in responce to US Government shut down + our next` move..

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it is nice when people show their colors. I share some thoughts to trigger yours that we sent out;


please share with Barack + associates.

Legislation can only be on it`s way once we hold people accountable for the loss of said funds during this closure + make sure innocent people interdependent on weather vs funds is compensated, such as the farmers, etc.

this should be layed on the table so those that detained this are charged for their percentage. + perhaps a bond so as to verify if happens again they are held accountable + in order to hold their present position they must pay up responsibly.

any court would not allow any of us to interfere in working communities without being held accountable + measures should be put in place so early signs are stopped long before people`s lives are interfered in or any loss of business due  to decisions being made with the natural world, as has happened here negatively.

   it is up to you people to make these charges against those that have done this. it should not have to be up to the American people, when you hold such a responsible position as you do.

this should not of happened at all + never again should result as this has.

as well the farm bill, immigration + all issues can be resolved if you people would look further into our proposed project reaching out with students + their communities as we connect with all the schools nationally + internationally, as well those people without either.

I welcome + await your response to confirm which school you would like us to start with in the US to orchestrate this. I`ve asked those of you at OFA/Fellowship to start yet no answer. I ask Sec John Kerry`s education dept + no answer, same with local community college + Northbend administrator district 13, not to mention Senator Jeff Merkley, Wyden, Roblan, Murray, De Fazio a few others yet no response of support for what could resolve these issues, why?

I appreciate your feedback so I may share with locals + afar that we speak for in our grassroots project being restructured.

how you people handle the negative results is just as important as how you should of prevented it from happening to begin with. not to mention deal with the important issues yet to be resolved.

please let me know how we can help.

sincerely, kara j lincoln