aloka, Time is here to put our new ideas into fruition, please come share + or link to define a working schedule for us to focus direct together..

Posted by our combined` effect our combined` effect
I`m trying to define how best to link our project, share a `plan as we restructure ideas as we focus direct together with you. for all to create clarity, to then act on your reality + you be triggered to then go fine tune with your local community + act upon it. as each continue to interact how best for your community;

      Skype/teleconference/email/eye to eye..

then have a student`s interchangeable role to come post what is working for your community on a specific forum we will create. as they come reflect with other`s postings + or you post for your self..

                   together we can make this transformation a friendly process.

 I`m starting to reach out with a diverse group of people, thru a variety of venues to collect these links, as well people interested in linking to start the ball rolling, as we all work at each step of the way. + for those unable that still want to help then we are starting to fund raise.. so please email me below if that is the case or want to talk of more specifics.

please give feedback when convenient, on your opinion of how efficient to do this locally to cover the US + globally. tell me what would work for your community, for you to take part collectively to build/share your self + your community + if want to know more detail then ask or take a review thru out the forum to give you an idea how we have co_evolved ready to start reflecting with what works, some great ideas, offered by you.

   vs. continue this mode of retaliation/venting due to lack of organized collective sharing. for that we can continue to post here on this forum, for this is all real time stuff taking place, issues that need real change.
but I feel if we can change the frequency of this mode + jump to reflecting with the really good living that many have done for a long time as they have created some ethnic cultural exchanges. then we our self can create our own, as we redirect our energy that has been preoccupied with all these issues.

so all schools/communities/those without either, can come aboard + focus direct with us, reflect, share the ethnic diverse many solutions for restoring working, ecological sustainable natural communities, so all may be triggered to rethink via like ecosystem/subject, as people start posting what works in the many patches that are on this planet, already living in harmony.

to then go back into ones community + share. defining what is best + keeping this process in ones community shared tool shed/back pocket to stay in touch.  + while each is then motivated to do their own walkabout, you can share this project along your way as together we define;

can we just efficiently link + calmly exchange a focus directed subject matter + each community defines how best to apply it/co_evolve curriculum as the community is a working sustainable community is restored.

              or should we create a new software for rigid coaching along the way, for we know how many are left in the fog, but we are thinking the students can customize their own process with community, as they each give hands on, bringing all to the table to do this `plan we build together, so each then gains support if needed, as well share goodness with others in need??

     •all school curriculum can fit subject matter in, as then students from all schools/all homeschools now focus direct for a collective efficient process to restore ones natural community..

     •a natural restored community works within natures limits, to sustain our healthy limits, so each can gain support to build their life, as one walks it into ones opening.. so all work at all being able to do this simple respect for all life, as we understand, we gain mental clarity + physical strength to self-empower. their is no better education then for a child/undeveloped child in adult body, to experience, giving hands on then to see this transformation. when yet many are in isolated behaviors, yet to know their is another `way.

     •reflecting with a natural `way gives insight to trigger thought, vs. reinvent the wheel for many people live in harmony `boon with their natural world working on making it a genetic bio-diverse balanced community, as their best medicine.

     •we will set a platform to isolate positive experiences in real time as well those in the past that still work/forgotten/left isolated, + each then can prioritize as one seeks another way, on your own time, to rethink with,+ do your homework, etc..

please share + realize collectively we can part time do what it takes so no one is left behind, so together we reach out to the many pockets yet to have this reflection. + the many left misusing/abused yet to be aware their is another way, left in every community. as well those leaving negative effects that will rethink as all welcome their local students to come out + with the community, inviting them all to rethink as together we gain understanding of working within natures` limits. working on a tapering transition, giving those yet another chance to make wrongs right.

this will change the ethics of the global markets, as people gain local facts from students, so as to rethink + reinvest, building local sovereignty.. giving locals the rights to protect what sustains their natural world to sustain themselves. + live locally responsible so all reflect + become aware to become a local, global + beyond participant.

we look forward to your feedback + or come aboard as we define a working schedule or just check back for updates, refer to subject aloka.

please post here or email; subject aloka.

sincerely, kara j lincoln