`earth supporting life:. thank you farmers..

             rethink/rehab/renew policy.. bring in the zoners/regulators + their aerial maps to mind sets. Along with native/skilled sensitive folks that work it.. together regain sharp sensors by maintaining discipline over our self-sensory observations vs. belief + bring life to the moment + stay with it in real time.. over come the restrictions for us to ecologically sustain our wild + variety of growth lands for our sustainability + bi`joy experiences.

define what earth is best for what, where the plant growth for optimum efficiency of managing life. make the boundaries for what to exist where + get real with the old growth needed to sustain us, as plots are supported for linking, trans-boundary migration so as to allow large browsers their space to lead our path, water ways to flow, to fuel our earth.. our small farms, our food whether grown, foraged, hunted, planted, sprouted + local seed saved + exchanged. Cleaning our earth from the pesticides, toxins, GMO`s, wasted energy in raising cows,
damage from dams, etc..

until you experience this you will never realize it's potential, same with self-massage, which both allow us to calm + allow the natural energy to flow within:.

        every community could be so lucky. Folks` seek out your community members that love do_in what they do. if more folks would offer, like John with family, farming in back yard as a love, here outside of Florence, Or. participating in the saturday market enjoying how he can provide fresh beautiful vegetables, jams, pestos, wood crafts as seasonal offerings are abundant.

         it is a true joy to reflect with sensitive folks that take part building our cooperatives. a variety of fresh natural grown grains to greens brought in a bowl, as i bring mom`s large pot + fill up weekly. Which is my bi`joy fuel high on my list along with being in the wild, as we lived close on a boat on the river. Next is how my local farmer`s needs are met that grow my local sprouting/seeds/food.. here I was lucky to go a short distance, where many places we have stuck our self in, we have had to go much farther to get natural produced good food grown local. + have seen many without this simple sense of our earthly offerings.
          knowing our community/customers + planning a bit for the unknown.
those new combers traveling thru, etc.. invites us to gather with folks, share a few recipes + enjoy creating our weekly food. as we start each day giving care for them as we touch + prepare for that day, lightly water + drain well in the morning sun, then put in the dark with a wet towel over the top. + each day take out for the day's menu. enriching us with enzymes to aid our digestion. fresh greens, sprouts, salads, vegis fine chopped, dropped in when soup broths done, + chopped for stir fry, etc. as time progresses..

Jen + family with fresh peppermint, chives, flowers, herbs, honey + comfrey salves.. to chop into fresh salad, teas as they come in.
        Jen has awakened me to how real it is when we put ourselves out to another, yet leave our threads attached. it is a weight if not juggled in balance, that can nag at our energy unknowingly. her presence supports us to have organic/natural offerings. she has a beautiful voice, it was a nice `chicken song created at the south jetty fire drumming session, where all joined in with beautiful sounds. Jen's daughter Jasper + children beam life from their organic nurturing. She has helped make this a friendly tool as we gather detail. + jasper hopes to make it children friendly from her perspective:.

For many we all are in the dirt more often our life is better. whether composting food/biowaste, for crops, sprouts, pots, community linked gardens recycling vacant unused land. bringing up a child this way is a great joy. it has amazed me how the health industry leaves warehouses from misuse, when our earth offers us such natural joy. so many of us have watched our loved ones enjoy hands in the earth, yet fall to the hands of misguided doctors that then left them ugly, suffering as drugs over powered, left them suffering to death. When yet we can grow our best medicine by being part of our community + make it wild, natural leaving it’s boundaries to guide us. growing our natural food + medicine that leaves no side effects as western pharmaceutical whors do.

Folks school programs surfacing to change lunch room menus, same with nursing homes/hospitals, potential is their for all to fine tune your bi`joy experiences + part time cooperatively share, as in organic gardners growing next to plots leased to community members, for all to learn, as they grow for food kitchens.

Wildlife viewing is nice from afar with scope, binoculars + if on edge of woods with a clearing + install a nice viewing window in building/house..  it is a bi`joy experience to observe + make available for others to share + bring in road kill + put up on a pedestal. Supporting other wildlife not to also get killed as they eat the other on the road. As well the bi`joy of having geese/birds fertilize the fields as they graze + then collect eggs before digging. Folks such as weaver seed of Oregon offer forage seed to attract wildlife.

Folks it`s a bi`joy experience to follow a wild deer trail or animal trail. Go back in the bush as we just did after a freeze here on the cape arego coast + found a beautiful grassy patch where you can see signs of them lying. To look up + see a beautiful holly bush I think, have to confirm, small dark green pointed lvs with spikes at leaf base with bright orange flowers.

          Thank you! our combined` effect makes a difference..


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