a web we can weave as we restructure together, to plug into ourself, leaving no one left behind, come join in..

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    We suggest you let us trigger some thought, as i submitted this proposal to many including Barack Obama + Kim Jong_Un, i think you can do the math... although I`ve co_evolved this a bit from original sent to them.. but i continue to attempt to share so it is up to them to update.

 Barack i`m disappointed by you especially, i have volunteered so much energy for peace, sharing it with your various entities, yet you fail to look at the tool, together we all can make. + this is why we continue to work at restructuring a global platform for all to reflect as we focus direct;

     for the many layers all are in, are making life just too complex for many being left behind. many have so much ability to work within our human potential. yet still many pockets left without. many are so fortunate to gain the understanding of what it takes for peace. we all have this same potential for us all to self-develop as we go within + listen to the baggage we carry. all the wrong/right neuro processing that is mapped is in resultant of our judgment, that can be very good, if we bring our self to be present in the moment.

  but many are unable to sort this out + need simple reflection from those focusing on a shared act, leaving then the energy for one to process on their own. this is most efficient;

     not allowing anything or anyone to take us off our center that we must build. yes we must do our own homework. as we become good jugglers to maintain it. editing the baggage as it surfaces, when calm. then sharpening our sensors to feel what is important to us to build upon + not just act, rather explore + see applications then apply with real association to oneself, yet if done right will fuel one to collectively put ones life into retrospect with the whole local community. even if just temporary.

to live as a local with simple respect for all life keeps our life fueled to be present in the moment. these inner tools of awareness can't be bought.

 we can further share some ideas of neuro science + circuitry as we get clear. but it is not all that important for everyone to know, when we can simply accomplish our potential by maintaining respect for our self + others equally, especially when we focus direct our priorities of what sustains us, starting with local natural food sovereignty.

 for many people are not understanding how we process our information, + are unable to do anything but follow command, ride on others` wave in attempts to survive, as they have come used to living with dull sensors, knowing no other way. sadly they have allowed themselves to carry these behaviors passed on as normal. as ones` circle can many times keep one unaware of our human potential. with conscious ability to respect all life, not realizing the effects left along ones path, both theirs as well those that lead.

   Barack we at i come to talk story whom speaks for many, ask you to humanely work within your human potentials + pick up the telephone/facebook, what ever channels you have open, same with Syria/Congo + many more could be simply resolved if we continue to rid the dysfunctions within all entities/within our self/within UN, as we allow as in our restructuring of project osic to trigger thought in every local community + help all become aware of how we each have the tools within to perceive from the universe, while on earth to remain with good self-control.

    not allowing tensions to build, as many now walk the streets filled with misuse/abuse. yet may of had a heart attack, great expense from many/much pain then to still not get educated + continues to carry similar behaviors that start repeating the same pattern.

     it is not just Congress that needs to rid the worn torn threads, it is within all to self-reflect, network so all have opportunity to understand how we work as a living organism;

       with such powerful abilities within + when we plug in together, it leaves amazing effects. especially once we become aware of our early signs, knowing well if we maintain discipline over our self sensory observation, we then can responsibly act + our ability to transmit our true reality of what we perceive will then not interfere in others` ability to do the same.

    this is our free network we all can be part of, if consciously humane with simple respect for all life.
but for those misusing/abused, carrying mixed signals, it is not being transmitted within. so mixed signals are being emitted, as well thru out the fields. circuits of many are broke, in need of repair to actually see the reality of what is + the negative effects one is leaving in real time.

 when circuits are disconnected as in the streets in every local community, globally, leaving many left behind trying to survive. as well many military installations out in the field that would not of even had to be subjected to high risk.

      Barack you can use our ability within our human tools, as in our proposed restructuring. to reflect with, for many are not in real time, leaving negative effects as even you are being mislead by bad self-discipline, from many around you, along with many others afar. many more innocent people thinking they are supporting the goodness for the whole get injured/killed + can stop ASAP..

      we personally experienced with our own misuse/abuse thru the banking collapse few years back, + i could not understand why i continue to get so many offers from people, working in economic institutions trying to offer me money. i`ve been putting proposals out to fund raise for a long time with yet no support that i felt i could ethically accept, so we are restructuring before we fund raise.

   folks we know enough of the human mind when do_in good, how we continue to work it. let alone the deviation when one manipulates purposely for fraudulent acts. how it can seriously leave negative effects all along one`s path.

 not to mention those thinking the best good intention, yet interfere in ones ability to have the awareness to reflect, because it is a life energy that is real, + we as humans can feel the fuel to go within + work our baggage.

    many people are vulnerable, especially with the use of internet as many reach out fast. leaving little time for innocent/unaware of such fraudulent people, to rethink their options, leaving them to act to quick getting negatively hurt. this is why we feel we should focus direct, so internet is made a good tool, to over come the many scams now out their. but not just to address scams, rather if we become aware at any age, then we know how to pursue a good exploration before judging or making a decision.

     as in the other side of this coin with many people working hard to make it right, from the result of the many doing wrong, using internet to reach out farther, to make one aware + go beyond prevention, rather enjoying simple natural living from collective community effort supporting each to build ones own path as they walk it into ones opening. leaving no footprint..

     see Marius, whom is a very good responsible person reaching out, networking, inviting all to come together at;

     Survival Celebration Camp for Sustainable Earth 2013


 as we all try to see how best we can go figure, shares;

                Global warming, anyone?


thank you Marius, La Via Campesina + all for what you do, for we do have a few things to go figure.

     + Barack, you can help us more by allowing us to help you + let this trigger you to go back into yourself, for you have great tools yet to be used, before you simply jump to mechanical war mode.

     + please all share in your walkabout, our restructuring, for what we attempt to trigger within is a lot more efficient then examples of energy + expense below of what is being done globally, in response to negative acts that continue to take place..

 this is why with us restructuring, in the building, we propose to trigger all to join in these decisions. we feel computer use should be regulated, until one develops their own mental capacity to use their own inner tools to go eye to eye responsibly + maintain sharp sensors.

   but the good side of these tools is they don`t deviate into ones inner emotions unfolding, leaving them from completing task at hand efficiently.  so each have the equality to do same self unfolding, once affairs collectively in order. this is why so much misuse/abuse continues for many people get lost, unable to prioritize for the whole, so no one left behind or interfering, yet attempts to self-satisfy to survive leaving one without scope of reality..

   to see the experience in Egypt for me was great! that moment of equality with representation assessed + then followed thru from the military was an act that I never will forget. from here so much more can be done without having to unfold this way. but to know it can happen if one does not follow thru with the community agenda, early on then will be supported to rethink. for many people in other countries are not this involved + organized + can be feeling the synergy calmly by redirecting in other acts, vs. energy now unfolding because of it being done this way.

  this platform for people to merge thru virtual tools is more efficient, leaving more energy for quality gather/discussion/activities/music living the arts, making good relations;

      this happens when we maintain simple nuts + bolts to give us harmony as every one deserves fresh water, natural local food, recycling bio-sanitation efficiently so small to medium size alternative energy as supplements support local communities. for everyone to have a good night sleep.

      no Al Gore mode of credit swap, etc. as his bank account fills, misleading people from this lack of sound ecological assessments that every local community will do as they make their `plan. + all gain the simple respect to gain support to come to the cloth/tables + understand misuse/abuse, so then equality merges across the table, so we all make responsible in time decisions. with good science gauges that then record + co_evolve as responsible people make decisions by association + application after networking, do_in their homework. comparing via like ecosystem/subject as in our proposed platform.

   it is this our proposal that will trigger us all to rethink as each local community will focus direct, not as some of the locals here are doing with the crime watch, as they lack own self-reflection, unable to get free of own baggage, as I`ve personally attempted thru community rehab that simply are dysfunctional, leaving them more ill, having to fend for self, putting more burden on others that do have compassion for those suffering.

 yet collectively they laugh/think religious + being responsible, yet want to build posses, carry guns against these dysfunctional people they took part in creating, etc. this list goes on, mostly young undeveloped/drugged/ill/raising young while even 1 partner may be totally irresponsible. teacher unable to teach a hungry student, trying to survive. + when they get picked up, judicial system does not properly process due to lack of community support for rehabs/mental ward space/same with jails, etc. so released back on street. why?

    well go look at the court dates, sit in the hall, just like sitting in Walmart, you will see a lot of dysfunction from all levels, even the court system itself having one drive many miles with fuel expense not taken into consideration by many. then to tell to watch the mail in 2 weeks for possible criminal prosecution up to 1 year + $5000. fee.  then to have a few meets with lawyer that still could of been prevented or done thru a telephone/get together eye to eye conference with all, to get a sense of why + what to do.. as good community conflict coordinators do.

    luckily i`m one that asks many questions, which many fail to have the energy simply for it is over powering + inefficient. but luckily we can do this + will continue as well many good that have the energy/resources that we invite for this review on how best we can come together efficiently + apply peacefully.

   so in my search i discovered our local sheriff Craig to be a very supportive community builder, so i`ve left messages, talked with him + will continue working with his suggestions of educational entities wanting to do the same so we can exponentially reach out with our students, as we focus direct with them for responsible awareness to be shared with all.

   so i suggest you do the same, get to know your local community to help you get to know yourself + network locally + afar as you let this trigger your priorities. for many people are unable to plug in locally. yet, find resolve afar with like minded people. + this is what our good virtual process at i come to talk story`s intent is, is to create this global platform to bring us together eye to eye as your local natural community gets restored, to harness this delusional disassociated energy we all take part in creating.

    don`t allow your eyes or anyone/even those blind, to misinterpret reality + falsely blame or consume resources, without holding self + others accountable.

  this is no reason for shooting these people. when we all can learn to bring our self to calm, to better then process our needs + rid our baggage, so we collectively build communities that harmonize, to heal + explore.

   those that are video taping, pressing charges, showing their success as they catch people trying to show them their own wrong doings. then laughing making a joke as videos of sheriff taking one way, without taking time to go redirect + realize they are part of the problem. this is not justice, for you need to take a review of what your own eyes need to see within. not to mention when you speak to those that easily blame from shallow judgments.

  we are an open book + many are fortunate to have sensitive skilled people, young + old, reflect many ways that work, as they remain in patches, yet many are reaching out afar + have been for years. just not far enough.

  we know we can link these patches + pockets, for all to build on the bi`joy experiences for all to go figure, with the aid of students for the community + for aid of students from the community. as we compare via like ecosystem/subject as all come together + do their `plan land fresh water flow to sea use review + restore natural local living, as what sustains us is prioritized + individualized in each community.

continuing the unique ethnic cultural experiences, as we `boon with the natural world, to enhance our life as our ecosystems become balanced. as we understand how the wild works best.

  vs. being enslaved by emotions + greed, where as many irresponsible people are being allowed to interfere in one`s local privacy. as videos are put in many places by irresponsible people that, that can`t figure out why they are getting robbed.

    many support good community networking keeping our eyes open, making live aboards on boats in marinas particular helpful. + yes videos in some strategic places are helpful. but to direct on people, then fail to talk to one, when a group of irrational people then decide that another is manipulating to then have intentions to steal, is seriously pulling in those irrational, unable to maintain their own center. now causing more layers of baggage to build on an already over stressed mindbody. + many do know they need help already.

    + if in balance once can seriously see their needs for help + know well how to rid them. as for many of us working with these people, in attempts to resolve, then get accused our self. so we do what we must then to responsibly act;

       many have had enough of this foolishness, in the hands of irrational people, that had proved to us over last few years that they where dishonest, disrespecting some life by being overly emotional with others, for their own pacification. + my experiences with many strong beliefs, find themselves too preoccupied by them to self-assess along the way.

          now leaving others to face criminal charges + having to relocate due to charges to avoid contact, unable to get back to their jobs, due to falsely being accused without the full story being told.. this can be costly in energy + funds to then have to shift. as those people then love to pile their baggage on those they accuse wrongly, making others the bad guy + them the winners.

  folks, we suggest do some self-reflecting here to see if you are part of the problem or part of the solution...

  please do your homework to stay in real time with yourself, then 1 on 1, 1 on 2, 1 on 3, etc. share;

   please see below for more reality; Statement of la Via Campesina

 We demand Peace in Korean Peninsula!

(Jakarta, 13 of April 2013) In March, the US and SK mobilized over 200 thousand soldiers in the Foal Eagle and Key Resolve Military Exercises. In reaction to what it interpreted as military provocations, North Korea responded by rescinding the 1953 cease fire. The United States responded by dispatching the B-52, a strategic bomber with nuclear capability, and the B-2, a strategic stealth bomber, fighters to further bolster the military exercises. North Korea responded by upgrading its battle readiness to its highest level and placing on standby launch its strategic rockets.

The US government responded by placing a nuclear submarine in the vicinity of the Korean Peninsula - making this US military mobilization the largest one since the Iraq War. North Korea reacted by sending mid-range missiles towards its eastern sea coast and notifying its intent to launch them. It also advised the complete withdrawal of foreign diplomatic corps. Finally, it closed the Gaesong Industrial Complex, the last buffer zone between North and South and an important symbol of inter-Korean cooperation.  

As tensions escalate towards war and instability, many countries (among them Thailand, the Philippines, and Australia) have issued first warnings to their citizens in South Korea notifying them of evacuation contingency plans.  

The increasing tensions in the Korean Peninsula have affected the South Korean economy, plummeting its stock markets and the value of its currency.  

With military communication lines cut, no mechanism exists to avert a military clash. Yet, the Korean and US governments continue to escalate the situation by provoking North Korea into taking ever more fierce and intense measures.  

War destroys people's livelihoods and lives. It must be prevented at all costs. For Koreans, the division of the Korean Peninsula (post World War II) by foreign powers and the outbreak of the Korean War still remain fresh in the mind. The Korean people are the only nation that remains divided, and for the past 60 years Northeast Asia has been suffering the effects of the Cold War; its embers burn in the Korean Peninsula and can engulf the Korean Peninsula and the Northeast Asia region into full fledged nuclear war.  

We, at Via Campesina, fear the outbreak of war in the Korean Peninsula and urge the South Korean, North Korean, and US governments to:
Stop all actions that heighten tensions. Halt all military actions.  

Commence dialogue and negotiations. Only dialogue and negotiations can avert war; a special envoy must be dispatched to start this process.  

Address the root causes of the current war crisis by finally signing a peace treaty and establishing a peace regime in the Korean Peninsula.

We, Via Campesina, for the sake of Koreans, those in Northeast Asia, and all of us around the world, greatly yearn for peace in the Korean Peninsula. After 60 years or war, peace must be established in the Korean Peninsula.

  17th of April 2013 - International Day of Peasant struggles - New report argues that :

Land concentration and land grabbing are occurring and reaching blatant levels in Europe

Land concentration and land grabbing do not occur only in developing countries in the South ; in fact, both are underway in Europe today. A new report by European Coordination Via Campesina and Hands off the Land network shows that land grabbing and access to land are a critical issues today in Europe, and also reveals that the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) subsidy scheme and other policies is implicated in a variety of ways.

The report, involving 25 authors from 11 countries and titled Land concentration, land grabbing and people's struggles in Europe, reveals the hidden scandal of how just three per cent of landowners have come to control half of all farmed land. This massive concentration of land ownership and wealth is on a par with Brazil, Colombia and Philippines.

Some of these processes of ever-increasing land concentration are not new ; however they have accelerated in recent decades in particular in Eastern Europe. Many feature European companies, as well as new actors including Chinese companies and Middle Eastern Hedge Funds, tied into an increasingly global commodity chains, and all looking to profit from the increasingly speculative commodity of land.

The report features in-depth case studies on strong land concentration trends in Spain, Germany, Italy, France and Austria. It also features various forms of land grabbing in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia and Ukraine. Just like their counterparts in Ethiopia, Cambodia or Paraguay, many of these large-scale land deals are being carried out in a secretive, non-transparent manner.

The report reveals that one of the drivers of this European land grab and land concentration is the subsidies paid under the Common Agricultural Policy, which explicitly favours large land holdings, marginalises small farms, and blocks entry by prospective farmers. In Spain, for example, in 2009, 75 percent of the subsidies were cornered by only 16 percent of the largest producers. Other drivers for land grabs have come from the extractive industry, urban sprawl, real estate interests, tourism enclaves, and other commercial undertakings.

Prof. Dr. Jan Douwe van der Ploeg of Wageningen University, a member of the research team, says : "This is an unprecedented dynamic of land concentration and creeping land grabbing. It has worsened the existing situation where many young people want to stay in or take up farming but cannot maintain or gain access to land. This was already a serious issue before, but has become worse. The current and planned CAP subsidy schemes are likely to solidify the barrier to more democratic access to land and entry to farming by young people. Access to land is a basic condition to achieve food sovereignty in Europe. Indeed, the three most pressing land issues in Europe today are land concentration, land grabbing, and inability of young people to maintain or gain access to land to enter sustainable farming - interlinked, triangular land issues quite similar to the ones we see in Africa, Latin America and Asia today."

The report however shows that land concentration and land grabbing are not going unopposed, but instead inspiring a massive wave of resistance. Land grabbing and access to land are a central theme of this years celebration of the international day of peasant struggles. The study includes the case of the community of Narbolia, Sardinia mobilising against the use of prime agricultural land for massive solar greenhouse projects, and the case of opposition to the Notre Dames des Landes airport project in Nantes in France.

There are also growing cases of communities occupying land, mirroring actions by many social movements in the global South. The report highlights the case of SOC in Andalusia, where landless peasant farmers are collectively occupying land and cultivating it using agroecological farming techniques, and SoLiLA in Vienna where young people are coming together to "squat" fertile urban land for community supported agriculture and city food gardening thereby preventing it being converted for use by urban commercial projects.

Jeanne Verlinden of the European Coordination Via Campesina (ECVC) says the study shows clearly that : "Land needs to be seen again as a public good. We must reduce the commodification of land and instead promote public management of this common resource on which we all depend. Priority should be given to the use of land for smallholder and peasant agriculture and food production, rather than handing over land to those private property commercial interests who seek land for speculation and ever increasing concentration of wealth. Access to land should be given to those who work it."

For more info contact :

ECVC : Jeanne Verlinden : +32497605884

TNI : hildevanderpas@tni.org ;+31 20 6626608
ISS : Jun Borras

Download the executive summary of the report and/or the whole report.
 La Via Campesina
 Via Campesina is an international movement of peasants, small- and medium-sized producers, landless, rural women, indigenous people, rural youth and agricultural workers. We are an autonomous, pluralist and multicultural movement, independent of any political, economic, or other type of affiliation. Born in 1993, La Via Campesina now gathers about 150 organizations in 70 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Americas.

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International Operational Secretariat:

Jln. Mampang Prapatan XIV no 5 Jakarta Selatan, Jakarta 12790 Indonesia

Tel/fax: +62-21-7991890/+62-21-7993426

Email: viacampesina@viacampesina.org

begin with our combined` effect as we can resolve this by working our wild, our entire biomes with sensitive skilled energy, that the indigenous have + still continue if fortunate in places. + together if you welcome project osic in the building to trigger you, or support us to better define together as we continue to focus direct, we will see as the examples i wrote of the Amazonian, that we can do our local `plan land freshwater flow to sea review + do it consciously, as we rethink our farmed fields, definitely NO TO MONSANTO GMO MODE, but also to local farmed mode, where Mansanobu Fuluoka`s way was a very good natural science applied as all life co_evolves. check him out if haven`t, see his idea of food forests, etc. creating our biomes to serve us in harmony as we all become better prepared for natural emergency`s, knowing when best to use what elevation, what ecosystem, as now we become aware of what seasonal offerings to build on where + when as traditional permacultur!
 e/agro-ecology as with Miguel Altieri, + others,  aids us to incorporate species that are not indigenous, yet can be compatible + very helpful to forage perennial, even annual species, that can be replanted along the way. this good ness goes on as many offer a wealth of good sensitive skilled simple respect for all life.

 here`s a few;



   wise.org from wiseearth.org

this list goes on + your local students can network as you together define what best for your `plan to read what is to work within your natural enhanced potential, so we simply do + naturally all life links.

resulting in great bi`joy experiences for all who take part..

 this is what we can do to build democracy for equality where each natural enhanced local community maintained to co_evolve now becomes the rule of law, for all to respect + each local community should rule. + when + if can`t our UN or another?? to be decided should then with gentle bells collective act.

this is inhumane consciousness unskilled/ill to be defines, that need mechanical devices to superced what our human consciousness does best, when we simply communicate.

so again i ask all you supposedly leaders to stop interfering, self reflect + please within your false power ask all to join in as we welcome our students out of our schoolroom + into + with our community + provide a very nice exchange as we all gain the reflection of the many good patches of people simply living to then adjust with responsible as we each then can redirect as we regain our center + beam a frequency that needs very little or no words.

but yes when one like i experienced that i had respected for over 2 years as a neighbor, sharing as they vented unable to get local help, with like dental, broken bones, illegal salvage, commercial fishing corruption, no mental outpatient or inpatient support, this list goes on as they continue to work with disjointed fingers as broken bones attempt to heal as they had to use their hands to eat, sure they got foodstamps + then saw their own bad behaviors taking advantage of them, then to still try to succeed on own as they stopped receiving them, not wanting to take advantage, + it gave them laziness to go figure this out, etc. this list goes on as i`ve witnessed people selling on street 50% of their worth for other needs more important at the time then food;

       ex; another lady that could not bare having her dysfunctional husband take her kids away then to have court system supposedly be on his side, yet he gets away with it. meanwhile she try`s to get help + same happens, slaving her on street trying to fend for herself as layers of misjudgment from a few then continue, as she then ends up in prison. meanwhile i see worse getting released + charges dropped due to no space, as in the celebration of the Mexicans this last year, as they hauled several in, etc. these lists go on.......

thank you for what you can do, our combined` effect makes a difference...

   let music fill the air + fresh natural food potlucks, go eye to eye as you `boon with your wild, join in at the community food forests/farms, exchange with the lil bugs + see what you have forgotten + regain that youth that we all can continue to live + enjoy! kara j lincoln

           peace is an option if we share it..
      patches`+ pockets` everywhere are linking..
 good folks are building this network by linking eye-to-eye..
     sharing their bi`joy experiences of what works..
     come talk..  
           we appreciate your participation..      

              i come to talk story


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