`i come to talk story...

           Please note we are working at sharing humanity's great links to fuel each to self-develop, `shifting one's energy of stress into mindful acts while working collectively at one's local `plan, part-time, where ever one is, and whomever you are or where you are from...  BUT FIRST we are welcoming all to perfect our plans sharing the collective plan w/critical thinkers defining where on earth-space is the first local plans we should start w/Gov's if they will, that is negatively affecting us all or most species, including Humans!

    We want you to help us scale the earth w/SOCLA's Agro_ecological systems-movement!

  So do see this Google document to comment on, as we are updating showing how you are needed;
    You are an earthling that is equal to all if you respect all life on earth and do your homework reclaiming ancestral knowledge of land stewardship if you lost it? For all life, if born healthy has an innate knowledge to nurture self and all life along one's path.

   Today's realities have gotten out of hand, yet together, we can harness this disassociated energy and redirect it, but we need your help! For many are left behind in terrible realities beyond many people's awareness.

   Today, 11.1.2018 we started using Nabble as our transitional shift message board (`tsmb), to rethink how best for all to change these scars for ever, we have been rethinking. Knowing if we organize, all earthlings can do what it takes ASAP to change earth/space policy while having human comforts in place as we all do one's homework! Ending all scars from continually repeating and enjoying earth/space while we have it, and better prepared to save all life and protect each from the severe weather that is projected to continue from the Arctic feedback loops, and update! That need all's attention to mindfully act ASAP once your self is in a comfortable even mobile temporary mode, as you sort this out!

  So please see this link first, and co-create w/us of what would work for you and your community;


     And excuse us for not having all pages in harmony w/this new structured `transitional shift message board as we welcome all to make a local one and post it to stay in the instance locally and afar w/this on the internet. W/your feedback/corrections/posting needs and offerings for self/another unable/as a rep for a group r rep for doing one's local `plan or starting one, together we will make it work, so thank you for sharing this along with your walkabout for you/your family/your communities and all earthlings. For you are truly needed! And we thank Nabble for this to take place! For they can give you the same option freely to organize and more for a fee for business!
             What is worse is `we the people are not holding UN/Govs/Military/Businesses/People/ourselves, accountable to stop polluting/stop interfering in other's ability to simply live. As well many of us continue unaware, that we too are contributing.

   So now is the time, the tools are here to perfect, so please reflect/rethink and share;

         Our Mission `i come to talk story is a US nonprofit.

                We are a global virtual platform sharing humanities links that work.

    Students using one's communities as classrooms, networking ER priorities locally and afar, gaining basic human nuts and bolts, via like ecosystem/season and subjects, can be a very efficient way for all to focus directly together. Especially in ER issues as w/helping all earthlings now rethink one's space! As all deserve respect as together we change policies to migrate earth/space ASAP!

    We welcome all to reflect w/our site pages and come talk, sharing what works/what doesn't. As you and your community create upon humanity's options to create your local `plan, interrelating, creating upon ideas w/a `transitional shift message board. Where each able person posts one's needs/offerings or for one unable, while a rep posts for one's local `plan in progress. To restore the ecological `enhanced healthy working communities, w/neighbors.

     Please see detail throughout our posts here at Nabble and the specific pages on our Google siteplease email me kara; kareje@ictts.org or gather a group and we can have a conversation best for you on G Hangout, if I can further explain;

    We suggest starting w/a natural local wild food potluck, follow up meets, celebrating along the way one's good fortunes to have such tools of the times to work together to go figure, earth/space in peace!


   Please contact your representatives/leaders or become them if they are not in real-time w/your local `plan. Let your community's local `plan decide whom best to work with and vote them in, telling them all should work together, including those from the `Green Party.

  Please note due to this lengthy intro, I'm copying this continued introduction on a Google Drive Document, please see below and add a comment where appropriate, for soon we are transitioning cleaning up consumption, doing waht can to aid Nabble;


 Please do what you can to `shift your fear/calm your self/join w/friends/communities, and make your local `plan, celebrating along the way!

 Love us at `i come to talk story...
      Is a 501(c)3 US non-profit association, and all donations are tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. We welcome you to define how you want to participate in you and your community...

   If want to mail a Donation, please do; kara j lincoln (ictts) % General Delivery, Charleston, OR 97420 and please title it; DONATE, thank you for making a difference!

       If need support linking, etc. please email kara; kareje@ictts.org or call and leave a message and I will get back; 1-360-450-3749 skype.

               See `i come to talk story on G+ and on Twitter, `patchestalk has been changed to @farmwuwei where we are focusing on fundraising, as well sharing our plans to perfect them!

                  `i come to talk story, Thank's You for making a difference!   

                                        kara speaking for our combined `effects...                      

please imagine what would happen if we all do positive acts, not just respond to negativiity...

in ISSUE; information war with our minds..
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Lets take a review of what we've done + what still needs our attention, to trigger us to collectively come together in every local community + make changes now, understanding/developing a better means for all to apply simple respect; CREDO action Thanks to you, we've stopped a war with Syr... read more

please stay in the moment with these petitions, as we welcome diplomacy with Iran..

in ISSUE; information war with our minds..
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On 11.9.2013 7:52 am, Robert Naiman wrote: Dear kara j lincoln, Last night, President Obama announced that he was putting his push for a Congressional authorization of force against Syria on hold while he pursued negotations with Russia and at the UN to bring Syria's chemical weapons und... read more

we can do more now then just do petitions, please come aboard if want to understand more..

in ISSUE; information war with our minds..
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Hello, we need to be open as if this letter link below is real, + even if it is not. peace comes within + without if we bring peace to the moment, not out of time context. I have reached out when I could. + I do respect the good work from many + would like to be part of it, but most ... read more

Please join me in signing this petition to President Obama to reinvigorate diplomacy with Iran:

in ISSUE; information war with our minds..
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Hey It’s make or break time for diplomacy with Iran. Next month, Presidents Barack Obama and Hassan Rouhani will be in the same place for the first time, attending the UN General Assembly in New York. An overture toward the new Iranian president could help kick-start diplomacy and avoid a... read more

International Call for Solidarity with the National Agrarian and Popular Strike in Colombia..

in a plan` do_in translating what the earth speaks..
by our combined` effect • | | 0 comments
International Call for Solidarity of la Via Campesina and CLOC-Via Campesina. We - Farmer, Indigenous, Fishing, Women and Farmworker Organizations who are part of La Via Campesina and follow a global model of class solidarity and internationalism - express our undivided support and backing to... read more

sign the petition below.. US press is censoring, yet another press allowing my posts on twitter + Whitehouse is blocking me on twitter, yet Putin isn`t..

in ISSUE; information war with our minds..
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All the WMD should be held under International control for starts.. many in US have not supported the 1 billion dollars in aid to Syria, while leaving them in sectarian struggles, meanwhile have pie in the sky delusions of international equality, this is not how community... read more

why is it we do not do these words as Putin says it well.. this is how we can all co_evolve..

in ISSUE; information war with our minds..
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Meeting with elected Russian regional leaders September 10, 2013, 16:00 Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region Tags: civil service, regions, Republic of Daghestan, Republic of Ingushetia, Republic of Khakassia, Trans-Baikal Territory, Khabarovsk Territory, Vladimir Region, Magadan Region, Moscow Regi... read more

Questions w/PRESIDENT OF RUSSIA VLADIMIR PUTIN 9.10.2013, regarding Syria..

in ISSUE; information war with our minds..
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Comments on the chemical weapons situation in Syria September 10, 2013, 21:00 Novo-Ogaryovo, Moscow Region Tags: foreign policy, Syria Add to blog Direct link Vladimir Putin commented on the chemical weapons situation in Syria. Photo: the Presidential Press and Information Office Vladim... read more

NIAC Applauds Easing of Humanitarian Sanctions..

in ISSUE; information war with our minds..
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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Jamal Abdi Phone: 202-386-6408 Email: jabdi@niacouncil.org Washington, DC - NIAC applauds the Treasury Department's decision to ease sanctions to enable humanitarian activities by nongovernmental organizations in Iran and athletic exchanges between the U.S.... read more

Monday 9.9.2013 Our message to Congress on Syria from Peace Action West..

in ISSUE; information war with our minds..
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We are on Capitol Hill this week urging members of Congress to vote against authorizing force in Syria. In our first day, we've already visited dozens of offices, and most people we talk to are undecided and still gathering information to inform their decisions. Since a lot of people have as... read more

We have solutions to share, please go within now + bring ourself to calm, redirecting into positive association/application. Please contact Barack Obama + legislators + say we can do more then just No to Syrian strike before tuesday..

in ISSUE; information war with our minds..
by our combined` effect • | | 2 comments
Hello folks, please take a review here of why so much nervous energy is leaving many in the fog. When yet so many have such good solutions.   take a look within + take a look at President Barack Obama, we must give him support to change the military institution, that is no longer to... read more
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Published on Monday, 19 August 2013 18:58 b_350_0_16777215_00___images_stories_ourconferences_rice_fieldvisitsukabumiTDHscaled.jpg Twenty years after La Vía Campesina International was founded, the global network of rural organizations has agreed to a new worldwide action plan based on smal... read more

please tell the Judicial Commitee to review another `way for peace to be had in Syria, read below + let this trigger you to respond..

in ISSUE; information war with our minds..
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please note those of you that know me, realize I grip the moment + attempt to stay present in real time, with all this yada, for I continue to work yet to fund raise until we sort a bit more clarity out. then we will as - i come to talk story being a 501.c3 non-profit, to cover expenses, which w... read more
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