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   So please have patience with us. And you too check out Nabble's and Google's tools for you and your communities to organize, and don't forget to link w/us addressing our new changes sharing humanity's options now, to choose from and add to. So peacfully all gain local natural grown wild food-fish-animal/energy/technology, sovereignty.

                   Working w/agrecological systems/political movements, that work!

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        We want to fuel  `patches to talk to the `pockets left behind that we will seek out, without basic comforts of nuts and bolts, all of humanity requires!

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  `i come to talk story..

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? What do you enjoy sharing? What pattern do you have that can offer sharing as you do your walkabout? How can you reach out to help yourself while offering help to another so both gain? This is what we all can do, for Barack + many, need our help + we need to hold him as well onese... read more
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sorry this is corrected version! kara Thank you for taking the time with me! I decided to send to Pres. Barack, Senator Merkley, Congressman De Fazio, Mayor Heather, County Commissioner John Sweet, Few Occupy Groups, others + you for input. Re; 211 Oregon program that can be everywhere, g... read more
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Michelle + Barack we hold you just as accountable as we hold oneself. You choose these responsible roles so now lets make them work or rid them.. Their is no equality for parasites + all of us must check in with oneself to define how these social cancers are effe... read more
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Enough Freud provoking the psych for consumerism, when this has left our earth depleted, unable to work as a living organism, leaving many to misuse/abuse, when yet wildcrafting sensitivities can restore, as we gain understanding to tap into what truly fuels us all.. It is time to use ... read more
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Please see Zen`s work + our comment, + do what you can do to tak part; http://www.momsacrossamerica.com/full_account_of_monsanto_shareholder_meeting?utm_campaign=monday_feb_9&utm_medium=email&utm_source=yesmaam I thank all for supporting Zen to do this great job. ... read more
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I thought this was a good time to share w/all, my email sent out below, trying to hold all accountable as well merge to resolve w/the much good work in progress by many. I share this example of UN wrongly doing + ask all of you to rethink as you take a review. This is how each of us can reali... read more
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I share what i post on the local blog working to change the Constitution, as in getting money out of politics that corporations are not people, where there is confusion, as i define; OK, so i am clear, please confirm is this only about Rick Staggenborg`s attempt to have his petition fulfil... read more
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Thanks Rick for all your work in helping! Mary Geddry wrote an excellent editorial in The World today about the way that corporations usurp local self-government, abusing the environment and individual property rights in the process: http://theworldlink.com/news/opinion/editorial/peopl... read more

Saving lives on the coast

in ISSUE; Monsanto Meet, Coos Bay, Or...
by Senator_Merkley • | | 1 comment
- deleted - read more
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Let`s let nature be our only rule of law.. Thanks Keith! Thank you all! please see; http://theworldlink.com/news/opinion/editorial/people-should-govern-not-corporations/article_7a3a7c40-bb6e-52b0-b333-a9a30e5b1d32.html + this is o... read more
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Love alone is not enough, we also need sensitivity + skills prioritized for the single celled life, fetuses, children + frail! Hi, all -- Homero MagaƱa moved to America with his family from a small town ... read more
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Thank you Pathak + all for helping us with issues of the times! see Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/groups/73846637282/permalink/10152432308617283/ Pathak Lal Golder posted in La Via Campesina Youth in East/South East Asian region 7:41am Dec 1 Friends of B... read more
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How can those of you that have been cushioned w/excess, programmed from those that wrote the Constitution yet where slave owners them self, think that you have the right to control boundaries. When yet our true sustainable energy comes from the earth + beyond that sustains the life tha... read more
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I share my options besides being aggressive + wasting energy when we can rethink + redirect as we stay calm much more energy efficiently w/best results, but we must organize our self 1st. Please read thru all of this + see our options below; CREDO action Keystone XL: Keeping pressure on the ... read more

Happy Season 2014 Thank you All + we wish you peace!

in bi`joy gallery..
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Here we share our mutely crew as we work hard making this a better world for us all, with your support! We know the issues of the times are hard for many, but please realize together we all are in this together + we can help each become informed + stay informed! ... read more
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From: COASST [mailto:coasst@uw.edu] Sent: Tuesday, October 28, 2014 2:02 PM To: ANDREASEN Katherine Subject: COASST: Beached bird trainings in Charleston and Port Orford Hello! The Coastal Observation and Seabird Survey Team (COASST) will be having a training session in Charleston on... read more
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So why is it this system continues as is, when yet so much dysfunction can appreciate everyone running for office to make it better once come aboard as local, global + beyond mindful participants, So far all i can do is ask each to help all define one`s voice. For each candidate bring... read more
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i share from Moms Across America, update + it is sad when local radio allows one to buy ads + try to mislead as they are here in Coos County, OR. NPR why do you allow this? Moms Across America kara j -- An Appeal from Pamm Larry, LabelGMOs.org, seconded by Moms Across America: Ag B... read more
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Please take a review of some ideas in the building, we welcome you to help with, to share along your walkabout to trigger all to come together + do one`s local `plan eye to eye, networking in solidarity sharing what works locally + afar. Ex; updates are on top. But please do take time to us... read more
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Bring your issues to the forefront. Please see our thought to trigger yours; In_Celebration_`Climate_People`s_March_copy.odt if i can explain more please ema... read more
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i share what i shared w/NIAC leadership Congressman Keith Ellison U.S. House of Representatives, MN-5 Dear Kara J, Congressman Keith Ellison (MN-5)In my eight years in Congress, I have never seen a more urgent moment for U.S.-Iran relations and for the Iranian-American community. That's w... read more
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We welcome your feedback! Ebola can be resolved by students making/sharing w/WHO/CDC + given to all communities 1 video/paper, of stick art how tos. No reason for so many funds to be used wastefully when yet this is not done. CDC has a lo... read more
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Michelle, Barack + daughters, I`m writing to you as a sister, mother, grandmother, friend as together we can support each to become a local, global + beyond mindful participant. Sharing this earth + beyond w/our human family peacefully. giving all a lot of work to do as we use sound scie... read more
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i won`t repeat i will just share what i posted on EarthJustice`s Facebook; https://www.facebook.com/Earthjustice/posts/10154375462485301 read more
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To start where, well please let us trigger some thought; Take a look of this review + lets decide how logistically we can vote for policies to be enacted as in transparency vs. people, as we end the roles of parties in UN/US + all Governments for starters, if anyone exceeds the natural r... read more
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