bi`joy news welcomes your short personal story for updates:.

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               come out of the bush + become a equal` - local, global + beyond participant.

                              see our subcatagorie bi`joy news + post your lat/long natural experience that partiicapted in your story, that continues to update with seasonal offerings, as you can.. to link us with your do_ins.. your detail so we better understand, gain from your awareness.. or support your ability to self-sustain locally..
                              after you take the time to review all our subcategories, define how our network can trigger you to participate inner-personnally, with yourself, your friends locally + afar.. + ground locally, building your cooperative with your community that you choose.

               then come back here in the virtual world + post as a tool to do a walkabout + reach out farther - efficently, for yourself or with us. that coinsides, alongside of your local postings, on your message board:.
                             of detail in approrpriate subcatagory most comfortable for you, for your cooperative, for self or for another.

            now stay updated + post in the bi`joy news with your updates of short story + inform us of links if post elsewhere.

            this reflects for those yet to be aware how we have the best tools from our self if we `boon with the natural world.

                                              enjoy + share.. wild needs wild for us to self-sustain..