bi`joy news:. `boon with natures offerings..

         bi`joy news just keeps flowing from the energy of nothingness.. it is here when we play out in the wild that we truly energize:.

        post story/photo + if more link to bi`joy gallery.. story address post by lat/long, as we explore the globe + beyond:. + use the appropriate address..

        stay focused with perspective of real time happenings, don’t let baggage steal our moment:.  be present + take part creating..

        as in threading, stay refreshed vs. saged, aged + rotten.. stay in touch within natures` boundaries:. apply, explore, co_evolve with all,  as a local, global  + beyond participant..

         it is here we post light + airy bi`joy experiences, so all may get the gest of it in time, to follow up on:.      

        come view/post, almost truly smell these roses along the `way.. as we share these in time experiences.. that fuel our seasonal offerings to `boon with life.. stopping + taking a fresh breath of air.. experiencing the local + migratory events that share/create our natural resources..

all doors are open to our community as the only classroom that gives passage to a degreed state of awareness:.
         to continue our exploration of our self + space, energy efficiently + better fuel our earth:.

         so as to set aside wild space for natural trans-boundary migration_ fresh water_variety of local grown organic foods:. from small farms, back yards, vacant unused lots + foraged areas_ bio-waste recycled_ natural self-sustaining shelter_harmony in smiles sharing abundance as we celebrate the music + the arts from our focus.

we accept nothing else to occupy our thoughts as we seek to obtain balance within ourself, cooperatively exchange with locals + network with beyond neighbors..

                  this is our gauge + it fuels us:.

to do a walkabout + do an exchange for all to obtain the how to's for simple hybrid water/fuel system.. defined by our available local elements:. fresh water/wind/sun/fuel reserves/mechanical products..

enabling life to naturally flow in each ecosystem, as we enhance our potential as neighbors:.

               explore your inner depths as you make your path as you walk it.. reaching out to the ends of natures' limits, to fuel thought + act.. while living simply with our wild natural beauty on our planet + beyond..

the moment is for you to take part in, then when convenient post to trigger us all to:.`boon as a local, global + beyond participant.. fueling us to reflect in an exchange eye-to-eye with the joy of being alive..

          blossomed from our `i come to talk story, network with the `next move being the only important move for us all.. where we co_evolve `chess mode + redirect our focus into our human family, + `boon with all living organisms..

we are all interdependent with life on this planet + beyond:.

in `impact we leave, we look at what fuels our intent to not interfere ecologically.. stop misuse by sharing what works that no longer interferes in natures process_for life to sustain itself. lets not waste energy on the negative resultant that is already to late..

rather lets state the early cues perceived.. understand another `way, redirect + transform our disassociated energy into fuel.  explore + maintain discipline over our self-sensory observation vs. belief that produced the dissassoicated energy to begin with..

life is simple if we understand, truly enjoy + make our self comfortable with the natural bi`joy experiences.

                  `peace is now if we network it.. so if notice tools here or those that trigger new thought, then go apply 1st to your self, then other's eye-to-eye, then post thruout network accordingly..

                      i come to talk  
                                        "          .org  
                                        "          .com
         thanks you for sharing only good - news that you have worked to make it that way + or an eye opener to make us aware, such as on makumbu subcatagorie under a 'way do_in..
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In response to Barack Obamas questionere, organizing for America; 1.8.2010, I’d like to share. Please note I hold congress, senate + all equally responsible.. + until I see changes I will redirect my energy.. Hello, i worked very hard in 2009 due to you folks failing to state what can ... read more
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12.16.09 folks, please take a review, another look at what you are missing:. sure some say perhaps we have come along way, at least from those that have witnessed folks protesting for bread price increase + then see 3 vehicles coming: 1 a tank to run over them, 2 a loa... read more
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Florida lat/long fill in. 2004 january… blue springs, herds of manatee winter over in St Johns river. Can snorkel part of creek with lots of fish, but not with manatee. Not worth driving to other springs. MINWR; shiloh 3 roa... read more
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an ecological transformation of life happens very rapid as debree is washed down from hills into sea supporting new life after chubasco in sea.. i had fun reading history.. weather patterns of importence should be studied, sharp steep seas + strong winds as you turn into the sea from cabo + v... read more
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20LEISA Magazine 25.3 see - plan` for photo + pdf, which offers a beautiful display of seeds, roots, etc. along with colorful Africans as they sit on their cloth to share. read more
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take a breath of fresh air in the wild.. lucky us we have solutions, even though some are still out of balance, as in the aprox. 6000 seal/sea lions along this beach just south of the Heceta Hea... read more
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we're all building foundations... 11.12.09 in responce to last few emails sent out; the `international community movement is accepting nothing less than to live loc... read more
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Thanks Suzie, Mark + the crew.. they`welcome folks with friendly smiles at the Port of Siuslaw:. ... read more
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