good example when we get lost in ourself, not knowing how truely interdependent we are on our human family locally + globally..

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                                thank you Mark Levine for your post;

                      Should the Syrian revolutionaries have taken up arms?

we still await our answer to Barack Obama, World Bank + UN Security General Ban-Ki moon regarding such an infrastructure as we offer to unite our resources freely, as we hold you all accountable.

for Washington is not representing all the people within America, nor answered as in our proposal offered to them, of project osic soon to be released to trigger thought. if  we support + focus direct with our students to open school room + into + with community we now will show tallies: 

            give hands on to those left behind, restore rehabs, create positions that go beyond jobs, as they fuel people to rid their baggage, get clear + volunteer as our life unfolds, giving us a reality check of how organized we are as people to hold our ground as we simply live natural lives with hands on with what sustains us daily..

          networking, reflecting filling in our needs as we share our offerings locally + beyond, keeping our natural resources at home + using alternitive energy as a supplement only, restoring as we open many positions that we know many are capable of right now as we share together, with right rehabs supporting, all can come to a cloth/table giving now what they can. as all work into successful positions as cooperatively all communicate.

          but while we restore for many to even get to this local reality we need a support mechanism to reflect with as a human family for life rights, supporting those to calm, heal + connect..

when yet many are isolated feeling this must exist, yet not having the missing links to see the worn torn threads.
                     we cannot let fragments of assumptions produce our acts, rather only let it trigger to cooperatively unite peacefully, as you draw from experiences via like ecosystem/subject + bring home what is real for you to interpersonally go within + `boon with your natural world.

                                 which in many places is being destroyed.

        we will pursue this here. it may be simple, but living within nature`s limits fuel sharp sensors, giving us mental clarity to go figure peacefully. as we lay out this reality of how as Ex: Washington + other developed so called countries are threading this conflict, supporting the war mode economy.

           when yet we have many good minds to thread these fragmented solutions if all come aboard.

which will take us all, to responcibly hold ourselves + our local communities accountable pooling our synergy for reform locally, only if peaceful, then to share what works globally, gives us all the reflection a healthy mind needs, as globally answers are seeked for local peaceful solutions;

              as we locals, everywhere, hold our own governments as people, accountable to stop fueling 1 hand as the other hand is fed from behind blindly, locally to stop sending weapons, stop producing weapons + stop exporting natural resources, when they can fuel locals at home by restoring local potential.

   we need transparency now so more people understand how many are manipulating at the expense of our natural resourcs that we need know locally to sustain from, + are only truely effective when we link globally for the natural world to migrate..

   + for those unable to understand, students can aid hands on as they support this calm needed reality to then supply correct information. so as one heals, their sensors sharpen feeling the life flow as we share our common denominators, wanting to simply live within nature`s enhanced potential, that gives all physical strength as energy circulates + people sharpen their sensors + co_evolve our potential, as we restore our local resources for locals.

   no more footprint in waste, rather abundance in living local + networking what works for all to do the same.

            now knowing the importance of our natural genetic biodiversity locally to be in balance to sustain us, only once we link it`s migration path, globally, not blow it apart with weapons that are being sold/fine tuned + replaced with others, given to both sides, as people/government gain, being aware as others short the markets, as they manipulate. leaving many unaware of how they support this.

        to then interfere in our ability to have clean air, fresh water, good earth to plant our saved seed. when yet all can do a local `plan of land/freshwater flow to sea use review. so as to sustain all life in harmony locally so we all then can link + share this earth + beyond.

                 this is how fortunate we are now to have these good tools such as Nabble, Google + others to build this network as we come together with project osic + build an archive sharing this process. sharing what hurts, where stumped, realizing we all have supported negativity + still do unknowingly, giving others an opportunity to reflect, enabling us to then share strategies + schemetics to free ourself from this misuse/abuse, as we trigger what to bring home holding ourself accountable + others, + fine tune as many good folks did not mean to take part in such negative acts.

    we can harness this disassociated energy as we bring ourself to calm + reach out for peace, eliminate bipartisan parties + let each become a responsible local participant sharing in interchangeable roles so as to be in real time awareness of local communities needs + offerings.

+ put done the weapons + cooperatively think calmly as all create a means to invite our enemy to a group cloth/table discussion now + if can go eye to eye, if not efficiently, then teleconference.

their is no better `way then to change our global economic crises then to pool our calm resources + stand our ground with out a weapon as all find a `way to unite with peace keepers locally + link for understanding, healing + then sharing your great offerings as you restore your local community + become a global link for all lives together to exist..

for this world offers us a wealth of cultural exchange that continues to co_evolve as we `boon with our natural world. + we can continue to link. we are here for you + with you, even though you may not at this time beable to link. consciously you can, if you calm yourself.

 if you calm yourself you will feel this synergy + build on it locally + you will find a `way as well us as we reach farther as we ask for folks to give what when can, to enable us to do just this for those yet to connect.

    so we may ask, then will we have an international community that agrees, while others disagree?? yes + until we can gather these tallies + lay them out on these cloth /table platforms showing clearly who is doing what, where + when, so people wanting peace now see how they can break these threads + replace with solutions as peace spreads..

                        along with all sharing alternatives of living simple as this energy is real..

now we can sharpen our sensors as we see more solutions..

            as Ex: the Palestinian`s did in their theater group, as Israel`s + Palestine`s came together + performed, as each self expressed, sharing their truths, seeing body language of pain being shared, etc. then to see young folks say;

         grandfather, no i will not pick up that weapon, we have found another `way.. 

our objective is to bring the many good reflections we have in fragments together + speak a good science language that all can understand + interpret as common sense as we live our daily chores.

then as we gather cooperatively locally, we then welcome these that leave negative effects, one by one, or gather like subject + support them as we lay out these tallies, showing them a nother `way, as they then rethink, coming back into local + far community so all become a local, global + beyond participant with simple life respect.

           giving all creative energy to explore as we build function, energy efficiently, over coming the false green large energy farms, along with ending the war mode economy, as we now see these threads that profit as they short the markets. +

                      do_in what works locally + link globally is our offerings to build on now as we hold UN + others in Washington accountable  to give us answers now before elections, so as to channel our energy, as we refuse to vote unless we get some clear answers..

rather we will pool our energy + redirect into our own network locally + beyond with the international commuity that we feel also wants to do the same, respect each other + share what works.

        we invite all of you to fulfill your interpersonal obligations as a human family participant now for peace + work within nature`s enhanced limits ASAP, which we know will work for all!  

                     our combined` effect makes a difference..

                                                thank you!