`do a walkabout + edit with overview that works for you..

abo sketch showing how we all interrelate..                           
thanks to aboriginee `way
                        we are all interconnected       

in a plan` do_in sensitive folks translate what we are part of +
     how we can simply be.. as we `boon with what the earth speaks..

some call it a field station in the scientific community.. others call it our home, the indigenous know the whats + wheres of all life. Together we can figure out a plan.

              now that we are aware of co_evolving with each do_in, we can now truly see, feel + experience what gives us inner peace.

           define the ability we have with the earth below our feet. it is here we set a cloth/table discussion for our location, on an overlook, under a tree.. post locally with some notice for all to bring their thinking hats, as you define this best location..  post details + share what works. making this virtual message board a tool all can reflect with.  sharing like ecosystem. check in to see what others are do_in..  for we don`t have to reinvent the wheel..

               we are very fortunate to have communities to reflect with. 
                                 as locally + afar share to ecologically sustain..

Our objective is to understand + share via ecosystem.. to learn, if haven`t already, how to get out of over-thinking/beta mind programming into primal/animal natural self.. from all in between back to alpha..

                Ask how as a living species dependent on the balance of our earth`s ecosystems – only then do we have good food/medicine, can we survive.. rethink boundaries with real ideal of a cooperative community –  enabling all life to `boon with the land/sea/fresh water use + buffer zones within a designated amount of wild lands. so as to prioritize the wild to supply these  natural systems needed for a healthy community.
               we can make a `tapering transition of waste to stop. review plant succession + permacultured availability for all ecosystems` way to harmonize together. leaving seasonal migration path for large browsers/people.. as they are linked thru corridors to other wild areas. different ideas to rethink, as we network with others – sharing like subject in like ecosystem. we don`t have to reinvent the wheel. For many are simply `boon + do_in in patches` + pockets` on this earth. + enjoy the exchange with their neighbors locally + afar.
               we can become sensitive to maintaining respecting all life. so nature fuels + governs. Not policy from fragmented unattached ideals not grounded, keeping people from what earth offers to all life. as politics think they are superior to rule. This is dysfunctional.
                Miguel Altieris` agro-ecology thru out the world, has a very nice web page offering much with indigenous folks still living it as he creates with them curriculum. Jenny Pell s` permaculture now,  along with forest foraging folks in patches` of pockets` with unique folks reflecting hands on application, such as in Navdanya`s dairy, Masonubu Fukuoka`s followers, this list is abundant, as we welcome all to come talk`
                              As we settle for nothing less then harmony – building cooperative community. living local within natures boundaries. along with the many that have worked together to build a self that is centered + grounded.. self-expressing without leaving a footprint, leaving us fuel for creative expression, fuel to part time share what works with others locally + beyond as we all take part in becoming a local, global + beyond participant. + continue to co-evolve + share..                  

                  we invite you to link + share findings here with us after you go
eye-to-eye + do your work . as we rediscover what can be with our ecosystems, as we explore other like ecosystems with interest. Fine tuning are missing links..

grab a mobile pack, lunch + gather with like mind, welcoming all..  recycle existing planning tools from your community tool shed.. this is when we continue to draw fuel from those putting in good work in past, bring future to now, + fuel is here to be present + take part in creating the moment. where we co_evolve in exchange as sensitive read what the earth speaks. Make an drawing of overview in the sand/dirt with a stick. Along with all proposed thought, acts in progress + those yet to come to fruition..

                 express your perceptions so all can `go figure

Yes the unfolding of our potential truly can live without an ER preparedness mode. as i shared at our local ER preparedness local public school gathering.

Rather we can be living beyond this + think for it in our original plan` as we look at whom + what gives signals of incoming natural disasters. How we can better observe nature`s indicators, as the scientific community has failed to sort out efficiently good working systems as they get manipulated in the ecological –raping whoring mode with business. Loosing good common sense of its functions as materials are sitting wasted, when more could be maintained well. As in satellites, buoy weather indicators from NOAA, + entities, etc.

                 Such as what land would be over come by tsunami if by sea/estuary/river + where best to pile lime to be easily gotten for covering our waste, for bio-waste to be recycled for use of fuel/fertilizer, rather then use of plastic bags, etc. so it will be on hand already in use. Ponds located so as to recycle grey water, plant as in hyacinth + variety of species to cleans the duck, bird as well eat mosquito larvae. so as to recycle water for drinking.  Sea desalinization structures in place in mobility modes so as to not be damaged, etc. Living in this mode rethinks a bit before just placing buildings anywhere. So this is a good science project as students/degreed come into community + look at the land/space/water/sea potential efficiently.

Shelters below the ground for the known natural places for high winds. Wind generators on these places for pooling resources for community. Flood areas left for wildlife vs. planting for small farms. These wild areas left wild will fuel our community`s as our crops are pollinated, pests become in balance as we remove homes for them to over multiply.  As well restore our homes or relocate, so as to have appropriate natural materials for local area of potential risk.

This list continues with many alternatives as we invite folks to post in subcategory closest to appropriate subject, for easy retrieval. from all to comment  + create a nice working tool via each ecosystem for folks to live now with. not wait for a natural disaster.

           Rather ingenuity for restoring our sense of self-empowerment as we create + work our inner tools as we awaken to them. foraged perennial fields give us food in a variety of areas as well small plots /fields around our community. water reserve tanks from fresh water stored. non dependent on packaged stuff.
           Rather a poultice chewed + applied, rags cut + cleaned here, fire wood + other fire burning collectables easily available as folks know how to start fire without matches + have tools around the community used know from natural means as they replenished. As all know the limits + when to do what where. as we reflect + go beyond this mode of entanglement where we lost our self in the awaiting mode thinking we do_in yet many doing as they manipulate the political process. vs. turn the dysfunction around to sound ecological means for  our natural world to be respected allowing it to sustain itself. which in return sustain our ability to survive + `boon with it.
          Rather when one does come, certain species are nurtured in a wild containment that perceive far before we do. + show us signs as they prepare + students are monitoring. Then word is put out early for folks in danger to rethink options.  As the athletic folks arise + run to or bike/climb to or what ever their means to get to those in need. folks/students are better equipped + can be mobile in relocating if needed to areas with known tools to continue on with. as they ASAP do what it takes + then come back to normal simple natural living . already knowing whom is in need of what support as students created the support temporarily + permanently already in place.. Community shared tool shed knows already where is what + whom, so as to easily activate via short wave, drums, horns, strategically located with natural winds caring sound, etc.

This helps up refocus on what we know that works + not be dependent outside our local community, awaiting others to do for us.

 this walkabout is for you to get real with yourself + your local community, edit with this overview..
                                              share in a bi`joy walkabout..       

once on location, draw a sketch in the dirt/sand for what should be your overview of your  wild lands for your fuel for your ecological sustainability.. to guide us to live local with open boundaries sharing your natural resources.. so nature regains it`s balance without our interference.

we gain in a number of ways by bringing together + supporting a 100 miles or so, local community, depending on each bioregions natural resources, etc. where we make up our minds to go thru this `transition together to stop all, in a tapering process, from bringing resources in from afar.

                       decentralization of production:.                 

 learn why to say no to patients, royalties, legal fees, consultant fees, import duties, fuel for transporting long distances, shipping charges, inhumane working conditions.. as well no more supporting people that exploit + make locals dependent on afar services/products not produced locally.
            we all can - at a very low cost/exchange, co_ evolve our interpersonal + rehab naturally our local community. to fuel our work + rid our needs, exchange our offerings + desires. to remain within our community, as we energy efficiently build harmony..

due to practical planning, as all participate, learning from history, applying now as we `boon with the natural world.
           we can network local + afar + become satisfied. creatively regaining our self control..

                         bring in local + afar, what ever is needed:.

             `sensitive skilled folks that know your ecosystem, best.. sadly many locals have lost local ways + others afar are more informative with like ecosystem, so welcome them into your community + link with us all as we co_evolve with natural awareness..

lets all look at this together, for we each have participating abilities + can all become a local, global + beyond responsible participant.. what we perceive is important to share, once we do our home work. this way we reflect with those sensitive to guide us. as well we do with others, so as no one is left with a mindset that is less efficient, allowing 1 to continue misuse.

 Look at your core root wilderness area that you have in front of you. feel it below your feet, walk it. rethink with maps made recently of overview. with visual perspective by experiencing natural application of energy efficiencies when we `boon with our natural world, not just assume old thought. but with old thought we pull out what is relevant for us know.

access what is - with `open sensors - the wild to sustain all - to supply our exchange:
        focus with priority sense, allowing large browsers to show us the `way with their trans-boundary migration. Rivers to flow freely as you take advantage of it`s flow + share in places needed. desalinate the sea for fresh water, etc.
         refurbish old thought that was made from 1 left in their head, notes left in their files vs. applied, etc. leaving `dulled sensors, from not living `boon with the natural experience.
         where many folks have pockets of unique living with nature, where nature only guided their ways, lets look at how our plants + where we can plant, can guide all life.
         water ways, where blockages have been placed why + see results + those that should be removed.. we just can`t hold locals accountable to rehab alone, it needs to a be a community project, locally + for those in need – with afar:.
                         assess + remove those planted GMO`s, monocultures interfering in natures way. reestablish small farms with diversity where best.. perennial foraged locations.. bio-waste recycling.  Focus with use of natural resources abundant + aid depleted.. wildlife + all life endangered why, from what.. it is all an open book for sensitive to clearly define needs to regain balance.
                         neighbors boundaries replaced with natures. as we invite their experiences..

   thought/acts are gathered for the production of fresh local natural grown food is all lifes` right.:.
                        examine what has been built, depleted, refurbished, relocated, rehabbed, replanted, rid, on land, fresh water , rivers to sea etc.  so we don`t repeat negativity. Rather fuel all the creative expression movement as we enrich ourselves thru this `transition, producing jobs. for each to define self-sufficient  intra-interpersonal  joy. what want to explore by volunteering part time + post.. as well what we all need to make simple `common sense in interchangeable roles. as we all – young, old students share in part time building community for all to become a local, global + beyond responsible participant.. with those needing support to have stable positions with interchangeable folks, to sustain them full time. a mandatory student requirement for all levels of degree.

thru the guidance of plant succession, replanting, rewriting policy to remove blockages so as to release + reroute water ways, for better land use etc..  rid them with respect of a `tapering  transition process, giving folks a chance to rethink their negativity left from responsible roles in responsible positions. As a community participant. to be held accountable locally + afar..

supporting them to redirect with community. for we all have supported our habitat destruction thru the use of such products/services, that we now our taking a cooperative effort to stop. As we become `aware of the destruction to all life, realizing we have a choice to not allow resistance, producing ecological negative impact, that interferes in our ability to self-sustain.

so for you natural builders, come forth help guide how best to log this so we can use this valuable tool + no longer get lost in fragmentation, then finding out we still supporting natural resource destruction from folks doing vs `do_in.

we want to take our ecosystem + allow it to speak as we gain awareness to respond with early cues.. + network experiencing what others have done via ecosystem specifics, + fine tune for us.

we`ve taken  an ex; from the bio geography from the diversity of Africa to use as log in via ecosystem types. So as to better give us a sense of the earth we are working with. please email any do_in with suggestions to simplify. What we don`t want is to get lost in fragments. we want to clear know what energy efficient act we are do_in on each ecosystem. so as to trigger us to bring home like thought + fine detail our needs. so please share a simple story of what works what didn`t with some detail of the whole. + post link, add photos to gallery, etc. for additional follow up support if offer.

we have to reflect with the many that have separated self from the dysfunctions, to come back + help rid them. so together we rethink what is truly needed. as well we realize that which we contributed to unknowingly.

no longer  rehab your back yard alone, we want to become sensitive to our core root area that fuels us + link, to support it. by opening our sensors we become fueled with life energy from local + afar as our `finite + `infinite energy comes thru..

                               our `large browsers can lead our path.

 As we allow them to reestablish natural trans-migration + relocate accordingly with community support. to support that which was personally lost from those that blocked natural migration paths. Regaining space + awareness for self-reliance, boon with the natural world.

Imagine, take a few minutes to reflect on where you have been with mindbody.. let alone participate with local landuse. With sharp or dull sensors, etc.

Well now when you have these thoughts, become aware to gather like minded folks + community unknown, reflect vision + follow thru with 4 directions mode to figure out what we you are perceiving. how best to do it after opening to networking local + afar. by like ecosystem + `unique creativity. that only comes after we do it by `prioritizing our energy efficiency, with good individualized bijoy walkabouts..

defining `alternative hybrid energy to fuel our community.. based on our ability to gain awareness to lessen our consumption + waste working within `bioregional natural resources.. no longer bringing so many goods from afar. unless we become self-reliant with them, incorporating them permanently into our local community. without being dependent on transporting back + forth from afar.

ex: as in permacultured species we can create as perennials/annuals saving seed. services to create products from our natural local resources to sustain locals. Producing cultural exchanges as always that make our life better because we know we live within our natural boundaries. + we share for others to do same.

access what you did + look at the negative + positive lessons to carry on to your next vision..

don`t leave folks misusing on the other side of town, thinking it doesn`t effect all. or like in deep south when folks prosecuted for leaving a couch on porch to get damp, etc. simply not realizing the microbial exchange of natural process. which when use the wrong products in the ecosystem requiring  certain materials, we make the condition for our natural species to become `pests by multiplying..  Masonubu Fukuoka spoke of no pests, that we produce the scenario to gather critters, then complain when they gather, leaving many diseased states throughout the world:.

                      our plan` is no plan` like Masonubu Fukuoka + followers, as with innate sensitivities of how nature really works most efficiently. the nuts + bolts, many have yet to understand, regarding botany, physics, chemistry with all the earthly good sciences, yet to be made clear. where he perceives what is + plants accordingly to bring it back to a healthy state to sustain itself.. only then when wild is in balance that it can fuel our self-reliance.

                    he advises folks to have ¼ acre plots for each to be self-reliant.. i experienced how my grandmother was as she did her own…

                kualalumpur has growing LA smog which cloaks the city, sometimes during dry seasons, it spreads out to cover the entire, malay peninsula. the city smog combines with smoke from sawmill waste + forest fires in Malaysia + nearby Indonesia.  many with these issues also have land mines, war torn, or still devastation from natural disaster.. this is just 1 location of many on the planet.

we can create new ways`to restore the old that work. with local folks sensitive to read the land + hear what it speaks, to work within. to make it even better as we edit in ways from networking. when folks do this to a local area it is wrong for us as international communities to not come in to locals rescue. + put heads together or it not to happen again. learning early cues to ecologically sustain harmony as we establish exchange in sharing what works in the rebuilding process to restore optimun natural offerings. as we hope this tool becomes that kind of a cloth/table platform to refer to + build upon. as we fill in the variety of ecosystems on this planet with restored nurturing. Leaving permanent effects.

       we can prevent/restore by not interfering.. with sensitive guidance from good science folks we can co_evolve with the natural process.. for traditional science is leaving a bad reputation throughout the world.. we can bring it to 1 universal science as Miguel Altieri has done.

       we are fortunate to have good folks to learn from, as Masonubu has brought to life many depleted habitats, which never should of progressed to that stage..  his no weeding, no tilling, due to inter-planting  nurturing the next crop, etc. as well plant below the trees using the existing elements naturally for wind, rain, sun breaks.. + natural ecosystems dictating what is best to grow where.. same with Miguel`s agro-ecology /Jenny`s permaculture now + many more around the world, etc..

now is the time to link for peace. Enough suffering has occurred.

                ask your self, are you aware of your obstacles or are you lost unable to feel them. this is what happens when we dull our sensors with misuse.. whether adrenalizing trying to find that harmony when we`ve carried behaviors from family + taken as normal in their attempts to survive.. habits that keep us fragmented, chasing something, knowing this is not the way, yet searching for what is..

Then we hop on a science or belief, + think it`s right, until 1 brings it to our attention. Or we self-observe with reflection from another simply do_in, when we where doing. we just interfered in a whole community or as in ex; a commercial fishing industry, when officials regulating are contributing to the safety hazards from dysfunctional logistics. Meanwhile they demand more requirements for safety. interfering in locals livelihood. + many times it has been to late, nature has to take it`s course to replenish, while many lives dies/suffered..

The recent CG + F+W requirements put into act from congress is hopefully for all to come together. for this truth to come about. So natural simple ways that have been done by commercial fisher folks get included as 1 international science - to be individualized by each ecosytem. as verbiage changes + applications are acted on vs. stuck in files. Leaving fragmenting regulation as in the clear issues fisher folks are bringing to their attention.

This is how government reestablishes local, global + beyond responsible participants by us all working together + not quitting when foolishness rules. rather get clear + share until truth is simple + we working within natures` guidelines. Restoring harmony to what is soon to vanish, as in the commercial fishing industry of small fisher folks. If we don`t stand up + make protocol that involves all. with out having to do more special committees. A simple exchange for each to express + be respected.

mean while it could be prevented if we learn to maintain self- sensory observation vs. belief. addressing early signs + correcting. stay responsibly in control of a calm self with objectives at hand.  this makes good science.. realizing our intuitive urges are simply programmed, if not built on a sound organic foundation..

             we have to work on each ideal that was perceived not assumed or taken for granite.. or just allowed to smush with, where the vibration of the situation or another takes us over..

 we have a way that works, if you have a bi'joy experience along your walkabout

this is what has happened to a lot of folks in responsible positions/policies, where they short sighting natural realities now in their choices. staying isolated from the community.

                    in our do_ins` in time or in follow up, share early cues which are very helpful.. when we have lost ability to feel what is right, once we have dulled our sensors. which are pretty durable if you give your self a reality check thru out the day. ask yourself how many times do i feel i`m going beyond my limit yet continue.. Do i then try to catch up + relax shortly after. Or do i just keep plowing away + then wonder later why so tired, no energy, + now created more work, etc. leaving you with dulled sensors accepting irresponsible judgment as normal.

              or venting wildly due to getting pissed + letting it build. This you can gain interpersonal management so you retain a calm sense which fuels self-empowerment.

              if in doomsday mode where there is no goodness, this is time to stop what you doing. start do_in the right way + meet up with folks with a shared interest, check out the postings/links/archives. observe the energy when folks remain disciplined in listening to their early cues + responding.

                  as in rejoin` the define of i we are always reflecting within, situations we have experienced where we could of or should of + now can. confront what is, take lesson + turn it around to now what you know. be thankful for the folks we`ve had/have in our life. put their + our goodness in a positive motion. Share so as to simplify for the many yet to be aware of our inner tools we can learn, to keep us in check when we `boon with our natural world.

amazing things happen when we come together  - creatively with energy, self-expressing, as we are present taking part in creating  the moment.  reflect with the folks + make decisions based upon organic intuitive observation.

observe the resistance. are those that previously made this policy standing next to you in your community now, equally participating. Until we come together in acts of do_in, we cannot stop the fragmented negative effects. natural communities are built when all are supported to be a local, global + beyond participant.

in these do_ins` we get real,  amazing energies realign as we reflect with folks with the bigger picture of what sustains us now. putting land back to it`s natural use. prioritizing the ecosystems needs/offerings.

such as true functions of commercial fishing ports to sustain ecology + support fisher folks needs as in good repair facilities for those unable to do own. Vs. high rates or having to go afar for parts, etc. working together creating regulation for fisheries + guidelines for safety. Change the mode of the past as we come together + rid the dysfunction.

planting, saving seed for foraging, + production of services/products that sustain local folks efficiently. to rid waste, built within + from natural resources fueling each ecosystem to have creative offerings.
 Make space, to become aware. organize participants in the many issues that take quantities, clearly acting in shared focus. when legislators, or even other branches of government not listening. So as to stay on top + prioritize so as to not let policy get voted in due to folks not being aware.

This can be tricky when 1st starting to live a natural life, for so much of the politics are not grounded + folks are not dealing within natures boundaries. So we need an intermediary to decipher their language + do best to lay it out + address it. so we can make it simple.
        then as 1 gains one center 'boons with the natural world even if being restored or in thought only, the universal energy that we all have available, if we maintain sharp sensors is a true fueling force. so very little confusion comes. + if it does, support systems are abundant within the community that was/can be cooperatively built. so all when fall off easily can reflect + gain clarity, regroup to gain energy + to gain an understanding of what thru one off. recoup + go on.

post, so we can better enable eye-to-eye exchange
            for many that have dulled their senses, struggling with this misuse have no clue that this choice can exist. this awareness, all life should have freely, so as to stop their suffering as well the negative effects they leave knowingly or not on other life/habitat.. as well become easy prey to those looking to gain or those simply lost themselves not meaning to misuse.

 a grounded community that directly deals with own issues - once realized how produced - ends up in true harmony breaking all codependency.. living closer to the natural rhythms. this allows us to not be guided alone from what we thought was tradition, when it was behaviors passed down due to fear based/limited attempts to survive.. this is why we question ourselves + the land use we have become use to. for these behaviors fade away once structures are no longer housing them.

              along with receiving/giving feedback + interchangeably log what do_in. so as to support those to make connections that where unable to attend, leaving it in a common place that actually offers resource for the local community:
               institutions for education/healing, even large/small houses unused, opening doors for public growth..

support classrooms to open doors
               utilize resources as you apply hands on defining of your community's true needs + do a land use over view as a community tool shed is built. Post + share the bi`joy experiences for those folks not supported, nor open to the worlds goodness + beyond. many closed communities are due to religious belief, fear based misinformation, outdated + isolated from  co_evolving with nature`s way making 1 universal good science. which brings human family together efficiently, not put walls between your way + mine.

          rather we enjoy what each has to offer that makes our community whole + creative.
leaving no one homeless. as in Russia in the country side, each one can go to a new family every night.  gain insight to remove obstacles/be supported where needed, help where can offer. allowing each of us thru rotating to give very little, yet supporting the whole in the exchange.

As well make apen pal, meet new friends while sharing like subject matter yet to be explored, while cooperatively part time pooling resources + focusing on priority issues:.

             Such as making a pond + supplying species to rid malaria mosquitoes.. or backyard gardens to support healthy species to come back into balance. Backing up with forests, natural habitats allowing corridors to link wildlife, etc.

Gardens in backyard, vacant lots of unusable property throughout community reconditioned for perennial gardens. planet drum has done a great job of bringing cities alive..

As we rid waste + toxic thru spot search. change policy for land use to regain balance. allowing ourselves to `boon with natural resources to energy efficiently hybrid it`s potential: 
          depict small farm locations, bio-waste centers from all waste, fresh clean water systems from fresh + sea. leaving us fuel to see clear + share our lands with wildlife as they are free to have healthy trans-boundary migration.. leaving folks free of the resistance they have/had from the wild in back yard gardens, planted + foraged fields..

        No longer should you accept fragments of dysfunction + let them ride.               
    we welcome community working together, to post. in thought + act applied

          we want to define what vision fueled you to ask - where, in what ecosystem type, with what resources, what procedure did you use/policy rewriten, what tools did you recycle/rehab or relocate.  what worked, whom + offer contact from community for outsiders to experience, what sensitivities used, etc. what defined the major rehab. location + planning of land use.. water system best used, natural design + building with local recyclable materials + how prioritized trans-boundary..  what established a local boundary for markets, so all can afford to eat + live simply.  going beyond prevention maintaining harmony.

Regulation interferes in peoples lives , if people aren`t part of the defining of them. many communities have been built on this dysfunction.

            all need to address this issue responsibly. Post + share, link with the patches` + pockets` of good folks, harmonizing in natural communities.

Now locals can feel the synergy of life taking place. Then sports fishing can be successful + it should also be limited proportionately + not controlled by business, profit, etc. but should comply to the ecological standards as commercial fishing, same recreational boating. A blue panel task force with clout, should not have a say, accept as a local responsible participant for 1’s community being equal with all else.

So with this medium we hope folks can come together to support eye- to –eye support for taking a new look at what we can accept + that is harmony. folks are living it in patches`. many good resources once put in perspective then bring in small farms, markets/fisher folks offering fresh organic varieties at a cost all can afford.  Subsidized when off seasons due to weather or accidents. for these folks have a very hard medium to work out of, for mother nature is not always stable in these farming/fishing seasons. Many endure a lot of work, yet come home empty.
       we don`t need misinformed green movements as in the Al Gore`s mode, etc. natural disasters are enough to prepare for.
 Vs. dealing with folks leaving ecological negative impact on life locally + at the end of their focus. As many run to other countries with no enforcement - selling goods/services that are very unhealthy.. as in some fisheries depleting marine life with no good international policy or enforcement.

These fisherman + ladies along with small farmers are the bases for all life once we prioritize our core root wilderness areas, as we lay out correct land use + stop misusing.

As stated before,  Miguel Alteri, if google, his web page can explain in detail how bio-tech companies, have done severe damage world wide..

these stories can be posted from those thinking they can`t help or do anything. After do_in an energy triage + with like interests,  all can come together to share what needed on patches` virtual message board. while each will then excel in desired interests, as ER states start to be relieved. For there is plenty of work for all when we obtain a synergy from working together to overcome + accept nothing less than harmony.. support comes in many forms. Especially when good folks not asking for one to do for them, but to help define when under stress + cues are cloudy.

with this mode of do_in, we gain fuel to continue our exploration, making pen pals as we explore other ecosystems, other communities design, etc. with our global family + beyond. stopping in along the path we make by walking it, with a part time exchange with like subject matter to help us gain insight on our deepest self, yet to be brought out.

No commitments accept to responsibly live local wherever we choose. + part time coop this network so we can expand our exchanges allowing more folks to live local + do the same.. for the world + beyond gives us a wealth of culture + experiences for us to gain awareness, from indigenous folks living `boon with the natural world.

By living in this 4 direction mode in all aspects of our shared focus, we get fueled to do a walkabout. + individualize as in this plan` do_in for your ecosystems/biome. Customizing uniqueness as you recycle, working within local resources.
               in the next` move do_in together, we will prioritize + target areas of folks unable to sustain locally.  as we pool resources that can be mobile + applied afar. so folks actually perceive fuel from our shared thought.              

           Such as those with no clean water, no organic/natural fresh food or variety, no toiletries, no good night sleep, no warmth, left in ill states with dulled sensors after trying to survive for such a long time without support, no natural /balanced medicine within their means.. wildlife + resources are continually being misused as all life self-destructs, in attempts for survival. creating conflict that is being targeted from others that feel they are needed. + gain from a war economy vs. coming together to support healing, etc. those repressed unable to have calm space to become aware + be clear, etc.

i share this with you for your ideals after reviewing this, so we can fine tune + get to the root of these issues, misinformation, creatively + harmoniously. As we reflect with our local plan` do_in + be so thank ful of what we do have. + at a low budget welcome all to participate.. as we all continue to develop this network in a variety of applications.

A community as a classroom, allowing education departments to rethink + redirect, supporting the many undeveloped children in adult bodies, as well the degreed, graduated unskilled students, to come together + actually build a community that allows all to self-develop. Recycling building for weather protection + theory to supplement actual hands on experiencing bi`joy as all build their community.

no one should go forward with any understanding alone. until they have applied it into the community in real time scenario. For many put a lot of work into their own limited perspective. little to find how difficult to get free of once had. Land/sea use as a community will define true needs + that is where folks will co_evolve + be fueled from truly plugging into a working community, maintaining bi`joy experiences.

Students working with all to collaborate + network what many do_in in patches` + pockets` on this planet + beyond that work.  this will supply fuel for them to come back to local communities + reach out in walkabouts aiding those unable. as they finish their levels of education + then get degreed. defining why + what misuse from whom.. as then problem solving acts are implemented from all community members, for healing, building sustainable self-reliance as all exchange. defining tools to rid needs as offerings shared + folks gain creative expression as they self-develop.

Ask your self, take a few minutes + reflect in a wild space.. are you being a community participant that is alive + active cooperatively being responsible. Or are you fighting old thought/act everyday in responsible positions or not. What should be rid/recycled + all should be do_in it together, not a load on 1. rather take your experiences + part time change policy as you come back in as a community participant with others sharing what sustains you.
        take part vs. isolate + be uninformed + make decision incompletely. it is wrong to start with, to isolate for 1 state alone, sharing will make a difference for the other migrating species. so a holistic perspective of the ocean, species + their habitats, become aware + simplified. + commercial fisherman know this best by living on it. yes some abuse, but the good oldies + young have an abundance of bijoy experiences that students, degreed researchers can gain. sadly many old folks are fed up with present policy + all the good science that could be translated from their experiences is not being documented or continued by young folks. leaving dysfunction in logistics across the board.

the plan` is for all folks to define how best to live local. ground + center your self seeing the reality of your needs + offerings as you make this a nice tool. + reflect with others. post via the subcategories of biogeography closest to yours. if need to add another subcategory then drop us an email with suggestion.

              this fuels us to share with all, as we come together for issues of this earth + beyond. for no plan` is best, as to not focus so much that we cannot gain a wider perspective of what truly is in need now. for our  family in dire need as well the habitats being destroyed. both locally + beyond from natural disasters + human misuse. so here we hope to help keep a calm perspective as we rethink together.

                   we have a series of thoughts to rethink together..
take notes as you read + check out all subcategories before defining where best to post.
                thank you, our combined`effect makes a difference..                      
join in with our Canadian neighbors to stop salmon farms. please learn from their lessons.
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