`i come to talk story...

           Please note we are working at sharing humanity's great links to fuel each to self-develop,`shifting one's energy of stress into mindful acts while working collectively at one's local `plan, part-time, where ever one is, and whomever you are or where you are from...

    You are an earthling that is equal to all if you respect all life on earth and do your homework reclaiming ancestral knowledge of land stewardship if you lost it? For all life, if born healthy has an innate knowledge to nurture self and all life along one's path.

   Today's realities have gotten out of hand, yet together, we can harness this disassociated energy and redirect it, but we need your help! For many are left behind in terrible realities beyond many people's awareness.
             What is worse is `we the people are not holding UN/Govs/Military/Businesses/People, accountable to stop polluting/stop interfering in others ability to simply live. As well many of us continue unaware, that we too are contributing.

 We are now at approx. 405 pts/million. And a billion metric tons are put into atmosphere/year. The Arctic is emitting a Methane problem at high risk, along w/melting sea ice. If it melts this summer we will lose the life on earth in months, if loose ice in fall, will lose life up to 8 years, says Dr. Guy McPherson speaking for many scientists and professional secular science journals.
   Do you see that this is the same science many are studying now? How are you and your family processing this? What are your schools telling students?

   Dr. McPherson and Pauline Schneider share w/folks about such matters;


  Everyone must prioritize this ASAP and collectively contact legislators/Congress and Pres Trump/UN and more to cut the controversy and help all mindfully act...

   Robert Scribbler does a nice layout of climate change, to depict;


     Quote Robert;

       `....it should be imperative that we work as hard as we can to stop human greenhouse gas emissions as fast as we can. This is no longer just a matter of practicality and common sense. It is a matter of morality. For the sooner we stop greenhouse gas emissions, the more harm we prevent.

      ` ....such a massive, coordinated effort to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and transition to new energy supplies would have far-reaching economic benefits.

  We are working on a plan, to obtain a Global Grant to simplify this understanding, and more, if can support us please contact kara; kareje@ictts.org. So globally every community can do one's local `plan, as each efficiently takes part to help, working w/one's students filling in the worn-torn missing links locally and globally!.

   Take off your hats and please rethink, network, use your communities as extended classrooms. For many are left isolated and once organize to network and link w/us, focus directing on priority issues w/others, you will have options via like ecosystems/season and subjects, to go figure...

   Your student within all, networking w/you, can prioritize what is toxic in your community and what is coming in from afar. UN/Govs also are not on top of this as well other priorities, as in collectively monitoring Nuclear radiation, nor are they doing research to rid toxic Nuclear waste, that Dr. Helen Caldicott and associates do a great job! Thank you Helen for all you do for all life on earth;


 Or resolving the Congo issues, which the Rwandan war started our virtual global program as we listened to it via shortwave crossing the Pacific Ocean. It made me sick then and I felt better working this platform, even though still perfecting it. As well recently I got sick again and I have to work hard to edit myself, how about you? Plus we know many can't and get stuck in this sewage soup wasting good energy while stressing organs. But this too can be healed or better controlled if too diseased thru Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Where we aim to claim when whistleblowers help us understand, it is all the more proof we need NO MILITARY, rather we need to come together to become aware of the products/services being sold, as people interfere in other's resources, and not support them. Rather support policies that do not allow them!

  I share this to show how people years later are still trying to ask the UN/Govs to help when it has been proven that they have part of the problem and although many may be stuck within these entities, they are not on top of true resolving.

          Our friends know best w/their good work and please help them;


  It's time for `we the people to become aware and we see no better way then to efficiently do one's local `plan w/neighbors, ending false aid from afar and network w/us. Show us the detail so we can become a nice archive to inform others of real stories.

    For never again should our scars continue, as what is happening in Africa for 1 example, and many are still suffering from these acts;

     Bill Clinton behind the pre-conceived plot in the Rwanda genocide


           Shame on all that knew of this and allowed it to happen!  

   See what I researched after so many told me about what Pres Obama did;
      `It's about time to talk about how...

  This list is lengthy and Thank you, Folks, for taking over NABBLE to support us to do this?

   For w/your support we can reach all, and you and your community can do more by sharing globally, what the real problems are, as your rep links to our virtual global platform to collaborate and share options w/all, as we continue to perfect and reach out, to resolve.

      Humanity has answers if communities organize to get to them!

         As well we will continue to seek those unable to share exchanges.

  When all should be collectively monitoring every day and protecting those vulnerable when rads are high. As some places on the planet are much more toxic than others. As well w/other minerals circulating the earth from a variety of bad practices, that many contribute to unknowingly. As simple as getting computers repaired/built, etc.

     Please share us along with your walkabout for you and your communities!
   `i come to talk story
            If want to Donate please email; kareje@ictts.org

     Nabble is rethinking and we thank Hugo and staff for their past support. We look forward to meeting the one that has taken Nabble over. So check them out, and we thank them for helping us as a US non-profit and wish them and their technical help, the best of luck in their future desires.

Thank you Nabble!
   We thank Google! For the use of their free website and technical help;

  come talk at `i come to talk story (ictts.org)
   `the sun will set spreadsheet and join in!

   ~Transition and create upon our`Transitional Shift Message Board, join in!


         As well Apps for Education/Drive/Earth/Engine, as we are studying now, etc. and all their continued support w/Ad Grants for `i come to talk story as a US 501.c3 non-profit association. As we have a plan to fuel everyone's local `plan, globally where can reach within Google's choices, so please take part.

    Facebook we thank you! For our recent US Nonprofit facebook page and personal page and the much goodness in fragments you offer. Your instability is no longer acceptable, so we quit!

       `i come to talk story,
       Thanks twitter! 

      As we find it is the easiest way for us to share w/Pres.Trump/Reps considering they answer w/generalized emails. But if Twitter continues to want to support Oprah for President, w/her large footprint, then we will quit them too!

       Nabble/Google/Twitter and LibreOffice give freely much to all, so please reflect w/them and they offer more for business!

    Please note we are perfecting `i come to talk story's global virtual platform to be more efficient for all, so please have patience, and sorry for our mistakes, we need your help!

    For we want to reach the ends of the earth!
    See this collaborative form in the process to fuel you to take part and please share;

 `Humanity has answers, share yours!


   For you to do your own and have a rep come link. Or until then use ours and fine detail it w/us. Please add input to this form we are working on now, or correct us. We want to hear how it can better help all/if there is a more efficient way to do this, to fuel each to fine tune what works for one's communities, as we continue to update it as an earthling.

 As we all give/gain, support for all of us to become a local, global and beyond mindful participant!

   Knowing most efficient is to do one's local `plan, to best define real needs and offerings that each community can sustain and respect! Realizing the earth has feedback loops in the Arctic that are producing weather changes and they will get worse, not to mention still a lot of controversy over this issue. So please prepare and do your homework!

     Meanwhile, there is no better Education as students within, all walk by each other's side and prioritize oneself and what is toxic locally and afar, while interrelating in one's local `plan, restoring one's `enhanced ecological sustaining healthy working communities, with neighbors, locally and afar. For no ecosystem can be isolated, nor does nature have balanced ecosystems, people must do one's organic exchanges. And balance one's genetic biodiversity and link w/neighbors. As all will better Humanity's true sustaining needs, giving many more tools to locals, leaving no one left behind!

           This is long overdue, for all beings to gain equality in human/life rights!

                Thank you, Dr. Jill Stein and the Green Movement...

  We are sorry the other 2 parties don't work with all to go figure the serious issues now facing all life! It's time for them to change their ways and prioritize the climate change ER issues with us or we do it without them and protect each other. For scars on the planet has hurt many from their footprint!
  See more;


    Support what needed for those vulnerable, as a volunteer, heal thru self-reflection, work with the student within all to co_evolve one's curriculum while restoring one's healthier working community, learning when to do what first for self, and on to self-develop/explore as a local mindful participant, collaborating where ever you are.

      As you plug into your local `plan even if temporary, whether homeless or a refugee, define your offerings and share part-time while volunteering where needed. Work into a great career helping these issues of the times and all involved. Help make it a peaceful transition fueling yourself and all! And then let it fuel you to plug in w/confidence as a mindful participant where ever you are fortunate to explore, as you continue to work w/all, changing policies for all to have equality. So each can return home if desired, as well knowing locals deserve respect and to maintain their space and if not enough room, you will have to relocate!

   All local `plans should make space to accommodate w/respect, these ER conditions, the world is facing now. As together all make changes to stop these scars from continuing, collaborating w/the global community!

 Know one's local `plan done efficiently is the best rule of understanding, for anyone present to respect what is. Knowing you too can define your home and take part. As local `plans develop more can network ahead of time, resolving issues so no human-made ER conditions occur. Networking w/our open virtual global transparent platform can help us all become a local, global and beyond mindful participant! Creating space knowing each is where each wants to be, as each give/gain, support for all to do one's homework and be appreciated for being you!
  We do not need false walls that waste more resources interfering in all life/ wildlife's behaviors!  We all are one, no ecosystem can be isolated, each is interdependent on the other!

   Did you see the new Blue Planet II Series, it is very beautiful showing good work from many welcoming all to take part in this rapid climate change, negatively affecting all life on planet earth now. It will get worse and already is for many, if all do not focus direct parttime together, working thru the much controversy to mindfully act as an earth community.

        If you have a better plan then this please share it with us!

  There is a no better way to obtain peace within, as you `boon w/the natural `enhanced world that is mindfully worked, w/agroecological systems and natural building, prioritizing peace as you prioritize what is toxic in mind and in the community. As in one's local `plan w/collective community, locally and afar networking, for you to bring home options from the may cultural offerings that work.

     W/neighbors, use agroecological systems w/it's social/economic/political movement, for your community to gain entire seasonal working biome(s) and each gain one's own sovereignty. That goes beyond ER preparedness options, as well prevention, rather it heals and helps all simply live in joy, celebrating along the way, knowing all is being addressed mindfully!

    Saving your wild, as you redirect all parks made for tourism, by developing tourism as you welcome all into your local `plan's meet, creating w/agroecological systems, now working all these once set aside lands sensitively and skillfully. And in your natural grown wild potluck, w/live music, and ongoing scheduled meets, all share in collaboration and celebration, with your local `plan`s, living local progress. Then each takes home locally or afar what can share w/one's own local `plan, resolving real issues long overdue. As all link changes working within earth/space systems!

   Addressing early signs of upcoming global issues, networking and adjusting via like ecosystems/seasons and subjects! And together stop toxic local and aid those afar!      
  No Dakota Pipeline... No Keystone Pipeline... No Jordon Cove LNG... 

     Please have patience with our changes to make this more simple. Check out Nabble and Google tools for you and your communities to organize and don't forget to link w/us sharing your and Humanity's options that aided you, now. Fueling others to choose from and add their own that works/doesn't, for all communities to co_evolve.

   Peacfully gain your local naturally grown wild food-fish-animal/energy with localized systems of a low impact, as people become aware to balance one's genetic biodiversity to link w/neighbors, as one's best energy source/creating technology from traditional indigenous ways carried forward respecting all life!

 Gain your community's sovereignty.

 End of false aid and Colonial control.

      Yes! WECAN International Women's Earth & Climate Action Network is solutions-based network 2 engage #women worldwide as powerful stakeholders in #climatejustice, #climatechange solutions...
          NYC April 18, 2018 WECAN International event.
     Say no thanks, but we appreciated what you tried to do and did, and have empathy and say sorry for contributing unknowingly. That it interfered with all involved abilities to self-develop. Open platform and welcome all to gain understanding, in your local `tapering transitions using 1 universal secular sound science common sense, to fill in the missing worn torn links of fragmented, that allowed toxic developments. Now all take part in policy change!

  We feel all Govs should open one's platform and let skilled students walk by their side to change these outdated ways and end programmed;

    Aggression/Delusion/Military/Nuclear use and waste, except for some medicine w/no half-life and can be recycled. Realizing we don't need a war mode economy, the local `plan creates many jobs and welcomes great investments as the local `plan can retain local control.

  Some of these issues are best-understood w/support in place as you collectively work at what can, part time that makes sense to you, where ever you are. As you listen to others at the table, self-reflect, and interrelateco_evolve together as you get mentally clear and physically strong doing this w/community, for Gov is not on top of it in real time. Rather they are spending much waste restoring Military, polluting more...
     Most important please all realize, part-time is all it takes to be organized to interrelate in one's local `plan. So you also share your bi`joy experiences as you `boon w/the natural world and continue to explore the earth and beyond`s uniqueness, adding to local `plan's where ever needed/enjoyed! And celebrate w/Humanity's options, many are fortunate to organize with, for many are left isolated and we want to see these pockets without doing exchanges w/the many patches now doing great work, willing to exchange!

  Along with your path, you build as you walk it, into your opening, please stay on top of global changes needed for all to gain equality! For many are left without basic human comfort in place!

   Can you imagine 6 billion people not having fresh water or safe sanitation? And the illness that comes with it, and without support? Especially when easy to make a compost pit or use rainwater catching and wastewater/sea desalinization built inexpensively by the community! Get a grip UN how dysfunctional are you, w/your resources, to not help people do this?

       Let alone face further sea rise/temperature rise w/climate change's negative effects in the process now, affecting some more than others and those not adjusting in real time, hello!

  As all are now in the 6th mass extinction, affecting the life that truly sustains all. 200 species each day have become extinct and we need to get a grip on our own footprint and others.

 Please do what you can to `shift your fear/calm your self/join w/friends/communities, and make your local `plan, celebrating along the way!

    Love us at `i come to talk story...
United  Plant Savers

 `i come to talk story..

      Is a 501(c)3 US non-profit association, and all donations are tax-deductible for federal income tax purposes. We welcome you to define how you want to participate in you and your community...

     If interested in Donating or giving us a Grant to help reach out, after we have paid our own way for going on 40 years perfecting our research/using great tools that I study so please don't blame others for my inability/terrible editing, etc.. I'm still working on this w/many good people, but would appreciate salaries for all/more tools and staff, to perfect simplicity and share humanity's work.

       If need support linking, etc. please email kara; kareje@ictts.org or call and leave a message and I will get back; 1-360-450-3749 skype.

  `i come to talk story, Thank's You for making a difference!

Peace be with you all!

International Peasant Conference : Stop the land grab

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US AID Grant WASH for other countries could be started at home..

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anyone interested in teleconferencing as you represent your local students. if so come to talk talk subcatagorie + leave us a comment + we will get in touch. we are trying to leverage our combined` effect as we network. as we set up a base in every country, including the ... read more

no sensoreship is the way, Walter Cronkite was right.

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we the people petition, check it out, if like sign by 11.27.2011

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What is La Via Campesina?

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permaculture activist - local source for natural seeds..

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CSA Growing Crazy Farm Fall Boxes

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I'm posting for Sarah, she is working at her internet. thank you Sarah + Joe Humphries for your season of very nice goods, as they wait at Coos Bay Farmers Market for their last box of the season to be picked up. they are located in Roseburg + delivery to the market here in Coos B... read more

it`s mind boggling to have to stop from simple living to address such prehistoric mind sets.. folks, please don`t let them get away with it..

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I share an email i sent to all legislators, please do the same, for they appear to foolishly work on tallys, vs. common sense, at times, you can copy mine added to what Peace Action West researched. email: I am appalled that the Pentagon is planning a $53 million arms sale to a regime... read more

folks ask the legislators to support our solutions..

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Noaa, F+W, National Fisheries, CG, please engage with the Commercial/sports fisherfolks..

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Welcome home Robbie..

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folks we have community work to do now.. take a look at this thought.

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i believe in gripping the moment with multi functional tasks. Barack + Congress, please note: will i give Barack $3.00 toward his campaign now, no. will i support his responsible position now, yes. i just yesterday after a lengthy IRS discussion with a very... read more

thank you Barack for the support for local schools to waver, re: No Child Left Behind.

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Dharma + Brett in the nex't move walkabout..

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Peace Day is every day for some.. use the synergy of September 21, 2011 Official International Peace Day - lets all do what ever we can .

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i share a letter i wrote to International Peace Day Associates. (note i made a few corrections since then) Hello folks, what an endeavor with both of your entities. i've breifly become aware from skype + did an over view. Jane please note i could not find the rules for entering on... read more

Kojo Nnmandi radio show, NPR : Future of America Foreign Aid..

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a sore thumb or a great potential - a past review for different perspectives..

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The Dangerous Demographics of West Africa Mark Weston February 18, 2009 | More on Africa, Conflict and security | No comments I gave a talk to senior civil servants at the Home Office last week, as part of Demos’s Leadership Masterclass on International Challenges and Counter-Terrorism. My... read more

♦♦ their is a way we can get thru this..

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I share with you a letter emailed to our President + Legislators.. Hello folks, Barack is our president, whether completely right or not. this dysfuntional entity can be restored if the respect for positions get regained. + in order for yours to be also respected, we need to s... read more

check out a book - Younger Next Year..

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a book to give you some nice connections to fill in some missing links by Chris Crowley and Dr. Harry Lodge that focuses on living an active senior lifestyle. now interact + add simple local living how tos from permaculture, agro-ecology + perennial food forests + look out folks, for... read more

Center for Accupuncture + Herbal Medicine - New Jersey..

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Nutrient recycling with living machine for homestead - old ways that work - permaculture..

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Betsy Hartmann shows another light from the past to reconsider - Who's Taking the Heat for Global Warming?

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DRAFT IN PROGRESS Paper delivered at the panel on Climate Change, 4S Annual Conference Montreal, Quebec, October 11, 2007 Climate Refugees and Climate Conflict: Who’s Taking the Heat for Global Warming? Betsy Hartmann Director, Population and Development Program Associate Professor, ... read more
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