agendas for each to bring to 1st meet + plug into the log book

This is a log book..
          a `tapering transition for all to experience + want to keep it in your community. as you interrelate, you become a local, global + beyond participant.:.
          that is alive as we gather our needs + offerings in appropriate do_ins, so all co_evolve as we self-adjust.. + those unaware yet of misusing we welcome you to our `tapering transition. which is not a new concept, many are do_in.

             here we ask all to bring truth. log your contact info in a simple format, legible for all to read. + if comfortable can do for another or for a group, etc. + truly make time for some organizing follow up to stay in real time. as you proceed to understand this as well the reality of what you do for yourself + with your community.

help folks understand the `tapering transition.. read more, in subcategory under a`way do_in. we welcome those that have this experience/desire + most important those of you pissed from others negative act. Yes this energy can be redirected into solution by working with these folks. to add to, we all can achieve this process with support. when we follow up on what we perceive, go deeper within + work it in a nice exchange.

plus you don’t carry the damage from being upset on yourself + reflecting it on others.

it is early on we want to address negative issues/behaviors. but if not, whenever become aware of those needing to stop misuse, this is where we want to log it, + update your community ASAP. as we help others become aware. so all can see whom best to help one understand, as we trigger thought/options for folks to make the decision to once again become a local, global + beyond participant.. loved ones some times don’t have the influence as friends, those pulling strings with codependences, etc.

make this log book simple with a binder where sheets can be added + removed vs. throwing book away. Rather each can have their own sheet. + take responsibility for updates. Do it in a friendly ink, let students make it, where it doesn’t fade away + folks can easily read. If not so good at writing ask another to help. For each have something valuable to build a self+ a community. sometimes we just yet to learn to decipher the early signs + it is the fine detail that keep us stuck. This is where community helps for sometimes easier to read anothers` then own, + or if already had these experiences then easier to share.

             the community tool sheet can have tool list, maintenance log + folder for manuals. Those that can help/want to understand - post a get together + reach out so not have to repeat. This is great input from those that may have limited energy/time, etc.

so point here is in a`way we get to know our neighbors in a part time process that takes all these do_ins` + those you may fine tune + put them in some simple common sense motion so you get stuff done + community has space for harmonizing with live music, etc. as you come together + share a potluck, an important discussion, a hands on do_in on location with the most efficient means for all.

            each can take turns knowing the process + jotting down brief notes from meeting of overview. This way those unable to participate can look on own, get contact info of someone that was there + get update, as well jot down a comment..+ put log book in a local spot for all to have access to, that coincides with virtual log, if that is the route you go..

             walkabouts with people, meaning children included, efficiently incorporated into school outreach community projects. + reach out to local, state + federal programs to make them better. President Obama is supporting funding for new projects,  which you want to open to, for the dysfunction of many entities have contributed to the negative results interfering in folks ability to self-sustain as well effects left on community. (details update.):.

                             we have an issue with inefficiency, fragmenting community good things, meaning folks left not knowing what simply can be done.
                             we welcome you to post schematics + experiences in appropriate do_ins` as you prioritize ridding your needs + share with these folks you gather with to define serious issues + what can be easily done ASAP.
                             we have seen a variety of issues resolved easily, as we prioritized + organized who could do what + then just extra hands helped out. amazing how productive we can be when a few skilled folks share how to do the work. + with having a community tool shed, folks take time to share how to maintain the tools + log it in same book.  it now becomes a great community asset + continues to grow so now folks aren’t repeating, putting funds into tools that sit most of the time not being used. this creates shared projects as well:.
                             think ahead + as the rest of the world offers simplicity, ex; when Russians go to build a house they build the out house 1st. simple tools such as lime can be used to stop the spread of disease from flies leaving maggots that appear on fecal matter. Or the nice composting toilets folks can make cheap. this always amazes me when you see these scatter type shacks built together. where is their toilet or even in some islands with newer houses + no good septic systems installed. yet toilet plumbed + used in house. or beaches/bays contaminated even here in US. Our travels have seen many buy pampers 1 at a time from greedy merchants, then use as much as they can + dump in the ocean.

you will be amazed of how some folks live in very uncomfortable conditions not realizing or unable to get support. with students organizing as they come into the community, an ER triage of work needed can be followed up on + a number of hands on skills are learn`t in the process. other countries children do maintenance for their schools.

                    we invite those that live simple common sense that then can be put into 1 universal science to co_evolve with, make policy, enforce + active to make it better with updates of awareness that works, from folks. vs. lost in political agendas lined up, or court cases, etc. this is dead outdated information making it to complicated to live in the now within our potential now.

good parents have proven to me that with commitment to communicate with their children early on, a baby becomes toilet trained very early. our lil bu is 6 months + has given sign for needing to go + gets better each day. + we’ve seen others use sign language. same with pets. I awakened to observing my grandchild less then 5 months hold a tool + was able to adjust in throat with gag reflex + put it on the side, as in a spoon. now at 6 months he enjoys brushing his gums + 3 teeth, soon another, regularly.

          Or who in need of fresh water easily accessible. shared community/single housing water catchments for clean water. that local regulations will support for long term use. Or cleaning up trash + holes that catch fresh water to breed malaria mosquitoes. where this is no longer just a problem in other countries as I see issues in US. yet folks unaware of species that can be put in ponds to aid this issue.. so networking seeking out what folks have done, do_in is what we want to link here. What you resolves is what we want to add. Issues you having difficulty with is what ya want to post, if unable to define. post it on your local message board + in the virtual world, ours + others.

This gives all a great experience in assessing, communicating, walkabouts reaching out to encumber ecosystem/biome, neighbors sharing resources, etc. to get a good over all land use/ land resource availability perspective. so folks in the plan do_in can seriously revamp/open/restore fresh water ways, trans-boundary migration, set aside for wild to remain wild to sustain from our local small farms + foraged areas for prioritizing our best land use.

It is so wrong to see local small farmers struggling to keep going. Or as with Jonathan in Florence, Oregon – once he bought the farm land + thought he could farm, then now fighting to keep it going for they say there is a zoning issue, etc. so this is when we gathered folks + brought this to their attention to seek resolution. we welcome Jonathan to update + post needs now. as well is great farmed products that are so good. which he sells at local farmers market + also real good coop.

This forum is about supporting what sustains us + understanding other priorities that need rethinking/ridding + recycle. Clearing out + part time helping others do the same. to come back as a local, global + beyond participant which fuels one self-satisfaction + ongoing exploration. As you interrelate building your community + sharing what works for others to do same. True harmony.

                 which does not take aggressive acts, a war economy, costly foreign affairs or local deficits, when we live local with common sense, people self-sustain + part time cooperatively set up support systems for unable. but able folks become aware to self-sustain from the support systems in place for these stepping stones to self-reliance + `tapering transitions.

this, once you take the time to understand, review all + put it to work,  is what can replace dysfunctional systems/mindsets now. supporting all to heal.

           closed shelters where folks stay in without sun, curtains closed + air quality bad with dampness of materials that breed bacteria. folks laying around in side in depression, ill unable to maintain air quality, etc. ex; dust mites thriving with high moisture or inability to maintain good cleaning routine with even polyesters, as they tend to absorb sweat, facial oils, dead skin cells more likely then other pillow fillings + required cleaning more often.

This is why I invite you to do an assessment of your materials being used now. wools are temperature regulators, comfortable in hot or cold. so do your homework + reestablish good local services/products as folk rid unfair trade, traveling around the planet, supporting greed, yet landing locally interfering as many become codependent supporting it, when unaware or think they can’t afford, yet actually spending more. by not building these community toolsheds. That support us to buy bulk direct from local small producers + divide. Directly using local grown seed saved. So we can stop the abuse as in Monsanto, + folks that are being penalized for saving own seed, etc.

              we must understand our misuse in order to come together to stop this abuse.

by sharing the goodness, the comfort of wools, the allergies from others, + yes some bothered by wool hairs but there are many many many productions of natural products that work. industrial hemp is one of them yet US does not allow it growing for industrial needs, why? it is so easy to do aerial spray + next generation of illegal hemp that many want to keep, can be gone. Folks hemp offers a variety of uses. Check it out.

lets truly take a look in the plan` do_in at what we can best produce , what our land speaks, gather sensitive folks that have lived with this land that know it. work within it’s potential as with Miguel Altieri with agro-ecology.

Paul at Ocean Air Farm can share his sheep raising for wool, experiences. + Julia from the Grange in Port Townsend can share how they use this small building for get togethers for their community. far more efficient then the coop that has a large over head as many as they sell packaged foods.

             Folks, we welcome you to regain the simpleness of having space to make your own food, a potluck, etc. vs. the layers involved from unfair trade transported afar. the freshness of local small natural gardens as community exchanges goods produced naturally, saving – trading seed: back yard, small lots, unused strips, + relocate houses + rezone, supporting your true ecological potential of all ecosystems/biome, etc.

             People we are an open book , there is reasons why you may have allergy’s.. various fabrics susceptible to dust mites + cause allergic reactions or trigger asthma attacks. Not to mention harder to maintain as even in heavy cotton blankets, more expensive to dry. When the very nice thin wools are efficiently handled, stuffed for a pillow with outer case to protect + you can’t get a better pillow.

take a look rid that which is not worthy of maintaining, especially from those unable. sure recycle until worn if can maintain + then discard.

this inspires true inner creativity once we prioritize our function energy efficiently + do it part time collectively with our community locally + afar.
                          it is important for those able, to do a walkabout + do an ER triage in a community a post + gather for solution. that has homeless unable to shower + do laundry.. festering spots that house bacteria to mutate, etc. as in damper areas. folks depressed sleeping a lot, injured without care, dental work in need, etc. Russians have experienced in communities no homeless, rather folks take them in + then trade off, so eventually with each communicating folks find their way + or define care needed permanently.

                               live simple + select materials carefully + learn how to maintain them. while staying on top of your energy as well the mediums we produce for pests to grow. this all adds up + then soon you are left with mixed signals not feeling anything due to dulling your sensors with overload of little things building up. take the time with rejoin` do_in to relieve this discomfort.
           as well folks with emotional struggling + mental illnesses, or ill, unaware. Ex: this huge Somalia population in the US that thought you had to be crazy before you got support. or go to a witch doctor type mode.. vs realizing symptoms stemming from mental issues - they would address in physical distress. This produced a few to organize for different cultural groups called I think `new roots, putting on presentations, that are being effective throughout the US + 12 other countries.

                                  start with backyard mode of rehab, as each self-observe + collectively see who shares what. people can be more effective working with existing entities making them more efficient. folks in patches` have changed policy for zoning enabling them to build a natural form of construction where perhaps a regular house is built, such as cob or straw bale, depending on what is most effective. As well change policy of setting land aside to wild after it changes ownership, from folks collectively looking at the ecological destruction/restoration needed for the community. so anything is possible when you come together + `boon with your local natural world.


open transparency so folks communicating get clear on what community needs + when folks start new businesses they won’t interfere in life rights or the ecological balance. they are already informed thru these do_ins of what is needed, as they work to co_evolve themselves, etc.  
                      live as a local, even if staying for a short time, for it centers us to further define our choice of ecosystems/self-expression with choice of subject for our livelihood. As we observe what folks do that stand up + interrelate building community as they `boon with it.

                      ask locals that have created the entities for overview, how can we take what is + restore the nature that has been abused, etc. or become more energy efficient, explore present systems, what is the fuel source, etc. living local within 100 mile mode or so gives us an ideal of awakening to how we can interrelate with self-reliance + make it a home, even if part time, actually plugging in. fueled to explore locally + afar.

            do you realize how folks can self-satisfy as our explorations are now fulfilled, once restrictions lifted upon our self from our self. the many new creative exchanges as we fuel our self to bring from the depths that which you desire + find like mind to make this happen:
                         set aside wild for wild for trans-boundary migration for large browsers, local species. rivers to flow + to be worked + shared, dams removed that take all water away from neighbors. small farms to be added, vacant lots to farm + link along with foraged areas, etc. even public shared facilities/tool sheds, independent cooperatives shared:.

                                  compost + bio-waste , shared mill for grains, oils, seed, coop bulk foods from the farms – no packaging, grinding mill for fresh flours + share tools, natural seed saving, shared farming, awareness of friendly community needs + offerings locally – staying local. vs. paying high prices for fresh natural food.

this gives us a sense of where we want to live + our participation. To live local is nice wherever, but plugging in for true support in ecosystems of choice is nice when you see communities that have it all together, which does take organization + commitment of roles, not necessarily people. but interchangeable roles are good.

especially to allow people to stop over doing, like we have because of stressed family or ill or inefficient support messing up + they dependent on it. or those continuing to manipulate because of not knowing anything else. those good getting by, knowing who to play up to.
                        While others get negatively effected. meanwhile others stay preoccupied in a motion not realizing the negative effect it leaves on themselves + their perspective of others. + our interaction then makes a difference, which can interfere. manipulation unattended can be made aware + early signs addressed + stopped.

So misuse is happening + we want it to stop efficiently by making a starting process that is simple, as we `boon with the natural world + self-discovery, especially when chasing head, etc. + now becoming aware + sensitive to want to define + shift. + a cooperative reaches out on a walkabout, addresses those misusing that fall thru the cracks or that are seriously in need of support.

                                       we have many good sensitive folks to reflect with. as we take a layer at a time that exposes it self to us + make the time to follow thru + work it. when being positive that we have this tool to redirect the energy from the negative act, even though unaware of it’s effect. Thru reflecting with others living natural simple lives, we then easily feel our needs + self-adjust.

It is not a good feeling to feel the negativity that many accept as normal as they daily struggle with it.

while having good reflection from folks, once you make that judgment call to involve yourself in what sustains you: your local natural food, your fresh water, air + waste recycling, + the wild to fuel us from ecological balance, etc. then self-observe + adjust. vs. fighting walls not understood how we produced them. many trapped in dysfunctional families or circles or those chasing fragmentations keeping them too busy to see a natural way.

               mindset modes that take us off a natural path should be redirected early on by those perceiving the imbalance. Reach out + share once these signs become clearer to the threads producing the misuse. by being supported to self-observe, reflect with good folks simply living natural lives in every community. so you may need to search out your locals do_in + for special like subjects network + invite them to share, so locally it can trigger those with like desire to follow thru. so patterns get recognized + rid. allowing 1 to synch with natural living with awareness of impermanence.
                                        where participating consciously in each moment can be had once we use our whole mindbody tools. vs. self-enslaved or on another’s wave, taking us micro-seconds off, yet thinking we centered.

this is a holistic perspective - identifying unique ecosystem offerings – to `boon with while awakening to your bi`joy experiences. without the cost of what now exists from many at very high prices. this is wrong.. so folks rethink your exchanges.

we welcome your links of collections so each new cooperative get together + post their specialties. makes this easier to reflect with + add to, in postings for logged notes/photo/schematics to sand drawings/overview, etc.. this way none of us have to waste air waves by housing a lot of data. Rather simplify so it can effectively be used + made available to trigger like thought so folks bring home to their ecosystem/biome what works for them to create with.
                                       independent hybrid alternatives with old + new simple ways. Recycling wire when can not just foolishly spending budget for a national grid, when substations could be built, etc. especially when folks have yet to be conscious of their waste, taking your efficiencies + blowing it. Nor are we an electric car supporter with battery issues with toxic effects from lithium, that leaves very bad working conditions for folks. support folks to continue to rethink, not just jump on `green revolution proven not to work.

Navdanya’s diary updates that fight.. she has much experience with these struggles from local + afar folks. stay updated with those local farmers in India + see how US business/people have hurt them. they are updated on Monsanto’s abuse that hurts many + we all need to stop this abuse ASAP by instantly asking where your seed comes from, is it GMO, how far did it travel + most important how can I support my local farmer to naturally produce our local fresh food + get involved now.
                                      here we support indigenous ways along with new ways sensitive to co_evolve with all, not the `green movements insensitive to those they step on to make their path. Rather 1 universal science for life rights. + policy all make should stop this international life right that is being violated for some time now, leaving negative ecological as well ill effects.
                                       also we support house/boat alternative hybrid systems: practical + supplemented so they can truly deal with serious currents, storms, etc. for safety issues.  so it doesn’t take a lot of hybrid thought from skilled, when good old diesel engines have been around for a long time + now many offer recipes for fuel.. + it is wrong when some communities require you to be on the grid system full or even part time, so check out details before do_in. for many with this mindset are still doing wrong.

                  we want to `boon with our ecosystems we choose to live with.

open to the potential of an aware community that harmonizes. explore + physically experience them, take a visit, have a chat, email them, give them a call. it is here these links we want to make friendly so folks can bring home what works for their community via ecosystems, etc.

don’t make long term commitments, rather plug in locally now + this will fuel you to get clear + define your space to be in, your medium + gather with locals that have local knowledge of the sea, water, land. make a pen pal + go their + experience by living as a local. a true bi`joy experience, can be had, as oldies share what was. + you further your on going explorations together. + log these special mile markers for others to experience as you share sensitivities required to `boon with the wild.

                                Welcome folks, to making this an organized focus for your community. a log book, that you take part in. whether just starting or share at a potluck. for all do_ins` can be simply logged in 1 book as a community comes together part time + organize to make this simple.. for each do_in we bring to your attention can awaken folks to be applied in each do_in. don’t think each do_in is the only place you address that  awareness. rather take the time with self + part time with your community. to share your feelings in a prioritized ongoing focus. + enjoy the pri`performance + celebrate along the way.

             This is a simple `tapering transition we all will feel. if respect + work with nature’s limits.

                Enjoy new friends + old ones that awaken as they co_evolve, including yourself!

                        Peace is an option now, do a walkabout + join in with

                            our combined` effect

                                    thank you!


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