^^ do a walkabout, don`t forget the log book..

          enjoy the seasonal offerings of fibers, texture, pattern, colors… set the cloth/table platform.. gather under a beautiful tree..

share in a bi`joy walkabout working on personal issues, as you gather like thought + carry along the log book, sign it out or take these ideals to make a log book, if haven't already..

                                        this is what i do_in.. let it trigger your thought..

go to the community shared tool shed + recycle, customize a log book for a bi'joy walkabout + share like subject for you..

   it`s how we think, effects we leave,amazing endurance as we do_in some things as we don't let resistence stop us - when we care for changes we can make, within human potential - when interrelating with what sustains us, that make a difference.  

           in places with no or very little resources i use the sand to share some ideals. we don`t need to make this complicated. We can draw overview so folks see it vs. just think it. especially if on location for do_in each, so as to be in real time with hands on application.

but when i have resources i recycle them.. it`s nice when we share without 1 desiring stuff. Prioritize `booning with the natural world. which is the nicest way` to live.

i`m redirecting some nice hand made Indian paper that i saved from switching modes. Along with some nice fresh Japanese cypress bark that was shed. So it is given to special people that will reach out in a walkabout, sharing locally + afar with others.

         You can allow this to trigger your thought as you customize your own for your cooperative for your community. have young + old participate + maintain as a valuable learning tool.
          Or simply make a copy so others can fine tune accordingly to their coop community/family/self.. this way you can have 1 person with virtual tools interrelate for sharing like subject, like ecosystem for specific thought. for self or for whole community..
                reflecting with others post, photos, etc. or even connect personally + have a visit, vice versa. as 1 makes a pen pal in quest to share like info for community. or to simply reach into the depths of self. that long over do to connect with + explore. Network + share now with virtual tool + plan down the road for that special trip with your now new friend + personal guide of interested area.

Nothing better then to share in thought as you stay in real time with your self..

                       i`m do_in for customized thought, after taking some input of what one is do_in with it, during their walkabout. from defining how they can read, if they can read? Vs. draw or give photo?? Making sure contact info is there to give follow up support. so they can decide then to have other follow up with virtual tools + save trees. As well ink.

                 customize for your community most efficiently. Leaving good role modeling for all not to waste resources. rather a function is defined energy efficiently + then creative expression added. So art has function. + the act of do_in in response to this understanding is much more valuable then just housing a pretty box.

             suggest but depends on abilities, if need larger faunt, etc. children can recycle from community tool shed.. small amounts, how about ½ sheets front + back = a directory w/ cover to protect a bit. recycle India paper, cypress bark – white bright paper, black ink Indian. Customize detail for each with what is available to recycle so lessons passed on to not be wasteful + create in the moment, following thru with good concentration skills:.

              protective cover front + back, recycle.. created by young + old, maintained.. harmonize with other such as log made available for each workshop for folks to follow thru when unavailable to participate. can combine + simplify. As well the message boards. (review those notes to construct them.) Where all is in the moment + each season offers textures, tastes, colors, etc. to keep this alive for all to gain bi`joy experiences while each part time cooperative build their community to enable all to become a local, global + beyond participant..
      -    1st page, log with side symbols for each:. calender shared by community/self, etc. so always have in view when scheduling all:. do_ins, community tool shed, bi`joy experiences `boon with natural world (either make 1 aware to experience local + migratory happenings + or awareness sharing for a cultural skill developed, etc.)
     -     then each do_in brief over view w/real photos or sketches in pencil, if only resource available. + draw in sand/dirt.  Or printed from library, either local application, or if have virtual tools then can download ex from patches`  virtual postings...  give a true message of nature`s beauty we are `booning with + be positive with bi`joy experiences for each.. this is a valuable tool for learning awareness to stay focused + apply so a nice flow is achieved as all part time build community to self develop with. one that harmonizes.. keeping all threads from becoming worn, torn + needing replacement, rather maintain creative expression as folks empower + stay fueled as they go beyond ER prevention + be present as all co_evolve.. taking part creating our moment.

Comment form like Nabbles to show example of patches` virtual tool, or local only + be clear of form. Use Nabbles ex in case some day you have 1 person do interrelate + network with patches` message virtual board + others. so get to know forum posting process or do own.

If small version, this hangs as a how to guide for over view, near  8 x 11, white paper with headings posted for visibility + ease for each to self- register + stay updated.

Encourages folks to then carry on + make own community work:.

                 -    a real log to self register for community tool shed.. who + how + tools maintenance:. this includes space, housing rooms for homeless to shared tools to folks offering sensitivity to special tutor or aid with skills/products/services, etc..
                -    for pen pal like subject.. or coop issues via like ecosystem..  be clear with your personal postings as well for community coop effort, exchanging offerings.. special lessons can be shared for all to study/awaken too.
1 then stays in contact with patches` posting bi`joy experiences, searching to rid needs of like experiences that work..

bi`joy experiences logged for local + migratory happenings/cultural exchanges `boon w/natural world, for local folks + on patches` for afar to experience.. the many nice skills/arts of wild crafting carried forward from indigenous created upon with new for all to co_evolve..

wow yes this can be simple, when students help manage, young + old as they come out of classroom + open to their communities natural world. so whether you have computer available or not, all is duplicated in bi`joy walkabout.. as we stay focused for all to become a local, global + beyond participant.  

              with 1 community calendar, we log in as we build a self.. as we part time cooperatively make a means to self-sustain.. fueling each to come together + work out a way for all to continue exploration + freely transverse this planet + beyond.. while yet a stable support system with positions that remain in place, while people come + go, filling interchangeable roles, to support those unable, to be an equal as together one then becomes whole, no matter what disability. for all to co_evolve to their best potential.

                        make this a simple tool as helper.. that all take part in a very stable ongoing process. enabling us to share/network as we all obtain inner peace.. self-satisfy without leaving a footprint, as we enjoy `boon with the natural world.. restoring what we have interfered with as we misused, or allowed misuse.. bringing communities alive + sharing/networking to keep a nice harmony for all.. within our earths offerings... so as to continue exploration locally + afar..
                      have fun exploring you along this bi`joy walkabout!

          thank you, our `combined effect makes a difference..

                           use your/neighbors as a community to come together + prioritize needs/offerings to create a form to trigger your community into creating what works  so you can let all self post if able + catch up if unable to attend an event, etc.

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