculum for say a mandatory focus before coming degreed as well periodically, as well the community + local schools then fueled thru graduate students + professionals putting in their time to be back as a student doing time equally with young + old in all communities.

          This would not require funding, rather it would put students on location to get clear of what others do, rather then learn about them in theory. Same with Coast Guard. Between them + fisher folks a cooperative could be built, where as ex: the distraught boats in disrepair that the CG pulls in, could be put thru a rehab program with CG. Where they help them modify + manage better by offering hands on as well facilities, correlating with the schools to aid programs depending on local maintenance. This would eliminate CG going out often to bring them home + for some it is a repeat. As well those fisher folks that are distressed get trapped + can’t get out + need the opportunity to be refreshed. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve supported the CG to define what is, yes they also once have helped me, but many times they have been misinformed that took us a lot of energy to comply. As well with safety factors. Not to mention their horns play a music that reminds me of twilight zone. It would be nice to co_evolve it with uplifting refreshment as community becomes alive with interrelating. I actually enjoy the seal lions better.

But I do respect those folks that don’t get sleep + have to get up very early to work the sea due to the sea lion issue that needs to be resolved, so all on same page + the students could do this to, aiding community + entities within, lessening liability as awareness comes about.

          CG could get a boat capable, + even work this out to use a good reliable fishing vessel to go offshore + enforce those that are trawling.. so as to change this policy to stop it + not let big money keep them going. As well illegal boat acts could be enforced. So CG folks now gain experience + waters offshore are prevented from depletion, as they interchange their role + be on commercial fishing vessels at work, vice versa, so a common respect + efficiency of skills developed by each.

It is wrong to not put our ocean intro retrospect so we can prioritize issues. local folks need to be aware of what beyond also contributes to the deficiencies of their livelihood. For as I say folks want to fish, they don’t want to collect fees for not fishing. + good fisher folks should not have to have observers + have to pay them. it should be agreed upon depending what focus needs to be done when, not interfere in fishing, actual space for them to do their job.

Folks need to have simple common respect for each other + be aware of each other’s role by taking part in this cooperative. between availability for community to volunteer as they may be pursuing career changes + part time just giving to be a local participant is needed for those unable until able, which could be any of us at any time. just recently we lost another due to a boat going to fast + hitting, as well a police boat going to fast + damage done + then Allstate insurance manipulating settlement, etc. ending in law suit. CG + enforcement can o better by knowing local behaviors + prevent them from being in control of a vessel.

along with students of all ages taking part in real needs side by side with adults. So they learn to be clear of their choice as well do their part. vs. be next to a person or parent that thinks they have to do for their future, rather identify these behaviors that keep us from co_evolving.  

It is inefficient to think + hear folks say we need to do it for our children. This is of the old school. Our children will not know how to handle anything if we don’t acknowledge them now as equals as we all self-develop + even learn from them vice versa.. All the needs we see can be roles fulfilled as folks participate in what is needed working into chosen careers to go beyond this drain of unemployment where folks are without energy to use internal resources due to existing drains in place. which I feel due to fragmented issues.

The biggest dysfunction I see is the resultant from big money being allowed to influence policy, along with old thought due to not actively being a local participant building community for us all to become a local, global + beyond participant.. Vs prioritizing us to be aware so we can interrelate locally + no more I suggest to even give representatives our desires when the dysfunction they are in is not allowing locals to self-sustain. it is people that allow this, which we can stop by observing this thread + restoring self. so we talk together as an equal.

So if we put this energy into ourself + ask you representatives to inform us of what has been twisted + what policy actually has been interfered with then we can perhaps together reestablish a functioning democracy where people self-sustain. + Representatives responsibly come back as local participants so we all know what is needed without us having to hound you repeatedly as many activists suggest.  We should know or we should not be in that position.

We should have common sense + if natural reserves already exist as fisher folks say, then lets redirect the resources to what is to be defined?? + this will happen as cooperative efforts are put into place 1st before the reserves so folks learn from each other. A fisher folk that knows their grounds is sensitive to all the elements  + of fish behavior. A research scientist that tries to duplicate by monitoring is pretty hard to really duplicate incoming data  + equate it as the same + why waste this energy, rather Tom Calvanese, we ask you to do this thesis in Port Orford, on the boats with the fisher folks + define a language to unite this cooperatively vs. keeping all separated with such fragmented compartmentalization.

                All ports/communities can put commercialism down the list + put humane comfort 1st for those that give us our food.  when walk the dock workers can see the liabilities + make it better, opening to students/volunteer programs for community to make it work. talk to each other + update when appropriate. + when stress rids, energy reserves restore fueling solutions.
                Rather bring in the students for resources we need along with the community so they stay when you decide to leave. + do your life. engineering students to give options, redesign local hybrid systems base on old + new within each ecosystems local offering + keep it local recycling even the wires until worn. The green movement is wasteful + it’s energy reviews are out their not grounded with respect to nature’s local ability.

This way folks can speak a friendlier language so we come together + not let focus isolate us. we want to be part responsibly, yet not be led; rather in an applicable working local process we can efficiently self-sustain from the learning process for our ecological sustainability. this is not a 1 time study, many variables constantly in flux. + folks need early sign management. So please create within your potential each of you folks. for as I told Tom I’ve not seen a good person yet here be foolish when clarity comes along, at least I’ve been fueled to still do this today.

                Where common sense + now a language shared keeps wild wild. No thought of fish farms or unnatural alternatives, just getting real with our human potential to work with our common denominators to make lives simple. Look at the life of the fisher folks, it is not easy. This project in Port Orford was very hard + for folks to give up part of their livelihood without good sound friendly common sense of all working for the whole is insane. Look at his face that spoke to us, stress can be eliminated from this equation.

We can do better for that. Fisher folks don’t have to be frantic, or disrespected. Their livelihood just needs to be interpreted into science language + science converted to hands on in time application. just because others are isolating focus, same with scientists that have been abused + stuck in the middle, such as good ones, + then other hors have paid for other science to rule. So many factors contributing that can stop now.

Prof Miguel Altieri with agro-ecology from Berkely can show you. he is on top of our planetary food crisis + his files working with indigenous showing same yields without toxic effects get over ruled from bio-techs that think they need to save people.   so there is no 1 universal science, this has to be changed.

For the hors/confused, any one that knows the project we are developing called - i come to talk story, which brings folks together to build local community. so we build a self that is a responsible local, global + beyond participant that co_evolves. we have a `tapering transition where we support those that leave negative effects to responsibly rethink as other folks add solutions for them to rethink. Make it right, rid + recycle + come back as a local participant. all that they do locally + at the end of their focus. Where locals hold folks locally responsible, live local + no longer abuse somewhere else.

We have this capacity as humans to use our whole mindbody process. so when I say we want to vote together, we want to no longer accept our own ways to be right when we are misusing. We want to become aware. + if folks stay pulling their own way or fear based due to abuse of others, then we can’t come together to make this simple.

The folks that I saw today don’t need to be trapped in this over load of fragmentation. We can go in baby steps + come together to fill in the detail of defining our exchange, our needs + offerings.

I like Daves proposal from `Our Ocean, of no commercial new endeavors along any of the coast line which I add, until we take a serious look with our community members/water/land/ ecosystems, etc. that are distressed. Then we need to let folks work together to further define + suggest redirecting Tom, in Port Orford to get on the boat + go fishing with the fisher folks vice versa they in the lab + together they can create /modify tools for small fishing boats, end the trawlers + still have space to address ocean regulations/enforcement/cooperatively down by community. Small fishing boats + livelihoods from our fore folks to go on forever. to thrive as they aid in monitoring/creating sustainable ways together, not just for the fish but also for people gaining awareness for life right.

Please folks lets go beyond learning after life is gone. Rather we can build an infrastructure that works now. + start recycling that which is centered + already grounded.. locally + beyond to trigger our local thought. for our local ecosystems. coming into community as a complete classroom, allows us to redo what is not working + remove the dysfunction created from fragmenting. you want to have the whole story + make responsible choices in the moment. not jump on a bandwagon that is incomplete. the governor is wanting the reserve + the process is trying to get people's perspective + agreement, so please post to local, state + federal appropriate parties so we can update the facts + create a system that remains in real time, as we all learn to `boon better with what fuels us. vs isolating us from natural world. this is our livlihood + can learn.

by restricting us you folks are saying we are unable, that is not true. wilderness awareness offers us our ability to be sensitive to all life. it is very wrong to stop folks that have given us our food, worked the nautical seas at great risk many times + knows how to fish sustainably.

We must each rethink our role, our position + we in it are best to advise how to replace it or recycle/refurbish those worn torn threads that keep it dysfunctional.

Peace, from our combined` effort, thank you for rethinking kara..

Kara j lincoln

Tel 360-450-3749 please leave a message,  

or email; away@icometotalkstory.net

we can start at a very young age becoming aware with good local folks offering camp/workshops at slough. we can walk the docks with respect to the fisher folks + those that work the sea + have a bi'joy experience of our working harmony in nature. we don't have to isloate putting up walls, adding extra expense, increasing property taxes as older folks now unable to pay as values get out of hand. rather lets pool thought + make what is needed + address what is presently not working + make it right so all can adjust efficiently, as in F+W working woth fisher folks as ne wscience is written to regulate for sustainable harvest. so folks `boon with their natural world, not be restricted from it due to fragmented intervention.