a `way is valuable to rethink our priorities now regarding gulf oil spill.. it helps us refocus the networks behind our eyes..

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this is what I sumitted along with signing Mark's petition, check out his blog below.. Congress must stop all drilling for oil when their is no way to stop the leakage + you folks have allowed these companies to be nontransparent with the truth of what takes place underwater. mishi dove in the 70's. + this experiences have happened long before says divers that work on them with 1st hands on experience as mishi did. i yet to figure how to address this oil spill, maybe ya got ideals, i sure wish project was up, but i can only do so much with the many obstacles we've had. but do you realize even when mishi diving on the gulf oil rigs, it was an oath you took, not to talk or the planet would never hire you again if on an oil rig + saw leaks + worked on them + told all the cover up not told, + it continues. once they put a pipe in it always leaks. we don't even know if these in gulf have the protective christmas tree valves that should of been on, + this was a new tech at these depts, where no diver can go that deep. + robotics aren't being effective. they most likely never had a solution to an ER issue. no way if done right would all the protective valves go wrong at once, so maybe they not installed?? we only know what they say. but when they go 400-700 plus ft deep, they would pour a concrete that comes down in a funnel + goes to the leak so it is like an upside down funnel that continues to be worked on with new leaks not caught in time. by the time they done, concrete drys instantly in salt water. + then when they fail to clean pipes they abandon them + know it's like spagetty`s hanging left, due to mistakes made. at great expense. yet little support for divers that get hurt. as well good safty equipment was not available in 70's. mishi was in oil + within 2 hrs his complete suit was burned off + he came up with a hat + burning skin. oil rigs are not telling the truth + they should not exist when they can't resolve an ER situation. nor normal issue with continued leaks, etc. this one is serious business. mishi has been watching chaneys old corp - Halliburton, gaining on puts during this crises. this is what also should stop asap, the stock market is out of control when folks do this on crises. the mental mode of investors is in a crises, as they pursue their greed + this upsets/interfers with good folks that are getting beated by being dependent on them, as well good folks simply living natural lives with respect. Barack Obama, Congress, Senate, people it is time for a `tapering transition so all of you with good sensitivity, reach out across the board to these folks abusing negatively as they pursue their path, that no longer regulates fair trade. rather exponentially it is throwing off the economy, as it interferes in the healthy of people + all life, as habitats are being ignored + wild to remain wild, small farmers + fisherfolks are not being prioritized. + you folks are supporting as well if people know the threads each government official had, you would not be in place. for it is wrong to take funds, as Barack did from BP during campaign + then give favors, as many of the politicians do continually. what happened to being a volunteer for service to others. + better yet we just want you to be a local, global+ beyound participant so we don't have to tell ou, take the energy meanwhile you get all your pay. you should be living locally + know what is going on. plus this should be an interchangeable role + + lot posted thru virtual world when it comes to business, after folks have sat down eye to eye + made it right. only then should a position then be created to sustain those unable. people once you choose to become aware their is no need to follow anyone but the natural ways + together communities can again gain a center + ground to ecologically be sustainable for our fuel source. wild to support the process. not a politician. what happen to donating time for your community or 1.00 to be a government official. people live local + link with this movement + stop supporting any one that will not come eye to eye + rethink, while in a good exchange, both correct + stop the negative effects being left locally + at the end of one's focus afar. hold people accountable. know how 1 hand feeds off the other, bring transparency so all can see these threads + stop asap, supporting + redirect into local communities, rehabbing within nature's way. icometotalkstory is under construction still, + this is what we do, we share in exchange ways that work, respecting life as a priority. our virtual tool will expand what we do eye to eye in our walkabout. join in + let this trigger what is needed for you to do with your local community. Greenpeace is being active + should be respected. if they are wrong let them know asap. as well any of us. as we self-observe + become aware + share detail of those that are not complying to a `tapering transion to resolve + let us know who these people are + what they do. so we asap stop supporting the negative + transcribe with them, allowing them to adjust as they build new pathways that now are positive. bringing them back into our communities. this movement is linking + we can do this now. so this underwater reality of the design of this one + all, along with their management, which has had many errors along the way, needs to be transparent, Congress put stricter regulations in place for the coal and oil industries to make them start `tapering down to rid them permanently until better design can be perfected + managed. and more accountable for the damage they do continually that people are unaware of underwater as well above. all the folks losing income in these areas should be compensated immediately + offered a job asap to help resolve this with good pay. as well all those that work for all life now because it is already too late. this issue was not addressed long ago when they had many complaints + problems. as well others now that are not being made public. bring these records now to your attention to stop more ER issues as well the immediate stop of mismanagment + employ experienced people to manage, stop leaks asap + rid the wells that cannot be managed correctly. Congress must put a ban on new offshore drilling that prevents this threat from spreading to other areas of the country. And Congress must pass legislation that jumpstarts the clean energy revolution. Half measures, loopholes, and giveaways to polluters won't cut it this time. Now is the moment for action. we have skilled engineers + simple folks that live within the natural world, respecting it's limits. with customizing each ecosystem we can have off grid designed for correct use of the lands + no wave energy should be created until land is correctly used. nor should all these marine reserves that are duplicating policy in many places that are already protected. as well the commercial + sport fisherman know these natural reserves already in place. enviromentalists, politicians, people we need to restore natural balance + co_evolve with nature's way, + their are enough sensitive old folks + young that can do this, that know how to read + are aware of what was + how it should not be. we cannot just accept all tis imbalance, we can assertively + non aggressively resolve these issues by cooperating + my ideal last year of a fisherfolk coop with biologists + scientists, regulators to pool the existing resources so all can gain, vs waste + consumptions from folks wanting new research vessels when yet, they have no hands on sense from school theory curriculium + limited experience. you can go with the fisherman + the fisherman can gain by learning in this exchanging + get compensated for their equipment, so as to keep it maintained. vs enduring the struggles of a life of the fisherfolks with the elements + the imbalances out of perspective, now interfereing as excess sea lions + cormorans gorge + interferel.. Paul Edenburg I 'm spelling this wrong, the man that I believe Sunco is supporting that lives in a tree in 10 mile creek. you should listen, old folks feel you are lying, that know this area. + you are not looking at nature's balance + co-evolving. so people around you should collective reach out + review all. other wise we interfere in what needs to be efficiently done for us to `boon with the wild. "Mark Floegel, Greenpeace" wrote: I'm in a boat, looking at the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. I can't describe the horror of it, knowing that the black water surrounding me is literally killing thousands of birds and marine animals, and is devastating the local economy. The real horror of this has only just begun. This oil spill is already more than 3 million gallons and is growing by at least 210,000 gallons every day. Sign the petition: http://us.greenpeace.org/site/R?i=AZwNEfAbf5POOFlN1_x9Qw.. I was here just 5 years ago, right after hurricanes Katrina and Rita delivered such a devastating blow to this region. I never imagined witnessing anything like it again. But this is no natural disaster - and it should never have happened. The government is taking aim at BP - the company leasing the rig - and BP has said they will be paying the bill for the cleanup. That's a good thing - Big Oil should be 100% liable for disasters that happen on their watch. But trying to clean up this spill won't address the problem at its source. Congress must pass a ban on new offshore oil drilling and pass laws that jumpstart the clean energy revolution, NOW. As long as we are dependent on fossil fuels, we can expect more catastrophes just like this one. Sign the Petition: http://us.greenpeace.org/site/R?i=sDM6RisNvenI8JcD9NM7pg.. The bottom line is that oil will spill, period. And it can't be adequately "cleaned up." Let's hope the legacy of this disaster is not one of more oil drilling and spills, but of a meaningful shift away from our dependence on fossil fuels in order to protect human life, the economy, and the environment. For a greener future, Mark Floegel

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Re: a `way is valuable to rethink our priorities now regarding gulf oil spill.. it helps us refocus the networks behind our eyes..

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