come talk, we can get out of the fog as we share in an exchange, for everyone has something to offer...

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the disassociated energy can be harnessed + redirected, this is why Senator Jeff Merkley needs support for his petition to stop the Monsanto Act, when then that  will co_evolve other realities.

            we can give simple respect for all life in simple language + not settle for anything less!

in our proposed project osic, we think it most efficient for each community to work with your students;

       focus direct so you prioritize your local ecological sustainable living + we suggest start with your local food sovereignty.  + if gov is to be part then we cannot ask them just to label.

        when it is more efficient to come together + create a simple good science so students with in all stop getting whiplashed. these bills past consume a lot of human energy. have you not noticed the many left behind that could better use this, as well the much life that has been destroyed from our misuse/abuse.

        let students work in schools to better aid us in our local community as they make this a priority. so they co-evolve the curriculum to restore a natural community. it is not fair for these many public schools to be so distraught when yet many beautiful children are raised in home schooling.

this can be offered to all as we unite as a local community, then link, do_in our local part to build genetic bio-diversity so all the life that we are inter dependent on can simply live + migrate.

  wow that would be fun for all to have the opportunity in the human species, wouldn't it??

I did sleep on the your message of just labeling, but I`m sorry for I`ve worked with many without z+ this does not have to continue. the teacher at Sunset Middle School stated at the last ER preparedness workshop, that it is hard to teach our children when they come to school hungry.

   so I suggest to all to yes respect the protocol of MAM, which I feel we all have worked very hard to do. but we cannot contain human energy that is natural, rather we can flow with it as we create upon their goodness. that is what this is all about.

     please note exponentially we need to resolve, yet we can do it sensitively as Kristina states. + if we welcome our students to focus with us, amazing results will happen.

remember these lil bugs ears are not just hearing what we say, they are building neuro networks from the energy exchange we do now. they deserve nothing less than creative harmony.

              we cannot pass anything negative on to them, that is our responsibility now.

             students with staff along with community meets can make this friendly + fun!

  all give hands on to those left behind, so together all can come to your cloth/table + make your local `plan land freshwater flow to sea use review. let the land tell sensitive local folks what it can handle + the changes needed. network via like ecosystem/subject + see, feel, be in motion with all the good natural solutions we have now from people `booning with mother earth.

 people are abundant  in patches + we at

                                                     i come to talk story

     want to link with the many pockets without basic survival, + do an exchange with our human family.

what better education can this be for any student, as well the student within adult bodies yet to have a chance to see another way. this is our life right.  for many people as I have been working hard giving a hand to those many left without, for their is much local work needed in every community, globally that I have experienced. how about your experiences??

 after you all prepare for this rally, please come take a review. I have added links for understanding of our meet + Monsanto`s many issues. + hope to discuss more at Bittin`s poster painting on Friday, May 24.

                please some one add her physical address, + if already did, please share where.

     then if have some extra energy, come review our project osic + you define whom + how best to locally connect. for I will be leaving the area, but I would love to have you folks continue to post or have a interchangeable role for students to update + share what works from your local community on this proposed platform we are working at.

     we welcome you to help us make this global org platform. help us make this process friendly. as we share simple talk, strategies, schematics as those living simple sustainable life`s, share what works. to trigger you to come + take a review via your ecosystem/subject. then go define with your local community, what you can take home + create upon.

      then share with us to do the same with others... so all gain the opportunity of harmony! i try to remain present + utilize life experiences in the moment. + i appreciated everyone of you! + that beautiful energy keeps me flowing wanting to share, wanting to resolve, wanting everyone to explore this beautiful earth + beyond, for i love it...

                   i`m a bush girl + i love the wild when naturally worked. + i believe we can balance our energy + heal by `booning with our natural world, if we learn to work it sensitively. so when get a chance read my study sharing others in the Amazon, for they have many lessons for us all, as we all are hunter gathers. + the sooner we become aware the more prepared we become with adjusting to natural disasters. for our take is their is much we can do now. plus their will always be earthly changes.

  but for now please listen to Kristina, for she is local + she lives it.  we are fortunate to have her come share. nothing better then having neighbors first hand exchange experiences, as all you have. thank you!

             peace is an option now if we share what works, not just for a few, but for all!

life is motion + once we awaken we should not settle for anything less than the flow of harmony. for we have many locals, ethnic indigenous + afar folks, that give us much to reflect with. you just need to sort it out, what works best for you + your local community.

                  so all can have the opportunity to experience yet another `way that we have discovered that works. but as i say we yet to clearly create this platform + we want students/young + old community members that have a variety of interests/sensitivities + skills to technically make a good virtual tool for us all to take part in... so we all are fueled + add it to our community tool shed, that comes best from collective community, working freely together. so as not to waste energy in repeating or having to buy same tool when yet it sits their, etc.

 for we will never/have never done anything in the virtual world without grounding it eye to eye. so keep us in mind please + post below if interested in this reconstruction. that we will do locally eye to eye while i`m still here. then we will do virtually + we will set up tasks before i leave. then one will continue to communicate thru teleconference, + we suggest Skype, as well email/telephone.

     come talk!