folks we have community work to do now.. take a look at this thought.

Posted by our combined` effect our combined` effect
i believe in gripping the moment with multi functional tasks.

    Barack + Congress, please note:

          will i give Barack $3.00 toward his campaign now, no.

          will i support his responsible position now, yes.

i just yesterday after a lengthy IRS discussion with a very nice lady, realized how i spaced out + now have to redo our application for our 501.c3.

    why, too busy dealing with issues, of many from those around me as well this project.
remember folks have worked in the past + still do_in to bring forth simple living within natures way.

yes to build a 1 universal science where policy is not bought via campaigns/lobbying, rather integrity is maintained for all life.

 so as IRS states for non-profits they shun our political activity, but i won't let anyone or any policy shun my life right.

     yes IRS has to deal with foolishness due to corporate whoring/lobbyists/campaign extravagence, will we no.
          so many good folks are over worked in trying to support people to become self-reliant.

it makes me sick to see what is happening. + Barack you can use your excutive order to stop it + put it all into a good perspective now.

    this is not years ago when as in Mishi, as a young boy sees 3 trucks appearing as folks are throwing tomatoes due to high food price increase.

              1 runs them over, 2 scoops them up + 3 hoses down + back to normal.

no we've had to work hard as many still due globally to survive. as many ecologically still whoring can come into a tapering transition.

   for all to rethink what is needed + how best to restore ecologically sound simple living so communities are cooperatively built, fueling jobs. for all to self- develop + sustain as a local, global + beyond participant.

   we happen to feel Barack you + Putin along with many others have great tools if you use them for all life, as living organisms, with reality that we need our natural wild to sustain us to build sound communities that harmonize...

what does that mean, ex; walmart can fill the planet as long as they hire locals, use local products + sell to locals. get the point. that is what we can do now.

+ all folks can be put to work in their chosen path as we each walk it into our openings.

yes together our combined' effect can make this happen.

     to hear the budget running out + then to see the supposedly green proposals for the military war mode economy, is wrong. the point is to end war, end this foolish communication + work within peoples potential. without layers of baggage.

    you each can know directly what your community needs by taking part in it as a responsible local, where ever you choose.

we have+ many are do_in simple living that works + exchanging as we support all to do the same.

Mishi coming from Russia, immigrating as taught me more of our constitution as well the english language, due to him having to study it, before being accepted.

   well folks democracy can be had but only when we responsibly act. + we realize right now all around we see folks focused but then stop, unable to project this foolishness of campaigning for the future, for now is all we have. + if we don't walk side by side now with our children as we all co_evolve.

             no one will know how to get to the future, when they yet to know how to live in the now.

thank you Barack for gripping this moment + you can stop this foolishness now, look at your bylaws, due your homework, this Constitution was written to stay in real time.

peace is an option now, especially if we combine our effects.

kara j lincoln