a plan` do_in translating what the earth speaks..

                 in other do_ins we got clear right! clear maybe their, but now we need to stay present in the moment, so we carry clarity with us thru out our day, with what ever we are do_in, + always best to share in thought before our acts for our communities locally + afar..
                    lets live as a local where ever we are fortunate to be. 

for we must become aware of the reality of what responsible positions are not doing + the CO2 effects from this supposedly are not as bad as fracking/coal/fossil fuel related investment, etc;


         we share what works thru our good virtual tools, that Nabble here can offer freely, to us all. + if you make your own, please have a rep come post for your community + help us build this archive.

       we are not a market place for stuff, rather we want bi`joy experiences that reach out sharing for all, from the work we ground locally. that fuels your offerings to rid your needs + others.. for we have much prioritized work to do in every community. so as to not steal from our moment rather collaborate so we collectively address all.. + working with our students in our proposed project osic, can better do just this...        

    this is about gathering sensitive/skilled to translate what the local earth speaks.. so we can then live within it`s natural enhanced borders, giving respect to those species to regain balance within our self + within our ecosystems, + we are so fortunate to reflect afar  + bring home what works;

look up Masonoba Fukuoku`s many offerings;

       `water doesn`t come from the skys, it comes from our the results of our plantings..

                    clay seed balls

                                         food forest;


       as we reflect via like ecosystem/subject with many creative solutions, fueled from prioritizing our function, energy efficiently, as we live local, it fuels us to explore.

  see these folks great work;


  efficient housing to sustain strong conductivity + good foundation prone to extreme weather events, to trigger your thought.. we start w/earth builder..




                   we invite all to help us here build this archive, for all to use as a good tool..


   so all are supported to come to the cloth/table platform + together we listen + allow all to speak, so together we prioritize what we need to do, starting from where we are at.
            not ride on others wave. rather search + network as we share like ecosystem/thought, then bring home + apply once we rethink for our local biome.

          create your patches`  message board - building marine/fresh water + land cooperatives:.

                  please make a good communication cloth/table platform, post on your local message board, to come together eye to eye. for all your local folks to understand, as we share this process + create local communities to harmonize + link..

       + don`t forget to have your rep stay in real time with us, for all to build + enjoy this archive as a great tool.

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to think one has to experience a war is bad enough, let alone after effects as with land mines. please see a few that are working at this positively with good results; http://minekafon.blogspot.com/ i thank Serena Tideman + Joe Breskin for bringing this to our attention. + also; h... read more
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La Via Campesina in the Committee on World Food Security: (Rome, October 11, 2012) A delegation of women and men farmers members of the international peasant's movement La Via Campesina will attend the 39th Session of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) in Rome from October 15 to 20 in... read more
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Denouncing the multiple attacks on La Via Campesina member (Brussels, 15 October 2012) In September 2012 all European Union governments with a seat on the United Nations Human Rights Council voted against a specific protection mechanism for the rights of peasants and other people working in r... read more
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(Rome, 18 October 2012) La Via Campesina welcomes the adoption on October 17, 2012, of the first version of the Global Strategic Framework for Food Security and Nutrition (GSF) of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS). The international farmers movement has participated intensively in its ... read more
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We, peasants of the Provincial Nucleus of Peasants in Nampula, the Provincial Nucleus of Peasants in Zambezia, the Provincial Peasants Union of Niassa and the Provincial Union of Peasants of Cabo Delgado, and who are all members of the National Peasants' Union (UNAC), met on the 11th of October ... read more

North Indian farmers destroy Monsantos GM corn field trials..

in `seeds, if ya don`t save them, you`re yet to be a true farmer..
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Shahabad (Kurukshetra), October 18, 2012: In a dramatic action, farmers of the BKU forced the Haryana State Agriculture University to fulfill their commitment to destroy Monsanto's ongoing GM corn field trials in their public research station. Last month, farmers and activists of the GM Free ... read more
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La Via Campesina Media advisory The Worlds Small farmers Will Meet in Thailand to Promote Agroecology (Jakarta, November 5, 2012) - The global peasants movement, La Via Campesina (LVC) will hold a global encounter of agroecology trainers and peasant agroecology schools at the Community Agroe... read more
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for those of us afar that will not be their, please share this posting.. please note President Barack Obama is right on with this; How this happened Tuesday, November 6, 2012 11:44 PM From: "Barack Obama" <info@barackobama.com&a... read more
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