bi`joy planner for all to share the experience ASAP

                  seasonal bi`joy calender
 of patches` + pockets` of earths` uniqueness..

      stay mobile + efficient.. let children – old + young give their perspective/dividers + organize log to share as it gets updated each season..
         nice selection from harmonizing natural living how tos via ecosystems. solutions understanding root of grievance, as we relieve it. folks create + recycle back into the natural world that which sustains it. bi`joy comes into our hearts in the unfolding as tears are shed in the healing process. folks become whole - together sharing the arts in celebration.
       try to simplify overview of story, so if 1 from dessert do_in desalinization for folks with large browsers, be clear this topic is about making fresh water. not elephants habits in different seasons.
as nice as these stories will come in, this project is about awakening to not just the beauty of natural living but to the sensitivity developed that fuels us to pool our resources part time for those unable to `boon with it. i know it’s hard to decipher this, when perhaps yet clear our self. in this process we don`t just do for another, rather we do better for our self. so we leave no footprint. then we remove layers more easily in the discovery of solutions for all.
                   accept nothing less than living within a natural community. balance ecosystems -  redefining perimeters, as we gain bi`joy within our self.

a favorite is  Natural world  radio program with John Cooney in Oregon, on NPR. He has weekly seasonal updates.  Very special program with archives + if researching put in day, month, year of program + can listen on web page.                                          
           a seasonal bio`planer leads the path, allowing us to be one with the natural world as events unfold. when local + beyond folks collectively support protection thru trans-boundary migration, etc. of large umbrella species, it fuels a natural energy. to `boon as they lead the path. producing mindsets that are present, as we take part in creating our natural exchanges in real time.

 log your bi`joy bio`planner with threads so local folks can also experience the local or migratory natural events, as you share. As well can follow up each year with new critters as our local family members, monitor with early signs natural habitats, species, + our issues as they are rid, etc..

all seasons offer wild foods/medicine/mushrooms after rain depending on location. how nice to add notes each season as we better understand the wild + build a nice log – recipe/formula that gets edited/shared from loved ones:
                      Such as mile marker to berry patch, that special plant that just keeps giving as we gently take a few fresh leaves, where best off road trail to bike/hike/off road vehicle with cooperative to connect with for rehab, animal viewing, fresh drinking creeks, when to harvest what - where, the caution detail of poisonous species look a likes, draw/add photo, etc. hot sulphur – fresh springs, camping, resources near, etc. this list continues as bi`joy experiences unfold.

SAMPLE: put your personalized notes, contacts, commitments etc. + update, by an organized means best for each to stay on top of. recycled paper note pad, Microsoft word note pad, regular address book, paper or technical mobile format, etc. unique + created by + for you + whom you share this with.

People to people, please prioritize your energy expenditures. Don’t let another choose irresponsibly for you or your community. Rethink, redo, remove your waste + abuse. Without wild land we have no wildlife to boon with. Time with a nice story will help us understand + build contacts to safely explore. Most important is to stay updated with oneself + with friends made along the way. Personal interests pursued along your path with co-op part time focus on these issues, is what fuels this movement.

 Log in exchange + stay updated..

1st  exchange, enjoy how we can start this list by supporting folks that have interrelated to define their n + o’s, + those needed to rid, complete…

Potlucks posted by issues + old growth locations, open for locals + beyond to explore, as a shared focus builds self + a community…

please review to see how our local wild lands can welcome people to interrelate, take a walk, sit on a log, observe the wild respecting it`s space… be one with that has it’s umbrella species in tack or pool resources to define how best to get this back + maintain thru plant succession… exchange  b i`joy stories with locals that live it… eat the natural organic in season local foraged/grown food… feel the life… you would be surprised how we gain by part time sharing this focus cooperatively… as we prioritize common denominators that sustain us all… on our way to developing/sharing our experiences as we self-develop by exploring our joys…

################ open corridors from refuge        
         for refugees ####################### making space for all life

Wild lands for local + migratory species including humans. Experience local awareness. learn how to `boon with the bio-diversity + manage only, to rid ecosystem needs that humans interfered with, restore it’s ability to maintain itself + enjoy it`s offerings.

          pick a priority issue that leaves big effects when many do…
The mode of do_in vs. doing is energy efficient… lets pool our resources + rethink our community tool shared tool shed… self-developing sharp sensors throughout our daily chores, sharing bi`joy experiences.
          plan` to set aside + protect the wild, so it sustains our self-reliance, `booning with + coexisting. Lay out of land to build, co-oping with folks working within the ecosystems offerings. budget to restore natural living. as energy is maintained not by a checkbook balance but rather by the fuel one gets from natural offerings.
          migratory paths shared for all to walk on. handicap assessable. With awareness shared. so as to live within the natural boundaries. + better yet a function to do or go to. so as while enjoying the wild, we also have eyes open for updates. to address early issues. leaving wildlife to their own comfort range. So now the emanation of our energy, in being one with, is accepted by all wildlife. Vs. fear based misinterpretation from human misuse. we can change our brain waves from over thinking, so as to not alarm the wild life.

                energy is wasted in layers of entities pulling their own way. vs. co-oping continental effort to open the corridors + construct plans within the land’s limitations. Review + participate with the core group, as we localize + fine tune our space with the global rethinking. With shared waterways, corridors, foraged lands maintained along with land use redefined for small farms, farming sea + land in old growth for restoration of all life… vs. getting lost in fragmented information depleting resources.

        whole being mode…

nice to create this space allowing self to experience what can be, until it happens… even though years ago may of done or we think it will be some time before do again… don’t leave thoughts perceived as in the future unattached… bring them to now, for that distance displaces energy. more efficient to edit out when comfortable +  discover how perhaps failing to see detail of now issues. or creating them?? + by incorporating this what once seem distant thought into now, you better your now situation + find it is not for the future only…

by adding new pieces to puzzle, such as different tools - reflections from folks simply lining natural lives:
                  baggage accumulated or in time - recycling in progress, different space, what ever reason we may use.. it does leave a mindset shift that can be rethought so the whole situation is adapted to. vs. negatively being effected, so do your homework…

            take that extra time to see each step near home before venturing off long distance… screams + hollers, my way, his way, mis-interpretations, whatever, by the time we figure out the most efficient way, it does take time… but most important we start taking out the cobwebs from not bringing our future joy to now.. as we allowed stress to accumulate, failing to see that we weren’t living in the moment creating it. we didn’t leave space as originally planned… defining a way to incorporate it now… this mindset - updating, rethinking, shifting is the start of our journey to a lifetime of adventure, not just a weekend, rather a `way…

the more prepared in each outing, learning by the last, reviewing, addressing feelings, applying them… produces  bi`joy intended vs. forgetting this + that + then having to chase it down or be uncomfortable due to not having or wrong size, etc.. customize with early signs, adjust in real time + carry with you your only known, + that is motion + change.. so living with mobility is a true joy that fuels on going exploration…

the sensitivity of pursuing exploration, is not to quick go, but rather change mindset into a permanent life of `booning with the natural world. where we don’t allow ourselves to get set in our ways, enslaving us to 1 space… the seasonal earthly offerings that have created cultural exchanges are a true bi`joy of experiences. within the variety of ecosystems, when we can actually experience them, vs. dream about them…

hands on contacts, make a like subject pen pal for do_in what is needed for you to be satisfied… each adventure needs a customized refinement + nice when you can have dual functions…ex; nice light waterproof pad for under sleeping pad for boat, not a heavy one but one you can actually pack conveniently with dual purpose for biking, trekking, etc… it may take a little more thought but now you can recycle + when ready to go, your comfort can go with you. what needed is no longer an ongoing shopping spree. vs. leaving footprints…

              now with your shared subject that has been undressed for years, you can now bring it to surface with a new friend. Or share what you have created.. explore a skill, do an exchange, volunteer or share just a nice outing.. all can be appreciated when mobility needs are simplified. Then can better prepare for the elements that can always leave an effect if didn’t leave space for the unexpected… now you not only bring from the depths, efficiently shifting displaced energy to house it.. but you also now have a personal guide to the place you wanted to explore.

This is how this walkabout can reach out as we share your bi`joy experiences..
                       Florida  US  2004

kareje`s story..
         changes occur depending on walkabout.. Although had to have air conditioning in summer as we worked on computer. we would ride bikes to sweat + enjoyed the wild surroundings.    a big beautiful oak tree outside our porch – where snakes, peacocks would sit high in large pines, squirrels nesting, (although didn`t appreciate seeing them fly sideways when we occasionally got hurricanes as well oak trees knocked down + knee high in branches as winds brought them down). luckily their was city ordinances not to cut oak or large pines, or many would of done it to remove the hassle of leaves.

enjoyed the variety of wildlife that lived with us…+ the many herps, insects,
 lg oak + pine trees nice with moss, space to dump food scraps + build soil to recycle plants + build coverage for soil + critters… throughout year share house with: peacocks occasionally in front yard… frogs… geckoes… mice… large woodpecker, long stream of red ants. beautiful black leg spider shiny in closet…. Every year the green parrots would come visit same place as trees fill, etc...

that gave us joy as we would watch from windows/screen porch. as we worked inside putting this project together… we would ride bike + sail in the wildlife reserves at Canaveral National Seashores, beach was empty in winter. observed many birds, nesting pelicans, manatee, alligators, snakes, Maurice the lucky one always got to see bobcat…

(amazing in such a beautiful wild area how some people had serious bad habits: insensitivity, loud, rude, racist uneducated worse then children, children play on dumpsters + in parking area, destroyed plants, abusive to critters). Marinas nice to walk but sad to see so many manatees seeking drippings of fresh water from harbor. Falcons fish, eat + nest on poles in park, as we would watch. Indian river kayaking nice with dolphins fishing, or weather picking up with waves or go out to view occasional nice boat that came in + anchored.

Merritt island national wildlife refuge (MINWR) is an overlay of nasa’s john f. kennedy space center + the `atlantic flyway`, a major bird migration corridor + resting stop for many migrating birds, 35 mile barrier island with 1000 plant + 500 animal species from subtropical + temperate climate zones. 24 miles of undeveloped beach nice, especially when bad weather when we dress appropriately + have it to ourselves. once panther now only bobcat, alligator which is a joy but I would not come back to muddy water unless a water hole for lg mammals… nice to bike on roads not accessible to cars, but with new construction many will open to cars like black point wildlife drive is now. Timing of day + of week important.

migratory turtles, leatherback, green, hawksbill;
Merritt Island Wildlife Association p.o. box 6504 Titusville, Fl 32782 sandee larsen 321-861-2377 fax 321-861-2810 supports financially, informational + educational activities concerning the refuge, the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge which doesn’t meet all needs. So folks develop these friends programs where federal govt` allows grant programs for folks to volunteer, contribute dollar, material value, + in-kind contribution then National Fish + Wildlife Foundation matches.  We think this could be simplier. We feel these fees from contractors is not what we want to support, rather high priced where locals can be more involved. Especially when like terrorist security we searched + inconvenienced. We appreciate `booning with the wild with less people vs. selection of loud music, excessive drinking, cars, etc. so we time it, especially nice in bad weather when no one comes out.

MIWA with membership you are assured says one to get on list to view turtles , another says 2 days only to register + 1st come 1st serve out of 800 members to get on turtle viewing list. Presently non members + members have a very difficult time getting in due to excessive amount of inquiries. Plus contact is not efficiently put together. + excessive trash in some very nice hiking areas. Yet one only observes turtles with this entity + can’t help. Folks go to Canaveral Sea Shore for training to help with turtle on volunteer basis. Can visit Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge Visitor Information Center (VIC) state road 402, 4 miles east of Titusville. Refuge manager 321-861-0667 email: nice playground for hiking, biking, kayack, fishing, bird watching, ocean swimming, boating. Unigue spiders with webs easier to find after a fog.
Rusk fall colors of marsh nice bicycle ride on patillo creek rd. observe hunting season closures.

they tried relocating panther in Occali forest but it didn`t work. Larry Richardson F+W, panther program in Naples says collaring with dogs pretty radical, I agree, 2-04 biologist had attack + severly hurt leg. Other biologist in Occali said Fl program good + collaring helps more then hurts…

Central fl, Ocala Forest, Deleon Springs 352-625-2520; Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge, henry sansing 386-985-4673 7 mi n of Deland on US HY 17 from Deleon Spring turn w + go 1 block to grand ave, turn s on grand + go 3 blocks to mudlake rd to refuge + headqtrs.

2-13-04 spoke via tel to US state fish + wildlife non-game biologist tim breen 352-732-1225, will talk to head panther biologist Darrell Land + if there are cats in Ocala will let me know. Also said they tried in past to reestablish + it didn’t work, so they captured again. Said juniper springs nice  clear for kayaking.
 South Fl, Friends of Fl Panther Refuge refuge closed to public unless member. Federal national fish + wildlife biologist Larry Richardson 239-353-8442 ext 224, 20 miles from Naples, fl. had nice talk with Larry 2-04. What effect do you think folks leave on panthers when they allow dogs to chase them, when collars put on. That is bad representation for the human species that have developed sharp sensors, responsibly coexisting with large mammals, assuring that one provides for self. Without interfering in another’s habitat. These trackers with dogs represent humans  + that behavior stays with the cats for how long, provoking a higher risk of danger when we come across their path in the wild. This is not natural for this aggressive interaction. Are these measures, which may leave a little aggression worth the findings to preserve them.  vs. comparing to those areas that tract alone without dogs. define how natives detect their species to be healthy. what has worked best in local area. he said happy to work with us + let them know if we have helpful insight that they can use….

3-10-04 after focusing on my feelings when out riding in a habitat that no longer sustained it’s umbrella species. do I pretend they are there to nurture me, as I see in my head how lands perhaps once was, wherever I go. I decided to contact folks for involvement until personally relocating to a place with large browsers. considering a wildlife refuge can have layers of inefficiencies to edit. My desire to be involved with those folks creating it is not my desire. So this experience helps define values within, how natural to `boon with is important to me for folks to be in it, not doing to isolate folks from it, rather helping us understand the nature of our species efficiencies. relocating ourselves with a natural space in tact.

 As well if they have archive of relocating cat program for thoughts of project. I want to boon with a land with umbrella species in tact. biking in present location where once long ago had them, is just a teaser + it’s been a chore to edit my thoughts perceived, perhaps from afar, yet unclear. organic offerings come when all species are in tact. will be my personal treat to contact + volunteer when in area. exchanging ideals..


                 Biscayne Bay – Keys, Fl US

 offers blue water, coral reefs off to blue water sail, snorkel, shallow fisherman featherbeds to ocean coral reef, campout on Elliot island, Biscayne Bay, Fl.
route from Cutler ridge to Blackpoint or Convoy? permits to leave van? best van security, lockers for laptop?  change of plans, camp in van there? or time to take out boat am/pm?  sail out vs. row?  locations to anchor how far off shore?  line to shore?  beach boat + sleep?  fees cash/check? sandflies/mosquitos?  weather wind direction?  
                 pack: dry cooler to protect snorkel, binocular.. library - copy NOAA chart 11451 + dive flag in pvc tube + rope weaved to hold by seat to lay out when need… textile store for boat tarp for sleeping, make temporary tarp until clear 10x 10, recycle brass grommets + define fabric… light for night snorkel + radio 2-c batteries, heavy mil white trash bag for sleeping pads.. medical kit review, experiment with new oil mosquito/sand fly. Etc.

I hope this gives you an ideal how helpful a log can be when stay updated with your explorations.

                  seasonal bi`joy  planner – know when to do what where..

blue springs, florida  - herds of manatee winter over in st johns river. Can snorkel part of creek with lots of fish, but not with manatee. Not worth driving to other springs. Near for kayaking Alexander springs, Eustis, fl take Hy 19 n, 8 mi to altoono, turn e on ct rd 42, 15 mi n on forest service rd 540, 2 mi to boat launch on creek. Near rainbow springs for manatee winter over + snorkeling.

titusville, florida - MINWR; shiloh 3 road (closed annually 11-1 to 2-15) building in progress by fish + wildlife, birds feeding on disrupted dirt from bulldozer, nice in trees + marsh. Now use patillo creek rd off 3,  bike trail, nice rust color marsh.  white pelicans, shorebirds, waterfowl, wading birds, raptors in peak concentration in cool sunny days of winter.


titusville, florida - owls mating song.  
warmer days thru spring months offer opportunity to see alligators basking in sun or breeding in the waters of refuge. Colonial nesting birds, such as egrets + herons are busy in rookeries + neotropical migrants begin moving thru the refuge + manatee population peaks.


charleston, oregon learning to wild craft has been a true  b i`joy experience.. all know the beauty of seeing the woods fill with yellow skunk cabbage appearing after green winter. Can`t eat fresh + yet to try drying new leafs to remove acids, caution + folks have nice detail online.
charleston, oregon early a treat for me is the sheep sorrel found on the sand dunes beneath the shrub. How lovely, high in oxalic acid so do lil bits, but a gentle beautiful leaf arrow shape on top, green + lemon flavor. when steam no lemon taste but after eating my taste in mouth was lemon. Amazing how the earth gives us such beauty..  plaintain is a joy to chew + leave sit as poultice for my dental needs. as I collect a lil from each beach walk for drying for later. Spring freshness is a bi`joy with all the new greens as we awaken to eatables. + nice to dry to use all year.

year round offerings as we walk the estuary,  Cape Arago cliffs over looking ocean watching mating dance of oyster catcher, large eagle feeding, stellar reef fills + empties with sea lions, seals, occasional elephant seals + stellar.. beach walk + collect new seaweed growth washed up on beach. Enjoy very low tides for tide pooling with lingcod, watch the tides + after large seas. fish/crab/clam the river/ocean, crab on the dock.

check out the docks in the marina for species, belly down on docks, collect, observe + put back..

titusville, florida - MINWR leatherback, green, hawksbill, female turtles come back to birth area every year after living in the ocean to lay their eggs… make sure check list for 800 member call in 2 days to reserve…
we think this process was very inefficient, due to lack of community gathering + living local for what could be done..


titusville, florida - fall cooler temperatures bring the first major influx of migratory birds: shorebirds, waterfowl, fall warblers, bald eagles (nice to see the same nests build year after year) 1 viewed from black point dr + 1 on Indian river road on way to marina, both in lg pine tree…

               Sea of cortez, Mexico  08

kareje share`s story vs. put via months.
        has fascinating old stories as true cowboys - vagabondos in small motor boats would fish it in nasty weather. The natural events after chubasco is an amazing story of the dead debree washing down the hillsides as the sea becomes literally oatmeal in a short time as water thickens as life eats life.  

              patterns of importance in sea are the Midriff area channels with over falls, where serious safety hazard should be reviewed. Natives have experienced vortex as boats would swirl + sink. Marine life stays about 7 mile radius of such swirls. fish pile up where birds diving into sharks mouth, fish gauging + throwing up same time as each eat each, as fish travel hundreds of miles..  juanoloa large fish stories of back when. Whales mating + nursing  at magdelena bay, schools of dolphins, birds. lapaz not being a good anchorage as daily tides do a dance. + your anchor goes with it. anchor out off island on other side of bay. The sea is not friendly if you get caught in afternoon winds + chops going in wrong direction. Folks transverse it at night in calms. It is not good to get caught in wrong anchorage with wrong wind. With a lil study you can define safe anchorage back up if weather changes. Hurricane season or baja run leaves a lot of boats in little spots. Not many holes to hide in.

2-1-08 we are motoring thru a few hundred, + beyond included about a thousand pelicans that just gorged a school of fish, as we are off partida anchorage headed for isle of san Francisco. Water is calm + they just sitting drying their wings from diving.

2-3-08 leaving san jose channel calm seas + with us is large school of dolphins playing with boat. sighting of a large fin back whale.
2-4-08 2 finback whales followed us in aqua verde bay feeding with us 10 ft away + then anchored, all morning while i edited project.

The colors from the clouds shade make the islands rock change appearance, it`s a nice passage as i type out in cockpit with motor being on for power. La Paz in background at the n tip, ballendra, is beautiful with its mountain range.

Nice to have this chance to say hello. We are anchored in pulpito, next stop bay of conception, which will have internet in mulege to send this. We almost left in middle of night because the northerlys are hard when beating in to them over a long passage, this is 35 miles + picks up heavy in afternoon, + folks that have been here 20 years say they only travel at night when most of time is flat. But if wind blows all night it continues. So we are learning. 2 guys just came in to juanico + said 1 broached 2 times + other 1. seas are 6-9 + very close together around points + different depths, so be aware. Plus it is early to go north. Folks come south. But the days are warm + nights cozy still with feather comforter + lovee`s warmth nice. But too cold to go snorkeling yet. We went in partida + not bad for a bit, but more in a little colder. Bought a wet suit in mulege. + had a zebra stripe material light weight suit made, supposedly to keep sharks away. So need to experiment.

So we have had no people or few boats + few pangas with big motors costing  $18000.. We just saw i think $150./person /night. pick up fisherman + take to camp in bush. So maybe they will tell you what they catch, we see them trolling a lot. These locals go so fast in big open seas + follow coast, which we can`t because some times bigger seas. but they pound or fly over waves, coming from all directions, but some stay in when heavy blow.

Today is nice, defining/learning weather patterns. Boy these northerly winds known for winter, that will come maybe another month then softer southerly. Folks seem to leave boat on hard in san carlos, or trailer down from Arizona, Nogales. Then store camper + sail until hot summer or before hurricane area + go north. + back to go home to work + store boat on hard.  being wood deck not that easy but san carlos can pull  to work bottom maintenance. 100 miles, so a night run.

Juanica was beautiful, the last anchorage 10 miles away. Although offices are in place for 4000 houses to be built around a beautiful bay.  saw a rattlesnake in canyon that made noise, some have rattlers but don`t rattle, so look at where your feet go. Natives would put leaf in to keep them away + around tipi/house, so find out what local species work where at. we have a few bays nice if go back. we like to go in when no north wind or go where we can be protected by both. plus good snorkeling close. So rather than go to rosalia marina which is ecky, + then 71 or 77 miles to next san franciquito + then 50 to bay of los angeles, where 1 0r 2 safe anchorages only plus winds their now higher yet supposedly plus local wind elefante which has a path. + shorter hops maybe by islands. Which we wait a month + consider that. After n wind dies.

 we like island life, mulege has car, stores 15 miles by road from bay conception with 8 maybe anchorages, snorkeling, we`ll soon see sansipac anchorage, after Domingo rounding the corner depending if day or night run, good for shop + anchorage flat even though winds blow by annie’s restaurant boat on buoy. Russ owner of anna`s nice + we hitch a ride + with few others going to town, put our thumbs out. very nice family of folks offering short wave updates on net.

Leaving LaPaz we had nice winds, stayed in Lobos 1st
                   which we always left LaPaz after shopping, internet cafe + chores + went to lobos, nice reef, mt view + hiking, safe from n+s winds.
Then passed san Francisco bay which is nice white beach, but went on to averista, farther away, sandy`s favorite for hiking, people, safe both winds, but we did not like – but did not hike. rather el gado would have been nice, beautiful scenery with black rock huge + red, yellow + white sand + clear water.  this scenery has been my favorite but i miscalculated a distance.  we decided to go on. plus have to watch fuel. saw 4 wheel vehicles on beach so they get into some of these places thru back roads off main road.

Then on to nice day coming into anchorage before dark. Pt marcial, i spelling these wrong, but will see on chart. This was a great north protection only. very clear + 1st place to see so much life from dingy. All other places the dingy scares them, maybe white paint.

Which the E paint is great, no growth yet, we watched a dingy in La Paz after 2 months in water + a good 1” of growth chiseled off.

 the E paint is based on hydrogen peroxide so not as toxic.. we will do it on bottom next time. should get 3 blade prop.  we had the guy next to walter`s boat brokerage in port townsend, wa put thicker edge on blade for levitating + oxygen bubbles eating away blade. Just because you sail you still turn 1 blade same as a 2 blade prop, so not more resistance. So if see guy at prop shop tell him thanks. Scots spray no good because more growth on where we sprayed. Plus the bio-cide in fuel tank diesel no good at all it appears, unless we also got bad fuel at magdelena bay. After having motor die when really needed it. almost stripped hands having to put anchor down as we got blown in too close to rocks. ai heard of another story in the columbia river in Oregon where the guy did strip all the flesh after having to drop anchor. luckily we rode out 1 severe blow with many in anchorage when wind in wrong direction. Could not move around corner incase motor died again. But anchor held good luckily as many in front of us also held. Scary night for many. we where almost on the beach any how. But tzyggy did great.

Again 2 anchorages ago we got in high north wind + big seas, 6 to 9` build up with differential of depths + refract around points, so we bouncing + fuel tank loosen all the shit that bio-cide broke up, where if no bio-cide the growth would stay together we think, that life that lives in diesel.  put on switch to turn to another hose directly to day tank jerry can above so clean. But we could not do that until after in + calm.  beating into a nw anchorage sailing with nw wind does not work, so we stopped below just in time to anchor. Plus coming in luckily we could occasionally start engine to go up because their had to be 1 big rock right on our path.

when we sell this boat it is it`s 1 down fall, the fuel tank has no hole to pour out at bottom, it is a keg, toms doing. as well his stainless bolt in the staysail connection fused + broke under sail, luckily those winds where light.  replaced it with plumbing hardware. Later to replace with a better set up.

We stayed at aqua verde where folks like + we didn`t , but that was my mistake with measuring miles, plus the northerly came up + it was good for both winds, + stayed for 4 days until wind stopped. We actually had goats on mts, + 2 finback whales 10` from us in bay as we came in + they stayed in bay chowing down.  i still work on editing 2-3 hrs every day with solar sun + was nice working in cockpit watching whales.

Plus i found a little tide pool that housed a nursery ground for nudibrinks, so i had fun with them, otherwise water is clear but could not see due to green occasionally. collecting clam/mussel when can + caught few fish their. + we found later no fishing from lorreto to their due to preserving attempts.

the fish that used to be here where giants,  their was a 10 mile school of yellowtale which was 200# ers, but not now. they recently saw school all the way from cabo to escondido which is what 300 miles maybe.

sailing in miles of dolphins is something unique. We`ve done that a few times. Plus whales close, saw maybe 6 so far. i guess they are at magdelene bay, a thousand go in their to nurse + mate.

Coming thru danzante island + carmen is a bottleneck, calm + then we saw it + kept going + shouldn`t of, for by the time we got to ballendra across from lorreto it was big seas especially coming from 2 different sea heights of floor at north end. Plus having to go into a westerly anchorage with nw winds + building around points was tricky. We have leaned both times with water coming over deck, with little drips in bunk bed, covered with plastic. ballendra is nice bowl. Close entrance + can`t really see until on top but we use gps, + it closer to n end that you see coming from s. escondido we did not go due to $20. mooring buoys per night + some folks boycotting, + waiting room anchorage is deep. But what we could of done when we saw that wind, if only known, was to turn back + go to salt mind in nw side of Carmen, nice + flat, island protects from n wind.

loretto is open anchorage + isla coranado 6 miles maybe + then ballendra 10 but i won`t go back to these channel effects.

bay of conception  we hung out until north wind settles down. 22 miles long by 2 at narrowest to 5miles. With few choices, + lots of Canadian motor homes along the road  + annie`s restaurant owner goes into pick up help so we can talk to him to hitch a ride to mulege for internet, food, fuel, laundry. which having outside has now been wet in bag from heavy n wind beating into. Helping Gillian, a sweet lady that fell + broke her arm.

Project is coming nicely, we `ve been working hard all the time when we can + play in dingy rest of day looking into water at marine life + plants, hiking, or working on boat figuring out next` move.

Some folks don`t mind beating or turning + running, which short distance yes, but long i never did like a roller coaster. i can`t imagine the vagabondos that came in 18-22` boats with motors that came in dec from kino across midriff islands, Catalina favorite. this guy that wrote loved to fish + knew where each one lived. + would go like cow boys in seas every year + meet here + catch 200 plus pound fish. From kino to lapaz in 3 weeks, or kino to mulege 1 week + kino to loretto 2 weeks.Then beat back, crazy!

In juanico, a Canadian from lorretto puts on kayack 7 day tours + they also had to beat + work, i respected them. loretto has a big airport.

So we open eyes to all input but have been ignoring weather reports + watching barometer. Our cheap little one has been good, all you have to do is tap lightly to see in the moment accuracy. 1015 or so good + it was 1028 milibars, each area different, so when each day we watch throughout day if goes up we stay + give seas a chance to go down, for swells + no wind is a mess to. For each afternoon the n wind picks up 15-30, don`t seem much but in these bottleneck spots a 15 knt wind gives 6` plus seas + close chop especially if around point. But usually 1 hr after sunset + we watch color, + usually wind goes down but if it doesn`t it usually keeps blowing. When red sky at night sailor delight usually light winds, but in morning when red sky be worn, high winds. dramatic sunrises + sun sets.

The California santa anas blow to central sea. Today 30 plus winds if crossed over to san carlos + here in bay conception. Here next to russ’s boat in santispac is good, got white caps in bay but holding + we back on boat. so not so hard to get off dingy when seas rolling. Yet to go out to reef. Around outer shoals with rocks nice grasses + yesterday we saw a lot of skates mating time think. If go on other side of sands building from tidal exchange then more clarity on rocks, etc. now that we have been here at santispac and over at gearys at el burro, i think i like outer sea better by anna`s restaurant. i enjoy the rock mountain view from anchorage.

 i think for us san carlos will be our answer to put boat on mooring buoy + back to states for work.

The locals in baja are fisherman on islands + have plastic debree fish camps on beach. i have to respect them. then they drive boat over to a beach + clean their fish. As birds goudge. a lot of shark, skates when fishing not good, they say water too cold. we where getting lines chumped off so went bigger, now he has a 2200 pound line so look out if we catch one. He works so hard with his gear trying to catch woman food. Plus i like to look + throw.  we did eat last 2. a lot of puffer fish he catches.  Susan at juanica with baby saw a 3` triggerfish, we saw a 3` needle nose.  A fisher man told me story of pulling up one + it grabbed inside of his nose. Bloody mess. Would not listen when folks said pack nose to stop bleeding. So he bleed all the way to hospital + they packed it.The rocks had osprey nests nice. Stars are beautiful at night in dark.

So we still learning.

End sea of cortez story.

nothing here is in stone. if a unique special event happens only in a certain time of year then note it. if you are exploring an area then stay with the story vs. having to jump back + forth between what season + your story. point is to be clear so folks can comment or ask questions if you offer exchange or all simply enjoy what you share..

              please share your bi'joy experience in appropriate subcatagorie under this one. so each can join in ASAP so as not to miss it. plus build a seasonal log to reflect with each year.

                                   our combined' effect makes a difference..

                                            thank you!


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