check out a book - Younger Next Year..

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        a book to give you some nice connections to fill in some missing links by Chris Crowley and Dr. Harry Lodge that focuses on living an active senior lifestyle.

now interact + add simple local living how tos from permaculture, agro-ecology + perennial food forests + look out folks, for life is now, no longer an illusion of struggling on earth + peace coming in next life.

           no we can't accept that when we take responsibility for our own misuse. do a walkabout with

                                            i come to talk story's forum on Nabble

+ get to know yourself + your local community + take part in exchange making it a nice virtual tool for all local communities to become local, global + beyond participants.

                                           have a bi-joy experience reflecting with many good folks we are fortunate to share this earth + beyond with + co_evolve.