`i come to talk story...

           Please note we are working at sharing humanity's great links to fuel each to self-develop, `shifting one's energy of stress into mindful acts while working collectively at one's local `plan, part-time, where ever one is, and whomever you are or where you are from...  BUT FIRST we are welcoming all to perfect our plans sharing the collective plan w/critical thinkers defining where on earth-space is the first local plans we should start w/Gov's if they will, that is negatively affecting us all or most!

    We want you to help us scale the earth w/SOCLA's Agro_ecological systems-movement!

  So do see this Google document to comment on, as we are updating showing how you are needed;
    You are an earthling that is equal to all if you respect all life on earth and do your homework reclaiming ancestral knowledge of land stewardship if you lost it? For all life, if born healthy has an innate knowledge to nurture self and all life along one's path.

   Today's realities have gotten out of hand, yet together, we can harness this disassociated energy and redirect it, but we need your help! For many are left behind in terrible realities beyond many people's awareness.

   Today, 11.1.2018 we started using Nabble as our transitional shift message board (`tsmb), we have been rethinking. Knowing if we organize, all earthlings can do what it takes ASAP to change earth/space policy while having human comforts in place as we all do one's homework! Ending all scars from continually repeating and enjoying earth/space while we have it, and better prepared to save all life and protect each from the severe weather that is projected to continue from the Arctic feedback loops, that need all's attention to mindfully act ASAP once your self is in a comfortable even mobile temporary mode, as you sort this out!

  So please see this link first;


   To understand more of our `transitional shift message board (`tsmb), see our Google site, and please excuse that there too we are not updated w/this URGENT UPDATE, but can be w/your support! Soon will be embedded on our Google site page;


     And excuse us for not having all pages in harmony w/this new structured `transitional shift message board as we welcome all to make a local one and post it to stay in the instance locally and afar w/this on the internet. W/your feedback/corrections/posting needs and offerings for self/another unable/as a rep for a group r rep for doing one's local `plan or starting one, together we will make it work, so thank you for sharing this along with your walkabout for you/your family/your communities and all earthlings. For you are truly needed! And we thank Nabble for this to take place! For they can give you the same option freely to organize and more for a fee for business!
             What is worse is `we the people are not holding UN/Govs/Military/Businesses/People/ourselves, accountable to stop polluting/stop interfering in others ability to simply live. As well many of us continue unaware, that we too are contributing.

   So now is the time, the tools are here to perfect, so please reflect/rethink and share;

        ¬†Our Mission `i come to talk story is a US nonprofit.

                We are a global virtual platform sharing humanities links that work.

    Students using one's communities as classrooms, networking ER priorities locally and afar, gaining basic human nuts and bolts, via like ecosystem/season and subjects, can be a very efficient way for all to focus directly together. Especially in ER issues as w/helping all earthlings now rethink one's space! As all deserve respect as together we change policies to migrate earth/space ASAP!

    We welcome all to reflect w/our site pages and come talk, sharing what works/what doesn't. As you and your community create upon humanity's options to create your local `plan, interrelating, creating upon ideas w/a `transitional shift message board. Where each able person posts one's needs/offerings or for one unable, while a rep posts for one's local `plan in progress. To restore the ecological `enhanced healthy working communities, w/neighbors.

     Please see detail throughout our posts here at Nabble and the specific pages on our Google site, which we are presently correcting, as URL's being corrected, and if can't get in please email me kara; kareje@ictts.org or gather a group and we can have a conversation best for you on G Hangout;

    We suggest starting w/a natural local wild food potluck, follow up meets, celebrating along the way one's good fortunes to have such tools of the times to work together to go figure, earth/space in peace!

      Your support in sharing and Donations are welcome! Peace, ictts.org


   Please contact your representatives/leaders or become them if they are not in the instance w/one's local `plan. Let your community's local `plan decide whom best to work with and vote them in, telling them all should work together, including those from the `Green Party;

  Please note due to this lengthy intro, I'm copying this continued introduction on a Google Drive Document, please see below and add a comment where appropriate;


 Please do what you can to `shift your fear/calm your self/join w/friends/communities, and make your local `plan, celebrating along the way!

 Love us at `i come to talk story...
               DONATE, so all network, gaining basic human comfort, self-reliance, preparing w/neighbors!

 `i come to talk story...

      Is a 501(c)3 US non-profit association, and all donations are tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. We welcome you to define how you want to participate in you and your community...

     If interested in Donating or giving us a Grant, please do to help reach out, after we have paid our own way for going on 40 years perfecting our research/using great tools that I study so please don't blame others for my inability/terrible editing, etc.. I'm still working on this w/many good people, but would appreciate salaries for all/more tools and staff, to perfect simplicity and share humanity's work w/you!

   If want to mail a Donation, please do; kara j lincoln (ictts) % General Delivery, Charleston, OR 97420 and please title it; DONATE, thank you for making a difference!

       If need support linking, etc. please email kara; kareje@ictts.org or call and leave a message and I will get back; 1-360-450-3749 skype.

               See `i come to talk story on; G+ and Twitter as `patchestalk.

  `i come to talk story, Thank's You for making a difference!                     

Peace be with you all! Please Donate what can as well we are seeking volunteers to help us perfect our plans sharing Humanity's solutions ASAP;


we have a job to do now, check in within yourself + ask yourself how you would like to awaken to war, please say no to aggression..

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lets reach out to wherever we are linked + see how we can come aboard + resolve efficiently; http://www.linkedin.com/groupItem?view=&gid=1814985&type=member&item=269003951&qid=e52f8948-322b-42e2-a9df-307ed995487f&goback=%2Egna_1814985 Syria via @peaceactionwest http://c... read more

it`s time to put our heads together for your local `plan + share the reality that it works..

in a plan` do_in translating what the earth speaks..
by our combined` effect • | | 0 comments
I address this to our responsible roles to help us become aware that people are not pooling our thoughts for efficient solutions to be shared. please if you can reach out + check in within your self to hold yourself + others locally + afar accountable. but do it as a brother + sister for this... read more

are you listening to mother earth, what are you do_in, she needs our reflection..

in a plan` do_in translating what the earth speaks..
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&lt;http://www.davidsuzuki.org/blogs/science-matters/2013/08/is-geoengineering-a-silver-bullet-for-climate-change/?utm_campaign=Science%20Matters&amp;utm_medium=email&amp;utm_source=SM0823&amp;utm_content=Link_ReadAndShare&gt; read more

for those of us leaving FACEBOOK due to their heavy footprint, please see EcoWatch`s Genetically Engineered Foods..

in ISSUE; Monsanto Meet, Coos Bay, Or...
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EcoWatch By Lauren Berlekamp Facebook has been accused of being a facade for free speech as it has been known to censor controversial content. For example, earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg was called out for practicing censorship when a Facebook ad by CREDO Mobile was pulled for criticiz... read more

Come together + sign petition to tell President Barack Obama to Ban Hydraulic Fracturing on All Public Lands..

in a `way do_in with a bi`joy experience
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I am so tired of signing petitions. how bad is this gov to be so dysfunctional. before reading below, take a review of this to add to your understanding; http://www.nature.com/scitable/blog/green-screen/4_things_keystone_xl_doesnt do you realize how easy this could be, if say each d... read more

Haitian Farmers Lauded for Food Sovereignty Work

in a plan` do_in translating what the earth speaks..
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Yeah, this is long over due! Inter Press Service WASHINGTON, Aug 14 (IPS) - Work by the Group of 4 (G4) union of Haitian peasant organizations, along with assistance from the Dessalines Brigade - South American peasant leaders and agroecology experts supported by La Via Campesina - ... read more

Tell Obama to Oppose Israeli Plan to Evict 40K Bedouin, Protect Right to Protest

in ISSUE; information war with our minds..
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The Israeli government's seizure of Palestinian lands has become a regular facet of life in the West Bank, but it's not only Palestinians in the West Bank who are subject to such treatment. The Israeli government has plans to remove upwards of 40,000 Bedouin in the Negev desert in southern Israe... read more
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some say it best; I`ve been making peace w/ things more and realizing not to get too caught in set thinking about things, for it interrupts the natural flow. which is a sign we are working thru the baggage/gaining fuel, as we prioritize our function energy efficiently. accepting nothing... read more

i share a plan for mother earth to control her resources a bit differently...

in a plan` do_in translating what the earth speaks..
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8.7.2013 I share what I`ve just emailed to EPA; Over the past year, the Environmental Protection Agency has repeatedly shut down its own fracking-related water contamination investigations after being pressured by the oil and gas industry. Thanks to EPA whistleblowers, the Los Angeles ... read more

are you thinking about the impact you leave..

in `impact we leave, balancing the species..
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this has been difficult for me to define President Barack Obama`s take on this question. but considering you all have invited me to sign his birthday card, when I've stated I do not celebrate birthdays. rather we celebrate life everyday. so I thought this would be a special moment to shar... read more

thank you David Suzuki for sharing lessons we all can do every day to protect our oceans..

in `impact we leave, balancing the species..
by our combined` effect • | | 0 comments
please see David`s link, he says it best; http://davidsuzuki.org/blogs/healthy-oceans-blog/2013/08/seven-things-you-can-do-every-day-to-protect-our-oceans/?utm_source=2013+Ocean+Keepers&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=7+habits+for+the+ocean&mkt_tok=3RkMMJWWfF9wsRons6nOZKXonjHpfsX54%... read more
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this restructuring has been a challenge due to my co_evolving, I don`t know about yours?? I see so much waste in everyone pulling their own way. if we efficiently unite to focus direct to obtain our goals, they actually will happen much easier. people have different neuro networks ... read more

This email box is not monitored.

in rejoin` a define of i do_in..
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Please do not reply, this email box is not monitored. To contact Ready Campaign please follow this link [ http://www.ready.gov/ ]. You may update your subscriptions, modify your password or email address, or stop subscriptions at any time on your Subscriber Preferences page [ https://public.g... read more

if we settle for nothing less than good science to be acted on, these problems won`t continue..

in a plan` do_in translating what the earth speaks..
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please see; http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/campaigns/americas_dangerous_pipelines/index.html the time is here for action + it will take numbers, so please join in; http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/action/events/index.html read more
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