etak's saga takes all our energy, consumed by compartmentalized inefficent processess at people's expense..

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the `next move is put on hold while we personally deal with etak's saga. we yet to bring forth the good path it was on, after putting mind together to co_evolve with icometotalkstory, with folks to be used to communicate in an exchange. good natural solutions from local folks along the way - in a 3 year trip along the US + South America coastline. on it's way to the hard to be prepped for this journey, steering failure occured with slight damage + when Coast Guard came, decided police should pull. upon their arrival - to fast, they hit + did serious damage, all had to be evacuated + etak was pulled to beach. Allstate after a series of lies + demanded attention, since day 1 applying for the policy, we continue yet unresolved, leaving disrespect to many involved. not to mention etak layed 3 days, left in currents, pod washing afloat, filled with water, on top of submerged hull before Allstate got it together, which they didn't + we had to activate vessel assist to take it to KKMI marina, where we felt it was to be pulled out on hard. once arrived it left dis-ease + crane driver uncomfortable to pull, along with my review of lies from Allstate, along with unstable policy yet to recieve declaration page. so they ask for etak to leave, as it sits hard wired with pumps to hold it afloat. taken away from our goodwork. we now add space for those that continue to manipulate for the gain of their stockholders. such as what experiencing 4.23.2010, as we await Allstate Insurance Company to responsibly act in an emergency situation, which they have not. leaving etak at KKMI marina where they won't continue to do business with Allstate. demanding etak to be removed. etak left it in dismay, after $7250. in expense to haul to KKMI, supposedly paid by Allstate.. meanwhile now we are expected at our expense to move etak in this condition. they incompletely surveyed damage, gave us a total settlement check at their cost, meanwhile we have a survey 3 times that amount for worth prior to accident, surveyor is awaiting pull out to finish survey of after accident. this is just another tid bit of information in example of how good planning doesn't always prepare for reality of unethical folks doing business. i suggest all reviewing David Berardinelli's research on `in tough hands at Allstate.. stay tuned for etak's saga, as it is awaiting to be hauled to Bay Marine yard, to be pulled out, salvaged, restored at Allstates expense, yet they state they won't cover to be towed, which we are not moving until they do. then define what next.. 5.18.2010 etak still at KKMI marina awaiting to be pulled out with a crane, by them. they are trying to be supportive to protect further damage, so etak can still be restored by the salty samaritans, Ashley + Jordan. they have been on such a roller coaster ride as their spirits have gone up + down with peoples irresponsible acts. as well to those supportive trying to simply do their job. due to it's extensive damage, Allstate is now facing an 8000. bill, which they are refusing, or at least my last update. + now a lawyer is aboard to attempt to collect. for this has gotten out of our hands.