i'd like to share + you also can use for walkabout - due to not being able to fit schedule to do live discussion of what we can do now for ourselves + each other..

Posted by our combined` effect our combined` effect
Hi folks, 

 if you see this here i would not travel to share this with you, when we have such nice virtual tools for efficiency. as well everywhere has good local folks if you search + do some home work. folks with heavy footprint should down scale. not to mention heavy fees for speakers, is something i won't do. here we say pay when what can + invite those that have more to do more.  this helps our walkabout reach out in a number of ways, including putting you folks to work on yourself 1st. as you then come share. for this kind of simple common sense should be fairly reasonable for all. even though our lessons have been quite costly + we are happy publishing is near.

                  I’d like to share some thoughts of this project long in the building. that we welcome you to take part in making it a good tool..

                                       i come to talk story.. 

                  is a phrase, created by Nana, a tribal chief in outer islands of Solomon Islands, where we had sailed into on a 42’catamarand we build in Wisconsin. He would come in his dingy everyday + say – i come to talk story.. we put our heads together + did exchanges of what we knew + resolved issues + explored. Then when we experienced a Japanese barge come deforest their hillside illegally or locals where giving away trees for foolish stuff, as they kept 1 that they knew would be put into a boat, etc. we knew we had to put our heads together with the international community. Nana would come talk, the mud ran into the waters where they fish + he said kara, my fish no longer happy, why? He had a hard time replacing a notebook for his daughter that had been stolen in school. He was still dealing with shells + some money with fragmented understandings.

Meanwhile every week we would hear this bell go off for locals to gather at a church + give + give, + we there after realized funds were going outside country, etc.  Nana was unaware of the microbial reaction + effect of mud as the hillside ran into the ocean bay where the community fished. So this was a big food adjustment for them as they started to replant a garden on the hillside.

This experience along with experiencing many local folks in the US with misuse, + entities dysfunctional, wasting funds/peoples energy, etc. vs. utilizing already educational institutions – to do a local exchange to become aware of living within our natural borders. totally ignoring their own habitat’s lessons as head chased delusion.

Students can assist those unable, so we stop our misuse, + learn from community folks for furthering their efficiency for self-development + clarity with future studies, + realize how together we can change policy for our energy efficiency..

along our path via sail, off shore few thousand miles hearing about the Rwanda war over shortwave, just made me sick + i knew i had to redirect once again. For there are too many good folks for us to accept that disrespect for life right is the only way.. especially at the gain of some..

sadly even in the US many communities still live isolated as i did 50 years ago as i struggled to understand how we as humans work best, as my family/peers where misusing, unable to see my early signs of misuse, etc.  it is inefficient for us to learn the hard way. leaving folks without the means to self-develop until people share in an exchange from afar.  breaking the wave many follow, when not subjected to harmony of self-reliance from folks that live ‘boon with the natural world. once felt we don’t accept nothing less than harmony for we are fortunate to be alive + together share this planet as an equal that can overcome our own misuse, if we share.. not to mention a true bi’joy to experience life’s offerings from folks ‘boon with nature..

No thanks, we accept no excuse to carry suffering..  we have seen horror, suffered dearly, but we have reflected with so many good folks working together for harmony. so this is how we came about building this cloth/platform in a forum, to share the goodness we don’t hear about, so I share some thought to trigger yours.:

               rejoin’ do_in,  the define of i, is 1 of our sub-category’s on our forum, which this info is best suited for..

this article could be used for folks at a live gathering. I don’t suggest printing + using paper unless one does not have a computer. This can then be emailed once you put out the word for one with a computer to share. Or use your local library computer. It takes just a short lesson to get on + search to locate or retrieve this document emailed, etc.

but I don’t say you have to have a computer. It is a tool for us + it can be very difficult + time consuming if used alone. So I accept that folks want to go eye-to-eye which is how we use this tool. To support us to come back to eye-to eye + only use the virtual world for posting + retrieving to get back in to the real natural world directly exchanging.

If that not easy, then print by a community spokes person to reach out in a walkabout + share with support of understanding. Maybe meet new friends, starting with you, or make good relations with old friends, explore like common subject matter with a few locally + for support get together regularly in a potluck. This keeps us real with our local grown food as an indicator of how balanced our natural world locally is. Do an exchange as we get to know the needs + offerings of our self, staying updated, as well with our local folks we share this community with.

make a pen pal once you reflect with our virtual project noted below or the other many good projects out there that can inspire you to self-satisfy, reduce your footprint + continue your exploration in harmony. Let each read + pass it around. If we are to become efficient with our ongoing self-development, this is a way to continue by saving our resources. This way each can personalize + add notes to share as together we become a local, global + beyond participant. Once this has been a tool for you to interpersonally reflect + define what it triggers as you go within. Then share it locally.

 Then come back to our focus directed project + take a review:.


                                                            (.com .org) once published.  with our forum from Nabble called:.

                        patches’ virtual message board to bring us eye-to-eye..
now reflect with other postings + find where you feel most comfortable to post your positive experience. Take a look thru the many sub-categories before you post. Jot down notes as pieces may trigger that deep within. Stay focused. As you get creatively inspired by some, don’t forget your offerings to post, enabling others to be inspired from your bi’joy experiences. Allowing this walkabout to grow as we network via sharing what works for us in our local ecosystems.

           Enabling others to reflect + take home what triggers them to center + ground.:

         thank you Georgia for the invite to share with your community that is living local, interested in what we can do know, + will give input to make these communications friendlier.

I feel if I can self-observe + make changes, while making space to identify what surfaces, edit + rid baggage, make space to bring all to the moment, so I may be present + take part creating my moment, enjoying a bi’joy experience along the way, as I build my path as I walk it, you can too.

It takes a bit to understand early signs, for them we can learn to control. It is when we ignore them, they become issues beyond our normal ability to easily change. Especially if we yet to be aware we can maintain discipline of our self-sensory observations vs. belief, addressing our early signs. Ask yourself if you ask your doctor, your educator, etc. to help understand this??

When we ignore these early signs we then no longer feel them until they again surface as stages of dysfunction in our mindbody processes. Leaving us with mixed signals. So let’s go back to what we can do now.:

I’d like to give you my definition of bi’joy experience, which is a natural experience when we ‘boon with our seasonal in time natural world. We can embrace our energy vs. displace. In taking time to schedule ex; experience all your ecosystem offerings within your ability to comfortably communicate. With car pool, public transport + best trek or bicycle. Cover your variety, for each one will offer specialties to awaken to. Or volunteer in. become aware of; prioritize our offerings + needs, from those that provide our sustainability.

Starting with our wild to remain wild is a bi’joy in itself as we explore these places. Become aware of why we need them + their functions for as in for our fresh air, water, bio-diverse quality, for our local natural grown food being pollinated, etc.. Whether an inside sprouter, backyard gardener, we still need our small bio-diverse farms giving us our local variety for balanced abundant nutrients. along with the enzymes that help us digest our food, when we eat them fresh, (if good digestion) + a variety with nutrients. Once they have been grown naturally without toxic additives, etc. obtained directly from our local farmers at the market. Can’t get any better. I suggest you Google Professor Miguel Altieri as he lays out clarity in our planetary food crises, as he learns from the indigenous ways that we are so fortunate to still have. He teaches agro-ecology at Berkeley University 6 months then out with the farmers around the world the other. Or Jenny Pell in permaculture now, whom has been a great inspiration as a mother working with sign language with her son Sasha. Where this goes beyond gardening, rather an awareness to build our community together. There are so many friendly folks to reflect with that help us become a local, global + beyond participant. Such as locally Georgia + the ladies in master gardening, at the Coos Bay farmers market, as they reach out to people for friendly solutions, inviting them to interrelate as we together build our community.

So look here in just this start how we can be of help in interrelating with our local cooperative effort to address our sustainability within 50 – 150 miles, depending on our bio-region.. Which folks find very efficient as we develop what works laying the ground so we can go beyond prevention + have an infrastructure in place knowing our seasonal offerings as in the fresh fish coming into the port, where we can, dry prepare for our yearly supply of our food - to natural disasters. Ready now to share with our neighbors in times of need. Along with regular cooperative potlucks awakening our community to what is + what we can do now to maintain harmony, when early signs present them self.

By exchanging locally + beyond, we see what the great offerings we have, from the unique cultural exchanges on this planet. as indigenous live close with the land working each ecosystem for its potential, within natural boundaries to enhance/preserve all life.

This introduces my next word which many folks have used from, Matsunobo Fukuoka to others that have developed a DO_IN self massage that I suggest looking into, or if interested I could share in a do_in together, if I still here, for I’m planning to go house sit in orcas island if I can find one, to share some time with my new grand baby, while I complete our project, which all my saved + virtual work has previously caught a virus + techies are trying to help rid, so just another delay. Which actually has given me time to rethink this for you, when Georgia invited me to speak with you at the Unitarian gathering, which wasn’t planned. So thank you for what you have inspired, even if I only get to share this with you thru email, until perhaps another time. For this is a small world + when folks work for life right activism, we find a way to bump into each other again + again as we enjoy this lovely planet.:

which allows us to be present with our mindbody + make good choices as we stay with it.. as we work toward our inter-relations as each is triggered deep within, to release + aid in editing if needed. Or to follow thru for clarity.. Vs. doing where multitasking or not many ignore what is surfacing from our hands on do_in or doing. + don’t take the time to fill in the fine detail for our self or for our relations, leaving ourselves chasing our head or body as we forget we are whole. Vs. maintaining our discipline over our self-sensory observations.

So in our project above we have focus directed do_in’s:

                away’..  rejoin’..  plan’..  priority performance’..                                                            where we share our local bi’joy experiences do_in that work..

+  the next move’ do_in..  that brings us together in a focus of 4 directions to enable us to interrelate + discover how we misuse creating this hurdle or misuse from others..  we pool our mindbody with those unable to self-sustain locally. to enable us to go thru a process of efficiency to see what can be created for folks experiencing the same issues around the globe to really take advantage of our heads together as we search in a walkabout for peaceful solutions..

We suggest going thru the entire project 1st, when experiencing our project for the 1st time. Making it efficient to take a review, add notes, then go apply what it triggers, share with loved ones, local. Then come back + post once clear with the do_in experience you gained or the bi’joy experience along the way that fueled you to build your path as you walk it. Lessening your footprint along the way.

Up until now we have not collected any funds + this project has been lived eye-to-eye for several years as we did exchanges, pooling our energy to define solutions, as we drew from people around the planet. It has been since we finished our sailing experience of the Pacific Ocean. that we decided this needs to be marketed. Yes simple common sense to some yet unbelievable growing pains for others as we redirected + rethought + rethought + in some issues continue to rethink, but we don’t give up.. Lil did I know how difficult this would be, for it is alive + to stay with it, as we grow has been a challenge.  But we persevered thru many personal obstacles. So as a fund raiser we’ve presently took on other work, which makes me unavailable to speak with you at this time.

So I decided to write + share this with you, since it was thought of you that added to this thought. + thanks to Georgia, whom is a very beautiful lady that you folks are fortunate to have. I really appreciated my discussion with her, + she has great admiration for you folks. for I’ve been working some time thinking of how we can make peace within ourselves as we gather awareness in an exchange. As well work with our representatives to change our many dysfunctional systems. Which I find very inefficient.

So if my thoughts here have aided yours + you would like to donate, I cannot at this time or commit now for later, to offer you a tax break.  I started a 501.c nonprofit, for we’ve gone thru much of our funds to make this clear. But the government lost my paperwork making it harder + more costly so I changed routes. For when I do something it gets done. We never had a late payment until our many economical losses with us getting caught in the last years banking crises along with stocks where business hors ran stealing. it thru us into an inability to make our commitments, which we still working at paybacks. We didn’t get a loan or aid as some. Rather we get continued calls, when we say we can’t yet, etc.

So in our project when we publish I ask for folks to give what they can, when they can, so as to aid our walkabout to reach out further. But for those that can’t we still invite them in. for this awareness should be reasonable due to these bi’joy experiences are priceless + we can’t put a fee on them.  Yes expenses need to be covered + we live with a small footprint, so check out those that you give more to + ask yourself why? Don’t just look at check book, look at your energy expenditure + ask why?

Sure many folks try with expensive courses, etc. but we don’t agree. We want to see this exchange become a fueling tool for all. When I say a business hor. It is one that has left footprints due to unethical or even unaware doing. So we invite them to a tapering’ transition where we want them to rethink, give ideals but we want folks to figure this out within, so they can recycle all the good intent done or that went wrong. Make it right + come back as a local, global + beyond participant. Some may step down from their positions, or remove the positions, or better yet get clear + rid that which never should of existed.

I’m working now on redefining how government can work more efficiently by us no longer giving input for reps to vote on, especially when they say they got over ruled, etc. but rather they as community members should already be aware if do_in correctly, or our needs + offerings.. Then they can collect for us + make it clear who is being influenced + what policy, even though we have good web pages that show exactly what folks are getting from whom.  

Plus they can help us define how we all can vote + obtain transparency together, no more closed sessions, no more technical deviations with judges allowing attorneys to be unethical + rule on monetary perspectives as they forget about enforcing issue at hand, etc.. Rather it’s time to open the doors for all + for us to reestablish a base that is democratic, where people are not interfered with by business hors. + we get facts so all become a local, global + beyond participant. + no longer do we have a war economy, rather we no longer are sheep, we become aware.. Only as we locally unite to self-sustain, should we be exchanging in that process afar.

No large funds to be given to anyone locally or afar. Rather we do a virtual exchange as we are do_in right now to come eye-to-eye so we take care of our own misuse, or unite for others misuse on another.

Point is we are clear + as services/products made aware we say no to leave footprints + add alternatives.. What is good enough for us is good enough for all. For folks locally + afar want energy, mental clarity + physical strength, no more misuse. The international community we have crossed paths with, want to know what we are do_in wrong + we are saying no thanks, please join in, take a review + you decide, etc. this is about us aiding each other to self-develop, not control anyone but ourselves + those unable, we establish a means for them to come back as an equal participant with support required in place.

Rather schools/people can aid this process of our awareness by coming into the community + do_in an exchange, as we gain from all good folks, where classrooms have gotten to limited in reality, prioritizing retrospect of life right. + their ability to self-develop with hands on community building happens along side of us all. This I presently proposing, as in the Oregon Marine school of under graduates + graduates in biology. Barbara, the librarian states they don’t do field work on other issues, when I ask about the issue of excessive sea lions at port, or marine reserves, wave energy detail, fisheries not enforcing ocean off shore fishing or trawlers inefficiencies  allowed due to perhaps big dirty money involved.. this list goes on. But if all of us support + talk to the schools about making it mandatory for even 1 prerequisite for each student to go into the community + work on real issues, then the communication can become more friendly vs. all the now entities developed, leaving folks unable to know options or choices. Leaving many distraught.

This way the educational department can rid the compartmentalization of information + have some hands on friendliness created. For the fisher folks work too hard. In fact I hope you folks are now coming to the dock buying tuna from the fisher folks fresh + stocking up for the year. For it is so inefficient for you to buy from middleman, when you can have this hands on experience. So please enjoy, for it goes fast.

It is inefficient to think we need to do it for our children or even that we can, we can’t. harmony comes from us do_in our self. Unless they are equally interrelating, they will not know how to do_in, rather they will carry our bad behaviors we yet to be aware of, etc..

I share with you this note I just sent my daughter, nick named po + her new son lil bu, still yet to grow into his name orion:.

         i've been working at our human existence from too much emotion to raising a child naturally in wild, lil bu you have done this for me. so i hope po, you not riding on the emotional bandwagon. me raising my kefir have prepared me for lil bu more..

i got some thoughts to share if interested, it has brought me to reality check of how i spent a lot of years wasted, emotionally vs. correctly adjusting, utilizing life for its potential.. a linguistic says emotions are natural physiological changes that occur when thoughts are held in your mind. where we can easily direct our emotional states by changing our posture, facial expressions, walk differently + put new brighter visual images in mind, etc. to change this state. we have the choice + need to make it. i guess i didn't realize this when i had for so long my thoughts of what i did with you + other people in my life. loved ones as maurice + joe would tell me something, yet it did not work i could not replace my suffering. until i started timing my crying. i think over time it wears off a bit to make it easier.

can you imagine lil bu being pulled from your arms + you not get him back, + told you can call 2 times a week, which i could not handle + had to leave, etc. so many folks are distraught unable to figure this out. actually the upset with ted fitzgerald the lawyer/director at Brookings port left some ill effects on the family i was trying to help. she ended up running with her lil girl, leaving step sisters + mate, in a frizzy. people just can't handle the negative effects people leave. or how about still in china, especially if have a lil girl. but no 2nd child, i thought that was no longer in effect. But I recently heard on NPR many take their child to another city + leave on street in basket hoping for them to take to orphanage as they watch across the street. so as not to get in trouble back home. or how about the 960,000 pregnant + lactating women in the Pakistan flood now without proper nutrition.

honi we are so lucky to take this time to help our self + do a walkabout once grounded..

but the thought of our oneness with same fuel source, + the ug mode of how verbiage started, i could not agree with the psychic that followed me on face book, + wants to communicate but i don't because i don't believe we should spend funds like she charges + i feel we are like a wire plugged into the same source, so when i thought i was writing + then realized later others saying same, i realized this is crazy + came to conclusion nothing is ours in thought, when it transfers thru this fuel source we share. so it just makes life simpler when no one wants to control what can be helpful to all.

once we die the wire is cut. so whatever verbiage we got lost in, thought we created with or individualized with, is just yada yada creating negative emotional states or positive flow. so when  the psychic, can't remember her name had a very bad experience losing her mom, then awakening to what she thinks is ghosts trying to ask her for help, basically was her verbiage + wiring became frayed + picked up other frequencies, from others in their various states after death. so as she has acquired her choice of verbiage + understanding, vs. the reality of our human potential, as you know when we live in natural bush mode, it is different. the animals have shown Chinese, Tao, the world, those 'boon with the natural world. to accept death + birth as normal flow. + from what i perceive now, is this moment we have is all we have + when we can be sensitive to each other, it makes it nicer, which again is a flow of synergy..

so why do i go here, because i think if we understand meaning of our potential + oneness we share, we can then rethink how foolish we live + the effects left, so we can redirect, realize we have choice + more important have to make a choice. + i like to focus an exchange for a friendly way to do this in - i come to talk story..

so i say to myself then what is it that lil bu + us all can gain from with this thought. well me thinking if after death is just lost words from beautiful or bad experiences when alive. + now the wire is cut + no longer attached, it makes me rethink + not foolishly leave my emotions to control, when so much confusion is from a large storage bank, we share of data.. for i have wasted enough time by not knowing how to 'go figure.

what direction do you want your child to be going, if it should influence vs. help to be open to perceive what truly is within ones' potential.

i know if it was my child with what i understand now, as i co_evolve with my ongoing explorations. i would be protected until i felt my child could make good sound choice of building own center + stay on own path they build as they walk it. + give that space, yet not prevent them from truth..

+ again i know po + you do to, sure we can get clear but the true issue then comes from how it is communicated, calm alert or race, etc.. so i ask these people in my writing, whom am i talking to or writing to, because now that we took on another job + i am still leaving myself open to house sit with yous. for long run. which has been tricky for us to turn down, be broke, yet make it happen, which we have + we are fine, but only because we have been very efficient with our realities until more can be done + i want work on project to happen along the way, with visit with you + lil bu. but are survival has had to come 1st. so we did good on our savings + low footprint, + i plan to leave it that way. not interested in 1 week with so much fuel etc. you know how i've grown po, thanks to you in many ways.

so lil bu + danielson you just have to know what we about. that is more real then yada + quick visit.. i think we all here concentrate better than that with our resources. for i'm interested in our communications to be real with our self. this is where we are, + what we chose to do what we feel is important for us + the whole.

so i ask in writing whom am i communicating with.. what mode are you in:. are you suffering from the past + unable to manage it.. are you ill + over medicated.. are you processing baggage + even aware of it that keeps you from being present in creating your moment.. your here with me, do you not have anything better to do, hah! are your blood sugars elevated leaving you foggy, are you listening to your early signs or chasing them.. are you mentally clear + physically strong, do you have known developmental disabilities that I can help now with, do you have a big footprint, are you in harmony, do you live within natural borders as your guide..

 do you get the point; it takes time to build self-reliance, where we can make space for each to become balanced, aware of our options. Especially when the world appears to have a lot of information that we can easily get trapped in..

i do it based on our healthy ecological balance, keeping in the wild, supporting wild for our ecosystems to flourish. so we may self-sustain with good choice, whether rehabbing/building/relocating, living as a local where ever we choose, living within these natural boundaries, as we cooperatively come together with what sustains us. defining our choices, as we rid our baggage responsibly, also living local + be free to be mobile, etc. this is not easy at times when we have fragmented understandings.

 i try to prioritize, collect + share this reality. right now the wild across the coos bay river from the marina, I understand the commissioners are supporting the gas line to be laid. many locals are fighting + i soon to learn more, as well saturday we going on the 3rd of 4 trips to the proposed marine reserves for Oregon. to further my understanding + interrelate what folks have shared. as well for the proposed wave energy.

so when so many lose it over life events or after one goes, it is so wrong for so many to gain when they think they have the answer. i'm not interested in associating with the emissions electrically stored until further dissipated, however that process happens. it is just a function of our existence. when folks think they see above their head once die or close to death experiences, it is most likely from the aura bioelectric field surrounding + disconnects due to damage to self.. for our information is stored in the wire of source of fuel perhaps. yes it should be respected + those that think they are ghost busters + bring ghosts to calm after say an extreme death when they left on different planes + need support to go elsewhere, i can't buy that either.

i do know i wish i wouldn't have had to see mom's terrible painful look on her face the morning she died. as well i know my yearning to help her was perhaps interfered by my desire to be needed by her or have that exchange, that my blind choice took me from. + maybe only because when i was young, which i don't remember but try to put pieces to gether it appears she + dad gave me so much love. + love to be defined, as making me look cute with twisting my curls, who knows, but with mother thinking i was an angel + perhaps due to her suffering unanswered + unclear, that i gave her respect back at 1st until i got hung up seeking my life that was not right, knowing something was different, that what I was living was not right.

Which I figured out much later after pursuing it.. which i still did not intend to hurt her, + the years i thought she was controlling, but only to attempt to survive with so much dysfunction, + give us niceness. even though it may have been partly so neighbors could see niceness. that was passed on from grandma. so mother not even aware of that behavior passed on maybe. but the fronts of what we think we should do. vs. be real with what we do.

dad had it hard as well trying to 'go figure whichever way he could, to make it work, always on the move. + it appeared before my remembering, he would pursue his ideals at the expense of mother + kids waiting for him. which just needed more clarification, etc. point is it was a roller coaster with ups + downs as they appeared to not make space to deal with the issues. rather kept preoccupied. so their joy in me perhaps was not balanced, dad thought i knew more than him early on.. which i began to take note of disconnect + attempted to help early on which took me from the child bonding i needed perhaps.

for again i think it is that party's verbiage collector, that thinks they perceive communication with ghost + make them calm once laid to rest, head found or put back home with loved ones, etc. that could be all real, but is it necessary?? + at what expense. what if they perceived it to be just a cut wire with information stored on it until plug pulled, juice drained, however it works, etc. along with crossing paths of the other + it would take someone more aware in electrical/bio physics, etc. in our universe to know what medium houses what charge or frequency, etc.

 I’m interested but i feel i want to stay with my purpose of making some sound simplicity for simple peace solutions we can understand now. simple respect for the equality of life + our learning ability. vs. many thinking we not equal.  when we simply have different understandings, different ways of thinking. it will take some truth + clarity,  then  clear sensors for perceiving, to make some awareness go into hands on application by all..

but to see the aggression.. the emotional suffering on this planet + the vibes left for sensitive to be bothered with, then to see the beautiful reflections so many fortunate to have near from good folks do_in. especially the indigenous that live with so much respect for all live. this is why our cloth/platform will be so good to do a walkabout exchanging, for this is quite a load to 'go figure.. we are pretty close to making this happen..

but if i can do it, as i work at it, i feel any one can, but we have to know we have choices + more important we have to know we have to make the choice.. for each of us have different baggage to work + to process within our potential.

ok po what ya add.

so i ask you po make sure you still are clear with you + what you may still be in need of that you didn't get from me during our struggles, etc.. tell me + i will give it now, so you not being interfered with in your choices as you raise your family. as i was interfered with when trying to help mom or you girls, etc. when yet i should of been asking her to help me also. which in return would of given her a sense of center from a natural exchange, to understand what i didn't get from her due to her not working on herself more, which she was so worthy of + all should of focused to help her have that space. so a lil lesson for you + lil bu, for he needs you to be clear with your center so please make time for you, same danielson. Please be clear in what you need from me + we can experiment with it.

This is 1 thing I feel strong in, that our processing of stored information, has a different time monitor then our day to day experiences. If we can work our inner self, that which surfaces + supply what is missing now, even if from long ago. It works. Sure not as easy if we have lost our loved ones, but still we can imagine + work thru it. Go to the party involved eye-to-eye + make amends.  With true compassion of understanding of how we made a mistake + come together feeling what they felt from our negative effects, so as to co_evolve from this bases. Builds true creative inspiration fueling solutions in conflict resolution. I have tried to communicate this with my daughter + she has been very good exchanging her findings + helping me get clear as well.

ok po a few thoughts for ya. because if danielson has an ideal for his son or you, then you may want to express, for i can only see the physical science of physics, which science unclear of it all, i see that. but if work at it good minds could make this more simple + are. from acts of do_in without knowing the explanation, etc. for i don't even suggest the linguistics or holosync or paraliminal audio processes of as ex; different audio messages sent in each ear thru headphones, to help one center along with a frequency.

 yes it can  help specialized issues, but i think it is overlooking some common sense we should learn 1st, don't you.. we can reflect a do_in of acts of simple living 1st for our self-satisfaction, leaving no footprint + cooperatively building community that self-sustains us, based on wild to stay wild. sharing awareness for us to become a local, global + beyond responsible participant. our project does 80% this positive exchange after folks reflect, use it, make it work - then come back + post. + other 20 we put heads together with those unable in a focus direction..

i feel it is worth it to keep editing + put project together. i've had to juggle quite a bit lately so i've had to be extra careful, too much left undone, lil bits, my list is long. but so far i'm  do_in good. End note to po..

 We can as a community make a shared tool shed for this recyclable stuff whether in mind or in physical stuff. Now this person has space to heal, get clear + rethink as the community now invites the restored individual + together they develop what community needs in an exchange.

So in all the negativity we have around us, we need to invite those that see thru it, + this all inspires creative ingenuity to lessen the footprint + make it work. As folks gain harmony from exchanging what works..

So when folks support our cloth/platform + post, we put you to work 1st on yourself. Then we are not like many that take funds + say now feel good. No thanks, look around + see how funding has gone wrong. Rather we want you to be part of this + do a walkabout + as you build your path + explore, stop in to your pen pal + do an exchange. Now what better of a personal guide, sharing like subject can you get. Meanwhile all the pre-thought has conditioned both of you to actually meet + finish the hands on application or fine tune/adjust, etc.  + then go about your way in a new co_evolved manor where when we embrace our bi’joy do_in, we get that much clearer in  our direction as we stay in control taking part of our moment..

                 So any of you now that want to support our project to happen faster, + feel this has helped, we are open to you receiving this in email + do_in a walkabout or for you if unable + want to donate, it will be much appreciated, for then we can stop doing other unfriendly jobs that consume time that take us away from completing the editing of forum on Nabble, which they have created very nice solutions since I’ve worked with them on making this a friendlier application + technical building of web page, which I still awaiting them to finish their templates + as html page, to then use with Gaia Host Collective guys which is our web host, whom has been very helpful in making this happen. their mission principles to lessen computer footprints + their own are what we share. So funds now can help us publish faster, which we hope will be yearend:.

                 Please mail check or money order only, we don’t support the credit card industry any longer.. if you get back your letter, then please call or email me, for we are presently collecting general delivery, due to our attempt to sell our boat, then we also would leave area + or if we go house sit we will change address. So please drop me a note if have any problems, for we do appreciate + this walkabout will go faster with more support at this stage..

                                     Kara j Lincoln (best to email + state detail, for updated address)
(had given Coos folks charleston % gen address)

Or call; 360-450-3749 + leave a message, we do Skype on computer on boat + it is not very stable with weather + tides, so please await me a day or 2 to respond. Or email same, away@icometotalkstory.net + if down at port picking up a tuna or crabbing on the dock or just enjoying the cape, then stop by, we are on a small 30’ lod, 38’loa wood sailboat called tzegunka, where we live.

daniel macke, my daughter`s mate, just finished his cd

                                                            go figure 

 which few songs are on our promo in support for this walkabout.. promo is in the building + we will put up on you tube introducing project when it gets published, so please watch for it. But if you folks like 6 + 12 string guitar, please check him out on itunes or contact me for his web page is also in the building. + I will pass it on + he can send you a cd. I think he selling for 15.00 + postage..

also music on our promo has been given from peter tilton, whom plays gypsy jazz + swing. I’m using a few songs, 1 he wrote for a neighbor that killed himself, we had just moved next door to him + peter, he shares the goodness from this relationship.  peter is presently on Meet, Google him, in seattle, as he promotes his music school in the building, where he plays along with instructions in the seattle area.

other music from liam’s casual music cd, guitar, which sorry to say he also was killed from a young irresponsible person that was allowed to rent heavy equipment + backed into him out of an alley he never should of pulled in with a blind corner, hitting liam on his bicycle.

aimee ringle shares with us her beautiful voice + plays guitar + she also can be contacted thru me, for her work is in the building, as she offers herself to the community aiding many people with her goodness..

Due to another technical mistake due to my inability to have higher quality equipment + skilled folks to do what I learned to do, to save on budget, we where unable in promo to utilize the nice music given to us for the promo, I filmed live from a café gathering of music + issues, put on by po + daniel, hosted by nancy + gary fredericks in port townsend, wa. Where all these good folks, besides peter + liam, made it possible for me to take the footage for our promo to do this walkabout + reach out with our project, but due to error you will have to see them out their:.

                         po my daughter with her beautiful voice with aimee in another taping session where they sang + aimee played guitar, a beautiful African song, welcoming you to our village.  dave sheehan on guitar + vocal, serena tideman on cello, whom played live at the café gathering. please do watch for their work, they play very well. daves’ is on rain shadow records.com/news.html or as I stated contact me if I can help locate them..

I do hope you enjoy - i come to talk story, once it is published. Many good folks have aided in this project. We address many issues that have helped us + we continue to work at life right issues/exchanges/peaceful resolutions, sharing explorations, for us all to take a look at. While we continue to clean up our own baggage + realize we can still make space to come together along the way in harmony exchanging bi’joy do_in..

Thank you, from our combined’ effort.. 

p.s. in my attempt to understand, we’ve overcome many issues by working together, which many have not had the fortune to continue, or ability to pick up pieces + move on, + gain the best from a lot of exploring + sharing. so we have built on many no longer with us.. i could be wrong in some of my understandings + i hope you set me straight. For together we co_evolve  + keep working at it. i've made a few changes from this original sharing, given locally..

                      new life..
                  amazing how beautiful this bi`joy experience was with this recent new life as i watch him drink fresh water from the dock after he had climbed into a dingy to reach it. to be this close + see the fresh skin. when he would stetch it was like an alien creature. i've watched this guy get big as at 1st he would stay by himself, now he retaliates as big ones push him or climb over./>

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