create a mobile personalized bio`planner to share..

            suited for your/loved ones/neighbors locally + beyond, personal desires..

A simplified carry in thought mode, a reminder of the how tos for clarity + warmth of intuitive instinctual nurturing gained from wild interchange. To help us customize a rhythm for ourselves, sharing with our loved ones + or 1 for entire cooperative. So as all relieved of minor discomforts caused by misuse that leave very uncomfortable feelings. Such as the many natural physiological functions, within us, we interfere in daily + prevent from taking place. If left to continue, ignoring these early signs, that if we adjust with them can prevent damage from diseased states. as we are fortunate to have many in past + now to share this awareness.

                         Staying in our comfort zone..

Our biggest objective to plan is to listen deeply from within + adjust to our for ever adjusting body + mind together, preventing resistance. Allowing us to truly receive what the day brings, the natural offerings of all life, as we boon with it in real time. Organically + efficiently conserving + redirecting energy where best needed within + without.

Physical composition: all recyclable materials that are hardy for long term use, moisture proof, a nice little plastic container works good, especially one that fits into your pack that you like to carry..

So ex; binder, covers, inserts that represent realities known, grounding the moment?? Daily receiving + giving correctly?? Weekly known??? Seasonal known?? Locally for a specific ecosystem as well beyond + reflecting with each for unique qualities of `booning with + returning home to incorporate into small in house boxes, backyard or community shared spaces, such as the shared log book/community postings for eye to eye..

                 Developing your character of choice that harmonizes you. So each year one can go back to storage + pull out unique reminders to build upon, as well pass on to others interested in do_in, as well passed on to loved ones. What better experience then to create upon a joy from a loved one, to better understand them. Or to enjoy with them when they no longer can do for themselves alone.

Storage box with dividers harmonizing past experiences shared. easily indexed with ones in bio`planner in real time. Maybe have tabs so when take out of binder it is taught enough to lay sideways + divide by subject or just have separate ones that stay in box. Nothing more special as mentioned with recipe cards then to feel another’s input throughout the years + see the usage with worn corners, yet strong to carry into future, etc.. So we don`t want metal, we want cellulose fibers. To give to our young + old to sketch what they feel when under a tree, cloth/table, nice colors that don`t smudge when put away, what a treat to see these same foraged/migratory + local natural events amongst our community locally + beyond. + share it on patches` virtual forum/gallery + appropriate do_in, in real time inviting community to share the experience. as well to check into others postings to see what ya missed.

Even though each person individualizes, these dividers don`t lock us in to self- imprisonment, rather they open + prevent us from misuse. Maintaining discipline of our direct self-sensory observation vs. belief. As a whole being vs. fragmented when one has dulled senses by chasing belief numbing their ability to feel the displaced energy throughout their body.

                  Rather we want to stay in tune adjusting with time, space + circumstances. Grounding. Ex; earthy colors, to choose from, showing the flavor of the season?? Dividers have a see thru for customizing individuality highlights. Designed for more then one to use. Plastic thin + reusable, yet sketch can be printed, textured?? Or inprint?? Review cost?? Keep it simple so no one desires high tech to express the natural world we share.

Centering, as we fill in the forms + pages with good air + light as we control the interchange, logging those needing support. If color would be sky blues, fog, snow, wind, rain or sketch symbolizing?? So centered that the gest of all motion is carried in thought + act, whereas this bio-planner is for the fine detail that is necessary to accomplish but once done, put to share.

This bio`planner goes beyond diaries in the sense of living experiences in motion that you don`t just store or read about. Rather you bring aboard in prep + for appropriate seasons. Plugging in + instantly becoming part of the natural theater taking place. Improvising, to co_evolve natural wild experiences. a way to assess our local + beyond ecosystems + seriously have links to community working together to not interfere, in the ecological sustainability, that sustains us. not script reading.

                 Going within + beyond appropriately: the areas of restrictions, + rehabbing respected in time, with subject matter in focus. To the natural experiences, without interfering + being one with all life, no matter where you are on this planet.

What if one not interested in our focus? Hello, can`t live off this planet at this time. So tell us mode of thought, made available so we incorporate what we didn`t see or enlighten you down the path of conserving energy + not duplicating. Actually thru needs + offerings shared with logger, opening eyes to self`s explorations.
This pooling our resources + more will give moments of pleasure + more life will continue to live without endangering self or another.

This will be the deciding factor of continuing to reproduce dividers of thought, other products or off shouts from others, for sharing awareness not financial gain. need + offerings list expanding as well scheduling of unique quality arts + science presentations in pri` performances.

                    Not overly priced or just for few, but all take part in making it happen locally + enjoying reflecting with beyond. Either by viewing beyond, locally or participating in beyond as a local when visiting, on your path furthering your exploration. As we reestablish organic safe bases, sharing like mind in networking, to do energy exchange. Recycling our resources as we self develop + explore life`s unique offerings in each season in each ecosystem. Redirecting our concerns cooperatively, so all learn a simple `way to network, with a way that works, locally + beyond. Freeing our emotions from the constant concerns left undone from those prohibited or effected from others irresponsible choices, consciously or unconsciously.

Desires met + pleasure sustaining as one defines own comforts + skills to carry locally + beyond. As interrelating in needs + offerings exchange, as we become a responsible local, global + beyond citizen. Dealing with nuts + bolts for our continued sustainability. as well those long left out, effected from those in what should be responsible positions, not gripping the moment, rather riding on the delusion of assumption vs. reality of dysfunction. that we`ve all for too long allowed to continue.

What will those do with expensive budgets?? Hopefully redirect + allow resources to be shared + utilized efficiently. + stop the excess waste + abuse, taking notice of the effects on all life, including themselves.

You may say why would we duplicate log book or virtual postings on `patches forum with yet another bio`planner?? Because this here is mobile, hands on for young + old to participate from logging, observing/sketching, etc. while being one with the wild natural world. sure technology has small portables for those that don’t have young to participate, etc. but this is for hands on carry to log in those special miles markers for trekking/biking, etc. species of eatables/medicinal/critters family locations/species of interference/foraged `patches in need of sensitive folks to show how tos. Survival how tos leaving no footprints for ER natural disasters as well exploration harmony, etc. so folks in community pool your thought so cards sturdy are easily passed around + fit in same size container, etc. good job for learning many skills for young to make, distribute, log, + be part of building community as well support those unable to also be a local, global + beyond participant with role changing organized planning. So no one dependent on any one accept for the structure of part time participating by all. so each can fit it in..

Patches of special cloth made from clothes given/passed on, hemp, ramie + tapa are very strong, mildew resistance, moisture friendly, easily dyed. Swatches fraying as passed around with texture. Texture + ethnic* ancient* present* art evolved pattern to choose from?? Durable as outside cover over hard composition taught + light yet protects contents + holds cheap paper shape. this cover to be long living or removable?? Over sturdy plastic. No zippers  due to rust/repair etc.. define water protecting, easy lay out or opening even in rain (piece of material lays over top as protector, created on thought like Indian lay out of backpack??) every piece to be functional + efficient ist, then creative with updated links for sharing + seriously addressing needs + offerings..

 Spaces to add individual character in color + texture, such as open insert windows + clear acrylic window recycled from the community shared tool shed where yes even small stuff is stored in dry clean containers for stuff like this. to insert photos so not duplicated rather resources conserved, cloth, reminders (text or symbols)? ? pockets durable yet multi functional for variety of choices. Review different uses for self, family or community sharing + define, so binder made big enough to adapt yet keep simple. not repeat the way we can get easily caught up in deciphering intuitive instincts based on organic origin vs. interpreting from bad communication skills carried forward. Judging + deviating from reality. Where folks instantly want monetary gain + fail to realize this awareness that can’t be bought.

Binder ring + punch holes for not dropping in water, when writing can be handy + then sort out by index cards when get home, etc. + paper size so one not dependent on others marketed stuff but can recycle + make own. Or others that fit needs best?? simple cards small or for those difficult to see a magnifier or story tell from another, work good in small plastic with lid, 4x6??

a bio`planner personalized by you + loved ones to share.. 4x6 works in plastic container for back pack.. let the lil ones, young + old create cute colors for index cards.. where all join in the fun of a trek in the wild, observing as we build community by not interfereing + lessons posted, passed on, + yeraly come back to that favorite berry patch, mi mker, forage, critters with family, etc..

Finish to trigger thought:
- can send a copy as post card supporting your community rehabs + places of simple natural beauty, being one with.
- forms developed from to do now, to follow thru until balance is obtained, etc. plugging into local network, ex; planning for wild support, trans-boundary migration, organic small fields, fresh local in season market, creating pri` performance options, a`way potluck ideals for community tool shed offerings, + any particular tool to help a do_in, jot down note + share, self registering needs + offerings clear to post elsewhere, calendar for plan` do_in participation, this can be endless application of true hands on in the now data to work with. not put in files.
- rehabbing, thought for defining how to rid self`s/other needs now.. past to rid responsibly, unknown shared with like mind to ease understanding, exploration with needs + offerings to exchange a thought or two for furthering own clarity.
- those daily moments of natural happenings with all folks, critters + plants as they each simply live, locals + migrants, as in ecological review to not forget what sustains us.

Build individuality.. personalize your bio`planner so all your loved ones get to know you. I hope this is fun for all! see the logger within us all under a`way subcategory..

                      thank you, our combined` effect makes a difference..



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