` fresh air, accept nothing but:.

those of us that are out every day in the natural world sometimes don't realize how many yet to control their own air quality within their home.. as well those areas in the wild still yet accessible for wheelchair access.. this triggers us to post what folks are do_in for self + for these folks without fresh air..

we can`t isolate our own back yard focus. But we can come together for a review of what presently is producing what air effect, before we focus on new endeavors producing more. collectively we need to have oversight welcoming folks in from the regulatory board that has these studies. Yet keep this simple. How air is monitored in each area with available resources. indicators.

 american somoa local folks would not eat a fish in the bay unless they laid it out + a butterfly would land on it. which it would. meanwhile adjacent to our boat anchored scientists where doing studies showing the pollution in the bay.

Other south pacific islands thru their biowaste in low tide, so one would have to walk thru it if dingy took to shore from anchored boat. As well uncompostable
trash thrown, from the long ago programming that natural food does compost. But with processed food traveling in ships with containers that can`t, trash/glass is left for folks to walk over. Injuries/boils left untreated. pampers purchased separately used over + over at a cost unaffordable – ending up in ocean. bloated cans out dated, yet ends up in places where folks are unaware. Being eaten. All contributing to pollution. Not to mention those in India/Africa working in mines polluting + digging/living in trash dumps, etc. young + old. yet our country + several take trash + dump around the world. as well places dumping large amounts in ocean as debree floats + collects in currents, etc.

Our sensory observations once maintained sharp can show early indicators. While yet many ill folks house themselves inside, drapes closed usually due to light sensitivity to eyes after living with such stress. Moisture content out of balance with stuff piled contributing to microbial growth/bacteria leaving smells, etc. as well lack of personal hygiene/cleanliness of space contributing. On top of polluted cities. Not to mention the folks being bombed, or subjected to chemical/biological war fare. Not to mention the ecological whores cooking away those preservatives for goods to last longer, travel farther..

So take a look at what you participate in/effects left from own misuse, which we have done plenty before becoming aware + still awakening every day to misuse + working for change. as well others that gain financially big time not wanting to stop production of profit making goods.

 So by coming together we can look at this in a `trapering transition as we list in makumbo our misuse in a quest for understanding how to stop . as well those doing that you cannot figure out what to do. As well those do_in what works supporting options as good folks rethink, coming back into our local communities.

With respect for all to be a responsible local, global + beyond participant. we carry this same thought throughout all these subcatagories, so please keep it simple for easy retrieval + finding associated material for how to change negative effects into positive + gain the bi`joy experiences of the transformation.

          check out this link to trigger thought..


            thank you, our combined` effect makes a difference..


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