feedback to be considered from all for Barack Obama`s campaign gathering 5.5.2012..

Posted by our combined` effect our combined` effect

           We each have an obligation to live locally sustainable + build our working community supporting all to harmonize. Which fuels us to share what works locally + afar, in a `way each can understand.
           We feel this can be efficiently done if we integrate good science universally + focus direct our students to come out of the schoolroom into their community. + Together co_evolve, as we integrate daily into our lives, simple respect for all life, + create upon the many good lessons our stewards of the earth + beyond reflect.  Please welcome project osic into your local community to share in this focus.
          We welcome all to give Mitt + Barack space to go within themselves + rethink as each community locally + afar share this focus + lay out  their tallies on a cloth/table platform, giving us options of what each can do to restore local community, leaving no one left behind. Than come together sharing their `plan as we accept nothing less than peace + end the war mode economy where never again a strong military is needed to replace people from sharing awareness holding them self-accountable locally + afar;
             With only good local enforcement in place, so as to aid those unaware to become whole + same with Mitt + Barack, after some self-reflection with others sharing options that work, come back into your local community of choice + cooperatively support so all to become a local, global + beyond participant that harmonizes with this beautiful earth below our feet, exploring freely seasonal offerings living local with simple respect where ever one chooses. Government needs to come out of their bubble.
      Peace is our option now if we share what works as each do their homework in the natural world.
      The earth has many scars from all that has happened, leaving many without basic daily needs met in every community. Do you realize all the positions needed to do just this that we write on this 1 page, let alone stories from many. It takes us all working together to make this happen, for many communities do not have the ecological balance of genetic bio-diversity to balance the numbers of people living within the community.
        We believe there is no isolation amongst ecological categories, their fore all wild lands should be reassessed with gauges from agro-ecology in place for people to become aware + work them sensitively, not restrict people from using land, sea, fresh water when used correctly. Starting from the top, with respect for life, as each community do their land/freshwater flow to sea use review. Not just by regulators or foreigners, rather all locals take off their hats + come together as a local participant + eye to eye go figure small community development that stays within natures borders.
                   + If in need  students network using good virtual tools as they go eye to eye working locally + afar enhancing their education.
                 Mitt, Barack + your families, all are very capable + if you cannot see peace in this, please be the better person + support the other to allow no one to lead. As we all have a lot of work ahead of us.
 Peace be with you in your decisions, our combined ` effect