come join us in thought with the smell of a natural local potluck, as we go beyond nuclear + carbon ideas + get to the root sharing solutions..

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    we welcome you to share some thought we gathered from a local chat, considering we cannot take part in your OFA conference with Barack Obama today over carbon issue, when we think we can trigger thought to do much more then isolate carbon`s mismanagement, etc.


   todays twitter feed with Hassan Rouhani, so together we stop all unhealthy aggressive acts + work together prioritizing the many good solutions we share now with many globally;

       please gather friends + take part as we share some ideas;  
(please note as always when I update + have time I clean up, make few changes from original sent to legislators)

         Welcome, we share our proposed global `aloka platform sharing great solutions.

     please note, mother earth is interdependent on her homeland afar, as well no ecosystem is isolated on her. As we all are interconnected as our hearts beat as one. Sadly many are not so fortunate to be of good health, so I would like to add a few examples into your review regarding carbon, nuclear abilities, etc.

    presently many are experiencing difficulty in a variety of ways + are not being supported completely from good community/police/military or government policy. a true democracy allows us to come together with a sound science that co-evolves as collectively we restore our communities so we each can self-develop as we restore the functionality of a good working community + harmonize with our neighbors locally + afar. Let me share just a few from a list after having a community discussion;

      regulations are inaccurate as officials are not making space for local dialect to cooperatively create with many, I use these examples as with the commercial fisher folks, leaving them at high risk as well more of a work load. Sport fisher folks should have to stop after catching 2 wild fish, vs. continually catch + release, as many of the fish then die, which is very inefficient when people are hungry + cruel to the species. Same with the over population of sea lions which show high risk on docks as well to fishing fleet after their catch, when yet a responsible kill could provide solutions, give food to the needy + clothing, cormorants out of control that eat the stocked nursery fish, middle people profiting illegally + unethically as they with misinformation then contribute to the incorrect regulatory board negatively effecting the commercial fisheries. So many good fisher folks are tired of it + refuse to participate, when yet gov could demand a cooperative as I've asked before so F+W in every small community fishing works directly with the hand ful of fisher folks, maybe 50 or so, eye to eye so the responsible people can set the truth + together they redefine + stay current with policy, as well get compensated as F+W regulators do. For the way the conferences are held, it takes many off their work days to complain, etc. then they feel no one is listening. Leaving people over worked.

   Then I see one spoke of Oregon Care health plan with Obama Care wanting to prorate + tally each month which is wrong, when it should be yearly income that is gauged on. For many cannot afford especially when they have a few good months. + we all know how bad computer can be, so if you start tallying a fee, then want to take back when more income comes in, makes if difficult, when yet health care has many issues. + could be simple. For many western medical doctors do go back to school studying alternatives, yet many do not + are wrongfully mistreating/over medicating + pharmaceuticals getting kick backs, when yet awareness as in our `plan will build community herbal gardens + balanced environments will be ones best medicine. So illegal doctors, insurance people + pharmaceuticals can no longer do harm/unethical practices, when people start do_in on their own + with locals rethinking. Computer is bad enough let alone expect to keep more tallies of prorating, this can be simplified.

      People that prove to be responsible within their community should be respected to use their weapons responsibly, yet feel threatened from gov trying to take them away, one just spoke of a doctor asking a child to explain what weapons where in the house. As well many locals under age are carrying weapons + many say police are afraid to enforce the law do to these children carrying weapons being dysfunctional.

      We can learn so much from the world as we take good pieces + make our communities whole, supporting each to restore quality life. in Russia people would walk in to a hospital, state their name + all health paid for. Real simple if we stop the war mode + false green economies. Switzerland is showing how effective as they are being defensive only, as funds are distributed to all by raising minimum wages + everyone at a certain age must be skilled to use a weapon.

Our students/community are whip lashed unable to process all the layers of dispute, etc. Even as EPA knows best from a 1990 CAMPs study, with controversy, when yet no science becomes sound until we focus together, review what is, share awareness to build good concentration so oneself can transform. As we finish studies that are applied with our daily chores as common sense, not research compiled + isolated, leaving people without inner inter personal sense of interrelating as together we build our local communities for all to become a local, global + beyond responsible participant.

Look around at the waste + depletion due to monetary focus, vs. respect or awareness for mother earth`s enhanced potential being worked.

For mother earth cannot sustain any life to sustain ours when abused as we have many scars to reference from. As well cannot be fragmented, she needs that balance of every ecosystem to link with locally + afar. Many good scientists/people do business very well, yet many are not + every local community has too many people left behind, + sadly in some way too many for too long, while yet they continue in responsible positions. Let these international scientists that came together in 1990 for the symposium of ecological indicators not take reference to these years since then. + require they responsibly continue to resolve with locals applying this research into restoring our functionality with traditional indigenous still do_in + co_evolve as all is brought forth to the present with simple common sense that all communities can work with.

Welcome those leaving negative effects as we transform with the many solutions we have now along with our good tools. But as with health care don't prioritize the tools, rather focus on the outcome + reality of what is. + let each community handle it best eye to eye `booning with their biomes as we rethink + work our entire wild. Changing the way it is.

These lists are abundant + in our proposal of `aloka platform in every community globally, we know these tallies will not just be exposed, rather they will be eliminated with the many good solutions we have now, as we link. Nothing left in the air, rather ground it within mother earth`s *enhanced limits for all life to sustain our life + take responsibility for its elimination or it does not get permitted. our Nuclear repository misuse/ongoing collection of it is inexcusable. + the international community wants it all to end, if we are fortunate to define away safely without more getting injured.

  It has been pretty sick to see so many make so much money on this unawareness of many that stay aggressive due to lack of awareness, as they sell/trade their weapons, etc.

      wake up people, by fixing it, all get a great job + please we can understand how to calm our self + redirect back into our human family vs. destroy what sustains us, especially as many are profiting by you destroying what sustains you with their weapons they sell to you.

       US is sick to have 70-90 military interventions around the world.

   we can share awareness + harmonize as we link what is/what has been as we resolve/remain present in the moment, only then is it worthy of working for a sound science that is universal for each tongue to comprehend as we make together 1 common sense of what sustains life that sustains ours as a human family. With each ecosystem/subject, knowing well no ecosystem is isolated, we depend on others to receive the true pulse of mother earth + beyond.

       Sadly many people everywhere, have been unaware + exceeded their natural *enhanced limits locally + at the end of their focus afar, due to unaware community allowing it, as well perhaps not organized to even know each should participate, etc. + this is what we at – i come to talk story - invite you all to do, come focus direct with us as we create an `aloka platform a virtual tool for all students to work with us as each come in an interchangeable local created role + do their homework, come reflect/share/post as we together as a human family make this process more friendly. For all is needed to gain a meaningful center + take part.

       As together we all can share what works from the many sensitive skilled people, in joy simply living, as we build ecological sustainable working communities, where bio-cultural experiences from aware locals still using these ways, or support those restricted to do, explore a natural way + share with all the tools to stay in the present. For impermanence is our only none + we have many lessons from scars. If we learn from them we can harmonize efficiently ASAP + link, as all of us do our homework to trigger thought to fine tune with local community what works. + do it.

      We can assess via like ecosystem/subject with 1 sound science, not different perspectives/beliefs, due to our personal experiences, yet to leave different perspectives clouding the issue, never yet to make it simple + work within mother earths enhanced limits. Which we can if we associate + apply, network what works + let it trigger each to fine tune what is, as we restore our damaged mother earth + her homeland, to maintain a natural bio-chemical balance, for all life to sustain in harmony, both locally + migratory. Which includes all species as well us as a human, we are all interdependent on a healthy balanced environment, making it our best medicine. Leave no ecosystem isolated, we must connect. We can work our entire biomes seasonally, better prepared for natural changes.

Please don`t exploit the terminology of false green climate changes. When we yet to globally have a sound science that is clear, when yet we do have ways that work to bring us to harmony. Yet science needs not to over intensify due to so many unknowns, rather we know enough to maintain simple harmony. The biology of our emotions is known, we are an open book + fortunate for many sensitive skilled folks to help us regain a healthy balance. But western medicine alone is not the answer, rather we must `boon with our natural world in our local communities, which gives us intelligence to gauge our healthy limits.

       As i`ve stated many times, Prof Miguel Altieri knows best our global food crises + how the Bill Gates mode of values differs from his agro_ecology curriculum/practices. Miguel creates this, as he works out in the world with indigenous still do_in, yet they have similar yields yet leave no toxic effects, as the synthetic modes that others create do. He is very clear of how to work within the natural *enhanced limits that mother earth can absorb to restore, vs. fuel abuse/misuse unknowingly, etc.

 Why is it we do not bring these 2 gentlemen together so for once we all speak the same language, making a sound science that truly does work for mother earth efficiently, gaining from each as they harmonize + admit what doesn`t. For each represent billions of like thought inefficiently/efficiently seeking their way.

      We must admit the reality that no change will take place effectively, if we each pursue our belief. Not realizing we have great inner tools to help our self/communities become aware, for each to gain support to build ones path as they walk it, into their own opening, yet leave no footprint. For each to build ones own center + ground, as each has inner tools to gain control of only them self, applying self daily in what we propose as we prioritize what sustains us, our local natural food to start to then fuel the way for each community as collectively all restore + maintain, as each co_evolve the social structure with the institutional, resulting with sound science flowing with nature`s *enhanced limits as rule of law.
       No more perspectives that are fragmented from isolation from mother earth + her bio-cultural good ways that are being resisted from many due to simply not understanding as they continue their way, their misuse/abuse. Ask self are you controlling yourself? If other able, you are off.

   It is wrong to gain control over any other healthy able person that can make changes, rather give support for their framework to change. While yet we restore great jobs that transform from volunteering what is needed to work in to great meaningful career/heal + explore locally + beyond.

     We can become aware to maintain discipline of our self sensory observations vs. this belief that many ride on. Which feels so real when one knows no other way. if we focus direct together for our local communities, sharing what works as we prioritize our local natural food sovereignty to ground us + apply reality of life right perspectives, that presently are not associated with the present fragmented science. that has allowed abuse to continue beyond mother earth`s ability to process + assimilate, leaving her, many of us + the life that sustains ours, depleted, diseased or dieing prematurely. From locals locally + as they travel afar, or at the end of their limited perspective as many are being land/sea/fresh water grabbed, leaving locals without, injured or dead. Tallies will clarify all.

    So are you going to continue to be part of the problem or will you be part of the solution. For many of you are in responsible roles that can reach out ASAP + make exponential positive effects, or simply co_evolve your position or rid it + rethink where best to go back into your local community or where ever you are fortunate to be in the moment. as well each of us do_in what we can to hold our self accountable as well others, as we help people organize via local students gathering our family, friends + community to organize so we understand;

          + act calmly, going beyond the fear based misinformation as together we gain harmony linking, as we create this proposed platform, that we here at – i come to talk story – are presently working at means to reach out globally for all to share this opportunity. Share the greatness that all offer once supported to rethink, gain self awareness + heal.

    Lets support each to become one self, not ride the wave of another!

        We have a `plan + welcome you to merge with yours. Please gather a stirring committee in your local community, welcoming students from all local skills/home school/public/private, student within yet to have support to develop + recycle a space that fits into your community calmly, so we can share story;
          few with computer (they yet to be developed but can be a good tool w/eye to eye) so we can link thru internet/skype + teleconference, etc. along with respecting adults that can represent no computer ways as they reach out on local message boards, so together we organize, create local logs/tallies, covering all, short/long term changes/support in place.
+ retrospectively support our potential to harmonize, not get stuck in computer world.
    coordinating all to come to the table eye to eye, + a spokes person for those unable, so voices from all interact. As each understand they can co_evolve their behaviors they carried forward from their experiences, daily absorb/assimilate what is reality + each gain a good night sleep to then awaken with new neuro networks to make change, edit the baggage that we all have carried from the many scars on mother earth. Nothing else builds new natural neuro networks.

      We are so fortunate to have this time + these tools, so I ask you again are you going to be part of the problem + continue to be enslaved from your own misuse/abuse as you chase your belief. Or are you going to calmly take a fresh breath of air, feel the tension + release it, so you can start with where you are at, + gain support to become aware so you gain a calm balance + you gain control to calm that aggression within that exceeds a normal healthy ego. So you simply say no thanks to any aggressive act/tools/chemical/biological, etc. weapons;

    please only keep + use a weapon for a conscious humane hunt for your food/your personal/community items to recycle that creature, in which you took the life of, + use it efficiently. As far as protection, we can do better than hurt ill people.

    All other weapons of war need to be collected + compositions recycled within mother earth`s *enhanced limits. No one in a sound mind gives a weapon to another to use against another human life. These people will be defined in our tallies as we prioritize a list of known`s to assertively work at as we focus direct together.

    please realize we can change the global markets as we work together fueling all to simply reflect what is sound science that can be interpreted by all tongues as we sustain mother earth`s *enhanced limits, which will end the war mode + false green economy. Yes we can become aware of the people to welcome into our local tapering transitions as local students reflect/network via like ecosystem/subject, showing facts of sound science to be locally maintained, giving yet investors/those leaving negative effects, yet another reality to understand as each then do their walkabout + discover as they explore ones life, defining where best to become a responsible participant to best self-develop, knowing when to do what for self or another, so as to stay calm yet not interfere in others ability to do the same.

The international community wants to live local, wants to harmonize where fresh smells fill the air from home grown natural healthy foods, cooperatively maintaining restoring ones own sovereignty. So in solidarity please lets come together + self-reflect, check in with your self + realize we are in this together + can make changes now with the support of the many now happily living as they maintain their hands on what sustains them. So they celebrate along the way, music filling the air at these potlucks being their best gauge of local needs/desires/ER stock for natural disasters. No longer being fear based from any information, as they `boon with their entire biomes, knowing well each seasonal offerings give them yet means to get to the next.

Please gather with like thought + link as we together restructure a platform that is best suited with the local tools one has, so each then responsibly take part to be energy efficient + not waste. As we all post what works, so we each can reflect ways via our ecosystem/subject realizing we cannot isolate our ecosystems, for they are all interconnected + interdependent on mother earth.

   If we link + share via these interchangeable roles scheduling on few computers, we can become responsible local, global + beyond participants, giving us fuel to `boon with mother earth so her *enhanced limits are the rule of law, as we stay with them in real time, co_evolveing with them, not our delusional belief from another time.
  please gather, so efficiently all recycle dangerous compositions/weapons + link with us when you need yet another way to trigger your thought + then please share thinking of us needing what you have to offer.

           Sincerely our combined` effects make a difference..

warm wishes + I look forward to meeting you eye to eye, for no virtual tool is a good one if it does not bring us together when we cross our paths. It is only used here in our `plan to be a good tool so we don`t fail to see the bigger picture of meaningful relations as we share our story, pool our community tool sheds, build an `aloka platform which is simply a metaphor meaning in our context, a house of food that never goes empty, as we fill it with thought to assimilate + act on, so as to trigger each to go rethink.

        Lets redirect the negative disassociated energy + understand if we share awareness we can harness it!

           Please, we welcome you to be part of the solution!

Thank you for what you can do as you pursue your walkabout, developing your self, giving hands on to your locals, yet share us along your path you build, into your opening, `booning with mother earth, enjoying the exploration, working with us so all gain this equality to do the same. do your part.

                      No more leaving anyone left behind.

   We look forward to working together, considering I cannot participate with you
now, thank you for your review + please share!

Peace is our option once we organize to understand + our students can do that if we focus direct with them, not give them a speech, not tell them what to do, but welcome them to come focus direct with us, requiring all to do their homework.

Their is no better education then to experience, assimilate, as we associate with our self + our community `booning with mother earth, as we
go within + reflect with self, + then share as we communicate options, for then to make conscious humane decisions for oneself, not for others, even if unable we support frameworks for all to continue to rid the baggage from the many scars left unaware, + they continue to surface, so we need each other to make this process more friendly.

      To hold our self accountable + others as we remain present in the moment, working our early signs we can understand. To make conscious humane decisions do_in our part.

     We need all to understand, feeling this transition as people in need are relieved of some chores to stop their stress, to then become aware or nature alone wanting to balance as people reflect + sharpen their own dull sensors. Realizing if too out of balance then organs want to survive as they pull their own way, yet to produce one to want to end it.
     We can learn these early signs in our self + others, for we all are an open book + fortunate to have sensitive skilled people to guide, as we reflect with them. Especially if we all link to a platform to have support to seek them out lo ally + if not bring them in from afar to share so locals sustain themselves. So all go eye to eye.

                           Thank you all for what you do!

Barack + other leaders please realize coming together with these sensitivities of sound science in place can help restore the much global dysfunctions that all are interfered with in every local community on mother earth. With your support together we can reach out for all to do our walkabouts, no one leading another, rather we get to enjoy the greatness that all have to offer once they truly co_evolve with mother earth. Just imagine all your deepest desires brought to fruition + all your baggage calmed for ever, this is what we can all do, if support in place for each to self-develop, rid existing dysfunctions in every entity. leaving no one left behind, truly supporting all to reach their potential + harmonize.

With love, our combined`effect makes a difference..
 I speak for many, kara j lincoln