construction of patches` message board:.

 patches` cooperative construction starts here:.

         these are ideals to trigger your thought. to gather + create a cooperative focus part time to build a self + support system in place when unable.. it is easiest if we start here where we all can feel the natural tools that cost nothing. create a board for serious issues to be handled in real time for your local community along with a virtual posting. to harmonize with physical board posted for locals.. then have a spokesperson in interchangeable roles come post on patches`, sharing your bi`joy experiences.

                          work with your locals to open the doors of your educational systems into your community. where students/community gain interpersonal self-development. while working in each seasonal offering, with local experience. As together young + old build your community.

This message board keeps us connected eye-to-eye with our community locally + afar, for all to self develop + become a local, global + beyond participant:.
                           detail of what issue + where from who + what.

            we post the date, time, place with weather protection contact information for:

                 alternative changes, details of what + whom for those needing support, with consideration for special provisions for mobile devices carrying folks unable to walk, composting mobile toilets, electronic mobile support for medical tools, cooking facilities for keeping temperatures high enough, etc. info for hows/whats if need to talk.. + this will be posted from each in the log book, for easy organizing + please stay updated.


we suggest, putting up `patches, you define your name or use ours - a message board in your familiar locations for all to interrelate with, along with using this virtual tool or 1 you may create + then your spokes person can update with ours + share links to conserve air space...
                                gather like minded folks to welcome all. tell others young + old to bring their friends + come along, do a trek for those unable giving support, + allow this to start your community log with contacts to get to know your neighbors, so all can self-register + those unable, logged from another + followed up with.

this allows us to pool resources for energy efficiency, make eye-to-eye connections to update happenings, set a date, define a place.

                     enjoy your wild offerings along with state + other parks, as you continue to build + update natural ways into policy or rid them if unused + simplify local enforcement:.
         choose 1 of your unique old growth reserves, wild land, or a small local farm's back yard, for your potluck + start collecting food that is abundant + in season.. have a plan for a weather alternative, bring layers for those yet to learn how to layer with weather, + come together in a `way do_in..

these happenings + how to gatherings, working simply within natures` limitations.. prioritizing nature to care for itself, regain balance, along with our positive exchange, as in Miguel Altieri's guidence + others, leaving no negative impact.. as to sustain all life to live in harmony + understand/rid misuse.. as we come together, rethink + act as a local, global + beyond participant, cooperatively building our local harmony.

               `who lives where, best managed by plant succession..

                             in our series of do_ins' we do just this for you to fine tune + apply what is appropriate for your ecosystems/biome..
                     we have `patches of wild natural resources that provide our ecological sustainability, our livelihood, our shelter, fresh water + fresh local grown food. this is the best gauge to define as we sit at his cloth/table potluck + taste the food, how much is local grown + natural. Calm yourself + realize if you make space to understand, these tools will help us have all our food local. this fuels healthy living:.

                                 weather shelter with trees, balance our pests, species to pollinate gardens grown/foraged perennials shared/exchanged by community: in trees, back yards, vacant lots unused, small farms, etc. so as to develop our land use for our sustainable self-reliance.. fueled by old ways that work along with hybrid natural energy off the grid or contributing to an efficient collective effect:.
                                 efficiently designed systems locally in respect with our neighbors.. sharing our local natural resources within each ecosystem.. combining alternative sources made ecologically sound, along with generators fueled efficiently if necessary to supplement good old diesels, etc..
                     we want to link these `patches + restore the negative ones in between, so as to support trans-boundary migration appropriately for all life to live in harmony along the `way.. with efficient cooperatives sharing recyclable tool sheds to build a community that prioritizes land/fresh water/marine use for our local life to live in ecological balance:. fresh food, bio-waste systems, water collectors for rain + grey water used for gardens, etc.

              efficient clean energy for all that fuels, along with folks fueled from maintaining discipline of self-sensory observation vs. belief. with sharp sensors for mental clarity + physical strength. is what we think of when collecting seasonal offerings gently from the wild, as we appreciate the life in all seasons. Sharing this nice collective experience of new wild crafting areas, species. knowing who lives where when + watch the families as we share our ecosystems with all life in balance. it was fun to see the old bears in Alaska that would live conserving energy, awaiting for salmon to come up stream vs. the eager young that would chase it.
                   when we keep our message boards alive, functional + creative.
 we stay in tune with all folks/life in our community as ongoing bi`joy experiences unfold.    
                   allowing us to accept nothing less than harmony, with self-expression enjoying the arts + music, as we  `boon with the natural world..

                                   take part in creating your moment.

only then are we fueled, to part time cooperatively come together + build a community that enables support locally + beyond, when in need.. for all to become local, global + beyond participants..  locals being accountable for locals + their beyond focus/act. reflecting exchange of positive options as in a `tapering transition with simple living.. so all can reflect + stop misuse by exchanging what works:.

 1 >  do walkabout with log book + share thought where best to put, for those unable to also get the joy of updates..

               use stick + dirt/sand to lay out design, apply the lesson for those in need + awaken to the preservation of this beauty of these wild spaces.. gently pick not the last flower but allow it to reproduce. Thanks to harmony she taught this. How greedy folks are to take all without thought.
               save paper so not have to cut trees, + have jobs for the sake of jobs. Rather have real function efficiently building harmonizing communities where each self-satisfies without leaving footprints, as all is fueled to explore + freely share this planet + beyond. equally as we become sensitive + aware to experience each early sign + adjust for it’s preservation, living withi natural laws as we rid old policy.
               use natural resources respectfully + recycle, items that never should have been created break into recyclable pieces or rid properly.. develop good imagination + concentration + get out of files + be with fresh air, enjoy local + migratory offerings every day + post for folks to also enjoy these precious moments..
               support local education facilities, to open doors of schools into the community as a classroom, use all buildings appropriately + have back up weather plans.. for hands on application before one gets degreed.. so the undeveloped in young + old can not at a low fe or exchange self-develop. + there is no need for gathering places to have expensive taxes, loans, interest, etc.
recycle already unused + this is what can be handy when we post offerings + needs in log book. + keep shifting redirecting until community is not wasteful.
              get to know what best for majority of people + have a log book –see subcategory on log book + `tapering transition. Add this next to this board for those to catch up with, (can make this efficiently as a creative project, recycled paper, construction paper for front + back, etc.. for easy access to post have pencil without lead, graphite or make ink with alcohol, water + coloring from natural dye.. along with goose feather/peacock, etc. cut for pen, with safety of handling tools, shared. + container to keep ink closed so alcohol doesn’t evaporate + a plastic recycled for book to preserve)
             example post name if can’t regularly get to view board, but it can inspire a nice walk for fresh air + nice conversation with updates as you follow up, etc. or  then you or another can call on another unable for updates. Work on system that works best for those during their exercise to stop in with quick update, etc. for those unable to travel to post, log their name. once you do a community walk about + then another can check off by date, when contact by eye or what suggested, to aid them for them to equally participate, etc.

keep it simple, 1 log book that can be neatly filled in by all sharing interchangeable roles + followed up on in virtual postings. place in a convenient space, no need to have to have several, rather have a known stable location + then keep it alive..

This can be a nice exercise to sharpen our sensors:. for mental + physical ability to prioritize + sort out to fuel our physical ability to strengthen + join our whole being as we rid misinformation:. that we allow to deplete + interfere in our ability to maintain our own balance, of our inner-personal energy:.

 for those in need support them to have a message board in house as well for personal updates.

            + take responsibility for the effects left from misuse + edit what we choose to keep.. so as to not be enslaved rather empowered by nothingness.

Every community should have a `stuff away - like Forrest as created for folks in Port townsend, Wa area, where big loads are edited/removed with sensitivity. It’s amazing how folks are imprisoned in what they feel is their jewels, yet they never use, leave bad air quality as it interferes in their ability to live in the moment. this mindset goes away with this project. so read on.

            Yes not nothingness - blank where we are left mindless + programmed with our threads left `out their randomly, as we over give, or incompletely express, etc. but with our mindbody we become aware + sort it out. living by taking part in the moment in our community part time. while continuing exploration, following thru with bringing it all out from the depths, that we have carried as normal, lying their draining our energy, leaving disassociated energy that many yet to now, we can rid.
          now with taking control to empty out, we now have hidden fuel to create + explore. make a pen pal with like shared subject matter or go eye to eye best. + with pen pals do plan to meet them sometime as you build your path as you walk it. + while walking your path, stop in, do an exchange on this shared subject, resolve - let it trigger fine detail for local issue. + truly explore the area of your choice with your new friend.

                   Join in a walkabout with young + old maintaining support in real time with eye-to-eye is a good exercise program shared for mindbody.. as we do an exchange of what works sharing bi`joy experiences.

                   Go eye-to-eye never just get lost in head or in virtual (computer) world. always use virtual tool once eye-to-eye gets understood, then 1 can do for cooperative online exchange linking while conserving airwaves.
This enriches the natural bi`joy experiences we all can have everyday as we take part + create our moment as we continue to explore + build a community that harmonizes. experience application of desires long undressed, children's ideals yet to be formed. with this simple organized cloth/table platform, starting with a message board, we stay in touch with our selves, our neighbors + our natural life.. sharing the joy as many cultures. that used their music as a tool as they carried them with them in all acts of daily natural living.

                                    we go beyond just having prevention in place, from the many once barely able to survive.. we share harmony from the `unique cultural exchanges this world offers from folks living simple lives `boon with the natural world.. as we incorporate with new ways that work. all done in retrospect to having a meaning to what we do + why + stay `boon with the natural world.

This simple living has no need for us to leave conditions to create pests, when there is no pests - state `Masonubu Fukuoka, as we create space for them to multiply that we can become aware + stop their negative effect..  

                       Same with aggression beyond our healthy `ego.. together we efficiently part time  can work at ridding high-risk scenarios with in our self + get to know our community to help them gain calmness as we support healing. from microbes to mindsets for weapons..

                                     we find positive solutions, networking our exchanges, in a focused cloth/table platform, with each taking turn to update the gest of the discussion in our simple log book, then left with patches` message board to update those unable to attend as folks offer + leave contact info...

                        we proceed with compassion for those that are leaving negative effects, supporting efficient `tapering transition processes that work to recycle to a positive effect exchanged.. which we all have contributed to by not realizing for many years for some, how we misuse, leaving others to die without becoming aware as their suffering continued.. so those on this list or yet to agree, contact them with the next gathering for patches` starting with collecting in season offerings for new posting + invite them + welcome their input. for it is when we communicate why we feel they are leaving negative effects, that changes will be made.

                      in reflecting with our postings we now realize we had created a codependency + aided the product/ service as they succeeded in sales, etc. as we participated in this destruction, etc. now we have found natural options as we work at healing/restore the negative effects experienced. it is this personal exchange that gives one the respect to rethink. to come back with a new way for self-expression, asking others opinion, creating new ideals together. from our hands on experience with the do_ins here + that created to fine tune your local community. recycling what was negative + making it right as they now are accepted.
                      as these same folks that once left negative effects are now offering goodness in their specialty. Created from all’s support. that is now working to be defined as a true community asset either here in this ecosystem. or got clear they want to relocate + do good elsewhere. as we together build our community from ridding our needs, as folks gather together + all pitch in to rid them. this then fuels each to work into their own clarity of choice. as they awaken to themselves, their needs to rid + offerings. while still ridding baggage. which is here for us all to work at.

this `patches message board starts the contact info, for our locals to come together in a `way that we feel works, starting with a fresh local grown potluck.. then from their we gain insight, what + where`s of our local life.. as we continue linking/networking exchanges from many already do_in..  this alone builds concentration/organizing focus, ability to live local as each interrealte in responsible community building part time. as each further fine tune their own ridding of baggage. While truly getting centered + grounded, clear with ongoing study.

                    No more waste of information piling + stress for tests, from subjects that had no hands on application. + wasted energy from the over worked good teachers. Now community supports all to self-develop. + theory is shared by all in weather protected recycled buildings as classroom now consists on location for each do_in, putting science into an applied subject, that 1 universal science can now be co_evolved with by each ecosystem/biome as communities adjust to the natural signs. not a person’s influence of false power/control or funds.  But the community now is a true democratic pulse not from gathering like mind, but from the nuts + bolts that build it. + you are able to have access to this now ability to self develop that undeveloped within long over do.

we suggest checking in regularly as together we perfect patches` sub-categories, at `i come to talk (also .com + .org if forget). to trigger what works for you locally. + post with your bi`joy experiences from co_evolving with your local community eye-to-eye. then come + post in our virtual network so as others via like subject matter + ecosystem can be triggered, to fine tune what works for them, as our walkabout spreads locally + beyond.. as we share with our human family our earth + beyond.

2 > we now create in sand/dirt, a size of space available, layout measurements, etc..
         be creative + define if want a board for 1 item of subject, all on 1 recyclable sized paper or a few.. example 1 notice for each update + 1 for ER.. can punch enough holes to tie papers if change + can always cut new holes once use board + co_evolve with it.. not to mention in our walkabout on location, clear a space of earth + use it as a working chalkboard for in time decisions. truly conserve all`s energy + resources. don’t support the use of paper but do carry forward a good mindset with young + old so now young have something to carry forward as they continue to co_evolve with their future. not something on paper but by hands on living experiences living in their community as it continues to harmonize with creative offerings unique to each community as they live local + share with neighbors. No transporting across the earth/planet. only ways that work to trigger others to locally do the same.

3 > once we define above now go to our cooperative tool shed where folks recycle + see what’s available..
        choose a medium + approximate size so as to not waste + leave larger size for other projects vs. cutting down..
 for board.. think strength to be functional + reusable: cardboard, old peg board, thin board cut to shape or chalkboard, etc.

4 > function 1st, efficiently 2nd + always remember creative expression 3rd..
         lay out + punch holes (hammer + sharp nail on board appropriate, so clean hole, same time learn tool safety).. gather few bi`joy patches of natures gifts to hang on board to reveal how nice it is to have these local wild experiences..

         they can be hung creatively + out of way of message (light items to hang either tie or in a net bag to be light, same with thin cloth `patches.. see who lives where as our neighbors offer in our seasonal exchange:. feather, leaf, bud, dried flower, rock, shell, mushrooms can bring attention to them in season, etc. but make sure no other life can use it as a home + make sure you pick live plants so as to let the family keep producing for continued foraging.. + reflect the seasonal offerings by choosing all in real time..)

define if want to glue `patches of cloth cut from rags creatively to cover board + make stronger – front + back..  gather 1st what would be glued on, so as to let it dry while gather natures gifts. Maintain anything that would wilt, etc.

5 > now ready to seal..
                                            mix flour (use up old) + water for glue.. start little can always add more, crush colors from plant or beet juice, pick flower colors + put in, simple + natural so as to have art around subject matter to post.. lean on rock for both sides to dry..

6 > now collect goodies from nature.. make this an outing + do in stages to learn about ecology:.
                1st think who living + recycle fallen branches, but don’t interfere in other critters collection for they come 1st.. if fresh branch, can remove bark for nice look + easy to bend + tie in a desired shape if want, etc..  these early signs from critters can alert local folks to better prepare.

then function of the sticks to hold up board, top, sides + bottom.. make it strong + have in dry location to preserve until next time, easily read + in familiar stable place.
                 depending on grasses in area, if get green + tie as line can hold stick together + feed thru hole made in board. + when post paper messages cut a few fresh to tie thru holes of paper thru few on board, gently. Then when change messages snip with scissors or knife carefully..                                                                                                          
this is common sense for some, yet sensitive skills for us others to learn.. + can be shared elsewhere, make this simple so we manifest our realities, not get lost in art of no purpose. You folks doing art like this, come get involved + use your sensitivities in a more productive helpful way. in return you will also co_evolve + reap the benefit of living within our natural world.

`patches gives many lessons when do this eye-to-eye, in each season + define a natural work flow for do_ins` to happen.             

                              `peace is an option now if we share + stay in real time ridding our needs with early signs. leaving us fuel to harmonize.

                    Thanks! our combined` effect makes a difference..

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