`compost, the magic of critters being allowed to do their work:.

a story of Russian country folks, which before a house went up, the outhouse was made.
   Lime how to;
Very alkaline, use gloves + add a small amount on fecal matter once maggots start to appear before hatch so they die + yet the good bacteria not destroyed for composting. To be put on field + set a side for a year, then worked.
            The workings keeps outhouse warm. fur liners put as seat covers. Coats are kept next to heat in house to be warm when go out to bathroom.
               cotton in basket for womens' period. recycle washable rags for women to pea, to conserve paper if water abundant. + paper/Bibles for waste.

i can`t tell ya the joy i`ve had, with a few feet of earth around a condo to 100 acres of various planting in small fields + forests. But to restore our earth in a short time, it is very nice to take a small bucket at a time + dig it under a good 6 inches to a foot, depending on soil type. Turn it over + cut it up. especially nice when you want to plant eatables or cover for other life to observe close.
 Or freeze food scraps + have a nice ride to the country + drop off to the compost pile.  during those mobile times or on boat + take to a local farmer/or plant community space. Or even a foraged area that gives us an abundant, work it. you can`t beat special places, like a beautiful road off the side filled with comfrey old plants + new abundant to stock up for all, etc.

The world`s cultural indigenous that have not lost their way offer solutions if we share this walkabout..

Our bio-waste/food scraps/recyclable goods can be used in a number of ways, folks share. So here we invite you composters to share bi`joy experiences from ann wigmore composting on 6th floor in boston, usa a small plastic container with holes as she feeds her earth worms banana peels, + digs up dandelion roots as she forages her greens locally. I experienced this 1st hand as she literally ran up + down these 6 flights of steps in her older years.

I can`t share enough the bi`joy experience of how fun to take a sore thumb piece of land, make sure if it was a land fill of what?? + if good bring it alive + start a compost for the local community + share the sensitivities of do_in.. soon you will have your beautiful dirt to now cover + dig this garden spot for community members to share in, define what earth where is best to grow what in your original plan` do_in.

Digging compost deep prevents critters from digging, so it helps to know what ya attract from what depth if just turning soil over vs. a bin built to house the compost + work it.. add this with your community shared tool shed + amazing how peace is within us. sharing like interest is the way.

starting with our food has a way of making it all simple.
  Soon to be very nice dirt as our critters go to work. bringing natural environments alive, as we `boon with the local wild life, linking to wild places, so as to give them their own corridors + not interfere. leaving the many stages of growth from old to new. as we manage wildlife from plant succession.

             thank you, our combined` effect makes a difference..


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