a few things we can do to transcend the moment on Oct 13, 2012 as we come together for globalNoise supporting the goodness of Occupy Wallstreet`s continued effort for us to understand what can be..

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Hi folks,

     please consider some ideas for Oct 13, 2012 event:


   review this posting i did as i make  few corrections here, + we all know the work needed + the goodness happening in fragments;


      why can we not co_evolve the frequency that is left as scars on this planet + grip this moment to heal + be humble, + have compassion for all these folks suffering 1 way or the other including all the baggage still within us all.

    even those leaving big time war mode + false freen economy as they take over those they don`t want competition with, then short the market as they win as others fail, etc.

      it is local tapering transitions that we can get very sensitive with + skillfully listen carefully to those that read the natural limits best as they reflect it`s enhanced limits.

so i ask all of you to celebrate this day, + use our synergy to heal those left imprisoned in their own minds that seriously have been injured, lost loved ones or ill, dying + play them music soothing to realize they can heal with changes as we find `ways to reach them.

  but we can start with as in a 100 year old chinese pot with a pestle + play the vibration, have you all had this experience, some pots are beautiful sounding as you hold pot in 1 hand + use pestle to go around its rim as it sings. wanting to release its goodness.

+ invote people to bring instruments to harmonize with these pots, as drums play vibrations that reach out beyond this earth, as all create with what symbolizes these struggles + lift up the frequency that will be reflected to all gently, very gently.

leaving a message that all can feel, not just hear as we sing gently, move + play music..

      rather like Dr. Mark Wiley shares in 8. 2009 Vol 1, Issue 6 of Healthy Back Institute`s livepainfree tm, as he explains more in his article about;

              an ancient Taoist qigong practice of human sound healing called Liu Ze Jue Qi Gong, or the 6 healing sounds energetic breathwork. they are monosyllabic utterances that, when repeated + sustained, help accomplish unity of mind + body, removal of symptoms, returning the body to homeostasis, quieting the mind, enlivening energy.

      focus your observation on the sound being uttered + the sensation felt in the organ it is meant to influence. although most efficent if done undisturbed for 30 minutes,  for you then to relax.

 i think it is fun to see how we can co_evolve the day. think of the syllables as song sounds, as opposed to word sounds. + place your hands over the organs you are sounding to + then sing or hum the sounds so you feel the resonance in the organ. this brings in new energy + balance to the organ systems affecting the mood + help you become vibrant + healthful again. (we add a few notes here to his)

                   Xi = sheee sound. as we breathe in a fresh breath of air to awaken our lungs + large intestines..

         +       Ho = Hooo   ".    to open our heart + small intestine, + circulate the flow of life energy we all have available now..

         +       Xu = SHooo  ".    to calm liver + gallbladder, realizing what distress does to our organs, many unable to define, + now we can.

           +       Fu = Fooo   ".    to cool spleen + stomach, from all the distress that over heated us..

           +    Chu = CHooo  ".   to release kindeys + bladder, as we held for so long thinking something  else is more important..

       +   last Hey = Haaa   ".    to integrate + harmonize the 3 areas of the body trunk,  as we then quiet ourself realizing only with good balance of the use of our lungs, heart + kidneys, we then have clear mental function..

+ this is what is needed to converse, link + share solutions to further gain from our human synergy now as we share what works + go up + beyond what can easily further trap us, or give us more baggage if we ride on others wave, of those with dull sensors, vs. `boon with our natural world as we all work to freely use it with sensitivity, with simple respect for all life. which many yet to realize we have this choice.

thank you for what you do + enjoy, for we can make this an unbelievable experience that can connect with many to apply now + in following days if we lay out our cloth/table platform + welcome all to share now, for peace is our option for all!

good day, kara j lincoln